The following is a list of headlines from the year 2010 of the post-Doomsday world.

December 2010

December 30, 2010: Cities of Dushanbe and Turkmenabat taken: Screen shot 2010-08-16 at 11.01.17 DUSHANBE, Emirate of Bukhara: Bukharan troops have today arrived upon the ruins of Dushanbe, Tajikistan. A memorial for the dead Central Asian people during the Doomsday strike was done. Similar actions were taken in the (still existing) fluvial port of Turkmenabat.

December 27, 2010: Campaign for Bukharan expansion begins: Screen shot 2010-08-16 at 11.01.17 BUKHARA, Emirate of Bukhara: The plan for historic expansion of Bukharan territory began today when the Emirate sent forces to take over the parts of Turkmenistan scheduled for annexation. Soon, small parts of both territories (in sum, under 200 sq km) are under Bukharan control.

December 25, 2010: Christmas Day: Today, Christmas was celebrated in many parts of the world.

December 23, 2010: Republic of Spain declares joint land offensive: - CARTAGENA, Spain: On Christmas Eve, the provisional government of the Republic of Spain has announced that it will cooperate with several other nation states on the Iberian Peninsula in a land offensive to reclaim land from rogue juntas in central and southern Spain. So far, the Iberian Confederation and the Republica Unida de Castille and Leon have agreed to co-operate, with Euskadi to independently reclaim the rest of the Basque Country.

December 23rd, 2010: The 12th GLONASS satellite successfully launched:Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) Flag of SAC (DD) The second SAC satellite in the second phase of GLONASS launches, the "Conquistador", was successfully launched. This launch officially ends the second round of the project. A banquet was held in Guiana to celebrate the event, and officials from the three main contributors to the project, the SAC, the ANZC and the USSR have all expressed how vital the continuation of this project is to the LoN nations, and the world.

December 22, 2010: New York Restoration Negotiations End: - ITHACA, New York: The unification negotiations end in Ithaca. Both sides agree to unify their nations with the survivor communities in nearby Tioga county. The new nation is called the Republic of New York. They begin plans to absorb adjacent counties into their new nation.

December 22, 2010: New WWF Project Announced: Wwflon ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, ANZC: Today the Head of the WWF, Denise Church, announced that in concert with the Transylvanian and Crimean governments, and with their financial aid, they will begin a project along the Northern Coast of the Black Sea where they will investigate the extent of the environmental damage to the soils there sometime in the fall of 2011.

December 21, 2010, 7:00pm GMT: Ogasawara quake threatens new settlements:
Flag of Hawaii Bonin islands flag HONOLULU: Hawaiian officials confirmed that a 7.4-magnitude earthquake occurred around 150 km east of the Ogasawara islands, a formerly-Japanese island chain that Hawaii administers. A 2-meter tsunami following the quake caused light to moderate damage. Ogasawara's 400 residents received advance warning about the wave from the ANZC station on nearby Marcus Island, so most were able to flee inland. However, the disruption that the quake brings may threaten the still-fragile island colony, re-settled by its original Japanese residents only earlier this year amid heavy international controversy.

December 21, 2010: Erie and Buffalo material salvaging ends: 83DD-NiagaraFallsFlag2 Niagara Falls, United Communities: After a two and a half week period of collecting any valuable objects from the remains of Erie and Buffalo, the zones have been declared off-limits to the recycling projects and scavengers. After the Winter Holidays, the second step of the project will begin, which is demolition of the quarantined areas.

December 21, 2010: Hizb Ut-Tahir Party illegalized: Screen shot 2010-08-16 at 11.01.17 BUKHARA, Emirate of Bukhara: The last remains of MLA influence on the Emirate of Bukhara have been eliminated when, in a constitutional convention in Bukhara, the Hizb Ut-Tahir party was eliminated.

December 21, 2010: Further details on the Delcholi announced: Flag of the Northwest Territories - FORT SMITH, Northwest Alliance: Today, the start date of the race was confirmed as being January 21st, 2011. A prize was also announced: An ounce of gold. It is thought that this will encourage more competitors to enter the race.

December 19, 2010: New President in Venezuela: Flag of Venezuela 1930-2006 - CARACAS, Venezuela: Today a new president was chosen in Venezuela, Maria Corina Machado, who will be the first female president in all of Venezuelan history.

December 15th, 2010: The 11th GLONASS satellite successfully launched:Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) Flag of SAC (DD) The first SAC satellite in the second phase of GLONASS launches, the "El Redentor", was successfully launched. The next launch will happen on the 23rd, completing the second round of launches.

December 8th, 2010: The 10th GLONASS satellite successfully launched:Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio The second ANZC satellite in the second phase of GLONASS launches, the "Kakadu", was successfully launched. The next launch will happen in Guiana on the 15th.

December 8, 2010: New Flag Announced in Waldeck-Hesse: Waldeckflag AROLSEN, Waldeck-Hesse: Today the Landgrave announced that from today onwards, a version of the previously unofficial "Cockade Flag" will be the new flag of the Landgraviate, due to its "republican" taint.

December 7, 2010: Ellsworth declared winner in Kentucky's Presidential Election: Flag of Kentucky Kentucky - Democrat turned Republican Brad Ellsworth, the mayor of Evansville has beaten moderate Democratic Senator Ben Chandler after the runoff on the 23rd of November. Chandler conceded late Monday night and spoke with Ellsworth via telephone to offer his congratulations. Ellsworth will be sworn in as soon as the results are officially certified.

December 3rd, 2010: United Communities unveils new branch: Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls: On December 3rd, the Assembly of the United Communities unveiled the creation of a new branch, which will be called the Reconstruction and Re-inhabitation Authority, which will aim towards reconstructing abandoned and destroyed cities by using methods to help dissipate radiation at a faster pace. The first re-inhabitation project are to be aimed at Buffalo, New York, and Erie, North Pennsylvania, the two of which are on a re-inhabitation date of 2015 and are set to begin in March.

December 1st, 2010: The 9th GLONASS satellite successfully launched:Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio The first ANZC satellite in the second phase of GLONASS launches, the "Dingo", was successfully launched. The second ANZC satellite will be launched next Wednesday.

November 2010

November 26th, 2010: Kurdistan announces the completion of their new capital city: Flag of Kurdistan Vans, Kurdistan A massive five-year construction project, the new Kurdish capital city of Serbajar Teze, built upon the ruins of Diyarbakır, is finally complete. The Kurdish government will immediately begin their relocation from the current capital of Vans to Serbajar Teze. Along with the government, many Kurdish businesses are building new headquarters in Serbajar Teze, which will provide a rapid boost to the local economy.

November 25th, 2010: Thanksgiving Day Festival: Plymouthflag Throughout the world Americans and other people are celebrating Thanksgiving Day. However, Plymouth, Massachusetts, which was the town in which Thanksgiving first happened, has thrown a celebration for this Thanksgiving, which will continue now until Saturday. Local businessmen associated with the festival are expecting a turnout of over 100,000 people from throughout Plymouth and the Outer Lands by the end of the festival. So far, the results have been positive.

November 25th, 2010: "Increasing number of Siberian citizens heading for the Primorskaya Territory", say officials: Flag of the Soviet Union The SSNN stated earlier today that the number of people living in the territory has tripled since March of this year. Heavy government incentives are given to any and all citizens willing to come there, as well as numerous job opportunities, as infrastructure and industry is being rebuilt.

November 24th, 2010: Change of Monarch in Kingdom of Cleveland Cleveland flag It was announced that due to her ongoing problems associated with her injuries received in April, Queen Anne II will step down from the throne of the Kingdom of Cleveland on the 31st December 2010, at that point Princess Regent Zara will accend to the throne as Queen Zara, her coronation date has been set at 15th January 2011.

November 24th, 2010: 8th GLONASS satellite launched from the USSR:Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) Flag of the Soviet Union The Siberian branch of LoNASO, with help from the USSR's space agency, has once again launched another satellite into orbit, called Быстрая Стрелка (Fast Arrow). The Siberian part of the second phase of GLONASS launches is over, the next launch will commence in one week from the CANZ.

November 21, 2010: Battle of Termez won by royalists: Bukharan Civil War ends
Screen shot 2010-08-16 at 11.01.17 BUKHARA, Emirate of Bukhara - Today, the Battle of Termez has been won by royalist forces: The Bukharan Civil War has ended. The MLA terrorists and militants are expelled from the last third of Bukhara. Shukria Raad Alimi has also declared the plans for expansion into the no man's land of west Tajikistan (the first three regions of the former Tajik SSR are to be annexed) and north Turkmenistan (the Turkmen territory up until the Amu Darya river will be annexed too), which is scheduled to start by December 26, 2010.

November 17th, 2010:New Britain launches new campaign: RhoflagPort Elizabeth, NEW BRITAIN - Today, the Imperialist government launched a new offensive with the objective of seizing control of land to its west, in order to forge a land border with its ally the RZA. The New British government has been put under a lot of criticism in recent years regarding its expansionist tendencies.

November 17th, 2010:The 7th GLONASS satellite successfully launched:Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) Flag of the Soviet Union The second phase of the LONASO's GLONASS operation commenced today as the Worker's Pride (Гордость Рабочего) was launched from the Vostochny Cosmodrome earlier today. The next launch will commence in one week, again out of the USSR.

November 15th, 2010: Announcement about the Identity of the Monarch: 83DD-GFedFlag SKYROS, Greek Federation - After much debate, it has been decided that there will be another vote, this time between candidates for the throne. Candidates will be nominated by each political party with representation, along with each of the states and territories of the Federation. Unless a majority is held by a candidate in the first ballot, another will take place two weeks later. The first ballot has been scheduled for February 28th, 2011, with nominations being accepted no later than February 1st.

November 4, 2010: The siege of Bukhara is finished
Screen shot 2010-08-16 at 11.01.17 BUKHARA, Emirate of Bukhara - After a mere four days, the Siege of Bukhara has ended in a royalist victory. In the south, the de facto Muslim Liberation Army-controlled territory continues to resist, headquartered in the ruins of the city of Termez.

November 10, 2010: Emir of Bukhara flees to MLA territory, Siege of Bukhara begins

Screen shot 2010-08-16 at 11.01.17 BUKHARA, Emirate of Bukhara - The royalist army of the Emirate of Bukhara, led by historical Emir of Bukhara Shukria Raad Alimi, arrive onto Bukhara, where they will prepare for a long siege. Reports indicate that the MLA-appointed Emir has run away to the former Afghanistan, into Muslim Liberation Army-controlled territory.

November 7, 2010: Ellsworth and Chandler Headed for Runoff in Kentucky's Presidential Election

Flag of Kentucky Kentucky - Four days after Kentucky's general elections the Republicans have captured the House of Representatives and retained control of the Senate but the Presidential results are very much up in the air. Democrat turned Republican Brad Ellsworth, the mayor of Evansville and moderate Democratic Senator Ben Chandler are headed for a runoff scheduled for the 23rd of November. Local media estimates that Ellsworth captured 34% of the vote to Chandler's 32% with the remaining 34% divided between Democratic House Majority Leader Rocky Adkins, outgoing Secretary of Treasury Todd Hollenbach an independent and other minor candidates.

November 5, 2010: Former Confederate states ask to join East American Alliance
GREENBRIER, Virginia - Five survivor nation-states located in the southeastern former United States that were once part of a Confederate States of America revival have asked to join the East American Alliance by 2011, sources told League of Nations radio. The governors of the former C.S. states of Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee reportedly met with Virginia President-General Michael Sumrall, Kentucky President Jim Bunning and other East American Alliance leaders at the Alliance's Greenbrier Hotel headquarters on Friday. The main topic of discussion was formal membership in the Alliance by April, 2011 at the latest. Since the Confederate States dissolved in the late 1990s, the individual states have worked together in informal economic and political alliances, and there have been discussions among them regarding their next collective major move. The Virginian Post will report in its November 7 edition that the Alliance hopes to bring the former Confederate states into the fold, followed by the five nations - Blue Ridge, East Tennessee, Georgia, Neonotia and Piedmont - of the Alliance of Appalachian States, and perhaps Florida, Toledo and North Pennsylvania.

November 5, 2010: Terrorist attack in New Scottish State
83ssr NEW SCOTTISH STATE - a major explosion was reported in central Peebles at just after 2pm local time, at 3pm a group calling themselves 'Freedom for Scotland' claimed responsibility.

Military officials believe up to 1500 lbs of ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate/Fuel Oil) explosives were placed into the basement of a neighboring Public House. The explosion totally demolished the Public House as well as three quarters of the Chamber building, where the chamber was in session. As of 7pm the death toll stands at ten, including five members (or more than half) of the Chamber.

November 4, 2010: Siege of Samarkand ends
Screen shot 2010-08-16 at 11.01.17 SAMARKAND, Emirate of Bukhara - The royalist army of the Emirate of Bukhara, led by claimant to the throne Shukria Raad Alimi, arrive on Samarkand. Shukria Raad Alimi is proclaimed Emir of Bukhara there, although the MLA-backed Emir has not yet surrendered.

October 2010

October 30, 2010: Russian Confederacy declares support for Bukhara Royalists
Russian Confederacy flag TRATYAKGRAD - The largest non Socialist Russian survivor state, the Russian Confederacy has declared its support for the Royalist cause in the Emirate of Bukhara. Andrey Tretyak, current Durma leader stated that "The Russian Confederacy has long supported the cause of the moderate royalists in Bukhara and we hope that their example will inspire other oppressed majorities to rise up against their oppressors, socialist or otherwise"

October 27, 2010: Protesters in Panama demand self-government
Flag of SAC (DD) PANAMÁ CITY - Hundreds of protesters staged demonstrations in the capital of the Panama Canal Zone demanding a say in their own government. The protests, estimated to be the largest since the canal was reopened, began early Thursday morning and appeared ready to continue throughout the day. The South American-sponsored Canal Zone Governing Commission (GCZC) has ruled the strategic Central American without citizen participation since its establishment; its vote in April not to pursue local self-government sparked a growing political movement for autonomy. Officials in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, the CGZC's permanent members, have alleged that temporary members Brazil and Peru have backed the movement as a power play against the original builder nations.

October 26, 2010: Tsunami strikes Sumatra, hundreds missing
Flag of Aceh BANDA ACEH - Around a hundred people are reported dead with hundreds more missing after a tsunami struck the Mentawai Islands, part of Acehnese-controlled Sumatra, late Monday. The islands lie very close to the cease-fire line between Acehnese and Indonesian forces, and the heavy military and naval presence in the area actually helped both countries to begin rescue operations quickly. However, the situation remains tense as Aceh has been unwilling to allow Indonesian vessels or workers too far over the line. Currently Cocos Island ships are acting as neutral carriers, but a WCRB rescue squadron is expected to arrive before dawn to take charge of operations. A number of villages are reported to have sustained heavy damage, with many houses flattened or washed away. The earthquake behind the tsunami has been measured at a 7.5 magnitude.

October 26, 2010: Royalists lay siege to Samarkand: Screen shot 2010-08-16 at 11.01.17 SAMARKAND, Emirate of Bukhara - The royalist army has laid siege to the city of Samarkand, which is the first city not to surrender to the royalists during the war. Morale within the pro-Muslim side of the Emirate starts to collapse.

October 25th, 2010: Referendum Passes: 83DD-GFedFlag SKYROS, Greek Federation - With all of the votes counted more than once, the question of whether or not the Federation should be a monarchy has come down with seven of eleven federation members approving the measure, as well as 56.45 percent of the population. Discussions have already begun on who it will be.

October 22, 2010: Royalists occupy Jizzakh, Communist army in Bukhara disbanded: Screen shot 2010-08-16 at 11.01.17 - This morning, the Jizzakh soldiers on the Emirate of Bukhara have surrendered without a fight, and Jizzakh has been occupied. Later in the morning, the Communist army was defeated and disbanded on a large battle near Bukhara itself.

October 22, 2010: Turkish religious leaders visit neighboring nations. Flag of Turkey Ali Bardakoğlu, President of the Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı, along with other Turkish religious leaders begin their five-nation to kick off a planned series of cultural exchanges between Turkey and other countries in the region. The first stop is New Erzurum, followed by the Republic of Greater Patnos, Azeribaijan, Al Jazeera, and Bosnia.

October 22, 2010. The Rias Baixas League has been defeated. Flag of Portugal 1983Doomsday30px-Glicia ONS, Galicia - This morning the Vigo authorities agreed to surrender to the combined forces Galician-Portuguese. This is therefore the demise of the League of Rias Baixas and the integration of its territory between Galicia and Portugal. During the past week have been heavy fighting around Marin, Rande Bridge and the banks of the Minho, but after the capture of the Rande Bridge last Wednesday's chances of survival of the League were slim, and an estimated surrender would be a matter of few days. Not yet know the total number of casualties that has caused the conflict. On behalf of the Galician army have been over 180, by the Portuguese 39, by the losing side so far have 251 but they are certainly more.

