The following is a list of headlines from the year 2011 of the post-Doomsday world.

December 2011

December 31st, 2011, 1500 UTC: Flag of the Alaskan Autonomous Territory (Doomsday) BETHEL, AAT. The first fireworks observing the new year lit up the skies over Bethel, Alaskan Autonomous Territory (USSR), a full three hours before most of the rest of the world. Their Free Alaskan counterparts mere miles away will be among the last to celebrate twenty-four hours later. This marks the sixteenth year since the Siberian state has celebrated west of the International dateline.

This remote territory, formed in 1987 at the end of World War III, was officially recognized as a part of the Socialist Union in 1991. In 1996, the demilitarized zone became the International Date Line, shifting about 300 miles and three time zones to the west. It shares the time of day with the Alaska Free State, but observes the next calendar day along with the rest of the USSR. Officials in Krasnoyarsk deny this move was in response to the actions of ANZC affiliate state Kiribati in 1995. Both nations claim practical reasons for their decisions.

December 29th, 2011: Polls in the Republic:Flag of Superior IRON MOUNTAIN, Superior - In the last polling data gathered before the first primaries on Tuesday, the Iron Mountain Daily News today published polling data it had collected over the last week, both nationally, and in Dickinson itself. And, to their credit, they also managed to get fresh data from Beaver for the first Socialist primary, as well.

For the Conservatives, Kelleher has proved himself the first candidate to be able to maintain a lead between polls, staying ahead of the Vice President by a single point, eighteen to seventeen. Weston is followed by Majority Leader Casperson, who has held at thirteen, and Senator Pettalia, slightly up at twelve percent. Next were Congressmen Huuki and Meyer, at ten percent apiece. Trailing were Congressman Carey, at eight percent, and Representative Hansen at three percent. As with the last poll, the remaining write-in votes were for the President.

The Liberal Democrats had little change as well. Governor Cullen's support increased to thirty-two percent, followed by Senator Lindberg at a slightly decreased twenty-nine. Representative Brown saw his support fall, from twenty-two to eighteen percent. Congressman Lahti remained unchanged at ten percent, and Congressman Orazietti increased his total to six percent. Former Mayor Amaroso remains in the rear, at five percent.

Socialist Governor Martin regained his lead over Senator Prusi, now holding a very slim forty to thirty-nine percent lead. Governor Koehn and Congressman Tompkins both received ten percent of the votes, and Mayor Butland remained at a single point.

Congressman Benishek's lead over Commissioner Lasee increased again to two percent, giving them forty-seven and forty-five percent, respectively. Fratesi continued to hold three percent, and the remainder of the vote, about five percent, went to write-in votes.

In their Dickinson polls, the paper found that for the Conservatives, Vice-President Weston led Congressman Meyer by three, twenty-nine to twenty-six percent. Senator Lindberg led Governor Cullen by six percent, thirty-one to twenty-five. And, in their Beaver data, the leader changed, with Governor Martin now holding a four point lead over Senator Prusi, thirty-six to thirty-two percent, likely due to a visit in the small state just before Christmas.

December 28th, 2011: Colombian military begins march on Chepo: Flag of Colombia Darien flag (1983DD) UKUPSENI, Autonomous Region of Darién-Kuna-Emberá: The Colombian army has finally begun movement south from Darién so to seize the East District of Panama. Troops stationed on Portobello and the military base of Chepo have increased. While the Buenaventura marines have not yet moved on Coiba, navy movement around the island has also increased.

December 28th, 2011: 24th and final GLONASS satellite launched from the Guiana Space Center: Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) Flag of SAC (DD)- Representatives from all of the principal members of the LoNASO gathered today to watch the launch of the Paso Fino, the last satellite of the GLONASS network. Among the representatives were John Howard, the Governor-General of the ANZC, Aman Tuleyev, the leader of the USSR and the various representatives of South American countries including Jean-Pierre Alazaire, prefect of Guyana.

Scientists stated that the network would help in creating a unified computer network between the main countries that would later expand into countries who were willing to be a part of it. Its other service is available to all countries of the LoN, its ability to map the Earth in great detail and to triangulate the position of any person on the planet carrying a GLONASS receiver. It is maintained by the three blocs and is currently in use by the military and scientists. Civilian use is expected to start some time in the second half of 2012.

December 28th, 2011: Elections in Volhynia: Volyn flag KUZNETSOVSK, Volhynia - Parliamentary elections held in Volhynia today brought a slightly reduced majority for Prime Minister Vladimir Korovkin's Fatherland Union Party, which lost a pair of seats to the conservative Volhynian People's Party.

December 25th, 2011: Christmas Day: Today, Christmas was celebrated in many parts of the world.

December 21st, 2011: 23rd GLONASS satellite launched from the Guiana Space Center: Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) Flag of SAC (DD)- The satellite was launched in the early morning hours from the space center reaching its orbit a several hours later. Officials stated that they were excited and that the final launch would happen a week later. The satellite was named the Trumpeter.

December 21st, 2011: Tunisian Mandate Ends: Tunisia1983DDFlag 800px-Flag of Europe.svg TUNIS, Tunisia - A ceremony was held today in the Tunisian capital to mark the end of the mandate out into place at the end of the Second Sicily War. Concurrent to this, Beylerbey Muhammad Bey was crowned King of Tunisia by several local religious leaders, and ADC membership was formally extended, as promised last December, to the new Kingdom. He then named a Prime Minister, Slim Amamou of Sousse, and announced a date next October for elections.

December 16th, 2011: Colombian military continues movement: Flag of Colombia Darien flag (1983DD) UKUPSENI, Autonomous Region of Darién-Kuna-Emberá: after reaching a relatively large size, the Colombian army has started marching into the Darién, aided by the ex-guerrilla and native forces. At the same time, Juan Manuel Santos has declared his intention to march into Chepo by the New Year. A smaller group of marines is mobilizing near Buenaventura, thought to be headed for Coiba.

December 14th, 2011: Presidential Palace Shelled: Flag of SerbiaBosnian Muslim Flag SARAJEVO, Bosnia - Serbian artillery today began to shell the Presidential Palace in the city center. President Silajdžić has refused to leave the building, however, stating that they would have to kill him or drag him out of there.

December 14th, 2011: Elections in Georgia Flag of Georgia KUITASI, Georgia - Today saw elections for both the Presidency and Parliament held in Georgia. The largest party in Parliament, the National Democratic Party of Prime Minister Vano Merabishvili, retained its position, gaining a small number of seats but failing to gain a majority. Outgoing Vice-President Tengiz Sigua, and the lower half of his ticket, Bachana Akhalaia, of the nationalist Movement for a United Georgia, lost his attempt at the Presidency, gaining thirteen less percent of the votes than the winner. As a result, the new President and Vice-President elects are, respectively, Zurab Adeishvili and Raul Usupov of the National Democratic Party. The leftist ticket of Zurab Noghaideli and Gia Getsadze placed a seemingly distant third, coming off a campaign marred by accusations that they support the Siberians.

December 14th, 2011 : 22nd GLONASS satellite launched from the ANZCFlag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio- The launch of the Lachlan Macquarie, named in honor of the founder of Australia, marks the end of launches conducted by the ANZC. ANZC officials said that they were looking forward to the two final launches and are looking forward to finally using the network for its intended purposes, hopefully by the end of the year.

December 11th, 2011: Colombian military movements around Panama: Flag of Colombia Darien flag (1983DD) UKUPSENI, Autonomous Region of Darién-Kuna-Emberá: The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos has today declared his intention to establish further Colombian presence in the East District of Panama. This has been later followed by the (as of now) small-scale mobilization of both ex-guerrilla, native and Colombian forces in the small coastal towns of Capurganá and La Miel, Panama. It is thought they are preparing to cross the Garién Gap, a nearly impenetrable rainforest, in order to rendezvous with Darién troops in Ukupseni, the capital. Naval activity around the Pearl Islands has also quickened, thought to be headed for Coiba Island.

December 11th, 2011: Polls in the Republic:Flag of Superior GREEN BAY, Superior - With the endorsement on the first, Senator Lindberg's support shot up from the last poll, with his support now totaling thirty percent, a single point back of Governor Cullen. Representative Brown's support increased as well, rising to twenty-two percent. Congressmen Lahti and Orazietti, along with Former Mayor Amaroso, remained at ten, four and two percent, respectively. Only a single percentage went on record as being undecided.

As with every other poll, the Conservative picture has remained murky. In a new development, ex-Senator Kelleher has risen to the top of the polling heap, with seventeen percent of those polled supporting him, in what is likely a sign of both his experience and dissociation with the current problems plaguing the Conservatives nationally. Casperson and Weston, unsurprisingly, followed at a reduced thirteen percent each. Senator Pettalia, and in an upwards move, the more libertarian-minded Congressman Meyer, were next at eleven percent. Hukki was next, with a continued eight percent, trailed closely by Congressman Carey with seven percent. Territorial Representative Hansen remained in last, with a slightly increased two percent. The remaining total went to write-in candidates - and in a new development, the pollsters totaled these up, and found that seventeen of that eighteen percent were for the President.

On the Socialist side of things, Governor Martin and Senator Prusi were tied, again, at forty percent, and the remainder of the field remained static.

And for the National Republicans, Benishek maintained his position, though with a slightly decreased lead, now of one percent over Commissioner Lasee. Fratesi's support dipped even lower, to three percent.

The paper also had a poll conducted in the state of Dickinson, the site of the first Liberal Democratic and Conservative primaries, and the state of Beaver, the site of the first Socialist primary. It indicated that at that point in time, Liberal Democratic Senator Lindberg held the lead in the Liberal Democratic primary, Vice-President Weston held it for the Conservative primary, and Senator Prusi in the Socialist primary.

December 9th, 2011: Railroad Bill Passes In Sudbury: V259 20080019 flag PF1963 30px ESPANOLA, Sudbury - In a session in one of the outlying cities of the Greater City-State, following negotiations with the Canadian Government, the Council of Mayors today passed, as expected, a Railroad Bill. This bill allows the Canadian government to repair, and construct as needed, a railway through the area, along with any roads to go with it. In return, the City-State has been promised payments for the use of their territory, the guarantee that they have desired for a concrete province of in Northern Ontario to eventually exist, and their choice of the exact route. The Council unanimously nixed any idea of a vote similar to the one in Thunder Bay, however.

December 8th, 2011: After several delays, a Cuban Coca-Cola factory is opened in Sovetskaya Gavan Flag of the Soviet Union Flag of Cuba SOVETSKAYA GAVAN, USSR- After more than a year, Cola Grande, the Cuban version of the popular soft drink, has reached Eurasia, as the factory started production earlier today, with the first shipments starting to go to all parts of the USSR by the end of the week. Many Asian countries have shown interest in importing the soft drink, as it has shown to be cheaper than the competition.

December 7th, 2011 : 21st GLONASS satellite launched from the ANZCFlag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio- The ANZC launched the Kakadu today. This launch marks the first time a non-LoNASO member of the LoN was able to participate in the testing of the satellites, when radio towers in Thailand were used to give commands to the satellites.

December 7th, 2011 : Railroad to Korea finished, first civil and freighter trains begin operation Flag of the Soviet Union 83DD-KoreaFlag USSR-Korean border- Today marks the end of the rapid rebuilding of the final part of the Trans-Siberian railway and the link to Korea. Both Korean and Siberian officials gathered to commemorate the event, with both sides meeting on the border, followed by a short speech and lunch.

December 5th, 2011: Conservative Debate:Flag of Superior GREEN BAY, Superior - The final Conservative debate before the primaries was held in Green Bay today. With his newly-perceived status as a potential front-runner, former Senator Kelleher came under attack from the other candidates. He managed it well, though it deflected his message. Most pundits agreed that the other candidates seemed to lose their messages as well in their attacks - only Congressman Meyer managed to stay somewhat above it, and was considered to have won the debate.

December 5th, 2011: Shkodër Surrounded: Flag of SerbiaFlag of the Republic of Macedonia 1992-1995 SHKODER, Macedonia - Reports from the front line today indicate that Serbian forces have reached the Drin river at the village of Kuc, cutting off the last access point to the city from those now entirely besieged inside it.

December 4th, 2011: LoN working to help reunite American state of Alabama, CRUSA applauds effort: Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) HATTIESBURG, North America - League of Nations Radio reported early Monday morning that the LoN's efforts to reunite four separate governments in the former U.S. state of Alabama garnered 'significant progress' in weekend talks held at the University of Hattiesburg. Diplomats representing the State of Alabama (located in the northeastern portion of former Alabama) and the city-states of New Montgomery, Selma and Tuscaloosa met with LoN representatives in talks which began Friday and broke off Sunday afternoon. LoN Radio reported talks would resume in Hattiesburg before the New Year. It also reported that observers from the southeastern American survivor nation of Neonotia listened in via telephone, and would be present at the next round of talks. LoN Radio, and Reuters, both reported that CRUSA representatives in Valdosta, Neonotia and Torrington, U.S.A., praised the talks as "a worthwhile step towards the reunification of the United States".

December 3rd, 2011: Election Recount Finished, Victory for the Unity Party: Flag of the Emirate of Bukhara BUKHARA, Emirate of Bukhara - The recount for the parliamentary elections in Bukhara has finished (slowed down due to the terrible level the infrastructure is at). The results are surprising to some: the Social Liberal Party has gotten less seats in Parliament than Anvar Juraboev's pan-Turkic Unity.

December 1st, 2011: Endorsement Announcement:Flag of Superior ST. IGNACE, Superior - Liberal Democratic Governor Crochet of Mackinac called a press conference today in St. Ignace. Calling for a "new direction" in the Republic, he announced that he was endorsing Senator Lindberg of Marquette for the Liberal Democratic nomination.

December 1st, 2011: Trade Deals Signed: 1983ddindiaflag4 BOMBAY, Union Interim Parliament: Talks conducted with Siberian and ANZC diplomats involving matters of trade yielded results today. Original deals with the Commonwealth have been increased in scope, with the government buying construction machines and war materials, mainly guns and ammunition, from them. More military purchases and agreements to sell raw materials have also been agreed to in deals with the Siberians. The UIP's request to buy Su-35s and other aircraft from Siberia in order to upgrade their capabilities has been accepted as well.

December 1st, 2011: Parliamentary Elections Begin: Flag of the Emirate of Bukhara BUKHARA, Emirate of Bukhara - Today, Emir Shukria Raad Alimi has declared the start of the parliamentary elections, unexplainedly delayed by the government for ten days. Some preliminary results, gained from previous straw polls, indicate a close race between Islam Karimov's Social Liberals and Anvar Juraboev's Unity Party.

November 2011

November 30th, 2011: Conservative Straw Poll:Flag of Superior MENOMINEE, Superior - The final straw poll of the election season was held in Menominee today. In a reflection of his increased poll results of late, former Senator Kelleher topped the poll with half of all the votes. Majority Leader Casperson followed with twenty percent, with Vice-President Weston following at twelve percent, and Congressman Huuki with ten. The remaining eight percent was split between the remaining four candidates.

November 30th, 2011: Anniversary of the Ascension of the Prince: Waldeckflag AROLSEN, Waldeck-Hesse - More celebrations in the Landgraviate today, this time for the forty-fourth anniversary of Landgrave Wittekind Adolf to both the head of his house, and to the title of Prince, upon the death of his father back in 1967. Another feast, and more fireworks went off well with those in attendance, this time without any executions. They also watched the integral game of the WBL season, between the hometown Monarchs, and the visiting Paderborn Baskets.

November 30th, 2011: Fall of Kačanik: Flag of SerbiaFlag of the Republic of Macedonia 1992-1995 SKOPJE, Macedonia - The Macedonian Government confirmed this afternoon that the city of Kačanik, the last major city between Serbia and Skopje, has fallen. This now places the Serbians a mere twenty-five miles, through small mountain passes, from the Macedonian capital.

November 30th, 2011: 20th GLONASS satellite launched: Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) Flag of the Soviet Union The Siberian participation in the launches of the GLONASS network officially ended today when Баба-Яга (Baba Yaga) was launched. Aman Tuleyev commented how he looked forward to the completion and stated how the network would fulfill the dream of closer, quicker networking between people around the world and how this was only the beginning.

November 29th, 2011: Socialist Straw Poll: Flag of Superior SAULT STE MARIE, Superior - Immediately following the debate last night comes the final straw poll for the Socialists. As was expected prior to the debate, Governor Martin was the victor with eighty-one percent of the vote, though likely by an increased margin given his performance last night. Most of the remaining votes were split nearly evenly between Governor Koehn, Mayor Butland, and Senator Prusi, with an additional three percent going to Congressman Tompkins.

