WTTQ Channel 10 News is a television station operated by the North Californian government. It is operation is currently switched to the Emergency Broadcast System


Prior to the Apocalypse, what is Northern California is served by the KRCR-TV station based in Eureka. In 1969, the station was switched to the Emergency Broadcasting System when the Z-155 virus broke out, and the media was the first to report and cover all the stories surrounding it. Color television was introduced simultaneously introduced prior to the apocalypse, but full impelentation of color transmissions ended (but not as a whole; some color transmissions still operate in selected areas) when broadcasting stations were seized during the outbreak and consequential independence, and did not return until 1983, using equipment acquired from trade with Cascadia. In 1981 it was nationalized and renamed the Californian Central Television (as Northern California was communist at that time, thus following suit of renaming institutions after their Soviet and Chinese counterparts), still on EBS, but also became the party's mouthpiece. After the communist regime fell, the station was renamed WTTQ, but from 1984 to 1986 it is merely the mouthpiece of the fascist regime. After the Fascists fell from power, it was reverted to the EBS. Until today, it was the most widely used broadcasting method and able to get messages across to millions of viewers, the television was most likely one of the first media outlets to announce the infection. From 1991 the CEDA would make statements to the various news agencies reporting to the public their findings and prevention methods. CEDA, however, never told them the spread of the infection and how bad the situation was due to the mass panic it might provoke.
EBS Test Screen

Video slide used to announce an EBS test, c. 1990

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