October 22nd, 2010: Greek Monarchy Referendum: 83DD-GFedFlag SKYROS, Greek Federation - Today, the citizens of the Greek Federation will vote on the question of a monarchy - should they have one, or not? Opinion polling in recent days shows that a majority do. To pass, it needs to be approved by a majority of the Federation members and the population overall must approve the measure.

October 17, 2010. Royalists take over Guliston. Screen shot 2010-08-16 at 11.01.17 GULISTON, Emirate of Bukhara - the vague Bukharan reports are confirmed true as a royalist army, led by Shukria Raad Alimi, the historical heir to the throne, takes over Guliston with hardly a fight. The Emir of Bukhara proclaims that the Bukharan Civil War has started.

October 14, 2010. Late advances in Galician-Portuguese offensive. Flag of Portugal 1983Doomsday30px-GaliciaONS, Galicia - According to information received this morning seems to confirm that the Galician army conquered in the late afternoon of yesterday the city of Pontevedra, completing the occupation of the peninsula of Morrazo, where only the former naval base of Marín and the head of Rande bridge resist to Galician offensive. For its part, the Portuguese forces spokesman, Colonel Nunho Guimaraes reported yesterday the practice completion of the objectives in the campaign, with the occupation of all the south bank of the Minho valley, except the city of Valença. After the latest achievements is a matter of days the capitulation of the League of Rias Baixas that dominated the area, while resistance can be expected to be strong until the end.

October 10, 2010: Europa Games conclude in Berlin: Flag of Prussia (1892-1918)Flag BerthelierIntercelticBERLIN, Prussia - Today the First Europa Games concluded in Berlin, Prussia. The Celtic Alliance were the overall winners.

October 7, 2010. Galician and Portuguese Advances in operation "Crab." Flag of Portugal 1983Doomsday30px-GaliciaGalician army spokesman, Suso Carballal informed this morning of the conquest of populations of Cangas and Bueu, located in the peninsula of Morrazo, the casualties is 22 soldiers and eight civilians and 33 others injured in varying degrees and other 15 civilian injured, mostly from the unsuccessful in landing attempt in Marin, at moment ignore the low the other side. The city of Pontevedra now being besieged by the Galician troops. Meanwhile, the Portuguese arrived in the morning yesterday at the vicinity of Tui and Valença do Minho where they met with strong resistance. It is expected the early appearance of the Portuguese spokesman for the campaign report.

October 5, 2010. Portugal and Galicia undertake a military offensive in the northwest Spanish. Flag of Portugal 1983Doomsday 30px-GaliciaAt dawn today Galician troops advance toward Pontevedra, Tuy, Cangas do Morrazo and the former Spanish naval base in Marin. At the same time Portuguese troops have landed this morning in Caminha and Viana do Castelo and now back in the river Miño. Meanwhile Galician and Portuguese vessels block the entrance of the Ria de Vigo. Rumors say that there have been clashes near Bueu and Marin as well as on the banks of the Miño. Commander Suso Carballal, the Galician army spokesman reported from Galician-Portuguese headquarters installed on the island of Ons that the operation is being developed according to the plans without notable incidents that have affected the performance of the same, however, has not offered a part of casualties. The operation known as "centolla" (spider crab) is the practical form of Funchal agreements of 2009 that established between Galicia and Portugal the limits of its territorial expansion in future in the same boundaries that in 1983 separating Spain from Portugal. For Galicia is the practice completion of its expansion (after which only small areas would be incorporated in the interior). For Portugal, covers the occupation of a stable settlement on the continent, protected by an allied State, precisely in the territory's most populous and least polluted of the old Portuguese area where they have preserved some remains of municipal organization. For both countries the success of the operation is an affirmation of his position to oppose the recent successes of the Spanish Republic in its reappearance in the peninsular area.

So far, the territories where the operation was put together in an informal association of municipalities (the "Liga das Rías Baixas"), not recognized by the international community and an economy largely oriented towards piracy and smuggling.

October 3, 2010: Royal Visit to Cleveland over Cleveland flag The Royal Visit of King Andrew or New Britain to his sisters Kingdom of Cleveland is over, he leaves Hartlepool at 1pm local time. He has been made Prince Michael of York's godfather, opened a new rail line in Harrogate and jointly unveiled a Doomsday memorial with Princess Regent Zara at Ripon Cathedral.

October 1, 2010: Royal Visit to Cleveland Cleveland flag Royal Visit of King Andrew of New Britain to the Kingdom of Cleveland begins as he arrives in the port of Hartlepool to rapturous welcome by the Cleveland population, he is due to meet his sister Queen Anne II later in the day.

October 1, 2010: Europa Games begin in Berlin: Flag of Prussia (1892-1918)BERLIN, Prussia - The first Europa Games opened in Berlin. Thirty four countries participated in the opening ceremonies in the Olympiastadion. Fifty nine events will be contested for the games, which are scheduled to close on 10th October.

October 1, 2010: San Marino sides with Slovenia over land grabs: Flag of San MarinoRAB, Croatia - Aleandro di Bartoccino visited the island of Rab, which Saint Marinus left to create San Marino. Aleandro visted historical sites with Sloveniain and Croatian leaders. During the hearing, Aleandro di Baroccino stated that " The Cattolica attacks have caused distrust in my nation, with Slovenia and Croatia behind us, we know we shall not fail in the fight against the Mafia state of Sicily." he also noted that he agreed that the land grabs of Slovenia's and Croatia's coast lines should of never happened, and fully supports the revision to Slovenia and Coratia.

October 1, 2010: East British government aim for population increase: Flag of Great Britain (1707-1800) BOURNE, East Britain - The East British coalition government eager to settle Lincolnshire has brought in a controversial new civil decoration. The Order of Avalon is awarded to parents who have four or more children. There are four classes of the order, with Fourth Class being awarded to parents with four children, Third Class to parents with five children, Second Class to parents with six children and First Class to parents with seven children. Parents who receive the award also receive financial support from the government. It is hoped that this combined with the treaty with Virginia and the opening up of immigration controls will accelerate population growth and hence accelerate settlement of Lincolnshire.

September 2010

September 30, 2010: Talks conclude in West Poland: POZNAŃ, West Poland - King Georg concluded the first round of negotiations with the West Polish government today, normalizing relations and laying ground for closer relations in the future. While open foreign investment could not be agreed upon in the special economic zones of West Poland, an agreement on limited foreign presence was reached. King Georg will now return to Berlin for the Europa games and continue his diplomatic tour south once the games conclude.

September 30, 2010: IHO issue Ebola warning to African states: 800px-Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) LAGOS, NIGERIA - After a sudden jump in death rates in the western part of Africa due to Ebola related deaths, the African Regional leader, Lukas Braun has issued a formal report to the IHO headquarters to issue a high alert for African Nations in the following: Cameroon, Gabon, Cabinda, and all the members of the West African Union.

September 29, 2010: King Andrew ends tour of OBN: 83orgbritnatflag Rhoflag WOODBRIDGE, Woodbridge - The King of New Britain officially ended his royal visit of the Organisation of British Nations today with a speech to the OBN's Council of Nations. He praised the 'valiance of our cousins who, abandoned to their fate, refused to surrender' and 'have already begun the road to rebuilding civilization in our homeland'. After the speech he appeared on the balcony to OBN's meeting hall, where he was met with a parade of elite Essex troops, the East British Royal Guardsmen, and a flypast of the entire Woodbridge air fleet. King Andrew then departed to Lowestoft to take one of Woodbridge's freighters to the Kingdom of Cleveland, to greet his sister Queen Anne. Meanwhile, the heads of the OBN states rushed to the EAS Cavalier to transport them across the North Sea to the opening ceremony of the Europa Games.

September 25, 2010: Virginia and East Britain make a historical agreement:Flag of Great Britain (1707-1800) 83DD-virginiaflag4 BOURNE, East Britain - Today a historical agreement was made between the Republic of Virginia and the Kingdom of East Britain. Since the Virginian port of Hopewell has opened the Virginians have established relations with various nations. Since late 2009, the Virginians have had an ambassador to the nation of East Britain, one Colonel Augustus Autumn. This made the Virginian Republic the first non-English state to officially recognize East Britain. Since then, East British politicians and the staff of the Virginian Embassy in East Britain have been in deep conversation. East Britain's military is astonishingly primitive when compared to the Virginians and their population is very low. Taking this into account, as well as the lack of industry in the rural nation, the Virginians have made a ground breaking decision. As of the 1st of October, select groups of Virginian soldiers will be sent to East Britain, along with their families, to fulfill a number of purposes. First they will help to train and improve the East British Royal Guardsmen. Second when their tour of duty ends, they will stay in East Britain and boost the meagre population. It has been hailed as a huge step forward in international relations.

September 25, 2010/September 26, 2010: Doomsday commemorated around the world: TONGA - From the headquarters of the League of Nations in Tonga, to the various nations that have developed throughout the former United States and Soviet Union and in Europe, to areas like South America that largely escaped nuclear destruction of its cities and people, the event known as Doomsday was commemorated in various ceremonies around the world on Sept. 25 in the Western Hemisphere and Sept. 26 in the Eastern Hemisphere.

September 20, 2010: Vermont extends formal recognition to Keene: MONTPELIER, Vermont - The Republic of Vermont formally extended recognition to the fledgling Republic of Keene today, ending years of speculation of how Vermont would ultimately deal with the libertarian city-state founded by former Vermonters several years ago. President Jim Douglas signed papers formally recognizing Keene at 8:48 AM Eastern Daylight Time. In a press conference outside his office in Montpelier, where he was asked mostly about his upcoming second debate with Presidential opponent Matt Dunne, Douglas said Vermont recognizes Keene's independence and hopes to establish peaceful relations with it and other nearby city-states, including engineers to help connect them to the New England power grid currently being expanded. Keene is located in the upper portion of former New York state, near Lake Champlain on the northwestern Vermont border.

September 17, 2010: King Georg I arrives in West Poland: Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) Flag of Poland (with coat of arms) POZNAŃ, West Poland - King Georg I continues his diplomatic tour arriving in Poznań today. This is a major stop in the tour as relations between the two nations have been negative ever since the war. It is hoped that the West Polish government will allow an exchange of ambassadors, as well as opening up the Special Economic Zones in West Poland for foreign investment. This would benefit the West Polish economy as well as Prussian business ventures.

September 16, 2010: Former APA President Bush meets with US President Allard Flag of the United States ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio: JERVIS BAY, ANZC: After two months of touring surviving states of the former United States, US President Wayne Allard arrived in Jervis Bay earlier this week and will be meeting with former president George H.W. Bush. Informed sources say Allard will claim that the present states going by the name "United States of America" are the legitimate successor of the nation whose government supposedly dissolved 15 years before. Speculation abounds as to the evidence for such a claim. Though neither Bush nor Allard could be reached for comment, sources say that the government of the "Provisional USA" has known since 2005 that arrangements had been made in 1984 to assure the continuation of the nation on the North American continent. Experts are divided as to the international implications of this disclosure.

September 16, 2010: Arrival of King Andrew re-ignites monarchy question Isle of Wight Council Flag RYDE, SOUTHERN ENGLAND - With the upswing of Patriotism resulting from King Andrews visit to Britain, the old monarchy question has become re-ignited. Even some prominent republicans have spoken out in favour of re-instating the monarchy. The Southern England government is set to debate on whether to send a delegation to New Britain today.

September 15, 2010: King Georg I arrives in East Poland: Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) Poland Flag BIALYSTOK, East Poland - King Georg made the latest stop in his diplomatic tour today, arriving in the Commonwealth of East Poland. Similarly to Belarus, this visit is again to improve relations and establish a permanent embassy in the nation.

September 14, 2010: King Andrew I arrives in homeland: 83orgbritnatflag Rhoflag RYDE, SOUTHERN ENGLAND - The monarch of New Britain has returned for the first time in over twenty five years to his home nation. Arriving on a New British ship a few hours behind schedule, King Andrew alighted upon the soil of Southern England to rapturous applause and a sea of waving Union Flags. It is the first step of a half-month journey throughout the territory of the OBN; tomorrow the King plans to visit Chichester Cathedral, recently captured by Southern England, and then travel via hovercraft to Southend in Essex, the largest nation of the OBN.

September 11, 2010: King Georg I arrives in Belarus:Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) Belarus Flag with COA BABRUYSK, Belarus - The Prussian King continued his diplomatic tour today, landing in Bebruysk, the capital of the Federal Democratic Republic of Belarus. The purpose of this visit is to improve relations and to establish a permanent embassy in the nation.

September 10, 2010: Omega Level Comics To Acquire Island Films, Open Animation Studio: Victoriaflag COMOX VALLEY, Victoria - Omega Level Comics announced today that a deal has been reached to acquire Nanaimo film studio Island Films. President and CEO Kevin Davies issued a statement. "We believe the era of film is returning and with the initial success of the recent expansion of our publishing operations into international markets, we have the framework to begin distribution of films to these markets as well. Island Films has had great success in the Victorian market and we believe that their expertise and our storytelling will result in exciting new developments in world of cinema. We will also be establishing an animation division to take advantage of what we feel is a medium for storytelling that has been neglected since Doomsday." In response to the acquisition the company will be restructured. Omega Level Entertainment will be established as the parent company, with three subsidiaries: Omega Level Comics, Omega Level Studios, and Pacific Distributors.

September 6, 2010: Prussia makes headway with Nordic Union: Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) Flag of Denmark ÅRHUS, DENMARK - King Georg and Nordic Union Leaders came away from talks today pleased. Due to improvements in the living conditions in Pomerania in recent years, reports of oppression in West Poland, and King Georg's much more receptive attitude, the Nordic Union today agreed to recognize the Kingdom of Prussia. This marks a major milestone in Prussian-Nordic relations as well as for Prussia in the international community, as Nordic recognition removes the last roadblock to League of Nations membership for Prussia. Prussian diplomats will remain in Århus to negotiate the opening of trade relations and the establishment of embassies while King Georg continues his diplomatic tour.

September 4, 2010: Massive earthquake strikes ANZC: ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio CHRISTCHURCH, ANZC - A Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake has severely damaged the ANZC city of Christchurch. Though no fatalities have been reported at this time, much of the city's infrastructure has been destroyed or damaged.

September 1, 2010: OBN Welcomes Newest Member: 83orgbritnatflag WOODBRIDGE, WOODBRIDGE - Simon Burns, Chairman of the Organisation of British Nations, formally welcomed Southern England into its fray, amidst much celebration in the home country, which becomes the fourth member and the first to join since its founding in 2008.

August 2010

August 31, 2010: Southern England Referendum Results Published:Isle of Wight Council Flag RYDE, Southern England - The results from the Referendum on joining the OBN have been published by the Republican Electoral Commission, the Results are in favor of Southern England joining and an application has been sent off to the OBN.

August 31, 2010: Preliminary North German Talks Positive: Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) NorthGermanFlagHUSUM, North Germany - As King Georg left for Denmark today he reportedly expressed enthusiasm for the talks with the North German government. The negotiations were turned over to senior diplomats as the King had to leave to keep his scheduled meeting with Danish leadership. A spokesman claimed that talks were going extremely well, and he hopes that the cold reaction Prussia has had from foreign governments was due to his father's admittedly belligerent foreign policy and that leaders will be more receptive to new leadership.

August 27, 2010 8:00 P.M. Local time: Elections in Chumash show John Laird as clear winner for president: Untiled- The Chumash Republic closed its elective polls today to show that LCP candidate John Laird has won the election by 75%, while the winner for Prime Minister was CCP candidate Sam Blakeslee. The election was held after incumbent Vincent Armenta announced he would not run for another term in February, thus leaving the position available for anyone to fill.

August 27, 2010: East British Chancellor condemns Celts: Flag of Great Britain (1707-1800)Flag BerthelierInterceltic BOURNE, East Britain - The East British Chancellor, Nicholas Boles made a potentially inflammatory statement today. He declared that East Britain and their fellows in the Organisation of British Nations are the only true successors to the United Kingdom, saying the the Celts were 'mere Irish Imperialists' and that 'the fact a few SNP traitors agreed with them, doesn't give them legitimacy'. He also stated that although New Britain had the legitimate governance, its shear distance and cultural differences had altered it to such an extent, it could no longer claim to be a successor to the United Kingdom. The Chancellor reiterated that he meant no offence to New Britain but went on to further condemn the Celtic Alliance, stating that any attempt to interfere with any independent British state would be harshly condemned. The Celtic Alliance is yet to reply.

August 25, 2010: King Georg I of Prussia arrives in Husum: Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) NorthGermanFlagHUSUM, North Germany - The Prussian King arrived in Husum early this morning to begin talks with the North German chancellor aimed at improving relations. On the agenda is settling an official border between the states, opening up trade, and joint military operations to put down raiders and protect main overland trade routes.