November 28th, 2011: Socialist Debate: Flag of Superior SAULT STE MARIE, Superior - The last Socialist debate occurred in the Soo tonight. Likely given confidence by his recent poll numbers - no matter how temporarily inflated they may have been - Senator Prusi went on the attack almost immediately. However, he was seen by those polled as going too far in the process, thus costing him the debate to the much more apparently calm Governor Martin.

November 28th, 2011: Pocketed: Flag of SerbiaBosnian Muslim Flag TUZLA, Bosnia - Reports from the front lines today indicate that Serbian forces have met up north of the village of Homar, cutting off a large amount of Bosnian territory centered at the city of Tuzla.

November 23rd, 2011: 19th GLONASS satellite launched: Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) Flag of the Soviet Union The fourth and final phase of GLONASS launches commenced today with the launch of Юрий Долгорукий (Yury Dogorukiy).

November 20th, 2011: Transylvanian Presidential Election Results: Transylvania Flag 83DD lg CLUJ-NAPOCA, Transylvania - With fifty-six percent of the vote, Remus Cernea, an independent who was supported by the Transylvanian Green, and Social Democratic Parties as well as the German People's Party and the Magyar Party, was declared as the winner of the Transylvanian Presidential Election today, besting incumbent President Gheorghe Funar of the Transylvanian National Party, who received only thirty-two percent of the votes tallied. The remaining ten percent went to the candidates of the Transylvanian Conservative Party and the National Liberal Party.

Newly-elected President Cernea, sworn in by the head of the Supreme Court this evening after the results were certified, announced that he was naming Mona Muscă, head of the National Liberal Party in Parliament, to be the new Prime Minister. She will take her new office in the morning.

November 20th, 2011: Polls in the Republic: Flag of Superior MENOMINEE, Superior - Polls conducted in the republic during mid-November were published today in the Sunday Edition of the Menominee Herald-Leader.

For the Liberal Democrats, Governor Cullen's lead has increased dramatically, from three percent to fifteen, over Senator Lindberg. While some of this is due to an increase in support for the Governor, it is largely because of Representative Brown moving further up in his total, now only three percent back of the Senator. Ten more went to Congressman Lahti, four to Congressman Orazietti, two to Former Mayor Amaroso, and the remainder to write-in candidates.

The Conservative picture remains much the same as in previous polls. The Vice-President and the Majority Leader remain deadlocked at fifteen percent, closely followed by Kelleher and Pettalia at twelve percent. Congressmen Carey and Huuki remain about the same, at eight, and Congressman Meyer was the choice of five percent. Representative Hansen has fallen even further behind, now with only a single percent of eligible voters backing him. The remaining total, about twenty-four percent, went to write in votes - and rumor has it that most of these were for the President.

Buoyed by the results of the straw poll in Marquette on the 16th, the Socialist numbers have reversed slightly, with Senator Prusi now holding a slim lead over Governor Martin, forty-one to thirty-nine percent. Polling for the other candidates has remained almost the same, with the only change being a drop for Mayor Butland to a single point, and a concurrent increase for Congressman Tompkins to nine percent. The remainder went to write-in candidates.

For the National Republicans, Congressman Benishek has increased his lead slightly, with it now being three percent instead of one. Otherwise, it was unchanged. Most of the write-in votes, about six percent, are thought to have been for Commissioner Weber.

November 18th, 2011: New Commissioner Named: FrenchTerritories PAPEETE, Republic of the French Southern Territories - With the swearing in of Cedric Wairafea as the new Secretary General of the League of Nations today, and his resignation from his positions in the republic, Edouard Fritch of Tahiti was today named his replacement as both the High Commissioner of French Polynesia and of the entire R.T.A. as well.

November 18th, 2011: New League Head Named: Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) NUKU'ALOFA, Tonga - With the expiration of the term of Tongan King George Tupou V as Secretary General of the League today, as agreed on in 2008, the High Commissioner of French Polynesia, Cedric Wairafea, was today sworn in as the new Secretary General amidst much fanfare. Truly, this is a move that represents great hope for the future. Among the priorities of the new SG is expected to be progress with regards to French reunification.

November 16th, 2011: Socialist Straw Poll: Flag of Superior MARQUETTE, Superior - The second of three Socialist straw polls this election season was held today in Marquette. As expected, Senator Prusi came out on top, with three quarters of the votes. Most of the remainder went to Congressman Tompkins.

November 14th, 2011: Elections in Thunder Bay: Flag of Thunder Bay30px THUNDER BAY, Canada - Territorial and Federal elections were held in the territory of Northern Ontario today. Locally, the government of the previous Interim Government, since August a caretaker government under Premier Mauro, was elected, with his governing coalition holding eleven of seventeen seats, followed by the Canada First Party with two, and four independents who can only be characterized as supporters of the previous far-right regime of Colonel Leppe and General Fremont. Federally, there was two Liberals, two Conservatives, and a member of the Canada First Party elected. Combined with the results from Kingston, this is expected to strengthen the governing federal coalition greatly.

November 14th, 2011: Elections in Kingston: Flag of Ontario30px KINGSTON, Canada - Territorial and Federal elections were held in the territory of Eastern Ontario today. Locally, the government of the previous Provisional Authority, since July a caretaker government under Premier Gerretsen, was elected, with the governing liberals holding fourteen of twenty-five seats, followed by the Conservatives with eight, the New Democrats with two, and a single member of the Canada First Party. Federally, there was three Liberals, two Conservatives, a New Democrat, and a member of the Canada First Party elected.

November 13th, 2011: Socialist Debate: Flag of Superior ESCANABA, Superior - A very vocal debate tonight. Most of the evening was spent in a loud back and forth debate between Senator Prusi and Governor Martin, relegating the other candidates to the sidelines. Observers and pollsters both said that the behavior and non-presence of those in attendance meant that they believed no one could be said to have won it.

November 10th, 2011: Albanian Declaration: Flag of SerbiaFlag of Albania ELBASAN, Albania - Hours after the invasion of both Bosnian and Macedonian territory by Serbian forces, the National Assembly of Albania passed a declaration of war in support of their Macedonian "allies." Albanian forces immediately headed northwards to support Macedonian forces northwest of Shkodër, where they are falling back to the city under heavy pressure.

November 10th, 2011: Serbian Attacks Condemned:Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) NUKA'ALOFA, Tonga - Outgoing League of Nations Secretary General George Tupou V of Tonga loudly condemned the attacks by Serbia upon its neighbors this evening, calling on Serbian forces to halt their attacks and to retreat back to Serbian territory. No response from Serbia was heard. A declaration is expected within days that will establish further restrictions and sanctions on the Serbian government, which have been in place since the June Coup.

November 10th, 2011: War in Bosnia: Flag of SerbiaBosnian Muslim Flag SARAJEVO, Bosnia - At six this morning, concurrent with the attacks on Macedonia, Serbian military units crossed the border with Bosnia in force, claiming that they were hunting down rebels. When as demanded by the Bosnian government they did not leave by noon, a hurried declaration of war was passed.

November 10th, 2011: War in Macedonia: Flag of SerbiaFlag of the Republic of Macedonia 1992-1995 SKOPJE, Macedonia - Early this morning Serbian infantry attacked Macedonian positions east of the Serbian city of Podgorica, and their armor launched another one southwards from the towns of Lipjan and Kamenica. Within an hour, Macedonian forces were forced back at all three locations. The Macedonian Assembly passed a declaration of war within minutes.

November 8th, 2011: Elections in Prescott: Flag of Arizona PRESCOTT, Arizonan Republic - Today, Mayor-Governor Kuykendall lost to challenger Alan Dean Foster during elections in Prescott. This result, along with two members of City Council losing as well, is believed to have been a result of the policies of the three with regards to the protests observed this year in the former United States. Almost all of the local government is now thought to be in favor of some sort of alliance with the Navajo and/or the new Republic of Texas.

November 7th, 2011: Border Incursions: Flag of SerbiaBosnian Muslim Flag SARAJEVO, Bosnia - Elements of the Bosnian military today reported minor border incursions by Serbian forces near the city of Tuzla. This can only be a bad sign.

November 6th, 2011: Conaway elected President of Texas by wide margin: Flag of Texas MIDLAND, Republic of West Texas/Republic of Texas - West Texas President Mike Conaway won the first Presidential election of the Republic of Texas by a wide margin Tuesday. Conaway won with nearly 86 percent of the vote; his closest challenger, Eastern Texas Governor Roger Van Horn, had 11 percent. Conaway watched election coverage at his home with his family, staffers, Republican Party of Texas officials and some media members. Later that night, he spoke to supporters at a downtown Midland hotel. "This is a historic day in Texas, and a great day for Texas," Conaway said. "Our country is poised to move forward and take its place among the great nations of the world in the 21st Century. Texans have proved resilient in even the worst days of our history, and I am confident they will rise to the challenges before them as they enter what I believe will be some of their best, and greatest, days." Elections to seat members of the Senate and House of Representatives also were held. The Republican Party won the House by a 12-seat margin, while the Democratic Party won the Senate by four seats.

November 5th, 2011: Major Aftershock in Northeast Kurdistan: Flag of Kurdistan SERBAJAR TEZE, Kurdistan - A 5.6 magnitude earthquake has struck the Van Region in northeast Kurdistan. The same region was hit two weeks ago by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that incurred major damage. The damage from the most recent aftershock has collapsed several buildings damaged by the previous quake. No fatalities have been reported.

November 5th, 2011: Texans head to polls to elect the country's first President: Flag of Texas MIDLAND, Republic of West Texas/Republic of Texas - Voters are heading to the polls across the future Republic of Texas today, to elect a new President, and members of the Republic's Senate and House of Representatives. Mike Conaway, the President of the Republic of West Texas, is expected to win the election by a wide margin. Observers expect the Republican Party to win the House by 10 to 12 seats, the Democratic Party to win the Senate by 3 or 4 seats.

November 5th, 2011: Last Liberal Democratic Straw Poll: Flag of Superior MANISTIQUE, Superior - The third and final Liberal Democratic Straw Poll of the primary season was held today in the state of Schoolcraft. Governor Cullen, the winner with slightly more than half of those polled voting for him, was not a surprise. Nor is the fact that Representative Brown came in second a shock, either - but the amount of support he got, at about thirty percent, is. Congressman Orazietti and Senator Lindberg tied for third, at about six percent apiece, followed by Congressman Lahti at five percent, and the remainder going to write-ins and the other candidates.

November 1st, 2011: New Territory Formed: Flag of Superior STOWE, Superior - The Superioran Congress today passed an act into law forming another new territory, this time from the Duluth Unorganized Territory, on the southern coastline of Lake Superior between Bayfield Territory and the state of Gogebic. Its capital will be set up at the town of Odanah, and it has been given the name "Chequamegon," so named for nearby Chequamegon Bay. Pundits estimate its admission as a state sometime in 2020.

October 2011

October 31st, 2011: Halloween, Film, and Trade in the UIP:1983ddindiaflag4 BOMBAY, UIP - Children went trick or treating in the major cities of the UIP tonight. It comes as a morale boost to many people to see happy children trick or treating. Diwali also went well this year.

The movie "RA-1" has turned out to be a major hit and many people have come to watch the film. Fans of Shah Rukh Khan have been greatly delighted by the movie and hope there are more movies to follow it up. People are looking forward to his next movie, entitled Don 2: The Chase Continues, the second movie in his remake of the original "Don" movie from 1978, with his previous remake in the series being called Don: The Chase Begins Again, released in 2007.

Talks are also being conducted with Siberian and ANZC diplomats involving matters of trade. Original deals with the Commonwealth are being looked at increasing the scope of, and more military purchases and trading raw materials deals with the Siberians. The UIP is also discussing matters of military value with Siberia and has expressed their wish to buy Su-35s and other aircraft from Siberia in order to upgrade their capabilities.

October 29th, 2011: New Flag, End of Palace Bids: 83DD-GFedFlagRoyal NEW ATHENS, Greek Federation - With the coronation of Emperor Nikolaos I and his wife now over and done with, a new flag, which has a golden crown added to it, has been proclaimed by the Greek Government. Additionally, it has been announced that five bids have been received for the Palace.

October 28th, 2011: New Volcanic Eruption puts Chile on red alert, again: Flag of Chile SANTIAGO, Chile - While the Puyehue Volcano continues with its eruptive activity that initiated in June, in recent days another volcano has captured the attention of authorities from Chile and, also, from the UAR. Mount Hudson, located in the Chilean region of Aysen, began to erupt this Thursday following a string of seismic activity in the region. The Chilean government has decreed a state of Red Alert on Wednesday and began a process of evacuation within a 45km area of the volcano. At this time, 139 people have been evacuated, and Mount Hudson's activity has reduced slightly.

October 28th, 2011: Emperor Crowned: 83DD-GFedFlag NEW ATHENS, Greek Federation - In what must be the biggest day of his life, Bahaa el-Din Ahmed Hussein el-Akkad today changed faiths, got married, and then was crowned emperor of the Greek Federation. Pledging to be fair and just, and to promote tolerance, he took the name Nikolaos in the baptism, and took it as his regal name, as Nikolaos I as well. His house was also declared to be officially referred to as the House of Bahaa.

October 26th, 2011: Socialist Straw Poll: Flag of Superior MACKINAW CITY, Superior - The first Straw Poll of the Socialist primary season was held today in the state of Mackinaw. As with other polls conducted in the Republic, it showed Senator Prusi and Governor Martin to be more or less tied for the nomination. Again, like the rest, Martin held a narrow lead, this time of half a percentage point, over Prusi, leading him 45.7% to 45.2%. Unlike the rest of the polls conducted so far, however, Governor Koehn came in third place, with 5.3%, followed by Congressman Tompkins at 3.1%, and with Mayor Butland in the rear at 0.7%.

October 25th, 2011: Elections in Sudbury: V259 20080019 flag PF1963 SUDBURY, Greater Sudbury - Civic elections held in the city-state today showed, as expected, a backlash against candidates thought to be inclined towards Superior, as well as, unexpectedly, the more pro-UC ones, both in favor of more neutral or more pro-Canada candidates. The High Mayor now has most of the Council of Mayors supporting his views, which had not been the case previously. Observers feel that this means the railroad which the Canadian government agreed to build to Thunder Bay will likely pass through the area under control of the Sudburian government. It also is not a sign that bodes well for the current governing Conservative party in Superior.

October 23rd, 2011: New Zealand wins second annual Rugby World Cup: ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratioAUCKLAND , New Zealand, ANZC - New Zealand defeated Australia 22-12 today in the championship match of the Rugby World Cup at Eden Park in Auckland. It was a rematch of the final of the first World Cup in 2007, when New Zealand also beat the Australians. The match was shown live throughout Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji and will be shown on tape-delay to the rest of the ANZC and the rest of the world.

October 23th, 2011: Major Earthquake in Eastern Anatolia Flag of Kurdistan SERBAJAR TEZE, Kurdistan - Earlier today, a 7.2 earthquake struck Eastern Anatolia. It was focused in Van Province, Kurdistan, but damage has also been reported in the Patnosi Republic and Iran. Most of the damage has occurred in the Kurdish cities of Van and Ercis. Current casualty estimates range from 500 to over a thousand. Kurdish and Patnosi authorities are rapidly responding and have requested aid from their respective allies.

October 21st, 2011: Forced Conscriptions in Serbia: Flag of SerbiaTransylvania Flag 83DD lg CLUJ-NAPOCA, Transylvania - Reports from Serbia emerged today in Transylvania, which claim the Serbian government is forcibly conscripting ethnic Romanians at Vrsac, near the Transylvanian border, and probably elsewhere as well. It is unknown at this time as to what the goal is, but in all probability, it is not a good one.

October 18th, 2011: Conservative Straw Poll: Flag of Superior MUNISING, Superior - The second Straw Poll of the Conservative primaries was held today in the state of Alger. Results showed that Majority Leader Casperson was the victor with fifty-five percent of the vote, followed by former Senator Kelleher with fifteen percent, Congressman Huuki with eight, most of the other candidates with about five percent each, and then Territorial Representative Hansen at the back with two percent.

October 17th, 2011: Chechen Terrorist Bombing in Don: 1983ddchechnyaflagFlag of Don Cossacks VOLGODONSK, Don Republic - At 5:12 pm today, local time, a man blew himself up near the main entrance to the nuclear power plant as workers were leaving. Twelve people are dead, and more are injured. Chechen Terrorists have claimed responsibility.

October 16th, 2011: Polls in the Republic: Flag of Superior MARQUETTE, Superior - Polls conducted in the republic since the Liberal Democratic Debate on the 11th were published today in the Sunday Edition of The Mining Journal of Marquette.

The results indicate that Governor Cullen still has a slight lead of three percent over Senator Lindberg for the Liberal Democratic nomination, though Territorial Representative Brown has moved into third, only five percent back of Lindberg. Congressmen Lahti and Orazietti follow at eleven and seven percent, respectively, with Amaroso polling under five percent. The remainder are still undecided, however.