August 24, 2010: New Republicans Win in Toledo: File-Toledo 5 TOLEDO, TOLEDO CONFEDERATION - After several days of recounts, New Republican nominee Micheal R. Turner has been declared winner of the very close Toledan Presidential Election, defeating former President Micheal Bell. Liberal nominee, Kristana Keaneally has issued congratulations to the newly elected President for destroying the Democratic monopoly on the federal government. Although former president Micheal Bell has refused to comment on the election results, Democratic party leaders have made their displeasure known. This election has been viewed by many experts as the turning point for the Toledo Confederation. The Democrats have lost control of both the Congress and executive branch.

August 23, 2010: New Princedom Announced:Waldeckflag SPANGENBERG, Waldeck-Hesse - Today the Landgraviate finally announced the Princedom which his second son, George William, would have. A new one, entitled the "Princedom of Spange", after the town of Spangenberg, and the fossilized plant known locally as "Spange." The capital will be Spangenberg, and it will be given authority over the area north of the Princedom of Hersfeld and east of the Princedom of Fritzlar, with the right to expand to the northeast.

August 18, 2010: Georg Ludwig crowned King of Prussia: Flag of Prussia (1892-1918)BERLIN, Prussia - Georg Ludwig, son of King Christian I, was crowned King Georg I of Prussia today in Berlin. Following his coronation King Georg announced a tour to improve diplomatic relations with Prussia's neighbors. First stop would be North Germany, where relations have suffered greatly in the last few months due to emotional outbursts by the former King. Georg will then stop in Denmark, where it is hoped a change in foreign policy will re-open diplomatic relations with the Nordic Union. Stops in Belarus, and East and West Poland are to follow, as well as the Alpine Confederation.

August 18, 2010: Election Day in Toledo Confederation File-Toledo 5 TOLEDO, Toledo Confederation. All eyes focused on the young nation as polls opened early Wednesday morning for the Toledan presidential election. After over fifteen years of complete control over the nation's politics, the Democratic Party has felt their grasp weaken over the last few years with the growth of the New Republican Party and Liberal Party of Toledo. Political analysts predict a very close race between all three candidates. Despite this, President Micheal Bell remains confident that the election will end in his favor. This election will be the fifth presidential election in Toledo's history.

August 18, 2010: Troops land in Tarifa Flag of Pais del Oro TARIFA, Republic of Spain. This morning Hispano-Saharawis combined forces landed in Tarifa and Huelva. The government of PdOr had already announced its intention to occupy these sites, as well as that of Cadiz, regardless of the results obtained in the binding referendum last convened in July in the Spanish Republic of Murcia (in which the prosposal was reunification). The main purpose is the affirmation of the rights of Gold Country to integrate the territory formerly belonging to the late Kingdom of Spain (right recognized by the LoN), as well as to ensure control of navigation in the Straits. The troops, belonging to the regiments of sappers, infantry Marine, Legionaries and Regulars have the mission to establish a permanent settlement now that radiation levels have been reduced to tolerable levels.

August 16, 2010: East Sudan Annexed Flag of Sudan JUBA, Sudan. After a long and hard fought war the CAMC has annexed East Sudan completely. The CAMC's Military will remain in East Sudan until complete control is handed over to South Sudan to form the new Republic of Sudan. This new country will replace the Islamic Republic of East Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan.

August 16, 2010: Manuel Rosales visits Greece Flag of Venezuela 1930-2006 Greek Saltire NEW ATHENS, Greece. Today, Manuel Rosales, president of Venezuela, made an official visit to the newly re-formed Federation of Greece. Unlike many the members of the SAC, Venezuela has good relations with Greece, so Rosales will discuss the Sicilian threat in the Mediterranean, a possible Venezuelan embassy in Greece, and Venezuelan support for the Greeks in the Second Sicily War.

Rosales has expressed concern about what he considers the "open neo-imperialism" of Sicily but rejects the opinion among members of the SAC that Greece is attempting to build a new empire of its own. If Greece allows an Venezuelan embassy in New Athens, this will be only the fourth such embassy in Europe (the others being in Monaco, the Nordic Union and the Alpine Confederation).

August 13th 2010: A New Government for East Britain Flag of Great Britain (1707-1800) BOURNE, East Britain. After four days of political wrangling, a coalition government has been formed between the Agricultural Party, the Expansionist Party and the emergent British Party.

August 9th 2010: Hung Assembly Flag of Great Britain (1707-1800) 83orgbritnatflag BOURNE, East Britain. After last night's voting, East Britain has now received what the former United Kingdom government would have called a hung parliament. There is now much political wrangling as all sides seek power.

August 9th 2010: Royal Births Cleveland flag MIDDLESBROUGH, Cleveland. The Kingdoms of Cleveland and Northumbria are happy to announce the birth of Crown Prince George of Northumbria and the Princess Regent Zara of Cleveland's first children. At 4.13am Princess Regent Zara, accompanied by Crown Prince George attended James Cook University Hospital in Middlesborough. At 4.42pm after an uneventful labor Princess Regent Zara gave birth to a baby boy (weighing 5 pounds 6 ounces) named Michael James George Percy and at 4:57pm she gave birth to another baby boy (5 pounds 2 ounces) naed Edward Henry John Percy. The twins are identical and both boys are healthy.

  • High Minister Evans of Essex has sent his congratulations to the happy parents

August 08, 2010: Negotiations Conclude With Astoria: 83DD - AstoriaFlag2Victoriaflag LONGVIEW, Victoria - The Victorian and Astorian governments reached a deal today on the status of former Washington territories occupied by Astoria. Astoria will maintain control of the territories south of the Naselle river and west of the Deep river, under the condition that Astoria makes no further moves into former Washington, and the annexed territory must be allowed a civilian government and a civilian representative in the General Council. It is believed that Victoria agreed to give up on the territory due to their forces being overextended in the reconstruction of other Washington territory.

August 08, 2010: General election begins:Flag of Great Britain (1707-1800) BOURNE, East Britain - Tonight all eyes are on East Britain as the small state sets about its first general election in the public limelight. The ruling Industrialist Party fears that due to expansionist successes in the Great Anglia War, votes may swing Expansionist Party and their Agricultural allies. There are rumours that the Industrialist Party has held on through lies and corruption but if these rumours are true, then they will prove useless as vote counters from Essex and Woodbridge have been employed at the behest of the King.

  • In a shocking turn of events, Crown Princess Anne has declared that she wants no claim to the throne citing that she is a farmer and not a Queen. This put Princess Linda as heir to the throne.

July 2010

July 23, 2010: International Tracing Service made part of the WCRB:Flag WCRB v1 Waldeckflag AROLSEN, Waldeck-Hesse - With the recent re-establishment of contact with the ITS and the nation-state of Waldeck-Hesse, and the deferment of the control of the ITS back to the LoN, it has been decided to put it under the WCRB for the time being. It will continue its original goal of investigating missing persons from the Second World War death camps, but will also now attempt to do some of the same functions with regards to the current situation in the world, starting with Central Germany, and hopefully leading towards more of the globe by the end of the decade.

July 21, 2010: King Christian Abdicates the Throne of Prussia On Advice Of Psychiatrists: BERLIN, Prussia - King Christian I today addressed the Prussian nation today to announce his abdication "It is with great sadness that I must announce my abdication of the throne of Prussia. My doctors have advised me that the stresses of the job have adversely affected by mental state, but that with rest I can make a full recovery. I hereby pass all of my rights and responsibilities as King of the Prussian people to my son Georg. I thank the people of Prussia for their patience." Prince Georg Ludwig will take on the duties of the King, but will not be styled King of Prussia until his coronation, which is scheduled for August 18th.

July 18, 2010: Longview joins the Commonwealth of Victoria, Astorian and Victorian representatives meet to discuss Astorian advances: LONGVIEW, Victoria - Longview voted today to join Victoria, the decision prompted by Astorian advances into southern Washington. Following this, Astorian emissaries agreed to meet Victorian representatives in Longview to discuss the Astorian advance. Astoria has occupied much of Southern Washington south of the Naselle river and west of the Deep River.

July 14, 2010: Scottish cogs enter Anchor Harbour in East Britain: Flag of Great Britain (1707-1800) 83ssrBOURNE, East Britain - Three cogs laden with the finest weaponry that the Scots can craft arrived in Bourne today, mch to the jubilation of various East British generals as they are currently at war and armed only with hi-tech crossbows. Because the ships have proper firearms, grenades and explosives, this should lend a whole new lease of life for the war effort. The cogs will leave in three days, carrying a hold full of East British wheat.

July 14, 2010: Astorian forces enter former Washington State: Astoria City, Astoria - Astorian troops have crossed the Columbia and seized control of a stretch of the north bank of the river from the north side of the Astoria-Megler bridge in the east, to the town of Ilwaco in the west. This act has caused concern for several of the towns in the area, and several are considering turning to the Commonwealth of Victoria for aid in the case that the Military state decides to seize them as well.

July 13, 2010: Prussian forces establish outpost in Cottbus, begin patrols: Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) COTTBUS, former East Germany - Prussian armed forces have established an outpost in the southeastern city of Cottbus, according to Reichstag officials. A statement reads "This outpost will further Prussian goals of re-establishing order in the region. It will be the southern point in a patrol route that we hope will eventually bring the lawless southern reaches to order. We are also establishing a patrol between our Wolfsburg and Rostock outosts, more fully bring those regions under Prussian control."

July 4, 2010: United States of America restored:Flag of the United States: TORRINGTON, District of America, USA. At the conclusion of the 2010 Constitutional Convention the revised constitution was released to the media. Article 22, the so-called "Provisional Provision," has been repealed. The nine states are now officially the "United States of America." Copies of the constitution, as well as supporting documents for this momentous claim, have been flown to Australia for review by the CRUSA and former members of the APA, including former President George H.W. Bush.

June 2010

June 30, 2010: California finishes relocating capital to Vallejo: Calirepublic After nearly three years of reconstruction, the city of Vallejo has once again become the capital of California. All administrative buildings have since been restored, as has all famous landmarks. President Patty Borelli has moved into the capital building, a White-House/Western Cabin replica, which sits at the heart of the city.

June 29, 2010: North Germany admitted to the Atlantic Defense Community NorthGermanFlag 800px-Flag of Europe.svgAfter waiting several months, North Germany has recently been accepted into the ADC. It was admitted following the growing concern of the Mafia State, Sicily in the Mediteranian. It will also begin the production of tanks, trucks, and other materials from its' former Volkswagen plant.

June 29, 2010: Omega Level Comics announces expansion plans: Comox Valley, Victoria - Omega Level Comics announced today that deals have been brokered to allow branch offices and publishing within the Canadian Remainder Provinces, New Britain, and the North American Union constituent nations. A deal has also been reached with American Comics for cross publishing. This will allow Omega Level comics to be published under a separate brand by American Comics in regions in which AC holds the copyrights, and vice versa in territories in which Omega Level holds the copyrights. Omega Level also announced plans for several new titles to take advantage of the newly opened markets, including Captain America, MI:13, and an X spinoff book known as Department X. Omega Level's magazine and book publication arm, Pacific Coast Publishing, is expected to expand their operations within these new territories as well.

June 29, 2010: Prussian King to submit to psychological testing: Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) BERLIN, Prussia - King Christian agreed today to submit himself for psychological testing to deem if he is fit to serve as King . The testing will be held over the next 3 weeks to ensure that a single moment of lucidity does not dominate the testing in the case some sort of illness is present. He has also agreed to abdicate the throne if he is found unfit for duty.

June 28, 2010: Support for Cleveland in East Britain BOURNE, East Britain - The Chancellor of East Britain has openly declared his support for the Cleveish football team in the World Cup. He made the announcement in a rare television broadcast. After his speech, the view faded to a crowd of football fans waving the flags of all the British nations, from Southern England to Northumbria. Intermingled with the crowd were people flying conventional Union Flags and Crosses of St George. This faded to a caption-Cleveland, the figurehead of all England.

June 27, 2010: Socialist International conference comes to an end Asmara, Eritrea - After three days of discussion the 2010 Socialist International Conference has come to an end. Things discused included the benefits of multi and single party democracy and an end to world poverty.

June 24, 2010: First Socialist International conference begins: ASMARA, Eritrea - The delegates for the first conference of the Socialist International arived in Asmara today. The delegates arrived over the course of the day and the first meeting begins in the evening. As he descended down from his personal airship AAS Internationale the organisation's mastermind Ligan Lopez was greeted with applause as he stated that "I hope this conference will allow all of us dedicated to socialism to discuss our problems and improve the world to the good of the human race"

June 24, 2010: Lincolnite President rejects NAU offer: LINCOLN, Republic of Lincoln - Lincolnite President Dave Heineman once again rejects the offer to join the North American Union. He politely declares that the future "rests in our hands, as our path is of our own choice. Our people have spoken, and have decided that we would rather not be a puppet manipulated against our will."

June 24, 2010: President-General observes anniversary of Virginian port's establishment: CHARLESTON, Virginian Republic - Virginian President-General Sumrall delivers a speech at Hopewll, East Virginia celebrating the first anniversary of the port's completion. The port had been operating smoothly since construction on it was completed on June 24, 2009

June 24, 2010: A new nation born: Fireworks, concerts with improvised recycled instruments, spontaneous demonstrations, rivers of alcohol and clouds of smoke "Spanish snuff" (as popularly known here for marijuana cigarettes) held yesterday in Cartagena and other cities of the Spanish National Republic to celebrate the "yes" to unification with PdOr in the referendum held the day before. Similar celebrations took place in the cities of the PdOr, whose administration dod not hide its satisfaction and was quick to declare a holiday on June 21, called Unity Day. " With nearly 96% of the vote count Unionists' victory is overwhelming, with a higher proportion than the 5 / 6. The protesters chanted cries as "Ricardo de la Cierva, vete a la mierda" (Ricardo de la Cierva, fuck you) or "fachón al paredón" (bigfascist to the wall) in a festive atmosphere that made t the memories of the 27 years of fire, disease, violence and hunger disappear. On this day and still burning embers of bonfires and hung in an atmosphere of the interim government met to discuss the results and discuss the future process of integration. With this agreementthe territory of the Spanish Republic will enjoy a degree of self-government similar to the member governments of the Spanish part of PdOr. It has yet to be decided whether it will be as one or as many self-government, integration with local laws, change of name of Pais del Oro to Sahrawi-Hispanic Community and the possible location in Cartagena of the capital of Spanish part of PdOr. Many congratulations have been sent by the governments of the League of Nations, especially by the SAC and the RFTA.

June 22, 2010: Cartography error leads to renewed calls for war with North Germany from King Christian of Prussia:Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) BERLIN, Prussia - A map showing Prussian territory under North German control has caused yet another outburst from King Christian today. The map, which showed the island of Rügen under North German control, was quickly dismissed as outdated and erroneous by both the North German government and the cartographer. However, King Christian decried the map as obvious North German war planning and called for a pre-emptive strike against the state. Many members of the Reichstag have called for a psychological examination of the King, others are calling for the King to abdicate, as it is obvious the stresses of the job are taking their toll.

June 12, 2010: Announcement of the Dehcholi: Flag of the Northwest Territories FORT SMITH, Northwest Alliance - Today Premier Jane Hobart announced that a dogsled race, to be called the Dehcholi, and to be run every year along the Mackenzie River from Fort Providence to Inuvik, will tentatively start on January 21st, 2011. The winner will be awarded a prize, as well as a trophy to be named the Haultain Cup, after the first premier of the Northwest Territories.

June 9, 2010: Celtic Alliance looking forward to opening soccer World Cup: DUBLIN, Celtic Alliance - With only two days left before the World Cup soccer tournament begins, the host country Celtic Alliance feels confident about its chances. The hosts play the East Caribbean Federation in the tournament's opening game at 8 p.m. Greenwich Time Friday, June 11 at Croke Park in Dublin. "We've trained well, we're confident in our chances, we're looking forward to opening this tournament," said Celtic Alliance manager Roy Keane. Celtic Alliance striker Robbie Keane - no relation to Roy Keane - was rumoured to have twisted an ankle in a training session Tuesday morning, but Roy Keane said that Robbie Keane "is 100 percent." Elsewhere in Dublin, East Caribbean midfielder Dwight Yorke said he expects Brazil to win the tournament and for Celtic Alliance to advance to the semifinals. "They will be a tough opponent on Friday and though I believe we can play with them, they will be a formidable opponent regardless of whom plays them," Yorke told reporters outside East Caribbean's camp in west Dublin. The tournament lasts from June 11-July 11, and the semifinals, third place match and finals will be televised to audiences in western Europe, South America, Mexico, West Texas, Central America and the Caribbean, the ANZC, Singapore and the USSR.