For the Conservatives, the situation has changed little. Majority Leader Casperson holds a bare lead over Vice-President Weston, 15% to 14%. Immediately following them are Former Senator Kelleher at eleven percent - his experience is resonating with voters, despite past issues from 1992 - Senator Pettalia at nine percent, Congressmen Carey and Huuki at six percent, and Congressman Meyer at five. Territorial Representative Hansen brings up the rear at three percent. The remainder is still undecided, however.

The picture for the Socialists remains unchanged. Governor Martin has a narrow lead over Senator Prusi, 39% to 37%. Of the rest, eight percent went to Congressman Tompkins, four to Territorial Governor Koehn, with two more going to Mayor Butland. The remainder are undecided.

The National Republican results remain unchanged, with Congressman Benishek holding a slight lead - 45% to 44% - over Territorial Commissioner Lasee. Former Mayor Fratesi got five percent, and the undecideds held the remainder.

October 15th, 2011: Anniversary of the Declaration of the Landgraviate: Waldeckflag AROLSEN, Waldeck-Hesse - Today marks the twenty-eighth anniversary of the declaration by Landgrave Wittekind that established the Landgraviate, along with his own ascension to the title. The occasion was marked by both fireworks, a massive feast, a match between The hometown Crowns and the visiting Korbach Roosters, and a few executions of prisoners. Much fun was had, though it is reported that at least one ambassador was repulsed at the executions.

October 14th, 2011: Serbs Respond: Flag of Serbia KRAGUJEVAC, Serbia - President Delić vehemently denied the Macedonian accusation of earlier today, calling them liars and thieves, and saying that their experts were "fools."

October 14th, 2011: Fraudulent Plans: Flag of the Republic of Macedonia 1992-1995Flag of Serbia SKOPJE, Macedonia - In an announcement this morning, the Macedonian government announced that during the night, their naval experts had looked over the plans they received yesterday from Serbian representatives, and determined that they were not what had been promised, in the least. Rather, they were the original plans from the 1980s, with a few small modifications added that would make the design unsafe in rougher seas. Furthermore, they revealed that the ambassador had went to the Serbian port of Bar and traded the funds he had gotten to what the Macedonian government suspected to be arms dealers.

October 13th, 2011: Plans Turned Over: Flag of the Republic of Macedonia 1992-1995Flag of Serbia SKOPJE, Macedonia - As agreed between the two governments last December - prior to the coup in Serbia - the upgraded plans for the Kotor-class frigates from the 1980s were today handed over to Macedonian representatives in Skopje. In addition to the funds already sent last winter, more funds were given to the Serbian ambassador, who quickly flew with it northwards.

October 11th, 2011: Second Liberal Democratic Debate: Flag of Superior IRON MOUNTAIN, Superior - Another raucous debate today in Superior. Senator Lindberg and Governor Cullen - in a much more refreshed performance tonight - traded barbs through the evening. Congressman Orazietti and Representative Brown put in a good performance as well, drowning out Lahti and Amaroso. Pundits consider Lindberg to have won the debate, though opinion polling continues to have Representative Brown thought of as the winner.

October 7th, 2011: WWF Project Infomation: Wwflon 800px-Flag of Crimea svg YALTA, Crimea - Today marks the start of the WWF's Northern Black Sea Project. Representatives of the Federation will start their work in the Sea of Azov, then moving to the western areas of the Crimean Peninsula, and working their way northwest from there, towards Podolia, and then southwards, into Transylvanian territory.

October 1st, 2011: Chumash-San Joaquin Alliance: Chumash.Flag2.0Visaliaflag VISALIA, San Joaquin - In a joint announcement, King Devin, at his birthday banquet, with the Chumash ambassador, announced the formal establishment of an alliance between the two directed against the rogue raider nations in the former state, likely to be primarily Ventura, given the concerns of the two. Operations are expected in the new year, sometime.

October 1st, 2011: King's Birthday: Visaliaflag VISALIA, San Joaquin - King Devin I of San Joaquin turned thirty-eight today. Celebrations are expected to go on into the night, at another full banquet, attended by dignitaries, with fireworks. A small number of protesters were also observed at the palace gates, but they were quickly dispersed by the military.

September 2011

September 27th, 2011: Serbian Mobilization: Flag of Serbia KRAGUJEVAC, Serbia - Claiming that the burning the previous Thursday was done by rebels, President Delić declared a state of emergency today, and ordered both the mobilization of the Armed Forces, and the conscription of every eligible citizen, in order to, in his own words, "combat the increasingly violent ethnic rebellion." This is not considered to be a positive development.

September 26th, 2011: New Secretary General Named800px-Flag of Europe.svg PUNTA DELGADA, Portugal - Today the four year term of ADC Secretary General Håkan Syrén expired. Syrén, under whose watch the alliance successfully fought wars against Superior and Saguenay in North America, and the Sicilians in Europe, will be missed. General Jeremy Mackenzie, of the Celtic Armored forces, and one of the primary commanders of those forces during the recent warfare, has been named to be his replacement.

September 26th, 2011: New Nordic PresidentFlag of Finland Logo of the Nordic Union HELSINKI, Finland - Following elections earlier this year in the Nordic Law Thing, today marks the swearing in of Sauli Niinistö of Finland to the position of President of the Nordic Union, replacing outgoing President Halldór Ásgrímsson of Iceland. His term is expected to bring about a new policy towards both expansion, and Siberian movements to the east.

September 25th/September 26th, 2011: Anniversary of DoomsdayFlag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) NUKA'ALOFA, Tonga - In an address at League of Nations headquarters, Secretary-General King George Tupou V addressed the world: "This day of mourning - the 25th in the New World, and 26th in the Old - marks twenty-eight long years since those nuclear fireballs devastated humanity. May those events, and all those who were lost, never be forgotten, and this world never have to face such a catastrophe ever again."

September 25, 2011: Message of Peace contradicts "Apostle's" prophecy: OlmstedSeal, ORONOCO, Olmsted - In his first public address to the outside world since the earth-quake related message of one of his republic's ambassadors, Chief Overseer Albert Warren asked that the nations of North America pursue peace as they observe the 28th anniversary of Doomsday. In the midst of the first week of a month-long holiday season, the Fundamentalist leader spoke to a crowd of an estimated 20,000 faithful adherents to the unusual Christian theocracy at the amphitheater on the shores of Oronoco's Shady Lake - the site of the founding of the republic.

Not making direct reference to the controversial prophet, Rev. Warren was in the midst of a sermon on the first Sunday of the holiday that runs from the beginning of fall to the third Sunday in October. Transcripts of his past sermons falling on September 25th show that he almost always makes reference to Doomsday on the anniversary of that day. His remarks this year, though, were covered by reporters from WVIK radio of Rock Island, QCA, in lieu of official silence from the government in Rochester since the the public prophecies in August.

Additionally, the preacher spoke of the opportunities of service and education available for the thousands of farmers and laborers entering the republic's fourth "Sabbatical Year" which essentially means there will be no work for them until the spring of 2013. Warren proudly opened the local records for reporters to confirm as he says, "Jesus has been good to" the Republic in the past Sabbatical years (1990, 1997 and 2004). Visitors were invited to join Olmstedans in the continued meetings through Sunday, October 2nd, a day of public repentance, called by the Old Testament name of "The day of Atonement."

September 23rd, 2011: Japan Crowns New Emperor : Flag of Japan KYOTO, Japan - After a 28 year vacancy, Yoshihisa Nakashima, a grandson of Emperor Komei, has been crowned Emperor of Japan with great fanfare across the nation. It is widely believed that the crowning of Emperor Yoshihisa may be the beginning of a new page in Japanese history as the nation continues to deal with the aftermath of the the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

September 23rd, 2011: Joplin officials asking for help in stemming raids from neighboring Springfield: Flag of Missouri JOPLIN, MISSOURI - Officials of the city-state of Joplin requested military aid from Kentucky and Cape Girardeau today, after the ninth straight day of raids believed to be coming from the city-state of Springfield. Springfield, long known to be under the control of criminal elements, had kept to its own affairs until very recently. In the past two weeks, Joplin residents and businesses have been robbed at random times day and night although no one has been injured or killed thus far. In all but one case the robbers got away unchallenged - but in that lone instance, the four men captured after an aborted attempt to rob a church on Joplin's north side all admitted to being from Springfield. Joplin officials have put the town back on a dawn-to-dusk curfew and increased security around farms and other essential businesses, but want outside military help to secure the town and reassure residents of their safety and well-being.

September 23rd, 2011: Australia routs MSP, clinches berth in quarterfinals: ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio HAMILTON, New Zealand, ANZC - Australia routed the Municipal States of the Pacific 83-0 today in Pool C play of the Rugby World Cup. The Aussies clinched first place in their pool, with a 3-0 record against the MSP, the Alpine Confederation and the Celtic Alliance. Alpine are to play the Celts in an upcoming match to determine the second Pool C qualifier for the upcoming knockout stage. Host New Zealand leads Pool A, with Canada and Japan fighting for second place. The United American Republic leads Pool B and Samoa leads Pool C. The 16-nation tournament continues through October 23's final in Auckland.

September 22nd, 2011: Four American survivor states admitted into the League of Nations Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) NUKA'ALOFA, Tonga - The League of Nations officially welcomed the American survivor states of Mississippi, Alabama, Selma and Neonotia into the organization this afternoon.

September 22nd, 2011: Liberal Democratic Straw Poll: Flag of Superior L'ANSE, Superior - Another Liberal Democratic Party Straw Poll was held today in the state of Baraga. About 30% of votes were for Senator Lindberg, 25% for Governor Cullen, about 10% each for Congressman Orazietti, Congressman Lahti, and Territorial Representative Brown, 5% for Former Mayor Amaroso, and the remainder either for "none of the above" or "Undecided."

September 22nd, 2011: Conaway wins Presidential debates, according to poll: Flag of Texas NACOGDOCHES, (East) Republic of Texas - West Texas President Mike Conaway soundly won the first of two debates, held tonight in Nacogdoches, amongst the candidates for the upcoming Republic of Texas presidential election. In a Texas State Network/Televisia poll of voters across eight Texan survivor nations, 84 percent thought Conaway was the clear winner of the five-man debate, with 11 percent choosing Eastern Texas Governor Roger Van Horn. The second and final debate is scheduled for October 10 in Midland.

September 22nd, 2011: Smoke Observed in Serbia: Flag of the Republic of Macedonia 1992-1995Flag of Serbia SKOPJE, Macedonia - Macedonian Army observers in the Dinaric Alps northeast of Bajram Curri reported today that they had observed large amounts of smoke rising from the town of Decan in the Kosovo region of Serbia. It is suspected that Serbian militias have burned all or part of the town, for unknown reasons.

September 21st, 2011: Plymouth files protest regarding Vermont negotiations with Northern Townships: Flag of the Vermont Republic BURLINGTON, Vermont - Plymouth officially informed Vermont this morning that it was protesting Vermont's ongoing talks with the group of communities known as the Northern Townships. Officially, Vermont has been discussing numerous issues with the Northern Townships for the past two months, including security against attacks from offshoot groups of the notorious Saint Lawrence Raiders organization. Plymouth claims Vermont is "aggressively" attempting to officially annex the townships, which Plymouth considers to be a threat to its sovereignty. Despite numerous denials from Vermont and Township officials, Plymouth filed its protest with the United Communities consulate in Burlington and, through its ambassador, with the League of Nations consulate in St. John's, Canada.

September 19th, 2011: Ravens Win: Flag of the Northwest Territories FORT SMITH, Northwest Alliance: In what is considered to be an upset, the High Level Ravens defeated the Inuvik Deltas, winning the Frederick D. White Championship Trophy, by a score of fifteen to twelve. It is the first Alliance championship for the Ravens in any sport, and continues an amazing streak of futility for the Deltas overall.

September 19th, 2011: Exploration in Bulgaria: Flag of Bulgaria SMOLYAN, Rhodope - The jury entered the courtroom today in mid-afternoon, having come to a verdict. They found Pirinski guilty on all counts, and recommended the death penalty, to which the judge agreed. Pending appeals, he will be executed, probably some time in the new year.

September 18th, 2011: Semi-Finals: Flag of the Northwest Territories FORT SMITH, Northwest Alliance: Today in the semi-finals, by a score of thirteen to eight, the Deltas defeated the Golden Men for a spot in the finals tomorrow afternoon. And, this evening, the Ravens defeated the Fighting Fish in overtime by a score of eight to seven. The Deltas and Ravens will then play for the Frederick D. White Championship Trophy, starting at 5 o'clock tomorrow.

September 18th, 2011: Polls in the Republic: Flag of Superior SAULT STE. MARIE, Superior - Polling data taken over the last few days was published today in the Sunday edition of the Sault Star. It shows Governor Cullen leading the Liberal Democratic nominations, by a margin of ten percent, over the next-leading candidate, Senator Lindberg. For the Socialists, Governor Martin and Senator Prusi, as they were in the leadup to the 2008 convention, are neck-in-neck at about thirty percent each. And for the Conservatives, most of the candidates are hovering between five and ten percent, with Vice-President Weston and Majority Leader Casperson both holding thirteen percent.

September 18th, 2011: Sikkim Earthquake: 1983ddindiaflag4Flag of Nepal GANGTOK, UIP - An earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 6.9 hit the border region between the UIP state of Sikkim, and eastern Nepal, today. Between Nepal, the UIP, and Tibet, about 1,100 people are believed to have died.

September 17th, 2011: Pirinski Verdict Announced: Flag of Bulgaria SMOLYAN, Rhodope - Rhodopian Scouts today reached the burned-out hulk of Stara Zagora Air Base. Given the location of the base, what it looks like, and that the nearby city is now blackened rubble, it is suspected that the Soviet forces went through the region after the events in Gerlovo. It is hoped that something recoverable will be found.

September 17th, 2011: Tournament Play Concludes: Flag of the Northwest Territories FORT SMITH, Northwest Alliance: Round-robin play at the NWA Tournament ended this evening, and the top four teams will play in the semi-finals tomorrow. With a record of six and one, the Inuvik Deltas placed first, followed by the Wrigley Fighting Fish at five and two, and then the High Level Ravens and the Yellowknife Golden Men, both at four and three, but with the Ravens holding third by virtue of having beaten the G-Men. The Golden Men and the Deltas will play in the afternoon, followed by the Fighting Fish and the Ravens in the evening.

September 16th, 2011: Republican Straw Poll: Flag of Superior BESSEMER, Superior - The first major Conservative poll of the season, was held in Bessemer today. Congressman Meyer, the hometown candidate, won the poll with forty-five percent. Vice President Weston came in second with twenty-nine percent, followed by Senate Majority Leader Casperson and Congressman Huuki at eight percent, with the remaining candidates splitting the remainder fairly evenly.

September 16th, 2011: Results Announced in Egypt: Flag of Egypt NEW CAIRO, Egypt - With a margin of fourteen percent over his nearest opponent, Prince Muhammed Ali Sa'id of the New Wafd Party, as expected, has won the Presidential election with 46% of the vote, compared to 42 percent for Mohamed Saad Katatni of the right-wing National Democratic Party and 22 percent for Dr. Abdel Razek Hassan of the left-wing Progressive National Unionist Party. He will be sworn in on March 22nd, 2012.

September 16th, 2011: Pirinski Trial Concludes: Flag of Bulgaria SMOLYAN, Rhodope - Closing arguments in the Pirinski trial ended this afternoon. Neither side is thought to have made much impact in their closing arguments. The jury will begin deliberating in the morning.

September 15th, 2011: Presidential Elections in Egypt: Flag of Egypt NEW CAIRO, Egypt - Voting began early this morning in the fourth Presidential elections since the restoration of the Egyptian Republic. Opinion polling shows Prince Muhammed Ali Sa'id of the New Wafd Party as the likely winner.

September 14th, 2011: Conservative Debate: Flag of Superior IRON MOUNTAIN, Superior - Today the First Conservative debate of the election season occurred. Majority Leader Casperson and Vice President Weston spent most of the debate trading fiery barbs, with the other candidates throwing their own into the mix, usually against the Vice-President. Polling after the debate indicates that those in attendance thought that Weston had lost badly, looking "like a deer stuck in headlights," and that the Majority Leader had managed a narrow victory.