June 8, 2010: Contact with Waldeck-Hesse: 83DD-NortheimFlag Waldeckflag PYRMONT, Northeim - Border guards in the Northeim city of Pyrmont today made contact with explorers from the newly-discovered state of Waldeck-Hesse, based out of the city of Arolsen in the old German state of Hesse. These explorers made some untoward claims that the city and the region around it were part of their nation, and as a result were forced to leave by the guards.

June 2, 2010: Pasco Free State Votes to Join the NAU: Pascoflag With all the votes counted the Pasco Free State has voted by a wide margin to join the North American Union. President Doc Hastings made some brief remarks stating that he hopes that this historic vote will usher in a new era of cooperation with their neighbours.

June 1, 2010: General election called in East Britain:Flag of Great Britain (1707-1800) 83orgbritnatflag King William has decided to call an election to usher in a new age of politics for East Britain. This will be the first general election that East Britain has done in full view of the international community and their first ever as a kingdom. King William has asked the Organisation of British Nations to review the electoral results to make sure there is no corruption or perversion of justice. There have been allegations in the past but because East Britain wasn't being observed by other nations, there was very little the common people could do about it.

May 2010

May 31, 2010: MLA attack on Siberian convoy kills 27, injure 11:Flag of the Soviet Union Bandera de Khiva 1917-1920 A WCRB war correspondent has reported that a battle had erupted between Siberian and Aralian forces against an attack by the MLA, which seemed to have destroyed a troop transport, killing 20 men instantly. Estimated casualties on the MLA's side are well over sixty. Our journalist also reported that this was not the first such strike by the notorious terrorist group. The Siberian government denied such allegations.

May 31, 2010, 1500 GMT: U.S. Memorial Day observed in ANZC, Mexico, many American survivor states:

JERVIS BAY, ANZC - Ceremonies for United States Memorial Day were observed around the world on Monday, most notably in the ANZC and throughout North America but also by American expatriate communities in the western hemisphere. Since Doomsday, the holiday has come to commemorate not just those who served in the U.S. military and deceased U.S. military veterans, but also those, military, governmental and civilian alike who died on Doomsday over 27 years ago. In Jervis Bay, John Howard, the governor-general of the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand, said that Memorial Day "gives the world one more reason to remember the tragedy that nearly destroyed the earth and one more reason to do all in our power to ensure it never happens again." Mexican President Marcelo Ebrard christened the American Memorial in Nuevo Tijuana, a recently settled township about 40 km south of former Tijuana. U.S. and national flags flew at half-mast across North America from Vermont to the Municipal States of the Pacific. Charleston, Virginia celebrated the 11th annual Memorial Day Parade, honoring the memory of the U.S. as well as American and Virginian military veterans.

May 29, 2010: National teams arrive in Celtic Alliance ahead of 2010 World Cup:

DUBLIN, Celtic Alliance - The national football teams of the ANZC, the East Caribbean Federation and the USSR were the first three teams to arrive in the Celtic Alliance for June's World Cup tournament. The host country, Celtic Alliance, opened up training camp in south Dublin; the other 12 sides are expected to arrive no later than the 31st. The tournament begins June 11 when Celtic Alliance faces the East Caribbean Federation at Croke Park in Dublin.

May 27, 2010, 17:00 GMT: Provisional Bavarian State offically declared:

120px-Alps flag Flag of Bavaria (lozengy) ROSEMHEIM, BAVARIA - In a brief but festive ceremony in the Bavarian town of Rosenheim, delegates from various survivor communities in Bavaria formally declared the Free State of Bavaria (Freistaat Bayern). The ceremony concluded with the delegates signing the provisional constitution, which must be approved by the communities. The declaration was the result of more than two years of negotiations brokered by the Alpine Confederation and the League of Nations. According to the agreement, elections for a governor (Staathalter) and legislature (Landtag) must be held within six months. Until then, a Provisional Council will manage the infant State. Alpine Confederation President Charles Remond, in a brief statement after the signing, hailed the event as a new dawn for Bavaria and southern Germany. Congratulations and recognition came from many European nations, especially the Kingdom of Prussia, and the Republic of North Germany. However, approval of the new government is not unanimous. About a dozen delegates left before the ceremony, claiming the new state would be little more than a puppet of the Alpine Confederation.

May 21, 2010: Victorian Lieutenant Governor arrives in Saskatoon to discuss reconstruction of the Canadian Pacific Railway:Victoriaflag 30px SASKATOON, Provisional Canada - Lieutenant Governor Adrian McLellan arrived in Saskatoon today to discuss a joint venture to rebuild the Canadian Pacific Railroad line linking Provisional Canada to the Pacific. Major chunks of the line running through Calgary, Regina and Vancouver were destroyed on Doomsday. The proposal would have Provisional Canada and Victoria share the costs of rebuilding the network and would create a stable connection between the two states that would benefit both nations, giving P. Canada a link to the sea, giving them access the the world market for exporting food goods and importing anything else that might be needed. On the other side Victoria would then benefit from P. Canadian tariffs and harbor fees as well as giving them access to the P. Canadian market.

May 21, 2010, 4:00pm GMT: King Andrew meets with Yukon officials:
Flag of Yukon Rhoflag Victoriaflag VICTORIA - Andrew, the popular but controversial King of Victoria, Fiji and of New Britain in South Africa, met with representatives of the Yukon Friday morning at his official Victoria residence. As heir to the British throne, Andrew potentially has hereditary claims to the thrones of all former Commonwealth realms, though he has never pressed those claims except when invited. Australia-New Zealand has specifically rejected monarchism, and the Yukon is the first nation in its bloc to make any overtures to Andrew, although the Yukon diplomats denied that they were in Victoria to offer him a crown. "We are here to discuss our future relationship and nothing more," said delegation head Gary McRobb.

May 21, 2010: Pasco Free State to hold a referendum on its current status: Pascoflag 83DD - PUSAFlag PASCO, Pasco Free State - After a long period of debate, a referendum is to be held on May 25th on whether or not the Pasco Free State is to 1) join the Provisional United States of America, 2) join the North American Union or 3) keep the status quo and remain independent. While there has been growing support for joining PUSA, many others have been in support of joining the NAU, which would allow them to preserve their nationality. This notion was received well back in Torrington, seeing that their sphere of control has favorably grown in the west, especially with the new railroad line that is being built through Pasco to reach the Municipal States of the Pacific. Should the country be ceded to the Provisional United States, tentative statehood dates would be around 2011.

May 16, 2010: FIFA approves the Africa Cup of Nations 200px-FIFA.svg CAF LogoLUQUE, Paraguay - The governing body of world football FIFA has approved the proposal from the WAU and Botswana to re-instate the Africa Cup of Nations. Qualifying rounds will take place in July 2010 after the FIFA World Cup has finished and the competition is open to all African states.

May 14, 2010: Prussian sentries in Wolfsburg make contact with scouting party from Northeim: Flag of Prussia (1892-1918)WOLFSBURG, Prussia - Prussian soldiers stationed at the Wolfsburg outpost made contact with a previously unknown survivor state based out of the city of Northeim. King Christian issued a statement expressing joy that other German people survived, but urged the Reichstag to take action in bringing them into the Prussian sphere of control, using force if necessary. Some critics of the King claim this statement is further evidence of the King's deteriorating mental state.

May 14, 2010:Nordic Union freighters reach Woodbridge and Essex :Logo of the Nordic Union 83DD-BentwoodFlag FlagOfEssex LOWESTOFT, WOODBRIDGE - Hundreds flocked to the shoreline to watch a fleet of old Swedish and Norwegian freighters and a flotilla of escort boats dock up in Lowestoft Port at 11:00 today, and another group arrive at Southend two hours later. The fourteen vessels, supplied by members of the Nordic Union, were received following a joint bid by the British nations of Essex and Woodbridge, with five purchased by each country from Sweden and two more offered to each as gestures of goodwill from Norway. The vessels will be refitted and converted to serve as capital ships for the fleets of the two countries. Three vessels remain straggling in the North Sea, and are expected to arrive by Sunday.

May 11, 2010: Terrorist attacks in Krasnoyarsk kill 43, injure 60:Flag of the Soviet Union KRASNOYARSK, USSR- At noon local time, a group of suicide bombers blew themselves up in heavily traversed streets all over the city. Officials stated there were four attackers, of which one was shot before he could detonate his explosives. This is the first terrorist attack the Siberian government has had in its capital and Chairman Tuleyev was outraged at this unprovoked attack: "These men who carried out these attacks were not freedom fighters nor martyrs they are vigilantes, terrorists, murderers. They are delusional men who had no regard for human life or grief." Tuleyev went on to state that the primary perpetrators of these attacks were most likely members of the Muslim Liberation Army, which has made several attacks on the Socialist Union in the past, but never in the country's capitol.

May 11, 2010, 8:00 GMT: Chumash Republic in talk with ANZC to create an Air Force:Untiled ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio JERVIS BAY, Australia - Chumash Republic diplomat, Abel Maldenado, arrived at Jarvis Bay to give a speech to the ANZC leadership in the hopes for funding from the nation to create an air force for Chumash. "We don't want a large air force," diplomat Maldenado spoke, "We just want enough to properly defend our people in case of an invasion from a more threatening country." The ANZC is now in debate whether to assist the country in the construction of an air defense. The ANZC leadership is expected to come to a conclusion in late July.

May 7, 2010, 3:15 GMT: West Texas considering request to join the NAU: Flag of Texas MIDLAND, West Texas - President Mike Conaway told reporters this morning that West Texas is considering making a formal request to join the North American Union in some capacity. Conaway said West Texas's close ties with Dinetah and increasingly close ties with two other NAU member nations - Utah and the Provisional United States of America - as factors in Midland's decision to pursue more formal relations. West Texas rejected an invitation from the NAU in 2008, but Conaway acknowledged that Midland "perhaps did not make the best decision for our long-term future." Conaway said the NAU initiative would not affect Midland's work in establishing some sort of economic and trade union with other nations in former Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. "We see this as a hopeful sign for eventual reunification of the various nations presently in Texas," said Eduardo Ramirez, spokesman for the Reunification of Texas political activist group. "West Texas's case for NAU membership is much stronger if Midland represents a strong, powerful, reunited Republic of Texas."

May 6, 2010, 19:00 GMT: DINETAH JOINS NAU Navajo flag DINETAH: A quiet press release today via radio announced that the Dinétah had concluded treaty negotiations with the North American Union regarding the accession of Dinétah. Full integration is expected within five years, in a similar timetable to that of Utah.

May 5, 2010, 09:00 AM GMT: SNCF RENEWED Rauvflag83-89andnow Rpoitflag 1983DDbetfc LetTF1983DD POITIERS, Poitevine Republic - The first train to travel from Poitiers to Lille begins its route this morning, and is expected to arrive in Lille on Saturday. It will make a stop in Limoges before its first overnight stop in Clermont-Ferrand this evening. Tomorrow morning it will skirt northward, passing through Vichy, Chalon-sur-Saône, stopping for two hours in Dijon before proceeding East to Besançon. Friday will see the train travel from Besançon eastward to Mulhouse, Strasbourg, Metz, and Reims. Saturday the train will pass through Saint-Quentin and arrive in Lille near noon. Regular train service and trade is expected to be more fully restored by the fall with restoration of the nuclear fission plants of France by technicians from La République Poitevine. This will allow a further electrification of the rail lines, allowing more of the former SNCF livery to be brought back to useful service.

May 1, 2010, 5:34 p.m. EDT (10:34 p.m. GMT): Spectacular Wind wins Kentucky Derby, first since 1983: HENDERSON, Commonwealth of Kentucky - Spectacular Wind won the Kentucky Derby thoroughbred horse race for three-year-olds this afternoon at Ellis Park in Henderson. The filly, owned by Colonel Ellis Brucker of Elizabethtown, Ky., won race in two minutes and 3.8 seconds on Ellis Park's 1-1/8-mile long track. This was the first contested Derby race since 1983, when Sunny's Halo won the last pre-Doomsday Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville.

April 2010

April 28, 2010: First GLONASS network phase completed:83DD Flag French Guyana Flag of SAC (DD) Guiana Space Center, Guyane- The "Macaw", the sixth GLONASS satellite, successfully reached space several hours ago, marking an end to the first phase of launches. The next set of launches will occur in approximately six months with the USSR once again launching first, followed by the ANZC and finally the SAC, ADC and Guyane.

April 23, 2010 9:50pm GMT : CAMC nations finally accepted as League of Nation member states
Flag of Tonga 125px-Flag of CAMC.svg : League of Nations accepts the CAMC countries as member states. After many requests for application to the League the CAMC member states are finally accepted into the in the League, The nations had been unsurprisingly backed by the Socialist states but failed to get the required number of votes in the first round. The CAMC states surprisingly gained the required votes from members of the West African Union and some other fringe states.

April 23, 2010, 9:00pm GMT (April 24, 9:00am local time): League of Nations admits the Yukon as newest member state:
Flag of Tonga Flag of Yukon NUKU'ALOFA - The League of Nations' Council Assembly approved a resolution admitting the Yukon as its newest member state. The request by the Yukon, an associated state of Australia-New Zealand, had caused controversy; some critics, led by the South American bloc, had contended that the sparsely populated survivor state in the Canadian Arctic had been "manufactured" by ANZ in order to add a loyal ally to its own voting bloc. The Yukon found a surprising supporter last week in Nigerian Delegate Oluyemi Adeniji, whose impassioned speech on the Yukon's behalf is thought to have swayed a number of swing votes. The Council Assembly approved the Yukon with less than 65% of the vote, considered very thin margin for an ANZ-affiliated state, many of which were founding members of the League. In her country's first address to the LoN, Delegate Katherine Van Bibber said that membership in the League would be both an honor and a responsibility, and that "the Yukon is ready to fully participate in the international community". Messages of welcome were offered by delegates from each of the League's regional committees.

April 23, 2010: Botswanan troops ocupy some lawless zones in Angola:
125px-Flag of Botswana.svg FRANCISTOWN, Botswana - Botswanan troops have occupied some sections of the Okavango river and civil engineers have started construction on a canal. This has drawn condemnation from the Angolan survivor states. The president said that "This is a great day for our beloved nation, today Botswana will end its time as a landlocked nation!"

April 21, 2010, 9:25pm GMT: Costa Rican military operation declared successful; protests turn violent in Limón:
Flag of Costa Rica SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica - A military invasion of the coastal settlement of Barra del Colorado has been a success, the Costa Rican government announced late Wednesday. Barra del Colorado lies on the Nicaraguan border and was described as the last stronghold for Contra guerrillas in northern Costa Rica. Early Wednesday morning, Costa Rican army troops were helicoptered into the Barra del Colorado region. Patrol boats of the Siberian Expeditionary Forces, in the Caribbean since April 12, provided support, and Siberian marines joined the Costa Ricans soon after landings began. By the end of the day, dozens of guerrillas were captured, and Barra del Colorado was in Costa Rican hands. President Ricardo Toledo praised the troops and their allies, saying, "Their bravery will soon bring an end to this violent chapter in our history."

In Puerto Limón, capital of the Limón Autonomous Region, protesters clashed with riot police in the latest outbreak of violence in this often turbulent coastal province. Limonese separatists have often worked with Contra rebels in the Caribbean coastal areas of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Many Limonese have fiercely opposed the military buildup behind this latest push to secure the borderland. Edwin Patterson, president of the Limón Autonomous Region, would not condone the violence but nevertheless strongly criticized Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Siberia's "needlessly heavy-handed" policies in Contra-controlled areas.

April 21, 2010: The fifth GLONASS satellite, the "Bartolomeo Diaz" is officially launched from Guiana Space Center:
83DD Flag French Guyana Flag of SAC (DD) Guiana Space Center, Guyane- Earlier today the SAC space agency, alongside their ADC and Guyane counterparts, successfully launched the fifth satellite of the GLONASS network into orbit. A week from now, on the 28th, the sixth satellite is going to be launched, which will mark the official end of the first phase of the ambitious project.

April 20, 2010, 6:00am GMT: Scandinavian Airlines System resumes flights:
Flag of Norway Flag of Iceland Flag of Sweden Flag of Denmark Flag of Finland Flag of the Faroe Islands Flag of Greenland Flag of Åland TRONDHEIM, Norway - The Scandinavian Airlines System, national flag carrier for the Nordic Union, resumed commercial air travel early this morning after grounding its flights for nearly a week as volcanic ash darkened northern Europe's skies. Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted on April 14 and rendered the entire region unsafe to fly. Late last night the Nordic Union's Transportation Ministry gave the SAS permission to resume flights, after test flights demonstrated that the cloud is safely passable. The Nordic Union has one of the most extensive air travel networks in the world.