September 14th, 2011: Reitzman poll names Texas top college football team: Flag of Superior STOWE, Superior - The first Sid Reitzman Top Ten poll of the North American college football season was released Wednesday morning, with Texas the No. 1-ranked team. Texas beat Brigham Young 20-16 Sept. 10 at Provo, Utah in both teams' season opener. Reitzman ranked the University of Superior No. 2, followed by defending Southeastern Conference champion Kentucky; Clemson; Texas A&M; Brigham Young; Saskatchewan; Toledo; Purdue; and Colorado State. Reitzman, a long-time sportscaster in Superior, ranks the teams himself and began doing so in 2009. Sportswriters and observers throughout the American and Canadian survivor states pay little serious attention to Reitzman's poll, as schools still stick to regional competition and cross-continent games like Texas-BYU are much more the exception than the rule.

September 13th, 2011: Pirinski Trial Continues: Flag of Bulgaria SMOLYAN, Rhodope - Under cross-examination from the prosecutor today, Pirinski folded like, in the words of one reporter from the Greek Federation, a "house of cards," admitting that he did have opportunities to get away from the former Soviet Major and his men in order to not execute his orders, but declined to do so. Reporters at the trial expect that this will be the final nail in his coffin. Closing arguments are to begin in the morning.

September 12th, 2011: Mexico, Siberia emerging as favorites for 2018 FIFA World Cup Tournament: Flag of Paraguay 1842 LUQUE, Paraguay - Representatives from the national football federations of Mexico and Siberia today delivered their countries' formal bids for the 2018 World Cup soccer tournament. They join Singapore and the United American Republic as bidders for the 2018 World Cup. Brazil will host the 2014 tournament, but FIFA reportedly does not want to host back-to-back World Cups on the same continent.

September 12th, 2011: Bootleg Copies of BYU vs Texas Opener Confiscated: Piedmont Flag CLEMSON, Republic of Piedmont. In a town steeped in American football tradition, Saturday's game against Wofford has been overshadowed by the appearance of video taped copies of the opening game of the season on the opposite side of North America. Authorties had expected the contraband tapes after reports of satellite dishes had been reported earlier in the summer. Undercover agents of the PBI had moved in soon after the first copies had been made available on Sunday evening. Greenville Sports Group, under contract with Televisia of Mexico to broadcast the game locally on the 17th, praised the authorities for the raid.

Dr. Bryan Denham, professor of Sports Communication at Clemson University told reporters that the university does have the technology to track satellites and even to retrieve signals. However, he denied that anyone in the labs had access to the codes needed to unscramble the signals that Televisia used in their international broadcasts. Greenville Sports spokesman Mel Duncan told authorities that the tapes of the games were still in route from Deseret and were not expected to arrive before Wednesday. The accused bootleggers are being held in the Pickens County Jail awaiting a bond hearing on Tuesday.

September 12th, 2011: Parliamentary Elections to be Started in Bukhara: Flag of the Emirate of Bukhara BUKHARA, Emirate of Bukhara - Today, Emir Shukria Raad Alimi has declared parliamentary elections to be due for the first aniversary of the end of the Bukharan Civil War. After the new elections, officially delayed because of the "purging of dangerous pro-MLA parts of our nation", is to replace the current parliament and Prime Minister, picked by the Emir, to a democratically-elected one.

September 12th, 2011: Pirinski Trial Continues: Flag of Bulgaria SMOLYAN, Rhodope - Today the defense finished its opening arguments, and called forth, in a surprise move, their one, and only, witness: Pirinski himself. In what has been called the only possible defense for his crimes, both he and his lawyers began to argue that "he should not be held guilty for actions which were ordered by a superior office," and that he was "worried for his life" - a variation of the Nuremberg Defense. Like with the Nuremberg Trials, it is not likely to work here, either.

September 12th, 2011: Northwest Alliance Lacrosse Tournament starts: Flag of the Northwest Territories FORT SMITH, Northwest Alliance: Today the Annual NWA Lacrosse Tournament began in Fort Smith, with the Inuvik Deltas, losers of a surprising semi-final last year to the eventual champion Riders, and the Sawmill Bay Blades opening the events, with the Deltas coming out on top. Also participating in the tournament are the Uranium City Atoms, Nahanni Butte Trappers, High Level Ravens, Wrigley Fighting Fish, Yellowknife Golden Men, and the Hay River Steel. It will run to until the 19th.

September 9th, 2011: Host New Zealand opens Rugby World Cup with win over Tonga: ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio AUCKLAND, New Zealand, ANZC - The host country New Zealand defeated Tonga 41-10 today in the opening match of the 2011 Rugby World Cup at Eden Park stadium. Full back Israel Dagg and wing Richard Kahui each crossed for two tries in the first half for the All Blacks. The 16-nation tournament continues through October 23's final in Auckland.

September 9th, 2011: King Andrew formally Recognized as King Flag of YukonWHITEHORSE, Yukon - Following several months of talking to their constituents, territorial representatives today met back in Whitehorse for a special session. Taking their constituents and their wishes into account, they again passed the measure by a slightly increased margin of 17 to 8, thus recognizing King Andrew, formally, as the King of the Yukon.

September 8th, 2011: Tennessee to reunify: Flag of Tennessee MORRISTOWN, East Tennessee - The leaders of the nations of East Tennessee and Kentucky and the city-states of Waynesboro, Portland and Jackson jointly announced plans to reunify the state of Tennessee by late 2012. East Tennessee governor Phil Roe acknowledged the timing might come as a surprise to observers and residents, but not the initiative. "Tennesseeans from west to east have long wanted to reunify the state, and that time has come," Roe said during a morning press conference in the East Tennessee capital. Kentucky President Brad Ellsworth said his country would "do everything we can to help that process along", including helping rebuild railways, roadways and power lines to connect the eastern cities of Morristown and Knoxville with the central towns of Portland and Waynesboro and the western town of Jackson. Roe said work towards holding a constitutional convention next spring would begin "immediately", with gubernatorial and general assembly elections intended for next fall. Roe also acknowledged recent rumors that the state capitol would be placed in the rebuilt town of Murfreesboro, a short distance from the old state capitol of Nashville in central Tennessee. Ellsworth said the new state would be welcomed as a member of the East American Alliance, and Roe said Tennessee would look to strengthen ties with other regional and former American nations.

September 6th, 2011: Collegiate football game to be televised in eight different North American countries: Deseret PROVO, Utah - Crews from Mexican television company Televisa arrived in Provo, home of Brigham Young University, Tuesday to set up for the BYU American football team's Saturday afternoon game with the University of Texas. It is the season opener for both teams, as it will be for the other schools in the major conferences all over North America: the Southeastern Conference, the Southwest Conference, the VCAA, the UCCA and the Western Athletic Conference. This game is noteworthy for being the first collegiate football game to be televised on a greater-than-local basis since Doomsday. Televisa will broadcast the game live via satellite to affiliates in Mexico and Texas, and to public locations in Fillmore, Utah. The game will also be taped, and shown on a one-week delay for viewers in Kentucky, Vermont, Georgia, Piedmont, Virginia and Superior.

September 5, 2011: Conaway running away in Texas presidential race: Flag of Texas NACOGDOCHES, (East) Republic of Texas - As West Texas President Mike Conaway campaigned in Nacogdoches Monday to be the first President of the Republic of Texas, a poll showed Conaway to have a huge lead over the other contenders. A Texas State Network/Reuters poll showed Conaway to be the choice of 79 percent of nearly 3,000 voters polled in eight nations and city-states, up 7 percent from a similar poll taken before the Texas Constitutional Convention. The second-leading candidate, Eastern Texas Governor Roger Van Horn, was the pick of just 13 percent of pollsters, getting his largest support from his home country.

September 4th, 2011: International Rugby Board declares New Zealand ready to host upcoming World Cup: ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio AUCKLAND, New Zealand, ANZC - International Rugby Board chairman Bernard Lapasset declared New Zealand ready to host an "extraordinary" World Cup. The 16-nation tournament kicks off in Auckland Friday, with host New Zealand playing Tonga, and continuing on through the final on October 23. The 16 competing teams have disperse to the 13 venues hosting matches around New Zealand. New Zealand national leaders are hoping the World Cup will help boost an economy affected by two devastating earthquakes. Organizers expect to sell nearly 1 million tickets for the event.

September 3rd, 2011: Pirinski Trial Continues: Flag of Bulgaria SMOLYAN, Rhodope - The prosecution in the trial today concluded its case against Pirinski. The defense will present its case starting on Wednesday, September 7th. They are expected to call Pirinski himself to the stand as the main focus of their argument.

September 2nd, 2011: Pirinski Trial Continues: Flag of Bulgaria SMOLYAN, Rhodope - Today the prosecution brought members of the Rhodopian military before the court, who established that the military had indeed found massive graves in and around the port of Vidin. One soldier in particular described the scene as "worse than a concentration camp would have been."

September 1st, 2011: Black Sea League: Blackseaaccordsflag NEW BYZANTIUM, Greek Federation - Today marks the formal establishment of the League. A flag and a Director, John Panaretos, until today the Greek Minister of Finance, were also unveiled.

September 1st, 2011: Republican Announces Candidacy: Flag of Superior PRESQUE ISLE, Superior - Senator Peter Pettalia of Mackinaw today announced his candidacy for the Conservative nomination outside of his home in Presque Isle. He is the last of the political figures that had been thought to be actively debating a run for the nomination, and he currently leads polling for the Mackinaw primary, even before announcing his candidacy, by a large margin.

August 2011

August 31st, 2011: Black Sea Accords: 83DD-GFedFlag NEW BYZANTIUM, Greek Federation - Today in New Byzantium, at a surprise news conference, the Crimean, Don, Kuban, Partian, Rhodopian, and Transylvanian consuls, along with representatives of the Greek government, signed a treaty, which they had been hammering out over the last few weeks in Vize. This treaty, the Black Sea Accords, will set up an economic and security organization, known as the Black Sea League, to be headquartered in the city. The treaty will formally come into effect in the morning.

August 31st, 2011: Pirinski Trial Continues: Flag of Bulgaria SMOLYAN, Rhodope - Today the prosecution brought out Captain Rosen Kirilov, formerly of the Red Banner Guards and testifying in return for clemency - his sentence will be reduced to five years in prison from fifty. Kirilov testified seeing civilians brought into the port as he worked on the flotilla by a mixture of Red Banner Guards and conscripted forces, herded into a building, and then hearing screams and gunfire from inside. Afterwards, he saw what appeared to be bodies, covered in dirt, being moved to a massive pit at the orders of Pirinski.

August 30th, 2011: Brazilian soccer federation insists stadiums will be ready for 2014 World Cup: Flag of Brazil 1968-1992 RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - Representatives of the Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (Brazilian Football Federation) told Brazilian media and Reuters press on Tuesday that construction or renovation of the 12 stadiums hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup will be complete by 2013. Work on nine of the stadiums will be finished by December of 2012, with the other three no later than December 2013. FIFA has expressed concern about the pace of stadium construction/renovation in the buildup to the World Cup.

August 30, 2011: Fiji national rugby team first to arrive for upcoming World Cup in New Zealand: ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio Flag of Fiji AUCKLAND, New Zealand, ANZC - The Fijian national rugby union team was the first of the 16 competitors in the upcoming Rugby World Cup to arrive in the host country, New Zealand. The Fijians received a rousing reception at Auckland Airport which included traditional islander singing and dancing and a Maori ceremony of welcome. Fiji supporters waved Fijian flags as the squad left the airport by bus for their interim training base at Whakatane on North Island. The World Cup opens on September 9 and concludes October 23.

August 29th, 2011: Conservatives Announce Candidacy: Flag of Superior LUDINGTON/MARQUETTE, Superior - In separate announcements today, Territorial Representative Goeff Hansen of New Michigan and Congressman Samuel Carey of Marquette filed their nominations for the Conservative nomination in Ludington and Marquette, respectively. Neither is given any chance of winning the nomination, but it is suspected that they are jockeying for future political support.

August 26th, 2011: New Territory Formed: Flag of Superior STOWE, Superior - The Superioran Congress today passed an act into law forming a new territory from the Slate Unorganized Territory, on the northern coastline of Lake Superior between Nipigon and Pukaskwa Territories. Its capital will be set up at the town of Terrace Bay, and it will retain the Slate name. Pundits estimate its admission as a state sometime in 2022, though feel it may eventually be joined with Nipigon territory, in which case it will come sooner.

August 25th, 2011: Reports out of Vize: 83DD-GFedFlag VIZE, Greek Federation - Reports out of Vize today show that the Crimean, and Transylvanian consuls, along with the other diplomatic representatives, left the Rhodopian consulate early this morning. Apparently, whatever negotiations were underway concluded, seemingly successfully. Time will tell as to what end, however.

August 24th, 2011: Socialist Announces Candidacy: Flag of Superior ESCANABA, Superior - Congressman Arlen Tompkins of Delta, former Governor of Delta and Mayor of Escanaba, Vice-Presidential Candidate in 1992 and 1996, and Presidential Candidate in 2000, formally submitted his nomination papers today for the Socialist nomination. He is considered a long shot for the nomination, at best, given that most voters outside of Delta consider him a has-been. Pundits consider it, instead, to be the start of a campaign for another term as Governor.

August 23, 2011: Fundamentalist Preacher Predicts Doom: 83DD-QuadCitiesFlag2 OlmstedSeal DAVENPORT, Quad-Cities - Olmstedan Apostle Marty Jamesen, speaking without a microphone in an open-air forum in downtown Davenport has been drawing crowds since Saturday evening. At noon local time a crowd in the thousands gathered to hear what seemed to be a rant against expansionist governments of North America. He warned that earthquakes like the early morning one in the wilderness between the USA and Texas would not be the last. Within an hour, a quake was felt as far north as Niagara Falls and south to Greenville, Piedmont. Reports of the quake were heard from as far east as Edgartown, Outer Lands, and west to Fort Knox, Kentucky. As of this report, authorities in the Virgina Republic have yet to confirm the estimated epicenter somewhere in the state of East Virginia.

August 22nd, 2011: Conservative Announces Candidacy: Flag of Superior SAULT STE MARIE, Superior - Former Senator, Conservative Head in the Senate, Majority Leader, and President Pro Tempore James Kelleher of Chippewa today filed for the Conservative nomination for the Presidency. The 1992 Vice-Presidential Candidate, and someone who sought the Conservative nomination in 2000, he is considered a long-shot by pundits due to his age and time out of active politics, though given the current atmosphere in the Conservative Party, anything is possible.

August 18th, 2011: Anniversary of Coronation: Visaliaflag VISALIA, San Joaquin - Today marks the 16th Anniversary of King Devin I taking the throne in San Joaquin. A state dinner in the Royal Palace and fireworks were well-received by the king, government officials, and foreign dignitaries. The Chumash ambassador, in particular, was observed spending a great deal of time talking to his majesty.

August 16th, 2011: WWF Project Infomation: Wwflon AUCKLAND, New Zealand - The World Wildlife Fund today announced that their project in the northern Black Sea area, previously slated to begin in the fall, will start on October 7th, and, as planned, will be headquartered in Yalta, Crimea.

August 15th, 2011: Conservative Announces Candidacy: Flag of Superior BESSEMER, Superior - Representative Dan Meyer today announced his candidacy for the Conservative nomination in Bessemer, Gogebic.

August 15th, 2011: Palace and a Name for an Emperor; Flag: 83DD-GFedFlag SKYROS, Greek Federation - The Greek government today announced that after the coronation, the emperor will take up residence in a hotel suite on Skyros. From this date, a competition for a design for a palace either on the island or elsewhere in the Sporades, begins, ending on his coronation and wedding day. Pending repairs and upgrading, Montaza Palace in Alexandria and Achilleion Palace on Corfu will also be deemed residences.

No word yet on a possible regal name for the emperor, however. All that is known at this time is that it will respect the Greek, Egyptian, and Libyan monarchical names, and respect that of the Byzantines where theirs do not contradict the other three. This is very much so a compromise between the various political factions in the Federation.

Also included in the announcements today is one that a slight change to the flag will occur the morning after the coronation. A crown will be inserted above the coat of arms, to signify the monarchy.

August 14th, 2011: Liberal Democrat Withdraws: Flag of Superior ST. IGNACE, Superior - Following his abysmal performance in Thursday's debate and Saturday's poll, Governor Jeffrey S. Crochet of Mackinac officially withdrew his candidacy for the nomination.

August 13th, 2011: Rumors out of Vize: 83DD-GFedFlag VIZE, Greek Federation - More Rumors from Vize today. Apparently, some sort of major compromise was reached in the consulate during the night. It is unknown at this time as to exactly what it was - sources are being very tight-lipped, likely under government orders - but it is suspected that it was the Greek government that conceded something to reach that compromise.

August 13th, 2011: Governor Cullen Announces Candidacy; First Liberal Democratic Poll Announced: Flag of Superior IRON MOUNTAIN, Superior - Polls taken this morning in Iron Mountain this morning, the first major poll of the season, show Representative Orazietti in front with about 30% supporting him, followed by Representative Lahti with 25%, Senator Lindberg with 15%, Territorial Representative Brown with 10%, and the remaining amount split between the other two announced candidates and write-in votes.