April 18, 2010, 13:31pm GMT: King Andrew arrives in Victoria:
Victoriaflag VICTORIA, Victoria- King Andrew arrived in the capital city od the Commonwealth of Victoria today and was received with much celebrations. He went to Parliament where he was greeted by the Premier Jacob Birch. He thanked King Andrew for 'making such a great journey to visit Victoria and spend time with his loyal subjects'. King Andrew says that this is 'a part of a journey across the countries of North America and indeed the world that I am king of and to respect the loyalty of those peoples who have recognised the crown all these years despite the fact we have been separated for so long'.

April 15, 2010, 12:00pm GMT: Rescue efforts continue one day after northern Tibetan earthquake
Flag of Tibet SHIGATSE - Buddhist monks, the Tibetan Armed Forces, and other relief workers continue to brave difficult conditions as they search for survivors of a devastating 7.1-magnitude earthquake that struck the town of Jyekundo yesterday, the Tibetan government reports. Temperatures around Jyekundo remain near freezing, and the relief workers' long hours make even the experienced mountaineers susceptible to headaches and nausea resulting from altitude sickness. The earthquake struck a Tibetan frontier region where the government's control is weak, and much local authority rests with monastic leaders and village heads. Despite "heroic cooperation" by locals and massive aid from the government, including the mobilization of nearly its entire helicopter fleet, progress in the remote area remains slow because of its distance from the capital and its difficult terrain. The Dalai Lama, religious leader and constitutional monarch of the Himalayan kingdom, has led the country in almost hourly prayers since news of the quake reached the capital, reportedly sleeping very little. In a statement, he asked the world to join him in praying for the victims and their families.

April 14, 2010, 9:00pm GMT: No Self-Government for Panama Canal Zone
Flag of SAC (DD) PANAMA CITY - A proposal to create a representative government for the Panama Canal Zone failed by a 3-2 vote of the South American governing commission, in a decision that hints at wider disagreements between members of the South American Confederation. The vote saw the three permanent members of the commission, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, oppose the two members for a five-year term, Brazil and Peru. The official statement from the office of High Commissioner José Noritz, an admiral in the Ecuadorian Navy, states that "the security situation of the Canal Zone remains precarious. Introducing a new system now would only invite more instability." A statement from the Brazilian commissioner, however, accuses the three permanent members, who together rebuilt and maintained the Panama Canal between 1990 and 2008, of trying to maintain a "monopoly of power" in the Canal Zone. The population of the Canal Zone has skyrocketed since the canal's reopening in 2000, but there has been little political organization among the citizens. Staffers for Noritz allege that Brazil and Peru forced today's commission vote in order to "lure the workers over to their side" and to spark political activism among the locals. Currently, the five-member commission, mainly military officers, governs the Canal Zone by fiat, although there are neighborhood councils in the outlying Pearl Islands and in a few small districts of Panama City.

April 13, 2010: Siberian Foreign minister Sergey Sobyanin visits Ethiopia:
CSTO Flag Flag of Ethiopia ADDIS ABEBA. Ethiopia- Sobyanin's visit marks the first expansion of the CSTO since its creation two months ago. After some deliberation, members of the Confederation of African Marxist Countries, namely Ethiopia, Eritrea and South Sudan, decided to join the CSTO. This comes as no shock, seeing as the mutual relationship has been very friendly ever since the re-establishment of relations with the region in 1995. The CSTO charter was signed by the three nations at noon local time. They became full members of the organization, while the CAMC has become a regional partner of the CSTO, helping to coordinate any operations that would be conducted in the region.

April 12, 2010: CSTO forces reach Nicaragua:
CSTO Flag- CSTO forces arrived in Nicaragua earlier today to help fight rebel forces on the Nicaragua-Costa Rica border. The force is comprised of 10,000 soldiers. This came after an agreement in February between chairman Tuleyev and presidents Ortega and Toledo. The forces are comprised of army, navy and air units and are officially called the Siberian Expeditionary Forces. Cuba, Guatemala and Costa Rica have also become involved in the situation and are sending small contingents of their own, while Dominican forces will arrive later this week. It is hoped that this will serve as the final blow for rebels on the border and that it will bring greater stability to the region.

April 8, 2010: Accession Concord Signed
Deseret Traverse City, Utah. - Overlooking the rising waters of the Mormon Sea to the north and the lush Utah Valley to the south, Governor General Leavitt ceremonially signed a resolution passed by the state legislature in Fillmore before the ambassador of the NAU, signifying the accession of Utah to the North American Union. Like all states, Utah maintains its internal sovereignty, but allies itself economically and diplomatically with the NAU.

Later the same day, Vice-Governor Evans of Idaho signed a concord allowing train travel through Deseret for supplies from and to the NAU.

April 7, 2010, 2:04am local time (April 6, 8:04pm GMT): King of the Cocos dies at 82:
Cocos black ensign BANTAM, Cocos Islands - John Cecil Clunies-Ross, the hereditary ruler of the Cocos Islands, died in the early hours of Wednesday morning local time after a short bout with tuberculosis, the government announced. John Cecil first became absolute ruler of the small Indian Ocean islands in 1944 at the age of sixteen. Driven from power by the Australian government, he returned in the mid-1980s by offering the services of his shipping fleet in exchange for political control. Over the last two decades his policies turned the Cocos into a regional economic force, helping him resist mounting pressure to return his kingdom to Austral-New Zealand control.
John Cecil's son, John George Clunies-Ross, immediately assumed control of the monarchy after his father's death was announced. John George has effectively run the government himself as Regent since 2000, so his accession is unlikely to change the Cocos Islands' policy of staunch refusal to cooperate with Australia-New Zealand. The ANZ Foreign Affairs Department has not commented on the transfer of power in this breakaway territory.

April 6, 2010: West African Union delegates begin Liberian negotiations in Monrovia:
83DD-WAU-Flag Flag of the Free Port of Monrovia (Doomsday) MONROVIA - West African Union delegates and representatives of the various Liberian factions began reunification talks in Monrovia today. No agreement is expected for some time, but the representative turnout is already being hailed as a major victory, with nearly every splinter faction sending representatives.

April 6, 2010:Botswanan delegates arive in New Britain & Nigeria
125px-Flag of Botswana.svg Flag of Nigeria Rhoflag LAGOS, Nigeria & PORT ELIZABETH, New Britain- As part of Botswana's new international relations program diplomats have visited Lagos and Port Elizabeth with the intent of improving relations and forming alliances. Relations remain tense with New Britain due to the perception of it in Botswana as a successor state to South Africa.

April 6, 2010: The construction of the joint Siberian-Cuban Coca-Cola factory begins:
Flag of the Soviet Union Flag of CubaSOVETSKAYA GAVAN, USSR- The building of the joint factory commenced at noon local time, followed by festivities and lunch. This agreement came to be after Chairman Tuleyev's visit to Cuba earlier this year. It is expected that the factory will be completed by the beginning of the following year. Distribution will be overseen by both Cuban and Siberian businessmen. The majority of profits, 60%, will go to Cuba, as per agreement.

April 6, 2010: Siberian Foreign Minister visits Nigeria:
Flag of Nigeria Flag of the Soviet UnionLAGOS, Nigeria- Sergei Sobyanin visited Nigeria today to discuss the proposed arms deal between the two nations. It was agreed upon that small arms and troop transports be shipped to Nigeria by the end of the month. Other topics that were discussed were the exchanging of ambassadors and strenghtening economic ties. The minister was well received and will stay in Lagos until the end of the week.

April 6, 2010: The fourth GLONASS satellite, the "Tasmanian devil" is successfully launched:
ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio JERVIS BAY, ANZC- Earlier this morning, the fourth GLONASS satellite was successfully launched and has already reached its optimal orbit. The next two GLONASS launches will now take place at the Guayana Space Center, funded by the SAC and the ADC member states.

April 5, 2010: Cascadia recognized by Deseret
Deseret FILLMORE: Governor-General Leavitt approved the resolution of the Utah legislature unilaterally recognizing the existence and sovereignty of Cascadia, a collection of former Idahoans and Oregonians due west of the ruins of Boise.

April 5, 2010: Opening Day of the Pacific Baseball League:
MPC flag CRESCENT CITY, MSP: The inaugural season of the Pacific Baseball League begins today. The Central Committee of the Municipal States of the Pacific hopes that friendly competition will help promote cooperation and understanding between the city-states.

April 4, 2010: Pope prays for peace.
Flag of the Vatican City svg VATICAN CITY -- Easter Sunday Mass in St. Peter's Square, the Catholic church's most joyous celebration, began archbishop Eugênio de Araújo Sales of Rio defending Pope Benedict XVI from what he called "petty gossip" and hailing him for "unfailing" leadership and courage.

Easter Sunday Mass was the last major Holy Week appearance by the pope in Rio de Janeiro for the thousands of faithful who have poured into the city. They cheered Benedict at the end of Sunday's two-hour-long ceremony in the cobblestone square bedecked with daffodils, tulips and azaleas.

After the Mass, Benedict moved to the central balcony of the Basilica to deliver his "Urbi et Orbi" message -- Latin for "to the city and to the world" -- which analyzes humanity's failings and hopes.

He singled out the "trials and sufferings," including persecution and even death, of Christians in Iraq and Pakistan, and of people in Haiti and Chile, devastated by earthquakes. He hoped for peaceful coexistence to win out over criminal violence in Latin American countries plagued by drug trafficking, and promised to pray for peace in the Middle East.

April 4, 2010: Botswana ends Isolationism
125px-Flag of Botswana.svg FRANCISTOWN - The President of Botswana Festus Mogae announced today as part of his Easter Sunday speech that "Botswana will no longer hide in the center of Africa, From this day forward we will take our rightful place in the new world." As part of this new program Botswana's diplomats have arrived in Nigeria to discuss joining the West African Union.

April 1, 2010, 3:00am GMT (March 31, 10:00pm local time): Republic of Keene celebrates, reflects on a year of independence:
Keene flag new KEENE - Music and fireworks pierced the silence of this normally quiet capital village throughout the day and long into the night, as the citizens of Keene, a small, idealistic, and insistently independent republic in the Adirondacks, celebrated their first year together. The celebration was attended by nearly every one of the 10,000 citizens who could get away from their farms, which stretch away from the capital in either direction along the Ausable River. Local progressive-folk bands New Granite and XODUS, among others, played marathon concerts for the cheering crowds, who became more and more receptive as the cider continued to flow... The story continues at the Media Archive.

March 2010

March 28, 2010: Operation Spring Storm ends, Primorsky Krai Territory offically proclaimed:
Flag of the Soviet Union KRASNOYARSK - The military venture into the former Primorsky Krai offically ended today, marking the entry of the region into the Socialist Union. Rebuilding of the regions infrastructure is underway and citizens are being encouraged to start repopulating the underpopulated region. Interestingly, the remaining population spoke of surviving settlements within the heart of China. Further verification of these claims will happen at a later date.

March 25, 2010: War between Chumash and Santa Cruz Inevitable
Untiled File-2950160198 4dd0f8b6cd SANTA MARIA - The Chumash Republic turned in its fourth national census today, only to be shocked by the realization that slave raids by its long time rival Santa Cruz have nearly tripled within the last year. Supreme Commander of Santa Cruz, Vilodari Scholairi, released a statement claiming "We will do anything to protect our right to live as citizens even if that means capturing a few citizens for work," President of Chumash, Vincent Armenta responded with "Scholairi is a ruthless dictator who threatens the peace our people have painfully established, he must learn that is no place in this world for him and his followers, we will attempt every peaceful method, but if they refuse our attempts for peace then war may be the only option left." The former West Coast of the United States has been a peaceful region, but now with the presence of slavers and dictators like Sholairi, peace may become a past thought.

March 24, 2010:The ANZC successfully launches the third GLONASS satellite, the "James Cook":
ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio JERVIS BAY, ANZC- Today the third GLONASS satellite was launched from the Woomera Space Center, making it the first GLONASS satellite not launched from the USSR. The second ANZC GLONASS satellite will be launched around April 6, while the Guiana Space Center will end the first phase of the launches by the middle of May.

March 23, 2010: Declaration of French-Successor Conference to be held in May!
Rauvflag83-89andnow Rpoitflag In a joint declaration to their people, Jean-Pierre Raffarin of Poitou-Charentes and the aging Prime Minister of Auvergne, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, announced today a conference for the French-Successor states to be held in Clermont-Ferrand on May 23, 2010. Notice has been given to representatives of all French successor states, and observer status has been offered to Luxemburg and Corsica.

March 21, 2010: Operation Spring Storm commences:
Flag of the Soviet Union KRASNOYARSK, USSR- News agencies from Siberia report that the scheduled military operation in the former Primorsky Krai of the Soviet Union has commenced, five days before its stated beginning. Around 50,000 soldiers have started to pour into the region, securing the area for future repopulation, as the region has less than 30,000 people living in it, if past reports are to be followed. The operation will cease once the region is in control, at which time the Primorsky Krai Territory will officially come into being. This is slated to occur by the end of the following week.

March 18, 2010: South American Games to begin on Friday:
Flag of Colombia MEDELLIN, Colombia - The Juegos Sudamericanos (known as the South American Games in English) are scheduled to begin Friday evening with the opening ceremonies in Medelin's Estadio Atanasio Girardot. The games, scheduled to run from March 19 through March 30, will stand as Olympic competition in 2010 for the 22 South American and Caribbean nations in the event. The International Olympic Committee had previously approved regional competitions to be held on each continent instead of contesting the first post-Doomsday Summer Games this year, and approved Panama, Cuba, the East Caribbean Federation, Puerto Rico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Yucatan, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua to join the South American nations of Colombia, Brazil, Guyana, Suriname, Peru, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and the United American Republic.

March 16, 2010: Kentucky Unleashes Bombing Campagn On Jackson:
Flag of Kentucky JACKSON, Tennessee - The Kentucky air force has bombed several military targets in and around the Jackson area. A Defence Department spokesman has confirmed the strikes and has claimed to have achieved all of their objectives. The Jackson state-controlled media has claimed that the airstrikes killed "scores of civilians". However, these reports have been denounced as propaganda by the Dixie Alliance. The LoN is investigating these claims but said in a statement "There is no evidence so far supporting Jackson's claims."

March 14, 2010: Prussian forces clear Wolfsburg:
Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) BERLIN, Prussia - Prussian forces engaging entrenched raiders in Wolfsburg today reported that leaders of the raider factions surrendered to Prussian commanders late Sunday. The expeditionary force will now begin to establish a more permanent command center to coordinate patrols and organize survey and salvage missions in the city. With the news King Christian's approval rating raised slightly, but has not recovered from his demands for war against North Germany.

March 12, 2010, 6:30pm GMT: Atlantic Defense Community welcomes Luxembourg as "partner nation":
Flag of Portugal 1983Doomsday Luxembourg.flag PUNTA DELGADA - Members of the Atlantic Defense Community voted unanimously to admit the small landlocked nation of Luxembourg as a "partner nation" Saturday evening, following months of discussions. As a partner, Luxembourg will cooperate more closely with the organization than if it were merely an observer, but it does not have full membership. Luxembourg did not seek full status because of the small size of its military, which cannot contribute much to the military alliance, and its lack of a coastline. ADC Secretary-General Peter MacKey of Canada gave a speech praising Luxembourg for its "historic commitment to NATO, the predecessor to this Community, and its present commitment to a peaceful and secure international order in Europe."

March 11, 2010: Okanagan Referendum Results in Split:
Victoriaflag VICTORIA, Victoria - A referendum was held today in the towns making up the Okanagan region. Each municipality had individual ballots but the basic question asked was should the town join Victoria, join Prince George, or remain independent. Results were overwhelmingly in favor of joining Victoria in the southern towns, but surprisingly the northern cities of Kamloops, Salmon Arm, and several smaller towns in the northern region voted in favor of joining Prince George. While likely a huge step in the recovery of the Okanagan region, these results were a blow to Victoria's hopes of unifying former British Columbia under its banner. Statements from leaders in Kelowna and Victoria point to the likelyhood of the Okanagan forming one of the new provinces once the federal system is implemented.

March 11, 2010: King Andrew goes to Victoria:
Rhoflag Victoriaflag VICTORIA, Victoria- King Andrew has begun the long journey to Victoria today. He intends to spend several months in Victoria. A Governor-General has been appointed in his absence and his arrival is much anticipated by the Victorians.

March 9, 2010, 10:10am GMT: Luxembourg's Grommerch iin Rif:
Flag of the Republic of the Rif Luxembourg.flag NADOR - Luxembourgish Foreign Affairs Minister Anne Grommerch traveled to Rif Tuesday to establish diplomatic relations between her country and the north African republic, and to prepare for a summit with Atlantic Defense Community members in the Azores this weekend. Rif, a small coastal republic where native Berbers mingle with Arab and European refugees and their descendants, is one of two majority-Muslim ADC members, and is the only member with no ties to the old NATO alliance. Besides meeting with the President, Mme. Gommerch spoke with leaders of Nador's large French community. The minister herself was born a French citizen.