Across town that afternoon, the popular Governor Cullen of Mackinaw, long rumored to be entering the race, formally announced his candidacy. He is now likely the favorite in the race, but to what extent this is the case remains to be seen.

August 12th, 2011: Pirinski Trial Continues: Flag of Bulgaria SMOLYAN, Rhodope - Today the prosecution brought out Colonel Milen Radukanov, formerly of the Vidinite Army, who testified in exchange for clemency on his convictions - he will now reside in jail for life with chance of parole after twenty years rather than be hung. Radukaniov testified that Pirinski ordered him and his forces to assist elements of the Red Banner Guards in removing civilians from their homes across the city, and then conscripting most of the men into his own forces while escorting the rest to the port. He also went on to say that he was told that they were to be evacuated out of the warzone from there, though he never saw it happen himself. Other former soldiers are scheduled to testify over the next two weeks to corroborate this.

August 11th, 2011: Liberal Democratic Debate: Flag of Superior HOUGHTON, Superior - Today the First Liberal Democratic Debate of the election season occurred in Houghton. Much sparring occurred throughout the debate between Governor Jeffrey S. Crochet of Mackinac and Representative Michael Lahti of Houghton over minor policy issues. However, neither is considered to have won the debate - that title goes to Territorial Representative Michael A. Brown of Manitoulin and his more libertarian-style views.

August 10th, 2011: More Conservatives come forward; Senator Lindberg Announces Candidacy: Flag of Superior STOWE, Superior - Today brings even more candidates out of the woodwork. Senate Majority Leader Tom Casperson of Delta today announced that he would seek the Conservative nomination for the presidency, blaming President Newman - and Vice-President Weston as well - for Conservative reverses over the last year, and vowing to fight their corruption. Allegations, however, abound that he too was involved in the ongoing scandal.

Conservative Congressman Huuki of Houghton also announced his candidacy today, saying that "Stowe needs a new, younger face, at the helm." His age, barely old enough to be a candidate, will be a major factor against him.

After humming and hawing since President Newman's announcement last Friday, Liberal Democratic Senator Lindberg of Marquette today also announced his candidacy for the Liberal Democratic nomination. According to the senator, "with the President no longer running, the time is now ripe for the scandalous Conservatives to go down." However, this does not effect the race much - Representative Orazietti is still considered the frontrunner.

August 9th, 2011: Pirinski Trial Continues: Flag of Bulgaria SMOLYAN, Rhodope - Today the prosecution brought out Martin Stankov, one of the few surviving civilians from inside of the city of Vidin. Stankov testified that detachments of Vidinite Red Banner Soldiers had gone through the city following the Rhodopian breakthrough at the defense lines, conscripting and abducting the civilians they were able to find. Stankov only avoided this fate by hiding inside a garbage dumpster.

August 8th, 2011: Vice-President Weston Announces Candidacy: Flag of Superior STOWE, Superior - With the surprise announcement by President Newman on Friday, the race for the Conservative nomination has been thrown wide open. Today, Vice-President Horatio Weston formally announced his candidacy in Stowe, the first of what will likely be many candidates. The Vice-President declared "I believe in this country. We are at the dawn of a new age, and are in a position to be one of the brightest stars on its stage, and it is high time we took our place on it. As such, as of this moment, I am now running for the position of President of the Republic of Superior."

August 5th, 2011: President Newman Announces that he will not seek Re-Election; Liberal Democrat Declares Candidacy: Flag of Superior STOWE, Superior - President Newman announced in Stowe today that he would not be seeking re-election, citing his health. It is believed, however, that the decision has more to do with incredibly poor showings in opinion polls comparing him to the leading declared Liberal Democratic and Socialist candidates, and the blame being put on him for the Saguenay War fiasco. It is said that some of these polls even placed him behind the Socialist candidate, which would be a first for the Republic.

Debbie Amaroso, the 2000 Liberal Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee and former Mayor of Sault Ste. Marie, announced at a press conference today that she is filing for the Liberal Democratic nomination, bringing the total of candidates for the nomination to five. However, the frontrunner remains Congressman, and 2008 Vice-Presidential nominee, David Orazietti, of Sault Ste. Marie. The first Liberal Democratic debate in Houghton next Thursday has just gotten more interesting.

August 4th, 2011: Constitution for the new Republic of Texas officially ratified: Flag of Texas NACOGDOCHES, (East) Republic of Texas - 103 delegates representing eight survivor states across the former U.S. state of Texas signed and ratified the constitution for the Republic of Texas Thursday night, highlighting the week-long constitutional convention at Stephen F. Austin University. The signing, and official ratification, of the constitution is considered the final step in the formation of the Republic of Texas, which will offically unite the eight survivor states into one nation beginning January 1, 2012. The signing was broadcast by television and radio across the eight survivor states and in various unincorporated areas (including the independent city-state of Victoria), as well as in Mexico, the United States, the ANZC and 27 other North American and Caribbean nations. Spontaneous celebrations were said to have "erupted" all over Texas, and fireworks displays were seen in Midland, Odessa, Sweetwater, Paris, Edinburg and Nacogdoches. Jack "Jackie" Sherrill, a delegate from College Station, East Texas, told the delegates and others in the capacity crowd at William R. Johnson Coliseum that "the future was unlimited for the "nation of Texas." Sherrill was the head football coach at Texas A&M University both pre- and post-Doomsday, and is a Republican Representative in the current East Texas House. The session officially ends Friday with West Texas President Mike Conaway - the frontrunner for the Republic of Texas Presidential election which will be held this fall - giving the featured speech. Conaway's campaign has papered Nacogdoches with literature and taken out numerous ads both in local radio and TV and on billboards in high-profile areas around the SFU campus and around town. The unofficial end of the convention is Saturday, with a fireworks show and concert featuring several regional country, rock and gospel musicians and bands at Homer Bryce Stadium.

August 2nd, 2011: End of Refugees: Flag of Hungary (1946-1949, 1956-1957) DEBRECEN, Partium - Following a six day span in which refugees from fighting in Vojvodina arrived in Partian territory, today marks the third day in which none have been spotted, despite the Partian and Transylvanian governments sending out patrols to aid any. It is believed that the Serbian government has clamped down on it, given that those who arrived on the 30th reported scattered attacks by Serb militias upon them as they were fleeing, and the movement of the Serbian Army to the border, in force.

August 1st, 2011: Texas Constitutional Convention begins: Flag of Texas NACOGDOCHES, (East) Republic of Texas - The Texas Constitutional Convention, organized to formally ratify the constitution for the soon-to-be Republic of Texas, began Monday morning. The Reverend William Philpot, from the city-state of Borger, opened the procedings with an invocation before several hundreds of delegates, observers, workers, media and others at the William R. Johnson Coliseum. Official business will wrap up by Friday, with the signing of the constitution Thursday evening; the unofficial end of the convention is Saturday, with a fireworks show and concert featuring several regional country, rock and gospel musicians and bands at Homer Bryce Stadium.

July 2011

July 29th, 2011: Breaking of Relations; Ongoing Trial: Flag of Bulgaria SMOLYAN, Rhodope - Following the Serbian announcement of earlier today, President Yane Yanev condemned the Serbian authorities, comparing its leadership to, among other things, diseased rodents, prior to announcing that his government was breaking off any and all relations with the Serbian government.

The trial of Georgi Pirinski, Jr. continues, with the prosecution today showing the extent of the structural demolition that the Vidinites did to the vast majority of buildings, especially churches, in their territory, and the large numbers found to have died as a result.

July 29th, 2011: Serbia Recognizing the Vidinites: 30px Flag of Vidin Bulgaria KRAGUJEVAC, Serbia - Today General Božidar Delić, President of Serbia, announced that his government was officially recognizing the Vidinite soldiers that took refuge in its territory following their loss in the Rhodope-Vidin War as the successor to the government of Bulgaria.

July 28th, 2011: Rumors out of Vize: 83DD-GFedFlag VIZE, Greek Federation - Rumors emerged from the Rhodopian consulate today that the meetings are to do with the establishment of some sort of new treaty. It is unknown as to what end this is for, however.

July 28th, 2011: Workers, university officials finish preparations for Texas Constitutional Convention: Flag of Texas NACOGDOCHES, (East) Republic of Texas - Workers finished preparations Thursday on the Stephen F. Austin University campus for the Texas Constitutional Convention that will begin Monday, August 1 and last at least through the end of the week.

Voters in eight survivor states across the former U.S. state of Texas - West Texas, the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas, Central Texas, the city-states of Borger, Graham and Paris and the host (East) Republic of Texas - approved the constitution in a special referendum on May 31. Since then, delegates from each of the eight states were chosen to officially represent their states and sign the constitution for the Republic of Texas, the nation that would unify them into one entity in early 2012.

The delegates have since arrived in Nacogdoches, along with thousands of interested observers from across the region, the former United States and dozens of other countries, including Mexico, Brazil, the United American Republic, the ANZC and Canada, as well as representatives of the League of Nations. Media from across the region and many of the other survivor states, along with reporters from Mexico, the Caribbean, the ANZC, Canada, South America, and Europe, are also in town to observe the convention.

A small contingent representing the Committee to Restart the United States of America (CRUSA) is expected to be in Nacogdoches next week as well.

July 28th, 2011: Midwestern city-state of Joplin still struggling to get back in business, despite aid from other American nations: Flag of Missouri JOPLIN, MISSOURI - A press conference was held by Joplin leaders on Thursday to give a "state of the city" address on the Midwestern North American city-state, just over two months after a tornado devastated much of the city and resulted in casualties in the hundreds and extensive property damage.

Relief efforts led by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, with assistance from Mexico, Canada, the ANZC and every U.S. survivor nation, have led to the restoration of basic services to the area. However, hundreds of people remain homeless, living in Red Cross shelters set up outside of Joplin, and officials estimate the town might not be fully restored until the fall of 2012.

Joplin leaders have been negotiating with regional and Mexican corporations about establishing presences in the town to add much-needed jobs to the area, not just for those still living in Joplin but to attract the hundreds who have left the area for perceived better conditions in nearby Hannibal, Cape Girardeau, Hot Springs and as far away as Kentucky and north Texas.

July 25th, 2011: Refugees from Fighting in Serbia Arrive: Flag of Hungary (1946-1949, 1956-1957) DEBRECEN, Partium - A small number of refugees arrived in Partian territory today from the south, with more coming sporadically into the night. They speak of attacks on the Hungarian population in northern Serbia.

July 25th, 2011: Announcement by the Japanese Diet Flag of Japan Kyoto, JAPAN - Takahiro Eda, the Prime Minster of Japan, has announced that after many months of discussions in the Diet a new Emperor will take the vacant Chrysanthemum Throne of Japan on the 29th September 2011, 29 years to the day after the previous Emperor, Hirohito (now known as Emperor Shōwa) was officially declared dead. Yoshihisa Nakashima was born in Nagoya on 22nd January 1968 (aged 43) and he is the great grandson of Emperor Komei (1831-1867). The future Emperor Nakashima is married and has two daughters and a son.

July 19th, 2011: Pirinski Trial Opens: Flag of Bulgaria SMOLYAN, Rhodope - The trial of Georgi Pirinski, Jr., former Chairman of the Council of Ministers with the Vidin regime, began today with passionate opening statements by both the prosecutor and Pirinski's Siberian lawyers. Given the mountains of evidence obtained by the Rhodopian government, the trial is expected to take several months.

July 18th, 2011: Last Uprising Crushed; Government Meeting with Vidinites: 30px KRAGUJEVAC, Serbia - Reports out of Serbia today indicate that the last of the uprisings against General Božidar Delić following his seizure of power has been crushed in Northern Vojvodina. The few survivors fled northwards into the Hungarian Wastes.

Also, it has been observed that the leaders of the Vidinites that took refuge in Serbia following the conclusion of the Rhodopian-Vidinite War met with the General today. It is unknown as to what the meeting entailed, but it is believed that it will be announced soon, likely after the trial of Pirinski starts in Smolyan tomorrow.

July 15th, 2011: Announcement of Official Greek-Rhodopian Alliance: 83DD-GFedFlag Flag of Bulgaria SKYROS, Greek Federation - Rumor has had it for several months, since the conclusion of the Second Sicilian War, that the Greek and Rhodopian governments would make their quasi-alliance into an official one. Today, these rumors where confirmed when a surprise press conference was announced at Skyros, where the emperor-designate, the Rhodopian ambassador, and the Speaker of the Greek Parliament all signed a Treaty, to be known as the Treat of Skyros, establishing the alliance. Much of the agreement will take effect immediately, but any concrete defense obligations will only begin on January 1st, 2012.

Rumors have also surfaced that the Crimean, Rhodopian, and Transylvanian consuls in Thrace, along with representatives of the Greek Government, have also been meeting in Thrace the last few weeks. It is unknown at this time as to what it could be for, however.

July 11th, 2011: Title of the Greek Monarch Announced: 83DD-GFedFlag SKYROS, Greek Federation - The Greek government today announced that Bahaa el-Din Ahmed Hussein el-Akkad, monarch designate of the Greek Federation, will be named to the title of emperor. Given the nature of the Federation, Greek politicians thought that this made the most sense, despite any issues it may cause diplomatically, especially with the Sultanate.

July 1st, 2011: Identity of the Future Bride of the Greek Monarch Announced: 83DD-GFedFlag SKYROS, Greek Federation - It was rumored last month that he would marry a daughter of one of the claimants from the former Royal House, so long as she converted too. Today, this proved true when it was announced that Bahaa, as per his request, and under the conditions of the agreement signed by all candidates, would marry Cia-Rosemarie Bernadotte, a daughter of the very man he beat out for the title, Carl Johan Gustaf Vilhelm Count Bernadotte, on the day of his coronation, after they had both converted.

June 2011

June 22nd 2011: Election Results Announced in Essex: FlagOfEssex CHELMSFORD, Essex - Following yesterday's election, Jim Barker-McCardle becomes High Minister, ousting the incumbent Lee Evans. Winning by a margin of as little as 3% of the electorate, Barker-McCardle's victory is controversial but Evans has not contested the vote and congratulated the new High Minister, who will formally assume the position at sundown today.

June 18th 2011: New Cardinals Announced: Coat of arms Holy See VATICAN, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Today, Pope Anthony I announced that nine new cardinals have been appointed. These include the Archbishops of Antananarivo, Brentwood, Chihuahua, Corfu, Macau, and Marquette, the newly-appointed Archbishop of Paderborn, the new Major Archbishop of Ernakulam-Angamaly, head of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, and a new Cardinal-Deacon.

June 18th, 2011: Military Province of Turkmaniston ascended into a viloyat: Flag of the Emirate of Bukhara TÜRKMENABAT, Bukhara - Shukria Raad Alimi, Emir of Bukhara, has today traveled to the city of Türkmeniabat, where she has discussed with the local military and civilian leaders on the matter of the ascension of the military province of Turkmenistan into a civilian province or viloyat. The results were satisfactory to the Türkmenabati populace, with the decision from the Bukharan government to make the Military Province of Turkmenistan a viloyat, renaming it Türkmenabat as well.

June 17th, 2011: Rhodopian Discovery in Former Bulgaria: Flag of Bulgaria SMOLYAN, Rhodope - Rhodopian exploration parties in what was formerly Eastern Bulgaria today came across the town of Smyadovo, at the edge of the area where they had expected to find out if long-held rumors of a state held any truth. The locals claim that, after some sort of catastrophe, they are the only survivors from this state. More will come as the locals are interviewed.

June 16th, 2011: Serbian Coup Condemned:Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) NUKA'ALOFA, Tonga - The League of Nations has officially condemned the coup that occurred yesterday in Serbia, calling it, among other things, "bad precedent," "a sign of things to come in the region," and "another spark for the Balkan Powder-keg." This comes right on the heels of reports from Serbia that would-be rebels are being slaughtered, and that the self-declared President and his forces have indeed managed to seize all of the provincial capitals as well.

June 15th, 2011: Coup in Serbia: 30pxKRAGUJEVAC, Serbia - Today, General Božidar Delić of the Serbian Army led troops into the National Assembly, arresting many of the members and shooting some as well. Similar actions are being reported from the provincial capitals, and both the elected President and Prime Minister are dead. Božidar has declared himself President, and that the time has come to "take back what is rightfully ours." Rebellions have already begun, but with the tacit support of the Serbian military behind the coup, they are likely to be crushed. June 15th 2011: Aftershocks in Christchurch: ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, ANZC - A strong aftershock of magnitude 5.0 hit the city today, causing several buildings damaged further in

June 15th, 2011: Aftershocks in Christchurch: ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, ANZC - A strong aftershock of magnitude 5.0 hit the city today, causing several buildings damaged further in the quake two days ago to collapse.the quake two days ago to collapse.