March 8, 2010, 7:30am GMT: Luxembourg's foreign minister visits Corsica:
Flag of Corsica Luxembourg.flag AJACCIO - Luxembourgish Foreign Affairs Minister Anne Grommerch arrived in Corsica Monday, the first of several Atlantic Defense Community member nations she will visit on her two-week tour. Grommerch was able to find common ground with Corsica's government, who, like her, come from parts of France that have decided to turn away from their French past. Luxembourg is roughly the same size as Corsica, but does not plan on becoming an ADC member because its landlocked position isolates it from other ADC states. However, Luxembourg is expected to be recognized as an ADC partner in their Azores summit this weekend.

March 6, 2010: Kentucky Officially Declares War On Jackson:
Flag of Kentucky FORT KNOX, Kentucky- The Kentucky House and Senate easily passed a declaration of war against the rogue Tennessee survivor community of Jackson. President Bunning while addressing the media said "Our quarrel is not with the people of Jackson but with their leaders who have suppressed democracy and trampled on the rights and freedoms the good people of Jackson enjoyed before 1983." Bunning, no stranger to controversy created a stir when he was was asked by a reporter to respond to the arguments made by some Democrats against the war responding "Tough S**t" Aside from the profanity Bunning promised a quick and decisive victory for Kentucky, The Dixie Alliance and liberty.

March 5, 2010: Operation Spring Storm approved:
Flag of the Soviet Union KRASNOYARSK, USSR- After having a meeting with military officials and minister of defence Sergey Shoigu, in which the generals outlined a plan to officially annex the former Primorsky Krai areas, Tuleyev announced on the state-run news network that he approved the plan. The offical name of the operation is Spring Storm and, as the Siberians already have troops stationed in bases all over the planned areas of expansion, the start of the operation is slated to commence in three weeks. Tuleyev said that the newly acquired territory will be dubbed the Primorsky Krai Territory. The initial plan called for occupation of some areas of southern Manchuria, but in the interest of keeping friendly relations with Korea, this idea was abandoned. Tuleyev went on to say that this would ensure "an easy route to our Korean friends", and stated that "This is only the beginning. In the next decade we plan to repopulate and control our western lands, as soon as the Ural Territory is incorporated into the RSFSR and the Kazakh SSR."

March 5 2010, 7:42am GMT: Luxembourgish foreign minister departs for ADC summit:
Alps flag Luxembourg.flag ZÜRICH - Luxembourgish Foreign Affairs Minister Anne Grommerch arrived in the Alpine Confederation Friday as a first stop on a trip to the Azores for a meeting of the Atlantic Defense Community. At the meeting Grommerich will formally ask the ADC to grant Luxembourg status as a partner. ADC members invited the landlocked grand duchy to participate in their alliance last year in recognition of its role in the NATO alliance before the Third World War. In Zürich, Grommerch is to meet with her Alpine counterpart and with Confederal President Charles Remond. Trade and immigration issues will be on their agenda, according to Mme. Grommerch's aides. The Alpine Confederation is not an ADC member but has worked closely with it in the past.

March 4, 2010: Work to begin in April on Texas Superhighway linking both Texases, other nations:
Flag of Texas Flag of Texas ODESSA, West Texas - President Mike Conaway, Governor Roger Van Horn and other political dignitiaries from both West Texas and eastern Texas were on hand Thursday afternoon for the announcement of the establishment of the Texas Superhighway. "We're thinking way ahead of the curve on this, but it's necessary for the continued growth of our republic," Conaway told reporters and dignitaries. "The Superhighway, along with improvements in state roads and railroads, will help ensure a prosperous Texas for decades to come." Conaway cut the ceremonial ribbon at the foot of Exit 116 off east-bound Texas Highway One (formerly US Interstate 20). The Superhighway will start in Odessa and wind through Midland and the heart of West Texas, with work on the portion from Fort San Angelo to commence in April. It will continue from there to the to-be-developed town of Waco into eastern Texas (with the route going through the capital of Nacogdoches), and ending in San Augustine. There has also been talk of adding a north-south road from Nacogdoches into Broken Bow, Oklahoma and/or Hot Springs, Arkansas, and adding a highway from San Augustine, eastern Texas into Louisiana. When asked by a Mexican television reporter for his comment on a superhighway said to link Texas and Mexico, Conaway reportedly winked and said "I don't know anything about that."

March 2, 2010: The Collective Security Treaty Organization is offically formed:
CSTO Flag Flag of the Soviet Union KRASNOYARSK, USSR- State representatives met in the USSR today to officially ratify the forming of the CSTO. The member states upon forming are Siberia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Aralia and the People's Republic of Angola. Regional partners, who participate in matters that are solely linked to their region, are Tibet and Korea. Currently the only observer nation is Costa Rica. Chairman Tuleyev stated that he was "proud of such a joyous occasion. I hope that this will bring our allies closer together."

March 1, 2010: Kentucky Expeditionary Force Arrives In Portland :
Flag of Kentucky PORTLAND, Tennessee- The first elements of the Commonwealth of Kentucky's military expeditionary force led by former President Donald M. Campbell's son, General Donald M. Campbell Jr. arrived in Portland today. Originally sent for the purpose of peacekeeping the recent events in Jackson have provoked new tensions. This includes a declaration of war by Virginia against Jackson after being forced out at gunpoint. While Kentucky has not declared war on Jackson most commentators believe that it is only a matter of time before a state of war is officially announced between Kentucky and Jackson. These recent troop movements were already in the process of being carried out when the incident at Jackson occurred, the mission has now been given a new sense of urgency. This comes on the heels of unconfirmed reports of P-51 Mustangs from the Kentucky air force seen flying in and around the Jackson area conducting what could very well be reconnaissance. The Kentucky's Secretary of Defence refused to comment on the allegations when approached by reporters earlier today.

March 1, 2010: The LoNASO succesfully launch another GLONASS satellite:
Flag of the Soviet Union VOSTOCHNY COSMODROME, USSR- The League of Nations Authority for Space Operations has announced that, with the help of Siberian technicians, it has been able to launch another GLONASS satellite into orbit at 3:47 GMT. The satellite is called "единство" or Unity, as it marks the first joint endeavour of all the space agencies that ratified the Treaty for Astronomical and Space Research. Future satellites are schedueled to come into orbit some time in the next six months. It has not been decided yet whether the next launch will be in the Socialist Union or in another LoNASO nation.

February 2010

February 27, 2010: League of Nations neutral regarding Virginia war declaration:
Flag New League of Nations(1983 Doomsday) 83DD-virginiaflag4 HATTIESBURG - League of Nations director Brant McAllister told LoN Radio Saturday afternoon that the LoN would maintain neutrality regarding any potential conflict between the Virginian Republic and the city-state of Jackson in the southern United States. Virginia declared war on Jackson earlier on Saturday after a military contingent from Virginia and the nearby city-state of Portland were evicted from Jackson and their weapons confiscated. "We will monitor the situation to see how it develops," McAllister told LoN Radio. "We have advised Virginia regarding the Jackson region, and Virginia has made its decision, which it is entitled to do as an independent nation. Our relations with Virginia have not gone as well as we would like, which we want to rectify in the coming months. The LoN is interested in making sure all nations in the former United States are able to enjoy the same liberties and freedoms, and standard of living, that Americans in the region did pre-Doomsday. Sometimes this involves military action, to remove potential threats. Sometimes it involves caution."

February 27, 2010: 8.8 Earthquake Hits Chile:
American Republic Union Flag BUENOS AIRES, United American Republic - A massive 8.8 earthquake has been reported in Chile. In early media reports from the United American Republic monitored by the League of Nations, hundreds of deaths were reported around the capital of Santiago. Tsunami warnings have been issued by Geoscience ANZC for Hawaii , the Municipal States of the Pacific, Samoa and Micronesia, and for Baja California by Servico Geologico Mexicano.

February 27, 2010: The Virginian Republic declares war on Jackson:
83DD-virginiaflag4 CHARLESTON, Virginia - Enraged at the previous day's snub at the hands of the Jacksonians, the Virginian Congress officially passes a Declaration of War against the rogue state of Jackson, located in the western portion of the former American state of Tennessee. A furious President-General Michael H. Sumrall stated that "If you wanted to pin the blame on someone look at the Jacksonians. Their hositle treatment of our peace-loving explorers is an open act of war. We only came to help, and they treated us like just another band of raiders! They will find out that they made enemies with the wrong nation. As I speak the Virginian-Portlander contingent is being re-armed and mechanized. We will not stop until Jackson's streets are ground under the tracks and boots of our army! We wil not lose. This dishonor will be washed away with their blood!"

February 27,2010: Aralia announces that it will have a Prime Minister:
Bandera de Khiva 1917-1920 ARAL, Aralia - Today,the Government of Aralia announced that the former absolute monarchy is now going to have a Prime Minister,they announced that Islam Karimov from the Communist Party of Aralia is going to be the first Prime Minister of the nation.It is believed that Karimov was appointed by the Soviet Government because Aralia is a Soviet client state.The announcement was followed by protest from the People's Islamic Front of Aralia (PIFA) and the Democratic Union for the Emancipation of Aralia (DUEA),both oppose soviet rule in Aralia and PIFA is backed by Pakistan and DUEA by Australia,Soviet authorities said "The appointment of Karimov was made by the Aralian people only,the Soviet State has nothing to do with that,claims made by these puppet parties of Australia and Pakistan are lies,we are proud to say that Aralia is now a friend nation and we are happy to see that She is walking towards democracy."Prime Minister Karimov took office today and promised that he will lead the Aralian people through these difficult times and make Aralia a free nation.

February 26, 2010: Virginia/Portland contingent thrown out of Jackson at gunpoint:
83DD-virginiaflag4 PORTLAND, Tennessee - Portland Army spokesman Fred McAllister told media members tonight that the contingent of military from Virginia and Portland were "thrown out" of the city-state of Jackson. McAllister said the contingent was escorted to meet with Jackson's mayor, only to be rerouted out of the city and back to Interstate 40. Jackson gunmen confiscated the contingent's weapons and told them to leave the city. "After confiscating our forces' weapons, these militiamen, or gunmen, or whatever you want to call them told our people they weren't welcome and Jackson wasn't welcoming outsiders," McAllister said. "They told us to stay the hell out of town. We left, but what they don't know is that our bite is much better than our bark. IF they chose to come after us, we could put a hurting on them." There was no immediate comment on the situation from the Virginian Republic itself.

February 25, 2010: Virginia, Portland troops make contact with survivor city state in former Tennessee:
83DD-virginiaflag4 PORTLAND, Tennessee - Troops and scouts from the Virginian Republic and the city-state of Portland in the former U.S. state of Tennessee have made contact with the city-state of Jackson, in the western portion of Tennessee. Portland Army spokesman Fred McAllister told Virginia, Portland and League of Nations media this morning that the "Allies" met up with patrolmen stationed along former Interstate 40 outside of the town of Gilmore, about four miles north of downtown Jackson. McAllister said Virginian Colonel Mark O'Neal reported the meeting to have been "cordial" and that the VIrginia/Portland party had requested a meeting with the Jackson town leadership, and that the group was resting in a Gilmore hotel. McAllister also said that Virginian President-General Michael H. Sumrall was pleased at the contact and had offered any and all aid from his country for the Jackson region.

February 19, 2010:  Kentucky President Jim Bunning announces he will not seek re-election:
Flag of Kentucky FORT KNOX, Kentucky - President Jim Bunning announced earlier today that he will not seek reelection as President of the the Commonwealth of Kentucky in November's elections. Bunning who is serving his second term in office cited his age and the belief that three terms in office was one term too much. Bunning was elected easily in 2002 and 2006 and is still very popular in Kentucky. With Bunning decision not to run it opens the field wide open for Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike to run to succeeded Bunning. Kentucky's elections operate as a primary election in which all candidates for elected office run in the same primary regardless of political party. Under this system, the top two vote getters advance to the next round, similar to a runoff election. However, there is no separate nomination process for candidates before the first round, and it is entirely possible that two candidates of the same party could advance to the second. The second round can be avoided if a candidate passes the fifty percent threshold on the first ballot. No one has officially announced their candidacy but many are expected to do so in the next few days.

February 18, 2010: Vermont opens up talks with Aroostook for port on Atlantic coast:
Flag of the Vermont Republic MONTPELIER, Vermont - The national government announced this morning that it has opened up talks with Aroostook in regards to rebuilding either of the former Maine towns of Kennebunkport or York Harbor as a port. Both sites, abandoned since Doomsday, would offer Vermont access to the Atlantic Ocean and allow for trade with European, Caribbean and South American countries and for expanded trade with Canada. Heather Wilson, press secretary for President Jim Douglas, said the President believes it was important to negotiate with Aroostook regarding both potential sites, as both lie in the borders of former Maine and Vermont considers Aroostook the bona fide successor to the state of Maine. Vermont also wants to offer Aroostook access to the proposed port wherever it is eventually built. When asked why sites in New Hampshire County or former Massachusetts were not considered, Wilson mentioned a 2005 report from the Vermont Army Corps of Engineers citing the safety of former Portsmouth and Nashua, and bombed sites around former Boston and southeast Massachusetts as making a proposed site near former Cape Cod impractical.

February 18, 2010: Last stop on Tuleyev's world tour:
83DD-KoreaFlag Flag of the Soviet Union KAESONG, Korea- The Siberian chairman arrieved in Kaesong today to discuss Korea's role in the future CSTO. Talks were held throughout the past month discussing their part in the alliance and with the arrival of Tuleyev, the Koreans finally agreed to a regional partner status, following the example of Tibet. All three nations will work together on any issue of regional importance and will cooperate militarily on a regional level. The Korean government's decission was met with hard criticism from political opponents, who stated that this would lead to full membership, which the government denied and tried to reasure the population that it would not enter the CSTO as a full member. This visit marks the end of Tuleyev's diplomatic tour. The Siberian leader will meet his allies once more in Krasnoyarsk, during the founding ceremony of the CSTO, on March 2, 2010.

February 17, 2010: The "Chinese question" discussed in Taiwan:
83DD-TaiwanFlag Flag of the Soviet Union NEW TAIPEI, Taiwan- Tuleyev discuseed regional politics with his Taiwanese counterpart in New Taipei today and how the two nations could solve the problem of all the Chinese still surviving in lawless China. Although Taiwan declined to join the CSTO as well as observer status, it agreed to future bilateral discussions regarding this problem. Other than increased dialog, the two countries agreed to increase trade rights and exchanges of goods. The last stop on the Siberian chairmans tour is Korea, which he will visit tomorrow to finalise an agreement regarding Korea becoming a regional partner of the CSTO.

February 16, 2010: Prussian advance forces encounter resistance in Wolfsburg:
Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) BERLIN, Prussia - Prussian forces sweeping west through claimed territory encountered entrenched raiding groups in Wolfsburg today. It is hoped that if Prussian forces can occupy the city that any surviving manufacturing facilities can be restored. This would be a huge victory for Prussian industry and Prussian expansion goals. It is expected that it could take weeks to pacify resistance before any survey of the area is possible. Word of intense fighting as well as previous woes continue to erode support for King Christian's reign.

February 16, 2010: Warm welcome in Tibet:
Flag of Tibet Flag of the Soviet Union SHIGATSE, Tibet- Tibetan officials, accompanied by the Dalai Lama, met with the Siberian delegation earlier today to discuss strenghtening bonds between the two countries regarding regional politics. On the agenda was the tenuous peace Tibet and Bhutan had acquired after the war with Nepal. On the agenda was also the so called "Chinese question" regarding the influx of Chinese into neighbouring countries as they lack a stable government of their own. Tibet refuses to take a firm policy regarding these refugees stating that it will not abandon anyone in need. Talks also touched upon the formation of the CSTO. Although Tibet is not willing to become a part of the organization, because it does not wish to antagonize the Pakistani people, it did agree to become a regional partner of the organization and is willing to work with the organization on a smaller scale. Tuleyev meets with officials in Taiwan the following day, with whom he will also discuss the dire state of China.

February 15, 2010: Pakistan-USSR talks end without an agreement:
Flagpak1 Flag of the Soviet Union SUKKAR, Pakistan- Talks between Pakistan and the USSR were held today regarding the conflict happening in Afghanistan. The heated debate raged back and forth, with both sides calling the other imperialistic and "evil". However, verbal attacks were the only attacks happening today, as both sides realize the futility of direct combat between them. What was achieved is that Pakistan grudgingly agreed to acknowledges the Siberian presence in Aralia, while the USSR agreed to not annex the country outright. Analysts are skeptical regarding this promise, as they see it as a way for the Siberians to shift global attention away from the region, even though the official government denies this. The USSR's delegation heads to Tibet next, were they expect a friendly meeting with local government officials.