June 15th, 2011: Status of Puyehue Volcano Eruption: Flag of Chile SANTIAGO, Chile - The Puyehue Volcano, located in Southern Chile, began a new round of eruption on June 4 and since then has forced to the evacuation of some 3500 residents from the nearby areas. Also, the clouds of ash produced by the eruption has caused the disruption of flights in Chile, the United American Republic, Brazil and, recently, in Oceania.

June 13th, 2011: Another Massive Earthquake in Christchurch: ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, ANZC - A shallow Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake, with an epicenter about 13km from the centre of the city and only 6kms deep has again struck Christchurch in the ANZC. Buildings damaged in the previous two large quakes in the last year collapsed, and one person is confirmed dead. Given the significant number of aftershocks from the September quake, another strong quake such as that one is quite likely to occur at some point in the next year.

June 12th, 2011: 2011 Turkish General Election Results: Flag of Turkey KONYA, Turkey - Voters in the Sultanate of Turkey have re-elected the New Turkiye Party (YTP) to a third term in power. Led by their new party leader and now Grand Vizier, Ali Babacan, the YTP plans to push forward with its current agenda. However, there have been growing gains made the opposition as the YTP demonstrates increasingly authoritarian control over Turkish politics.

June 10th, 2011: Nordic Union Expands: Logo of the Nordic UnionSami flagFlag of Veliky NovgorodFlag of Courland (state)Flag of Lithuania STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Nordic Union - On this day, President of the Nordic Union Halldór Ásgrímsson announced the third expansion of the Nordic Union. The Sampi and Novgorod Republics were formally admitted as members, and by their own request, the duchies of Courland and Lithuania were formally admitted as observers, like North Germany was admitted last year. While it is known that these parties have been in negotiations about the matter for quite some time, it is believed that the recent expansion by Siberia in this direction caused things to happen faster than would have been the case otherwise.

June 6th, 2011: 18th GLONASS satellite is launched, third cycle of launches ended:Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) Flag of SAC (DD) The satellite Atacama marks the end of the third cycle of launches of GLONASS satellites. Although the system is working, only scientists of the LoNASO can currently access the network as they want to complete the launches before they make it readily available to the governments of participants in the Authority for Space Operations.

June 4th, 2011: Hint at the Identity of the Woman who will Marry Bahaa: 83DD-GFedFlag SKYROS, Greek Federation - Sources from inside the Federation government today have anonymously released to the media today that Bahaa will be marrying a daughter of one of the claimants descended from the former Greek Royal House, provided one was willing and would convert if needed. Government officials refuse to comment on the matter, however.

May 2011

May 31, 2011: Texas survivor republics overwhelmingly approve constitution: Flag of Texas MIDLAND, West Texas - Voters in seven survivor states across the former U.S. state of Texas overwhelmingly approved a constitution for the nation that would unify them into one entity by 2012.

A majority vote (51 percent or more) was required for full passage of the referendum, which required voters to ask if they approved the constitution of the Republic of Texas. The breakdown is as follows:

  • West Texas 92% yes, 7% no, 1% undecided
  • Eastern Texas 94% yes, 5% no, 1% undecided
  • RGV 96% yes, 2% no, 2% undecided
  • Graham 83% yes, 13% no, 4% undecided
  • Paris 86% yes, 8% no, 6% undecided
  • Borger 67% yes, 11% no, 22% undecided
  • Association of Central Texas 84% yes, 12% no, 4% undecided

The seven states have begun to choose delegates for a constitutional convention at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches in August to approve the new constitution.

May 30th, 2011: 17th GLONASS satellite launched from the Guiana Space Center: Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) Flag of SAC (DD)- The Galapagos was launched today from Guiana today. Scientists report that the system is already starting to work for longer periods of time in most of the world, proving that the launches will be a huge success later on.

May 24th, 2011: 16th GLONASS satellite launched from the ANZC: Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio BRISBANE-ANZC- The satellite Coral Sea was launched today, marking the end of the ANZC part of the third cycle of launches. The Guiana Space Center will resume the launches by the end of the month.

May 21st, 2011: Joplin devastated by massive tornado. Flag of Missouri JOPLIN, MISSOURI - Severe storms rocked the Joplin area on Saturday killing at least 120 people, leaving close to a 1000 injured and an unknown number homeless. More severe weather is expected in the same areas as well as the former states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas over the next few days. President Brad Ellsworth of Kentucky has pledged to help Joplin any way they can and have already deployed search and rescue forces to the Joplin area.

May 17th, 2011: 15th GLONASS satellite launched from the ANZC: Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio BRISBANE, ANZC- The ANZC launched their first satellite of the third cycle of GLONASS launches. The launch of the satellite, named Starlight was deemed a success, with employees from the Woomera Space Center stating that they expected no trouble for the next launch.

May 9th, 2011 : The 14th GLONASS satellite finally launchedFlag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) Flag of the Soviet Union KRASNOYARSK, USSR- The 14th GLONASS satellite, the Потёмкин (Potemkin), was launched today from the USSR, finishing their involvement in the third stage of launches. A spokesperson said that the delay was unfortunate, but that the launches would go on as planned.

9th May, 2011: After effects of the Ur Alba War Flag BerthelierInterceltic Cleveland flag Northumberland flag Isle of Wight Council Flag 83ssr

The death toll for the Ur Alba war was high

  • Ur Alba - 2187
  • Celtic Alliance - 832
  • RCTA - 27
  • Northumbrian Army/Rheged Militia - 34
  • Scottish civilians - 197
  • Southern English Navy - 15

In addition 774 Ur Alba Troops were captured and taken to a POW camp outside Douglas, Isle of Mann.

Directly after the war the Celtic Alliance signed an agreement with Northumbria, Cleveland and Southern England to help set up a democratic government in Scotland. They decide to make the seat of government in Edinburgh.

There has also been a decision that a group of Cleveish, Northumbrian, Celts and Southern English politicians and developers will lead the country until a true democratic Scottish government can be established

After the war the allied nations decided to divide up some of the land that Ur Alba had conquered in the past two years.

  • Celtic Alliance will get the Irish Sea coastline including the towns of Ayr and Dumfries and east to the former A76.
  • Northumbria will get a border with the Celtic Alliance along the southern section of the old A76. It also gets the towns of Lockerbie and Moffat, all land south of the A706 including the towns of Selkirk, Hawick, Melrose, Jedburgh, Kelso, Galashiels, Duns and the port of Eyemouth on the North Sea coast.

8th May, 2011 : Clevelander reaches summit of Everest BASE CAMP IV, MT Everest Cleveland flag Alan Hinkes returns to Base Camp IV after successfully reaching the summit of Mount Everest at just before 11am on the 7th of May 2011. He has severe frostbite to his left hand after loosing his outer glove on the summit while taking photographs, he expects to be returning to the Kingdom of Cleveland by the end of the month.

8th May, 2011: Fall of Ur Alba PEEBLES, Ur Alba Flag BerthelierInterceltic Cleveland flag Northumberland flag Isle of Wight Council Flag / 83ssr During the night roughly 2500 civilians evacuated Peebles with the allied troops giving safe passage to women and children, all men were searched and anyone showing allegiance to the Ur Alba military or the Chamberhouse were taken into custody and taken to a camp near the Northumbrian town of Carlisle.

At 10am the bombardment of the capital city of Peebles begins, the CA air force begins by dropping bombs on the main bridge across the River Tweed in the city centre, effectively cutting the city in half and by destroying Venlaw Castle, the seat of the Chamberhouse. The allied troops begin by firing mortars and heavy artillery into the west and south of the city. Celtic Alliance troops advance quickly from the west across the former Golf club land and with 100 troop moving across the north of the city, taking up position on the high ground above the city. They begin mortaring the city centre.

At 10.30am the Ur Alba troops begin their attack along the Edinburgh Road dividing the troops on the high ground the east from the main CA troops, they then begin the attack on the CA troops on the high ground. However, due to the steepness of the ground and the defending CA troop the Ur Alba troops take heavy casualties and by 11.20am they withdraw back to the city centre.

In the south RCTA and Northumbrian army troops with the assistance of the CA air force attack the south of the city beginning at 11am, the majority of the south falls quickly. However, there are two areas of stiff resistance, one between the destroyed main bridge and the main weir across the river and another near a small footbridge in the west of the city. It takes nearly an hour for the footbridge to fall and another two hours for the main bridge to fall. casualties on both sides are heavy with 150 allied troops and over 200 Ur Alba troops dying and many more being injured. Once the south of the city had fallen to the allies they begin to make their way the footbridge and across the River Tweed at the weir at 12pm, at 12.15pm the footbridge that the allied troops are using explodes killing nearly 50 allied troops, the bridge appeared to have been booby trapped by the Ur Alba troops before they fell.

In the north and west CA troops were slowly advancing across the city heading for the city centre, once they had crossed the main graveyard for the city the fighting became street to street, building to building, bolstered by the RCTA and Northumbrian troops coming across the River Tweed they advance more quickly and they take the 'old town' at 2pm. There are several Ur Alba attacks during the day, mainly they are weak and ineffective. However, at 3.40pm there is a major attack from the east, 300 Ur Alba troops attack down the main High Street, they fight well but the majority of them are killed within the first few minutes of the attack, by 4pm the attack had faltered and the Ur Alba troop withdraw to the far end of the High Street.

By 4.30pm all Ur Alba troops west of a small river known as the Cuddy (otherwise known as the Eddleston Water) have been defeated and only the area north of the Tweed and east of the Cuddy. By 5pm Celtic troops had begun attacking the city from the north along the Edinburgh Road and along the main High Street and a battalion of 300 men from the RCTA have crossed the Tweed to the east of the city and are attacking along the Innerleithen Road back towards the City centre.

At 7pm 500 Ur Alba troops slowly appear on Eastgate waving white flags, they approach the Celtic soldiers and ask to surrender, they carry a hand written letter signed by Chairman Macintire and four other members of the Chamberhouse declaring an unconditional surrender of all Ur Alba military to the allies.

By 8pm all Ur Alba troops have surrendered to the allies, members of the RCTA enter the old Peebles Community Center on Walkers Haugh in the east of the city and find Chairman Macintire, he is dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound alongside him are General MacDonald, the head of the Ur Alba Army and three other unidentified people assumed to be members of the Chamberhouse.

7th May, 2011: Allied troops surround Ur Alba Capital city Flag BerthelierInterceltic Cleveland flag Northumberland flag Isle of Wight Council Flag / 83ssr After the attacks on the town of Dumfries, the allied troops have begun to move towards the Ur Alba capital city of Peebles. The Celtic Alliance has once again given their final warning to the Chamberhouse to unconditionally surrender or face a military attack. There has been no reply.

By 2pm the allied troops had set up positions around Peebles, the Celtic air force drops leaflets over the city telling all civilians to get out of the city overnight as bombardment and attack will occur tomorrow.

Total troops around Peebles are:

  • Celtic Alliance - 2500
  • RCTA - 700
  • Northumbrian Army - 300
  • Rheged Militia - 200

There are an estimated 3000 Ur Alba troops in Peebles itself.

6th May 2011: Second attempt on Mt Everest summit Cleveland flag BASE CAMP IV, MT EVEREST The weather has broken around Mount Everest and is expected to stay fine for the next few days, mountineer Alan Hinkes has said he expects that the attempt will begin before daybreak on the 7th of May.

6th May, 2011: Assault on Dumfries Flag BerthelierInterceltic Cleveland flag Northumberland flag Isle of Wight Council Flag / 83ssr At daybreak the attack began on the Ur Alba town of Dumfries, the resistance from the town was extreamly heavy and the fight continued for the remainder of the day, by 5pm the majority of the town had fell to the allied troops with only a small area on the east bank of the River Cree around the St George's church.

The battle continued until 7pm when approximately 50 Ur Alba troops charged the allied lines, they were shot down before they could reach the forward allied lines, the remaining 60 men inside the church surrendered shortly afterwards and have been transported to the POW camp on the Isle of Mann.

Casualties for the day were very high

  • Celtic Alliance: Dead - 197, injured - 72
  • Northumbrian Army: Dead - 5, injured - 17
  • Rheged Militia: Dead - 7, injured - 22
  • Ur Alba: Dead - 372, injured - 87, captured - 72

May 5th, 2011 : Operation Northern Hammer begins Flag of the Soviet Union KRASNOYARSK, USSR- Siberian officials announced today that USSR forces began the already announced campaign of "northern reunification" with Soviet Karelia. The push will last for about two months, in which time a new territory will be formed and the LoN will officially recognize Siberian claims to the acquired territory.

5th May, 2011 : Last diplomatic alternative fails Flag BerthelierInterceltic Cleveland flag Northumberland flag Isle of Wight Council Flag / 83ssr At 8am the government of the Celtic Alliance contacted the Chamberhouse in Peebles and asked for the Ur Alba military to surrender unconditionally, if that occurs then the allies military will not attack the heavily populated Ur Alba towns of Dumfries, Lockerbie and Peebles.

The Ur Alba chamberhouse has responded at 10am by saying that The people of Ur Alba will never surrender to the imperialistic and hostile invaders that have attack our lands. The Ur Alba people will fight to the last man and the last bullet.

After this message was received by the Celtic Alliance, CA troops moved to surround the town of Dumfries, it was fully surrounded by 6pm and the bombardment began shortly after 7pm, the CA air force has begun to bomb obvious military targets while the CA Navy has begun bombardment of the town centre.

During the day allied troops also surrounded the town of Lockerbie. However, the local civilian population surrendered to the Celtic troops at 5pm rather than be attacked, the civilians had attacked the Ur Alba troops based in the town shortly after the Chamberhouse message.

In the North Sea the SE navy accompanied by the Cleveland battleship HMS Tees has arrived off the Ur Alba coast, they have begun blockading the ports of Eyemouth (Where HMS Tees has been sent), North Berwick and Dunbar.

4th May, 2011: Attacks continue in Ur Alba Flag BerthelierInterceltic Cleveland flag Northumberland flag Isle of Wight Council Flag / 83ssr The Rheged Militia and Northumbrian army took the Ur Alba port town of Annan with very light resistance by 2pm, the Ur Alba army had withdrawn towards the town of Lockerbie before the attack occurred.

In the east the town of Kelso put up a heavier resistance it was only after the 1st brigade of the Green Howards TA broke into the the centre of the town at 2pm that the Ur Alba troops began a strategic withdrawal to the towns of Melrose and Selkirk protecting the road to the Ur Alba capital Peebles, they also retreated from the border town of Coldstream and the towns of Jedburgh and Hawick all three of which have now been taken by the Northumbrian army with the assistance of 2nd brigade of the Green Howards. All forward Northumbrian army and Royal Cleveland Territorial Army troops have taken up station in Galashiels, within one days march of the Ur Alba capital Peebles.

In the west the expected attack on the Ur Alba military town of Newton Stewart began just before daybreak with a sustained bombardment from the Celtic Navy and Air force and mortar and heavy artillery attack from the Celtic infantry the attack was lead from the south from the division based in Creetown as they moved northwards and cut off all the only road to be used as an escape point by the Ur Alba military then at 10am the main attack occurs and after heavy fighting, much of it street to street and even building to building the town was taken by Celtic troops at 5pm, they had suffered heavy losses with 297 Celtic troops killed and another 218 injured, the Ur Alba army suffered much heavier casualties, mainly from the overnight bombardment total killed for the Ur Alba army was 491 dead, 252 injured and 371 captured. the captured Military were taken to the POW camp on the Isle of Mann.

After taking the town 1500 Celtic troops began moving eastwards along the old A712 towards the city of Dumfries. BY nightfall they had reached the Clatteringshaw Loch where they set up base for the night. The troops that had been moving down the Macintire wall have turned east and are heading towards the Ur Alba city of Dumfries

In Cleveland HMS Tees has had her sea trials cut short and has docked in Hartlepool to resupply and receive her final armaments, she is expected to join with the Southern English Navy as the steam northwards toward the Ur Alba North Sea ports tomorrow.

Currently the only towns under Ur Alba control are Dumfries, Lockerbie, which are becoming isolated in the north and Celtic sources believe they will fall in the next two days. Peebles, the capital city, Edinburgh, which only has a small contingent of army, and the ports along the North Sea coast particularly Dunbar, North Berwick and Eyemouth.

Fatalities, injured and captured totals (to the end of the 4th of May) are:

  • Celtic Alliance: Dead - 557, Injured - 320, Captured (MIA) - 1
  • Ur Alba: Dead -1127 , Injured - 391 , Captured (MIA) - 553
  • RCTA: Dead - 1, Injured - 27, Captured - 0
  • Northumbrian Army: Dead - 4, Injured 12, Captured - 0
  • Rheged Militia: Dead - 1, Injured 9, Captured - 0

Total dead - 1690 and injured - 759.

3rd May, 2011: ongoing attacks in the Ur Alba war Flag BerthelierInterceltic 83ssrThe high ground of Drumphail was finally cleared of Ur Alba troop at 11am, the high ground of Knockfell was attacked by Celtic ground forces t daybreak after being bombarded by the Celtic navy all night. Resistance was strong and the land had been heavily mined but Knockfell fall cleared by 6pm with the loss of 129 Celtic troops and 300+ Ur Alba troops, another 121 Ur Alba troops were captured and removed to the POW camp on the Isle of Mann.

With the fall of Knockfell the Celtic troops moved quickly so that by nightfall Celtic troops were within range of the west of Newton Stewart, which had been bombarded all night from the Celtic air force, although there were sporadic mortar attacks from the town the Celtic troops dug in for the night as the mortars were not aimed well and appeared to be being fired blind.

During the early morning the 1500 Celtic troops at Blackshaw came under attack from Ur Alba troops protecting Dumfries, the Celtic troops successfully repulsed four separate attacks during the day with no loss of life on the Celtic side.

In the north Celtic troops continued along the Macintire wall, destroying it as they went, during the day they has sparce, sporadic resistance and suffered no injuries or losses and had reached the abandoned town of Ironmacannie.

Also in the north 3000 men have continued their way southwards along the old A74 when they reached the town of Beattock 2000 men continued along the A74 towards the town of Lockerbie the 1000 others moved down the old A701 towards the north of the town of Dumfries.

Troops moving along the MacDonald wall took heavier fighting particularly where the Galloway Forest reached the east side of the defensive wall, the Celtic Alliance lost nearly 50 men in the fighting but by nightfall the troops had reached the banks of the River Cree, they set up their night base in a large selection of farm buildings just north of Newton Stewart.

During the day 300 more Celtic troops landed at the town of Creetown on the east bank of the mouth of the River Cree, they set up base in the town. It is expected that the Ur Alba military base at Newton Stewart will be attacked in the next few days as the Celtic Alliance now has troop bases at its north, south and west.

Cleveland flag Northumberland flag Also during the day a selection of Rheged Militia, Northumbrian and Cleveland army troops broke across the southern border of Ur Alba with the Rheged Militia and a contingent of Northumbria troops moving towards the lightly defended west Ur Alba town of Annan while in the east a division of the Royal Cleveland Territorial Army and a contingent of Northumbrian Army moved to attack the more heavily defended town of Kelso.

2nd May, 2011: CA - Ur Alba war Flag BerthelierInterceltic 83ssr - During the morning of the 2nd May Celtic Alliance troops begin landing in the newly captured port of Ayr, 1200 troops land and 500 troops begin moving south along the coast towards the MacDonald Wall destroying abandoned Ur Alba military facilities as they travel, by the evening of the 2nd they have reached the town of Given at the north end of the MacDonald wall.

Another 500 men begin traveling along the northern section of the Macintire wall destroying the wall as they went, by nightfall they had reached the ruins of the town of Dalmellington.

Around the port of Stranrear the Celtic troops have begun to push the Ur Alba troops from the high ground overlooking Stranraer, the high ground of Balmurrie, Drumphail and Carscreugh have been cleared or significantly cleared with the Ur Alba troops retreating to the ruined town of Newton Stewart. However, the high ground of Knock Fell and Beneraird has significant numbers of Ur Alba troops heavily dug in.

With the main part of the Ur Alba troops massing in the ruins of Newton Stewart the Celtic air force has begun bombing raids on the military base there.

At 2pm five landing craft land 1500 troops at Blackshaw, south of the Ur Alba city of Dumfries. They set up a base at the mouth of the River Nith.

2nd May, 2011: Kingdoms of Northumbria and Cleveland join the CA/Southern England sideCleveland flag Northumberland flag - After talks with the Government and Military of the Celtic Alliance the Kingdoms of Cleveland and Northumbria have signed an agreement to move into Ur Alba territory to take the towns of Annan in the west and Kelso in the east from the Ur Alba military. This military action will begin on the 3rd May 2011.

2nd May 2011: Clevelander make 1st attempt at Everest summit Cleveland flag MT EVEREST BASE CAMP IV, Alan Hinkes has made hit first attempt on the summit of Mount Everest, he was turned back with 500 feet to go due to heavy weather, he expects the weather to break on the 7th or 8th of May at which point he will make another attempt.

May 1st, 2011: The bulk of USSR forces to return home, KSOR forces move into Nicaragua :CSTO Flag- MANAGUA, Nicaragua- Today, the mission of the Siberian forces operating on the Costa Rica-Nicaragua border was officially given to KSOR forces, while the bulk of the USSR's forces will head home in the following few days. The 15000 strong force will operate under the leadership of Cuban officers, while the USSR will commit a 1000 men as advisers. Siberian leadership has named the move, "an effort to return power to our Caribbean brothers in their own affairs". However, it has been suggested that this move has come at this time as Siberian officials will proceed to repatriate land in the north of the former Soviet Union and need all available forces.

1st May, 2011: Capture of the Ur Alba port of Ayr Flag BerthelierInterceltic 83ssr At daybreak four landing craft land near the Ur Alba port of Ayr, two land at the former Prestwick golf club another two land on the north side of the mouth of the River Doon, in total they land 500 troops, they quickly move to take the port to stop attacks by the Ur Alba Navy.

By 10am the CA troops have taken the south side of the River Ayr and in the north they have moved to with 500 meters of the port itself, the Celtic troops have been helped by a large number of local population who are loyal to the Celtic Alliance.

The Ur Alba troops based in the port are putting up a strong resistance, but as there are only estimated to be 200 Ur Alba men in the port facility.

At approximately 12.30pm the port facility at Ayr falls to the Celtic Alliance, the surviving 129 Ur Alba troops are captured and taken to a facility for prisoners of war on the Isle of Mann.

Fatalities are 37 Celtic troops killed, 58 injured and 116 Ur Alba troops killed, 43 injured, 129 captured.

5000+ Troops have begun moving south and east from Glasgow, quickly taking land from the Ur Alba reserve troops. Rumours around the Celtic Alliance say that there are plans to take Peebles by the end of May.

April 2011

29th-30th April 2011:Bombardment of Stranraer Flag BerthelierInterceltic 83ssrDuring the night of the 29th and into the early morning of the 30th April the Celtic Alliance lands a further 2000 troops on the beaches around Stranraer territory, they also bring more self propelled guns, tanks and other military vehicles.

At daybreak CA military jets begin bombing Ur Alba positions on the high ground to the east of Stranraer, Ur Alba troops defend themselves using anti-aircraft guns and surface to air missiles, two CA jets are shot down during the morning, one pilot is killed and another bails out over unfriendly territory, his condition is currently unknown. Ur Alba troops began the bombardment of the port town of Stranraer at 10am using mobile artillery and mortars. CA troops in the town have returned fire.

At 1pm, five armed fishing vessels of the Ur Alba Navy appear to the north of Stranraer territory, two CA frigates and 1 CA destroyer moved north to intercept them, they attack at long range so that the Ur Alba vessels cannot return fire, three Ur Alba vessels are seriously damaged and one sinks, the surviving vessels retreat to the port of Ayr, two frigates follow them and blockade the port to stop them returning to sea.

29th April 2011: Celtic troops land near Stranraer Flag BerthelierInterceltic 83ssrAt 6am three landing craft land at the former Wigtownshire golf club on the south coast, they carry 500 men from the Celtic Alliance Special Forces, with 5 Abbot self propelled guns. They make their way to Stranraer to bolster the military there.

At 12 noon two CA Frigates begin the bombardment of the high ground where the Ur Alba troops are based, they bombard the high ground for two hours before switching to bombarding the former A75, A710, A711 and A712 roads that run from the Macintire wall through the MacDonald wall to the front line. There plans are to cut off the supply lines to the Ur Alba troops.

28th April, 2011:Attacks continue in Ur Alba - Celtic Alliance war Flag BerthelierInterceltic 83ssr-Reports have begun to arrive in the Chamberhouse that the Celtic Alliance are massing troops,planes, ships and landing craft along the Ulster coastline, particularly the port of Larne which is only 30 miles from the Celtic port of Stranraer.

In response Ur Alba troops have advanced into Celtic Alliance territory and taken up positions on the high ground to the east overlooking the port near the Luce River, they are within mortar range of the port itself.

April 28th, 2011: The USSR confirms they have been amassing troops on western border :Flag of the Soviet UnionKRASNOYARSK, USSR- A Siberian spokesperson officially confirmed that the information presented by the Nordic Union is indeed true and that troops are being prepared for acquisition of former Soviet territory to the northwest. He went on to assure the global community that this was not an act of violence against any single country and that officially recognized LoN states are not the target of this expansion. The primary focus will be to annex Soviet Karelia, after a referendum in the country determined their desire to join the USSR.

April 27th, 2011: Southern England declares war on Ur Alba Isle of Wight Council FlagRYDE, Southern England - The Federal Republic of the Isle of Wight and Sussex has declared war on the nation of Ur Alba. In response to the naval battle off Stranraer, the Republic has declared that it cannot allow an attack on merchant vessels to go unpunished. The Republican Navy has dispatched its main task force to the region with the Flagship RNV Isle of Wright arriving this evening with Republican military leaders on board.

April 27th, 2011: Official declaration of war from Celtic Alliance:Flag BerthelierInterceltic DUBLIN, Celtic Alliance - An official response to the attack on the Celtic Alliance Navy Vessel Wexford:

After the blatant and horrific attack on the CNDF Wexford by the Navy of the nation of Ur Alba, that killed 34 Celtic sailors and injured another 12, an official state of war is declared between the nation of Ur Alba and the Alliance of Celtic Peoples, otherwise known as the Celtic Alliance. Further information will follow

April 27th, 2011: Naval battle off Stranraer territory : Flag BerthelierInterceltic 83ssr OFF STRANRAER TERRITORY, Celtic Alliance - The two armed Celtic merchant vessels leave the Celtic port of Stranraer, they take heavy fire from the Ur Alba Navy. One is rammed by an Ur Alba fishing vessel causing severe damage to the hull of the merchant vessel and some flooding, causing the deaths of men aboard. The Celtic Alliance destroyer CNDF Dublin fires upon the Ur Alba Navy after a stray bullet strikes the bridge. It fires two anti-shipping missiles, one hits one of the armed fishing vessels broadside at the water level, blowing the vessel into two, it sinks within minutes, killing all on board.

In a surprise to the Celtic destroyers, the Ur Alba navy returns fire with their own anti-shipping missiles which were appeared to based on the Exocet missile. Four missiles were launched, one from each remaining vessel. Three miss. However, one strikes the CNDF Wexford between deck one and deck two, roughly midships, it exploded killing 27 men outright and causes a major fire on board. CNFD Dublin fires missiles on the remaining Ur Alba vessels, sinking another one and causing the remainder of Ur Alba fleet to scatter. It then moves in to assist the CNDF Wexford.

It takes all injured and non-essential staff off the CNDF Wexford and sends its own fire crews aboard to assist in the fire fighting. Both vessels retreat to a safe distance under their own power. It takes 5 hours to put the fire out on the CNDF Wexford.

In total 34 Celtic sailors, 7 men on the rammed merchant vessel, and 54 Ur Alba sailors die in the attacks. A further 44 sailors of all nationalities are injured.

April 26th, 2011: Soviet Karelia votes on admission to the USSR; Siberian forces reported to be amassing on their western border : Flag of the Karelo-Finnish SSR Flag of the Soviet Union- WCRB sources have been informed that after the referendum the PSSRR had in early April a vast majority of the populace decided to join the USSR as soon as circumstances allow it. Siberian officials were pleased to hear of this, and were happy to agree to this merging. When asked, however, about the massing troops on the very edge of their border, which was discovered by Nordic Union scout planes, officials neither confirmed or denied the allegation.

April 26th, 2011: Celtic Alliance destroyers take position of the Stranraer coast : Flag BerthelierInterceltic 83ssr OFF STRANRAER TERRITORY, Celtic Alliance. - After attacks by the Ur Alba Navy on Celtic Alliance merchant vessels entering the Celtic port of Stranraer, two Celtic Alliance Destroyers (CNDF Dublin and CNDF Wexford) have taken up station off the coast to assist with the entry and exit of merchant vessels from the port. They have been given orders to only fire when fired upon.

April 24th, 2011: The 13th GLONASS satellite is launched, after facing several difficulties at takeoff:Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) Flag of the Soviet Union The third stage of GLONASS launches began today in the USSR with some difficulties. Siberian officials have revealed that the "Удачливый", or "Lucky", barely made it off the ground as a malfunction in the propulsion system almost put the satellite in jeopardy. In the end though, the satellite reached orbit and it seems that it is intact. The second Siberian launch will be postponed and will take place in two weeks, as experts want to make sure that the incident does not occur again.

21st April, 2011: Southern England condemns Scottish military actions Isle of Wight Council FlagRYDE, Southern England

The Parliament of Southern England today met in Ryde to condemn the Scottish actions against the Celtic Alliance. In an official statement by Peter Brand the Republic's parliament stated that; "Although we recognize that the Scottish government has legitimate concerns involving the Celtic Alliance they should be resolved through diplomatic channels. We cannot condone military action on Scotland's part and while we hope that their is a peaceful solution we will place our naval forces under Celtic command should this solution not be reached."

20th April, 2011: Celtic Alliance response to Ur Alba military action Flag BerthelierIntercelticDUBLIN, Celtic Alliance - In an offical response to the Ur Alba military blockading the Celtic port of Stranraer.

What the Ur Alba government and military are doing around the territory surrounding the Celtic port of Stranraer effectively is an act of premeditated warmongering, if any Ur Alba troops set foot on Celtic land or attack any vessels attempting to enter the port of Stranraer we will class that as a declaration of war on the Celtic Alliance. Any response to this act will be swift and it will be final, this is a warning to the Chariman Macintire, if your military tries to invade we will destroy it before it threatens any Celtic citizens

19th April, 2011: Ur Alba blockading Celtic Alliance territory83ssrPEBBLES, Ur Alba - One of the main military leaders Johnathan MacDonald has announced that 12 divisions of Ur Alba Infantry as well as 3 units of Heavy Cavalry, 3 units of Light Cavalry and 4 units of Special Service Infantry (making a total of 8600 men) have taken up station near the border with the Celtic Alliance territory around the town of Stranraer with the intention of reclaiming the area for the Scottish homeland from the 'Imperialistic Celts' peacefully and with as little disruption to locals as possible.

Chairman Macintire has already sent messengers to the leadership of the town of Stranraer asking for the town and surrounding territories to vote on a referendum on joining Ur Alba and leaving the Celtic Alliance.

In order for the decision of the town of Stranraer to be made more quickly four vessels of the Ur Alba navy have set up station to discourage the Celtic Alliance Navy for interfering in what it believes is effectively a Scottish matter

Celtic Response

An official Celtic Alliance statement has yet to be announced. However, news has been filtering out of the territory of Stranraer. Many people are hoping that if they vote in the referendum not to leave the Celtic Alliance that the military of Ur Alba may back down, but many believe that even if the vote goes that way that the leadership of Ur Alba will not listen and will try to invade. If this happens the majority of the population believe it will be a short battle with Ur Alba severely out-manned and outgunned by the Alliance military.

With the port effectively being blockaded by the Ur Alba Navy many local families are making their way to smaller bays in hopes that they can be evacuated before military action begins.

April 19th, 2011: Cleveland Football Association changes name Cleveland flagMIDDLESBROUGH, Kingdom of Cleveland - The Cleveland Football Association (CFA) has announced that from the beginning of the 2011/12 season, with the inclusion of team from the Kingdom of Northumbria into the football league, that the CFA will become the Albion Football Association or AFA.

April 19, 2011: King Andrew extends North American tour King Andrew I of New Britain, who has been on a tour of North American states with links to the former Commonwealth, has extended his tour. He has spent a long period of time in Victoria, Yukon, Alaska, and both Canadas. He was due to return to New Britain soon, but as word of Yukon considering recognition of his legitimacy to the throne of Yukon, he has extended the tour and has returned to the Yukon.

April 18, 2011: Yukon Territorial Assembly votes to recognize King Andrew of New Britain as King of the Yukon Flag of YukonWHITEHORSE, Yukon - After weeks of debate in the Territorial Assembly on the subject, and especially in light of events occurring in the former United States, today a vote was held on the matter of what to do with the subject of the Crown, in relation to King Andrew. In a vote of 16 to 9, the Assembly passed the measure, officially recognizing King Andrew as King of the Yukon, pending approval from the various communities in the confederation. A special session has been called for on September 9th, in order to finalize the matter before winter.