February 14, 2010: People's Republic of Angola joins the CSTO:
Flag of Angola Flag of the Soviet Union LUANDA, People's Republic of Angola- The Siberian delegation landed in Luanda today to talk to Angolan officials about the PRA joining the CSTO. President Santos was delighted with the idea of joining the CSTO, as it would signify that the PRA would receive greater international recognition. There was also talk about the tensions between the PRA and the Republic of Angola, as well as the rogue "Soviet kingdoms" located in the far eastern parts of Angola. Tuleyev pledged support for the PRA in any conflict in the region, when the country formally joined the CSTO. The chairman heads for Pakistan tonight, where he will face harsh criticism from the Pakistani government regarding his support for the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan.

February 13, 2010: Alpine ski jumpers win first Gold and Bronze Medals:
Alps flag ZÜRICH, Alpine Confederation - The first gold medal of the Winter Games went to the host nation, setting the tone for the Alpine Confederation to make a very strong showing in these Olympics. Ski jumper Simon Ammann, of St. Gallen canton, flew past the competition in the men's jump. Norwegian jumper Anders Jørgensen secured the silver medal, while the bronze went to Ammann's countryman, Heinrich Lehner of Nordtirol canton.

February 13, 2010:Siberia-SAC talks ned on a disappointing note:
Flag of SAC (DD) Flag of the Soviet Union CARACAS, Venezuela- after two days of debating, talks end without any firm consensus on global affairs. "I had hoped that the talks would end on a better note", said Tuleyev, stating that SAC members were firm in their support for Pakistani actions in Afghanistan. Tuleyev said that he wishes that Pakistan will show more resolve in finding a solution to the Afghani question. The SAC, however, agreed to uphold its promise to keep the Panama Canal open to any nation, including the USSR. The Siberian declaration flew to the People's Republic of Angola last night, were they will meet with Fernando Santos.

February 12, 2010: Winter Olympics begin in Zurich; first Games since 1980:
Alps flag ZÜRICH, Alpine Confederation - The Winter Olympics began Friday local time in Zurich. Nineteen countries participated in the opening ceremonies in Letzigrund Stadion for the XXI Winter Olympiad, the first Olympic competition to be held since the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, U.S.A. and the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, USSR. Eleven sports will be contested for the Games, scheduled to end with closing ceremonies on February 28. The resumption of the Summer Games is scheduled for early fall 2012 in Auckland, ANZC.

February 12, 2010: Constitutional convention begins in Torrington:
Flag of the United States TORRINGTON, Provisional United States - Representatives from across the Provisional United States are meeting in Torrington, Wyoming to discuss the future of their nation. Ever since contact with the outside world in 2009 where they learned that the United States had disbanded in 1995, the people of the PUS have debated about the provisional status of their government. It is hoped that the new constitutional convention that begins today will decide the fate of this survivor state. There is some speculation that the PUS will declare itself to be the successor of the United States. Governor of Lincoln, Sarah Heath, has been a vocal supporter of this idea.

February 11, 2010: Siberian-SAC summit begins:
Flag of SAC (DD) Flag of the Soviet Union CARACAS, Venezuela - The Siberian-SAC summit officially started today at noon and there are high hopes that this conference of two of the world's great powers would ease global tensions. The agenda of the summit will cover everything from the economy to the Panama Canal, Pakistan and the Socialist Union's continued influence in the Caribbean. the summit will end on February 13.

February 10, 2010: Victorian election results in status quo. Referendum on federal system passes:
Victoriaflag VICTORIA, Victoria - The election in Victoria today resulted in the status quo, with the Jacob Birch and the Social Survival Party maintaining a majority government. While some gains were made in former Washington due to the addition of Olympia and the Gray's Harbour region, as well as the referendum on a federal system, the former Canadian territories saw similar results to 2005. The Referendum on federalism passed with 71% approval and Premier Birch announced that as soon as parliament sits it will begin drafting a constitutional amendment. He also announced that with the addition of American territory and the new federal system, that a new symbol of Victoria was needed, and that the government would begin accepting proposals for a new flag.

February 10, 2010: Haitian officials accept Siberian aid proposal:
Flag of Haiti (civil) Flag of the Soviet UnionPORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti- Talks were held in the Haitian capital today between the Siberians and Haitians regarding the relief efforts that were being undertaken in Haiti after the devastating earthquake of January 12. Although president Bellerive is not pleased with Siberian influence in the region, he understood the dire situation of his people and, after some debate, agreed to the Siberian offer of aid. The Siberian chairman claims to have not asked for anything in return. However, socialist parties have received a major boost in the country. The chairman also spoke with Red Cross and WCRB members on their situation and acknowledged their hard work, stating that he hoped that his country's aid would help them in their work. The three day bilateral Siberian-SAC summit officialy starts tomorrow and the delegation will head there first thing in the morning.

February 9, 2010: The Dominican Republic welcomes the Siberian chairman:
Flag of the Dominican Republic Flag of the Soviet Union SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic- Chairman Tuleyev's plane landed in the Santo Domingo airport earlier today. President Hipolito greeted the Siberian leader and talks on joining the CSTO began not long after that. Hipolito was very receptive of the idea and did not object to it in principle, but wanted reasurance that member states would not be reduced to puppets of the government in Krasnoyarsk. Having laid his doubts to rest, Tuleyev got Dominican consent and they too will now attend the founding ceremony of the CSTO, which is to be held in three weeks time. Tuleyev continues his trip tomorrow. He is heading to the Haitian capital in order to show his willingness to help the Haitians. Political opponents argue that this is just another way of gaining support for Siberian actions in the region, which Tuleyev denies.

February 9, 2010: Gray's Harbour communities conditionally agree to join Victoria:
Victoriaflag VICTORIA, Victoria - Communities of the Gray's Harbour region of Washington state conditionally agreed to join Victoria today. The cities of Aberdeen, Cosmopolis, and Hoquiam will be merged into a single municipality and the Victorian government promises extensive economic investment into the area to build jobs. Plans are to convert the town into the main southern port for Victoria. With talks of expanding the Victorian navy, it is also a possibility that a second naval base will be built in the area.

February 8, 2010: Prussian Reichstag votes down proposed declaration of war against North Germany:
Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) NorthGermanFlag BERLIN, Prussia - The King submitted a declaration of war against North Germany today to the Reichstag, which was defeated nearly unanimously. This was another serious blow to the Christian's popularity and calls for his abdication are increasing, even amongst Reichstag delegates.

February 7, 2010: The future of the Caribbean region discussed in Nueva Gerona:
Flag of Cuba Flag of the Soviet Union NUEVA GERONA, Cuba- After a warm welcome at the Nueva Gerona airport where the Siberian leader was greeted by the leaders of Cuba as well as cheering masses, a meeting between the two sides was held. The press was not allowed entry, but Tuleyev said that the talks revolved around the WCRB presence in the South-Eastern parts of the former United States, Cuba's role in the region and other economic issues, such as exports of the Cuban version of Coca-Cola, which has gained serious momentum, exporting large amounts of the drink to Siberia, ANZC and other countries around the world. There was even word of opening up a Cuban owned factory in the Siberian port city of Sovetskaya Gavan, through which sales to other northern markets could be made. The Cuban government also formally accepted the offer to join the CSTO, which caused no surprise. The Siberian delegation is travelling to the Dominican Republic in two days time, as there are high hopes within the Siberian government that this powerful Caribbean island nation would also join the CSTO.

February 6, 2010: Nicaragua opts to join the CSTO:
Flag of Nicaragua Flag of the Soviet Union Flag of Costa Rica (state) MANAGUA,Nicaragua- Nicaraguan president Ortega once again reaffirmed his position as a staunch ally of Siberia by agreeing to join the CSTO. Other than talks on the alliance the time was also spent discussing the economy and the size of Siberian military personnel in Nicaragua. Ortega asked the chairman to send an additional 10,000 soldiers to help route out the rebels that have been plagueing the government on the eastern part of the Costa Rican border. Tuleyev formally agreed to the request. The meeting was also attended by president Toledo of Costa Rica who stated that, although he was grateful for Siberian help in the past, he did not want this help to come at the price of Costa Rican neutrality in the region. Nicaragua and the USSR reassured the president that he would not be forced to join the CSTO, while Toledo accepted to become an observer in the future organization in exchange allowing the soon to be formed Siberian Expeditionary Forces to cross the border into Costa Rican territory to hunt down insurgents that have been plagueing the border for decades. The rest of the day was spent giving the president a tour of the capital and allowing him to rest in his hotel. Tuleyev leaves the country tomorrow and is heading to Nueva Gerona.

February 5, 2010:Tuleyev greeted by protests in Crescent City
MPC flag Flag of the Soviet Union CRESCENT CITY, Municipal States of the Pacific- Earlier today the Siberian premier landed in Crescent city only to be greeted by angry CRUSA protesters stating that they did not want him on American soil. Tuleyev understood their anger and simply went on with business as usual and stayed for a conference with the officials of the MSP. The chairman pleged support for the country offering aid to the MSP and closer diplomatic ties. Even though the officials were surprised at first by the generous offer, they quickly agreed, thanking the USSR for its help. Analysts agree that this is probably another way the Siberians plan on getting support from other nations, even though Siberian leaders say otherwise. The chairman left for Nicaragua to formalize plans for establishing the CSTO.

February 4, 2010:Siberian leader visits Victoria:
Victoriaflag Flag of the Soviet Union VICTORIA, Republic of Victoria- Tuleyev visited premier Burch and lieutenant general McLellan today to discuss broadening cooperation between the two countries, both politically and economically. The reception was cordial and there were no protests in Victoria on the day of the meeting. Although Tuleyev left rather disappointed, not having secured any formal trade agreement, the Victorians agreed on an exchange of ambassadors, giving hope that a trade agreement could be made later. The Chairman continued his trip and landed in the MSP in the evening hours. There are fears of strong opposition to his visit, however, Tuleyev stated that he would not be intimidated by the icy reception and would go on with his trip as planned.

February 3, 2010:Tuleyev and Therriault sit down to discuss the future of the region:
Australian Alaska Flag of the Soviet Union SITKA, Alaska- Earlier today the Chairman of the USSR and governor Therriault held meetings regarding the state of the current borders. Even though the reception was quite icy the talks were fruitful. It was decided that citizens of Free Alaska could visit their cousins in the AAT and vice-versa. Border crossing restrictions would be in place, but a more lenient attitude will be had for future travels. The day was not without controversy, however, as there were riots in front of the main government building in Sitka. The rioters were violent and several Siberian flags were burned. Tuleyev said that he understood their continued anger and hatred towards the USSR but said that "sooner or later, we all have to start living our lives unhindered by the past." The Chairman is expected to visit Victoria on Thursday for an afternoon conference about trade and creating a Siberian embassy in Victoria and then quickly head to the Municipal States of the Pacific.

February 2, 2010:Aman Tuleyev lands in Alaska:
Australian Alaska Flag of the Soviet UnionSITKA, Alaska- After spending the morning discussing trade agreements and stability in the region, especially the question of taking care of Chinese refugees, the Chairman left Japan and landed in Sitka in the early morning hours of the Alaskan Time Zone. There he will speak to governer Gene Therriault about the future of the DMZ between Alaskan and Siberian controlled Alaska, the possibility of opening up border crossings to all citizens and removing trade restrictions between the two countries. He will be in the country until Thursday, when he will travel to the Republic of Victoria.

February 1, 2010, 9:30 GMT: Aman Tuleyev visits Japan:
Flag of the Soviet Union Flag of Japan KYOTO, Japan- Today Aman Tuleyev, the leader of the USSR, made an unexpected visit to Japan, a week before his scheduled visit to his allies, regarding the forming of the CSTO. In a press conference held in Kyoto he stated that his aim is to broaden dialog between Siberia and other nations, both allies and non-allies. He stated that his goal was not only to visit Japan, but also to visit the nations of Alaska, Victoria, the MSP, Nicaragua, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, the People's Republic of Angola and also attend an informal conference between the USSR and the SAC, located in Caracas, Venezuela. Furthermore, by the end of the trip, he will visit Pakistan to try to resolve the ongoing tensions in the region. He also stated that visits to Taiwan, Tibet and Korea would be made, if further duties did not hinder these meetings. These statements come after a deteriorating Siberian image in world politics, brought on by giving aid to the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, as well as the recent invasion of the Khanate of Aralia. This is one of the rare occasions that the Chairman has made diplomatic trips abroad, the only other time being the LoN founding ceremony.

January 2010

January 31, 2010, Tibetans decide on entering the LoN:
Flag of Tibet SHIGATSE, Tibet- The Tibetan referendum on admittance into the LoN shows that an overwhelming majority of Tibetans would like to enter the League of Nations and an official application has been sent. Tibetan officials stated that its membership,"was all in the hands of the global community now."

January 30, 2010:  Kentucky President Jim Bunning declares a state of emergency:
Flag of Kentucky Fort Knox, Kentucky- President Jim Bunning has declared a state of emergency after a recent blast of wicked winter weather has pummeled the South. Parts south central Kentucky, have already received 10 inches of snow by Saturday afternoon. By declaring a state of emergency President Bunning has freed up the necessary resources to clear roads and help those who may have found themselves on the wrong side of the storm. However, Lexington was able to escape the worst only recording four inches of snow. Still widespread power outages throughout the Commonwealth and officials are scrambling to restore it as soon as possible. Virginia, Joplin, Cape Girardeau, Hattiesburg and many other communities in the south have been hit with a viscous combination of snow, rain, ice and even reports of tornadoes in some areas.

January 29, 2010, 8:30pm GMT: Vermont Legislature passes bill lengthening Presidential terms:
Flag of the Vermont Republic MONTPELIER, Vermont - The Vermont Senate unanimously passed a bill that would lengthen the term for the President from two years to four. The House had passed the bill earlier in the week; the bill is expected to be signed into law by President Jim Douglas this afternoon (EST). As part of a compromise, Douglas will have to run for another term this year, as the new term length does not take effect until the next President is inaugurated next January.

January 29, 2010, 5:10pm GMT: Mexico, West Texas, East Texas announce signature of treaty:
Flag of Texas Mexican Flag 1990 Flag of Texas MIDLAND, West Texas - Mexico President Marcelo Ebrard, West Texas President Mike Conaway and eastern Texas Governor Roger Van Horn announced the signing of a treaty between the three countries this morning at the West Texas Capitol Building. The highlights of the treaty included a 50-year agreement between the three countries, or Mexico and the "successor" to the western and eastern Texas governments; that has raised talk about some sort of political union between the two Texases, an idea that has been much discussed of late in the media and informally among the public, but never by any government sources. The treaty is said to have been hammered out at Conaway and Ebrard's summit in Dinetah early in January, and includes Mexico's pledge to "respect and uphold Texan independence" as well as a mutual defense pledge between the three countries. In turn, West Texas will "fully" open its markets to Mexico and her allies and make available on a limited basis oil from the Permian Basin (an arrangement West Texas had previously signed with Utah and Dinetah).

January 29, 2010: Raoul Cedras found dead in Port-au-Prince:
Flag of Haiti (civil) PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - Earlier today the body of Raoul Cedras, the head of the Haitian military and former leader of the interim government from 1996 to 2002, was found dead under a collapsed building in the middle of the Haitian capital. The nation is mourning the loss of one of the most influential men in Haiti's recent history and acting president Jean-Max Bellerive stated that he would hold a special ceremony to honor all those killed in the earthquake, including Cedras. Reports of victims under the rubble continue to rise and there are well over 150,000 Haitians who have been confirmed to have been killed.

January 29, 2010: Utah may join the North American Union:
Deseret Flag of the North American Union.svg IDAHO FALLS, Utah - Reports indicate that high level officials of Utah and the North American Union are in talks about Utah joining the NAU in the future. The two states, along with the Municipal States of the Pacific, have been negotiating since earler this month about a joint project to rebuild railroad connections to the Pacific coast, thus giving both Utah and the NAU member states access to the wealthy Pacific market. An anonymous source has said that the during the talks Donald J. Atchison, head of the NAU diplomatic team, brought up the idea of potential future membership in the NAU for the two other nations, but Utah was the only one who showed interest. So far neither the NAU or Utah have officially announced that they are in negotiations about Utah's membership in the NAU, but Dinétah has announced they would be receptive to a "closer relationship with our neighbors in the east."