April 13, 2011: Pro-US demonstrations in Vermont capital take strange twist, after leaders questioned about CRUSA financing and involvementFlag of the Vermont RepublicBURLINGTON, Vermont - Peaceful demonstrations in the Vermont capital of Burlington calling for union with the United States of America successor government took a bizarre twist Wednesday. Twenty-seven members of the Liberty Party gathered in front of President Jim Douglas's residence Wednesday morning, holding signs, singing the Star-Spangled Banner and passing out literature to passers-by. They marched to the Vermont State House, where various members took turns reading the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, before wrapping up with a 5-minute speech calling for all of the American "survivor nations" to reunite as one country "under the Stars and Stripes".

VBS Radio reported that as the group was breaking up, Vermont Bureau of Investigation agents asked to speak with the organizers; one agreed, while three others refused and began walking 'briskly' back to the Liberty Party headquarters eight blocks away from the State House. Those three - two men, one woman - were picked up by VBI officials three blocks down and taken to VBI headquarters for questioning. VBI spokeswoman Katherine Seelings told VBS Radio only that the Liberty Party organizers were 'persons of interest', and had no comment on a report that ran on Vermont News/Talk Radio Wednesday night and a related story to run in the Manchester Union-Leader newspaper Thursday morning.

Union-Leader reporters, speaking to government officials on the condition of anonymity, learned that the Liberty Party organizers were asked about financing and influence by the Committee to Reform The United States of America (CRUSA), and potential actions by the organization aimed at destablizing the Vermont government. President Douglas was not in the capital on Wednesday, as he was on the third day of a week-long trip to Canada and Saguenay; Douglas's press secretary had no comment Wednesday night for CBC reporters who asked him about the demonstration and the allegations.

April 8, 2011 : The USSR anounces the integration of the Ural teritory into the Rusian SFSR and the Kazakh SSR Flag of the Soviet Union Krasnoyarsk.

USSR chairman Aman Tuleyev today anounced the formal integration of the Ural territory into the Russian and Kazakh SSR's. This extends the USSR's territory farther to the west and allows the USSR to plan for its further expansion later in the year.

April 8, 2011 : The USSR pledges support to Japan Flag of the Soviet Union Krasnoyarsk. The USSR extends help to the Japanese government in light of the recent earthquake, tsunami and radioactive leakage. Siberian scientists have been dispatched to assess the damage and Humanitarian aid will begin arriving soon.

April 4, 2011 : The Japanese government makes its first offical response about the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami

In a joint message to the League of Nations, and the governments of the ANZC and the USSR it reads as follows:

The Japanese nation has suffered its worse natural disaster since records began, the disaster that befell the nations east coast has almost surpassed the damage from the 'so called' Doomsday events of 1983.

The great nation of Japan is saddened to report that the earthquake, tsunami and radioactive leaks from nuclear reactors has killed over 275,000 of our people, it is possible that the death toll will never be known. Many towns have been removed from maps, with the remains swept clean.

The Japanese nation cannot rebuild the devastated regions alone, we are asking for international help from friends and allies across the world

March 2011

30th March 2011: Death of Queen of Northumbria Northumberland flag The Witain of Northumbria is saddened to report that last night after evening dinner, Queen Isobel Jane Percy, wife of King George, suffered a suspected massive stroke, although medical care was administered within 30 minutes of her collapse she did not regain conciousness and died shortly after 10pm with her husband King George and youngest child Prince Max at her side. Northumbria has entered an offical one week period of mourning, state funeral details will follow.

March 26, 2011: US President Allard urges co-operation with CRUSA. 83DD - PUSAFlagTORRINGTON, USA. At 7:30 pm local time, US President met with reporters in a rare news conference to announce his support for Dr. John F. Kennedy, Jr., 50, originally of the US state of New York and long-time resident of the ANZC. Kennedy, the chairman of the Committee to Restore the USA, is the son and namesake of one of the most revered presidents of the United States in history - John F. Kennedy - who was slain just three days before his third birthday. Kennedy, a graduate of the University of Delhi Law School who went on to get his doctorate at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, has been active with the CRUSA since its inception in 1995. In supporting Kennedy, though, Allard made it clear that the US government had not intention of "taking over" any former US states against the will of the citizens of those states. He said: "Though the Constitution does not require that we reclaim lost land to the last acre, nor even to grow beyond our present borders, it does give us the mandate to provide a just and equitable existence to Americans everywhere. I look forward to working with Dr. Kennedy in what promises to be an exciting campaign to reconnect with our brothers and sisters from 'sea to shining sea.' "

26th March 2011:Clevelander arrives at 1st base camp of Mount EverestCleveland flag BASE CAMP, MT EVEREST, After delays in Nepal caused by late heavy snows Alan Hinkes has finally arrived in south base camp, his plans are to acclimatise at 5,360m for two weeks before making exploratory climbs on the southeast ridge, he expects that due to the time since the last major expedition to the area he will have to re-pin and re-rope the majority of the ridge, particularly the Khumbu icefall, this is expected to take about a week. After re-rigging from south base camp to base camp I, he will move to base camp I for the re-rigging of the the path from Base camp I (6,065m) to Base Camp IV (7,920m) this is expected to take between two and three weeks.

He expects to arrive in Base camp IV in early May with an attempt on the summit (8,848m) within two days of arrival.

March 16th, 2011: Winner Announced in the Election for the Greek Monarchy: 83DD-GFedFlag SKYROS, Greek Federation - Today it was announced, after two separate recounts of the votes, that by a margin of 3.4%, Bahaa el-Din Ahmed Hussein el-Akkad has eked out a narrow victory over Carl Johan Gustaf Vilhelm Count Bernadotte, 51.7% to 48.3%. As such, Bahaa will be the person crowned by the Federation on October 28th, 2011. It is unknown at this time if he will be crowned as Emperor, or King, however.

March 14th, 2011: Second stage of the Greek Monarch Vote: 83DD-GFedFlag SKYROS, Greek Federation - Voting began early this morning in the second stage of the vote. Bahaa el-Din Ahmed Hussein el-Akkad and Carl Johan Gustaf Vilhelm Count Bernadotte are, as of the latest opinion polls, effectively tied, so the result is anyone's guess.

13th March 2011 : Japanese earthquake upgraded to Magnitude 9 ANZC geologists have upgraded the earthquake that struck of the east coast of the Japanese islands from magnitude 8.9 to magnitude 9 earthquake, making it the fourth largest earthquake ever recorded.

March 12, 2011, 12am GMT: Second earthquake hits off central Japanese coast; LoN pledges aid; minor damage from tsunami-caused waves in MSP, Hawaii: A second, 6.2-6.6 magnitude earthquake with the epicenter off the coast of central Japan was recorded at 4:21 AM March 12 local time (7:21 p.m. March 11 GMT), according to seismologists in the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand and the USSR. The ANZC has pledged aid to the region, even as it struggles to recover from the aftermath of a much weaker earthquake that damaged the city of Christchurch weeks ago. The League of Nations also pledged aid to Japan, as has the USSR, Singapore, Brazil and the United American Republic. Tsunami waves from the earlier quake are expected to reach Chile early Saturday morning local time. On Friday waves as high as seven feet reached Crescent City in the Municipal States of the Pacific, and minor but widespread damage was observed throughout the Hawaiian islands. Similar reports have been received from the Philippines and Taiwan.

March 11, 2011, 5.46am GMT (2.46pm local): Massive earthquake and tsunami reported off the east coast of Japan; waves hitting the Hawaiian Islands, Philippines, Taiwan; North, South American coastlines on alert: Geoscience ANZC in Brisbane, Australia and Hilo, Hawaii announced a tsunami warning for the entire Pacific Coast coastline, due to a massive earthquake with an approximate magnitude of 8.7 to 8.9 on the MMS scale off the coast of eastern Japan. The earthquake began at 2:47 p.m. local time March 10 (5:47 AM GMT) and was monitored by Geoscience ANZC as well as in the USSR. The earthquake would be one of the most powerful recorded quakes in history. The epicenter is believed to be 30 km off the eastern coast of Iwata and Miyagi Prefectures. Information coming out of Japan itself is limited, but local radio is reporting deaths in the hundreds and massive damage along the nation's eastern coastline due to an estimated 10 metre tsunami. Geoscience ANZC's Tsunami Warning Centre in Hilo, Hawaii issued a Tsunami Warning for the entire Pacific Coast coastline from Siberia to Chile. Officials in the Free State of Alaska, Victoria, the Municipal States of the Pacific and Mexico (along the Baja California coastline and other western Mexican states) are evacuating low-lying areas and coastlines at the present time. The tsunami should reach Chile around 2:51am GMT Saturday morning.

11th March 2011, 5.50am GMT: Massive Earthquake and Tsunami reported off the east coast of Japan: The Hawaii Tsunami Warning Centre announces that due to a massive earthquake with an approximate magnitude of 8.7 to 8.9 on the MMS scale off the coast of eastern Japan, a Tsunami warning for entire Pacific Ocean coastline has been declared. More to follow

11th March 2011:Clevelander arrives at Everest Cleveland flag NEPAL, Mountineer Alan Hinkes has arrived in Nepal after a one and a half month journey; he expects to be at the main base camp of Mount Everest by the 24th of March and a first attempt on the summit in mid May.

March 3, 2011, 5:30pm GMT: Announcement of Midland Accords puts Texas Republics one step closer to unification: Flag of Texas MIDLAND, West Texas - The signing of the Midland Accords this morning at the West Texas Capitol Building officially pulls the numerous republics and city-states within the former U.S. state of Texas into a common economic market and military union. It's also one of the key moves seen as critical for merging West Texas; eastern Texas; South Texas; Rio Grande Valley; and approximately 67 city-states, settlements and outposts throughout the former state into a formal political union.

March 2, 2011, 6:30pm GMT: Former Hawaiian Governor Lingle dies at 57Flag of Hawaii HILO - Former Governor Linda Lingle was pronounced dead early Tuesday morning local time following a long battle with skin cancer. Lingle, who governed Hawaii for five years, resigned in 2009 due to her health problems, considered long-term effects of nuclear radiation following the 1983 missile attacks on Hawaii. Lingle's successor, current Governor Angel Pilago, immediately spoke with the press to mourn her passing and praise her achievements, calling her "one of the visionaries behind Hawaii's recovery." A state funeral is planned for Sunday, March 7.

March 1st, 2011: Greeks vote on who should be their Monarch: 83DD-GFedFlag SKYROS, Greek Federation - Today, the two highest placed candidates in the Greek Federation vote on who should be their new monarch, as per the successful referendum of last October, were announced. These two candidates are Bahaa el-Din Ahmed Hussein el-Akkad, of Kemet, with 16.8% of the vote, and Carl Johan Gustaf Vilhelm Count Bernadotte, descended from the old Greek Royal Family, of the Alpine Confederation, with 13.6% of the vote. As a result of neither winning an outright majority, another round of voting will be held on March 14th.

February 2011

February 28th, 2011: Greeks to Vote Today for their Monarch: 83DD-GFedFlag SKYROS, Greek Federation - Voting began early this morning in what is believed will be the first stage of the voting in the Greek Federation for who will be their new monarch.

February 28th, 2011: Demolition of Erie and Buffalo sites complete: 83DD-NiagaraFallsFlag2 NIAGARA FALLS, Niagara Falls: After nearly two months of demolition, the Erie and Buffalo sites have been leveled, except for a handful of buildings. This is proven to be a positive outcome as it gives the local bandits one less outpost to use during the raids on passers-by. Primary radiation treatment for the land is set to begin in mid-March, and end in late July, although some scientists argue this could take much longer or shorter. Regardless of general accuracy on the dissipation of the radiation, the areas of the former suburbs of Erie and Buffalo have been deemed habitable by late 2011.

February 22nd, 2011: Another Massive Earthquake in Christchurch: ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio CHRISTCHURCH, ANZC - A Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake, with an epicenter only 10 km from the centre of the city and only 5 kms deep, has struck Christchurch in the ANZC, which is still recovering from a previous Earthquake only six months previously. At least 65 people are confirmed dead, with the toll expected to rise.

13th February, 2011: Ur Alba expansion: 83ssr PEEBLES, Ur Alba - After the Army of Ur Alba takes unclaimed land to east of its borders, new provinces are announced that will join the Chamberhouse in January 2012. A new border crossing with the Kingdom of Northumbria has been set up in the town of Coldstream. Edinburgh will be reoccupied by the end of February.

February 10th, 2011: Last Racer Finishes the Dehcholi:Flag of the Northwest Territories INUVIK, Northwest Alliance: Today, with a time of 20:3:6:45, the last of the twenty entrants to complete the Delcholi crossed the finish line, Warren Palfrey of the Northwest Alliance, crossed the finish line in Inuvik.

February 2nd, 2011: Dehcholi Winner AnnouncedFlag of the Northwest TerritoriesANZC Alaska Flag INUVIK, Northwest Alliance: With a time of 12:8:45:12, Martin Buser of Alaska, crossed the finish line in Inuvik this evening, winning the competition, his name inscribed on the Haultain Cup, and his ten ounces of gold. Coming in second and third within hours of this was Rick Swenson of Alaska with 12:10:23:23 and Emmitt Peters of Alaska with 12:11:23:53.

February 1st, 2011: Candidates for the Monarch Election Finalized: 83DD-GFedFlag SKYROS, Greek Federation - Nominations closed at 4:00pm EET today for the election on the 28th. A total of twelve people have been nominated, ranging from an entertainer to a businessman, a former Muslim to a Greek Orthodox Bishop, as well as both Despots and several descendants of former Greek Monarchs, such as Andrew I of New Britain and Alexander I of Macedonia. It shall prove to be a very interesting month, as several of the candidates from the Federation, as well as the nominee of the Union of Royalists, Carl Johan Gustaf Vilhelm Count Bernadotte, campaign across the Federation. The other foreign nominees have, while agreeing to run, refused to do even make an appearance at all.

January 2011

January 27th, 2011: Campaign Finished Screen shot 2010-08-16 at 11.01.17 BUKHARA, Emirate of Bukhara: The plan for historic expansion of Bukharan territory has ended today when the annexed territories were annexed as the viloyat of Turkmeni'ston, and the military province of Tajiki'ston, and Turkmeni and Tajik were made official languages.

January 25th, 2011: Peaceful Reunion not Impossible Russian Confederacy flag TREKYAKGRAD, Russian Confederacy: Andrey Tretyak today said in a speech to the Duma that a Peaceful Reunion between the Confederacy and the Socialist Union was not impossible but that it would require major reforms by the Union before it would be accepted by the Confederacies population.

January 25th, 2011: Southern England announces new expansion RYDE, Southern England: The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Southern England has announced that the Federal Republic will try to expand into the rest of Sussex and Hampshire over the next 12 months.

January 24th 2011: End of the United Rheged Co-Operative CARLISLE - Rheged, after talks with several representatives of Townships in the south of Rheged. The townships and their surrounding Parishes cede from the Rheged Co-Operative and form the Westmorland and Furness Alliance. The north of Rheged will continue to use the name of the Rheged Co-Operative.

January 21st, 2011: The Race is on!: Flag of the Northwest Territories FORT PROVIDENCE, Northwest Alliance: As planned, the Delcholi dogsled race started today, at high noon. Twenty-four teams start the race, but who will win? Only time will tell.

January 15th, 2011: Coronation of Queen Zara
Cleveland flag - KINGDOM OF CLEVELAND, The coronation of Queen Zara of Cleveland has taken place in Ripon Cathedral, the former Queen Anne II has now retired from public life.

January 6th, 2011: Referendum results for East Riding of Yorkshire Cleveland flag KINGDOM OF CLEVELAND: At 6pm the results of the referendum in the former East Riding of Yorkshire have been announced.

Of the total population of 12,000 there were 7,298 registered voters, there were 6,988 votes cast in the referendum and the results were as follows:

  • 4,935 votes - Yes to joining the Kingdom of Cleveland.
  • 2,053 votes - No to joining the Kingdom of Cleveland.

January 1st, 2011: Inauguration of the Mediterranean Defense League Fic@acco3 - GAZIANTEP, Sultanate of Turkey: After months of planning and organization, the Mediterranean Defense League is officially launched during a formal ceremony at its headquarters in Gaziantep, Turkey.

January 1st, 2011: New Monarch for the Kingdom of Cleveland Cleveland flag KINGDOM OF CLEVELAND: The planned abdication of Queen Anne II due to ill health occurred at midnight on the 31st December. As of the 1st January the new monarch for Cleveland is Queen Anne II's daughter Zara, taking the throne as Queen Zara. The coronation will happen in January.

January 1, 2011: New Year's Day: Today, people around the world celebrate the start of a new year. Wishes of hope, peace and good fortune for the coming year abound.