January 22, 2010, 7:45pm GMT (1:45pm CST): Conservatives join with CRUSA in protesting West Texas-Mexico summit in front of Capitol building:
Flag of Texas MIDLAND, West Texas - Conservative Democrat and Republican leaders joined "concerned citizens" and representatives of the Committee to Restore the United States of America today in a protest of the recent West Texas-Mexico summit in front of the West Texas Capitol building in downtown Midland. The crowd, estimated by Midland police to have been around 1,000, was said to have been orderly. John King, a former Odessa newspaper reporter who now is the spokesman for the CRUSA West Texas branch, said the protesters were "angry" over lack of information from the recent summit in Dinetah between West Texas President Mike Conaway and Mexican President Marcelo Ebrard and no word from the Conaway Administration on rumors regarding the end of West Texas sovereignty. "Many have worked hard to save our freedoms and our nation, and our leaders will not even talk with us to tell us what is going on," King said. In recent days, the Conaway administration has said that the details of his meeting with Ebrard needed to "not be public" until details were worked out, but that "under no circumstances is Texan sovereignty under danger or threat of ending."

January 19, 2010: Aralian Khan receives death threats:
Bandera de Khiva 1917-1920 ARAL, Khanate of Aralia - The Khan of Aralia received messages containing death threats today. The messages were found to be from a revolutionary group called the Liberators, who want to free the Khanate from Socialist Siberia. Khan Abdul Rahim has been losing enormous amounts of popularity in Aralia since his failure to keep it free from the Siberians, who kept him in power to help keep peace in the area. Rahim made no comment on the matter, but a spokesperson for who is believed to be the leader of the movement said in public that, "The good people of the Khanate will not tolerate the actions of Siberia. If our Khan will not free us, then we will do it ourselves." Police now stand on guard all day and night at the Khan's palace, and no civilians allowed to approach the building.

January 19, 2010, 5:45pm GMT: Deadly guerrilla attack in Costa Rica's Limón region
Flag of Costa Rica PUERTO LIMÓN - Guerrillas attacked a Costa Rican military post in the lowland town of Matina in the most violent display of separatist activity since their defeat by government forces in 2007. As many as twenty soldiers and civilians are believed dead. Costa Rica's President Ricardo Toledo immediately declared a state of emergency in Matina and ordered additional security forces into the Limón region. Regional President Edwin Patterson's office has not yet issued a statement on the attack.

January 19, 2010: Citizens' Congress proposes Federal System to address issues in Victoria:
Victoriaflag VICTORIA, Victoria - The Citizens' Congress put forth a proposal to Victorian parliament today to amend the nation's constitution to convert from a Unitary to a Federal system, dividing the nation into semi-autonomous provinces to address various cultural differences and other issues. "We believe this would be the ideal solution to a number of issues in Victoria. Islanders see things differently than mainlanders, who see things differently than northerners, etc." A spokesman from the Congress said today. Premier Jacob Birch responded: "The Citizens' Congress was called to bring about ideas like these, and we are taking them seriously. In February's election we will be adding a referendum question on whether or not to adopt a federal system. If passed we will amend the constitution and work to putting the system in effect by 2011."

Januray 19, 2010: Prussian King's support declines further:
Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) BERLIN, Prussia - Polls show that public opinion of King Christian I of Prussia is declining steadily after refusing to back down on his calls for the absorption of North Germany. Support is currently holding at 33%, with 29% saying that the King has become unstable and should abdicate in favor of his son Georg.

January 18, 2010: New Taiwan capital dedicated:
83DD-TaiwanFlag NEW TAIPEI, Chinese Republic of Taiwan - In a formal ceremony the Chinese Republic of Taiwan formally opened its new capital city of New Taipei. The new capital, located 90 km southwest of the destroyed city of Taipei, was the result of almost twenty years of planning and reclamation. At the center of the new city is the Parliament building, the Presidential residence, and a memorial to those Taiwanese who perished on and after Doomsday. New Taipei can accommodate approximately 50,000 citizens, though less than 25,000 inhabit the city at present. Among the representatives from foreign nations who attended the ceremony were ANZC Governor-General John Howard, Philippine President Manuel Villar, and Singapore President S.R. Nathan. Most of the administrative functions of the Republic will remain at T’ainin during the transition period. It is expected that New Taipei will be fully functional no later than 2020.

January 17, 2010: Sebastian Piñera wins Chilean presidential election:
Flag of Chile SANTIAGO, Chile - Right-wing billionaire Sebastian Pinera won Chile's runoff presidential election Sunday, defeating former President Eduardo Frei, the man he bested by a big margin in December's first round of voting. Pinera's triumph ends a 20-year hold on power by Frei's Concertacion political alliance, which is also the party of incumbent President Michelle Bachelet. The coalition has held power since Gen. Augusto Pinochet's 17-year authoritarian regime ended in 1990.

January 17, 2010: Packers win SFL Championship at home:
Flag of Superior GREEN BAY, Superior - The Green Bay Packers American football team beat the Mackinaw Wheels 27-10 Sunday afternoon in the SFL Championship Game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay before 35,750 fans. Brant Packer threw for 153 yards and two touchdowns, both to Warren Harris, and Marques Price ran for 111 yards and another TD to lead the Packers.

January 15, 2010: North German Chancellor fires back at Prussian King:
NorthGermanFlag Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) HUSUM, North Germany - The North German Chancellor today fired back at Prussian King Christian I over his demands for North German submission to Prussian rule. "While the people of North Germany welcome the friendship and brotherhood of the Prussian people, we will not submit our freedom in the name of such brotherhood. We call on Prussia to back down on its claims and join us in friendship." King Christian had this to say: "I gave my word to the people of Prussia that I would work to unite the former northern lands of Prussia. I will not back down." Prussian troops have advanced and begun setting up aid stations and reconstruction efforts in the surviving areas of former Rostock, as well as in the survivor community in Magdeburg.

January 15, 2010, 12:20PM GMT (7:20AM EST): Hatian PM: Elections will be held
Flag of Haiti (civil) PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - Haitian prime minister, Jean-Max Bellerive, announced his plans today to hold general elections as soon as relief efforts are finished and general Cedras is found. He is thankful of the aid that has been provided by other countries in the region and the LoN, stating that he would be pleased to join the LoN, as soon as affairs returned to normal. He will be acting as both prime minister and president until the next president is elected.

January 14, 2010, 8:28PM GMT (3:28PM EST): Haitian President Preval, family found dead in rubble of National Palace:
Flag of Haiti (civil) CAP-HAITIEN, Haiti - The League of Nations temporary consulate in Cap-Haitien has told LoN Radio that the bodies of Haiti President René Préval and his family were found in the remains of the National Palace on Thursday. It is believed at least 30,000, including Preval and his family, died as a result of Tuesday's earthquake in the small Caribbean country. LoN radio is also reporting that the whereabouts of General Raoul Cedras are unknown, and it is unclear who if anyone is in charge of the nation. Relief efforts are being headed up by the LoN and the Red Cross and Red Crescent, with aid coming in from private and religious agencies from Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and the East Caribbean Federation, as well as from Cuba.

January 14, 2010: Prussian King Christian's approval plummets:
Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) BERLIN, Prussia - Following a speech yesterday calling for the submission of the North German government to Prussia, approval ratings for the Prussian king plummeted. Prior to the speech approval was holding steady at 67%. Today, poll results painted a different picture: 46% now support Christian's efforts to unite northern Germany at all costs. Whether this support level will continue remains to be seen.

January 14, 2010, 4:27PM GMT (11:27AM EST): "Absolute devastation" in Haiti:
Flag of Haiti (civil) Flag of the Dominican Republic SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic - In a brief conversation with a Santo Domingo radio station, League of Nations volunteer Christiane Nordquist gave an update of the situation on the ground in neighboring Haiti, which had been hit by a 7.3-magnitude earthquake on Tuesday. "It is absolute devastation," said Nordquist, who is one member of a small LoN contingent sent from the LoN consulate in Santo Domingo to assist in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince. "There are large areas of nothing but rubble, and large areas where people's bodies are lying in the streets. Words cannot describe what it is like in the capital." Nordquist called from Fort Liberte, about ten km west of the Haiti/Dominican border, and 35 km east of the LoN temporary headquarters in Cap-Haitien, in northern Haiti.

January 14, 2010, 4:21PM (9:21AM MST): NAFL denies request for replay of its championship game:
Flag of the North American Union.svg 30px BILLINGS, Montana, North American Union - The North American Football League has denied a request by the Assiniboia Blue Bombers to replay the January 3 championship game. The Blue Bombers lost 34-17 to the Saskatchewan Roughriders in Saskatoon; Assiniboia's protests to the league office came as a result of a record number of penalties it considered to be the result of 'biased' officiating, as well as issues involving players who were unable to travel to Saskatchewan that weekend for work-related reasons. The NAFL is one of two American football professional leagues known to be competing in North America.

January 13, 2010: King Christian of Prussia demands North Germany submit to Prussian rule: 
Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) NorthGermanFlag BERLIN, Prussia - King Christian of Prussia today announced plans to begin reclaiming the wild lands of western Germany. In his speech he also demanded that the government of North Germany surrender the lands it claims. "When the good people of Prussia made me their king, I promised to return Prussia to the glory it once held. The pretender government of North Germany holds lands and people that are a rightfully part of Prussia. I plan to hold to my promises and hope the North German officials see reason and peacefully allow the people of North Germany to rejoin their brothers in Prussia." Public opinion in Prussia is mixed, while the majority of Prussian citizens agree with the move to reclaim the lands of central Germany from the bandits and warlords, they also question the need to threaten a peaceful neighbor. "First he mishandles Pomerania, then botches relations with the Nordic Union, now he's threatening fellow Germans. He may be our King, but even the King can overstep his bounds." Says one local, outlining some of the lower points of Christian's rule. Chancellor Klaus Wowereit stated "The reclaiming of central Germany has been on the King's agenda for years, and the Reichstag fully support and endorse this action. We were just as surprised as you were, however, with the King's statements regarding North Germany. We do not endorse hostile action against a legitimate German government."

January 12, 2010, 8pm EST (Jan. 13, 1am GMT): Major earthquake believed to have caused massive damage, casualties in Haiti:
Flag of Haiti (civil) Flag of Cuba NUEVA GERONA, Cuba - League of Nations Radio reports that an earthquake, about 7.3 on the Richter scale, struck off the coast of Haiti late Tuesday afternoon. Dozens are believed to have been killed or injured in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince. LoN observers told LoN Radio that several buildings in the capital have collapsed. The Universidad de Nueva Gerona, which monitors earthquakes and hurricanes for the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, reported the epicenter as being about 15 km (ten mi) southwest of Port-au-Prince. The initial quake was 7.3 on the Richter scale, occurring at 4:53 pm local time (9:53 GMT), and was quickly followed by aftershocks of 5.9 and 5.5 magnitude. It was felt in the neighboring Dominican Republic and in portions of the East Caribbean Federation. "We don't know the extent of casualties, or damage, until we get in there but our guess is, based on the magnitude of the quake, there is significant damage," LoN Caribbean envoy Walter Arras told LoN Radio. "The LoN will send available ships and personnel from the Red Cross and Red Crescent immediately, and begin assessing the situation on the ground when day breaks to ascertain what assistance we can offer." LoN Radio also reported that offers of aid have already come from numerous nations in the area, both LoN members and non-members.

January 11, 2010, 5:00 GMT: Virginian Speech Free At Last!
83DD-virginiaflag CHARLESTON - Today the Virginian President-General has signed the Virginian Media act into law. In doing so he hands control of the Virginian Media Agency over to its new civilian owners. This is another move to show that Virginia is moving away from its previous militaristic government. However, he has made sure that every CEO and higher echelon employee has had a tour of duty in the military.

January 10, 2010: President Armenta addresses Chumash
Untiled Following the recent population boom in the Chumash Republic President Vincent Armenta came out with press statement today at twelve P.M. local time. Here is an excerpt of his speech: "Fellow citizens of Chumash, it is with a good head, and a good heart that I must welcome these new refugees with open arms. Now I understand our current housing and homeless problems, my administration and I have come to a final choice that may solve both problems. Starting at three P.M. today I will officially sign the "Expansion of Territory act". This will extend our borders to all of the Channel Islands, as well as what was once San Luis Obispo County. the act will also add more funds to the development of homes, in the hopes that we may look forward to developing bettering lives for all citizens. Now, my fellow citizens of Chumash, it is time to settle in our new friends from the east; now is the time to finally end the rising homeless rate that has consumed most of us. Thank you."

After making his speech President Armentas' approval rating set a new record from his previous rating of 72% to 88% There is now little doubt that he will be reelected come this June.

January 10, 2010: Packers, Wheels to play for SFL Championship:
Flag of Superior GREEN BAY, Superior - The Green Bay Packers American football team beat the visiting Marquette Lions 27-10 Sunday afternoon, qualifying for the SFL Championship Game January 17 at Green Bay's Lambeau Field. The Packers will play the Mackinaw Wheels, who beat the host Thunder Bay Giants 17-14 in overtime on Saturday afternoon. Green Bay lost to the Iron Mountain Flyers in last season's SFL Championship at Lambeau Field.

January 9, 2010: Earthquake hits near Municipal States of the Pacific:
MPC flag CRESCENT CITY, MSP - An earthquake occurred approximately 25 miles west of the former city of Eureka Saturday at 4:27 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (Jan. 10, 12:27 am GMT). The quake was estimated by the ANZC Geological Survey Organization headquarters in Crescent City to be at 6.5 magnitude. No casualties were reported but there was minor structural damage to buildings in the southern towns of the MSP.

January 9, 2010: refugees from Nevada flock into the Chumash Republic:
Untiled-Today at approximately 11 AM local time, the Chumash Republic reported that about twenty thousand refugees entered the country, claiming to be from Nevada. At that time the refugees appeared at a border fence and were detained by the local military police. About a half-hour later the refugees were released from the detention camp there. John Hawks, the refugees' supposed leader, made a statement claiming they were all that was left of the southern counties of Nevada and the city Las Vegas, he claimed that they picked up radio waves the nation broadcast, and followed them to their source. President Vincent Armenta ordered the building of refugee camps on the Eastern side of the country, and promised all immigrants that they were now citizens of Chumash. Due to the country's low housing infrastructure these people may not have a home to go to, after realizing this President Armenta claimed that he would make a formal statement tomorrow on the nation's current state of affairs.

January 8, 2010, 4:30 PM GMT(10:30 AM CT): Superior businessman announces plans to re-establish halls of fame for baseball, American football:
Flag of Superior IRON MOUNTAIN, Superior - Superior businessman Elliott Gold held a press conference this morning announcing his plans to re-establish the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Professional Football Hall of Fame by 2014. Speaking in the Gold Room at his Gold Industries, Ltd. headquarters, the entrepreneur said he hoped to establish the American football museum sooner than 2014, using his collection of National Football League memorabilia and items from the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame as a base. Gold said he had been in discussions with Virginian Republic authorities to get their permission to send explorers from the Virginian city of Athens north into former Canton, where the original Professional Football Hall of Fame was located. Gold said the plan is to investigate the grounds, see how much is salvageable, then transport it back to Superior. He also said the same plan would apply for exploring the baseball hall of fame in the village of Cooperstown, in former New York state. Gold said he has also spoken with Vermont officials about sending a party from Vermont into the Cooperstown region. Gold said if everything falls into place, Canton would be explored first, followed by Cooperstown. Gold also announced the venture, via telegraph press release, to media outlets in Virginia and Vermont. He is expected to discuss the venture tonight on Superior's full-power AM radio station, which can be heard across the continent.

January 8, 2010, 1:28AM GMT(Jan. 7, 2010, 7:28PM CT): Dinetah, West Texas agree on unclaimed territory of former New Mexico state:
Navajo flag Flag of Texas RAINBOW BRIDGE, Dinetah - Representatives of the Dinetah and West Texas governments announced the two countries' agreement to jointly govern the territory of the former U.S. state of New Mexico as "international territory". "It is appropriate, as neighbors, friends and former Americans, that we, together, govern this land that lies between us," said Dinetah spokesman Bernard MacDonald. "This land of former New Mexico has lain dormant for over 26 years, a killing ground for people Navajo and non-Navajo, devastated by the worst weapon humanity has ever developed. It is the hope, indeed the expectation, of the people of Dinetah and West Texas that one day, soon, this land will teem once again with life, as a living memorial to those who have left this earth, and a testament to the unbeatable, preserving spirit of humanity that has risen, triumphantly, from the brink of extinction." Also, representatives of Utah will stay to observe next week's summit between West Texas President Mike Conaway and Mexican President Marcelo Ebrard. Conaway left Rainbow Bridge early this morning to attend to business in Midland, before returning next Tuesday for the summit.

January 7, 2010, 11:30PM GMT(5:30PM CT): Conaway Administration refuses to comment on CRUSA accusations as Dinetah-Utah-West Texas trade agreement announced:
Navajo flag Flag of Texas Deseret RAINBOW BRIDGE, Dinetah - Dinetah, Utah and West Texas today announced a joint trade agreement that is effective immediately. Media outlets in West Texas, Mexico, Montana and Utah, along with League of Nations radio, reported the agreement will also help form the base of a "joint front" in regards to political and economic relations with "other political entities", said to refer particularly to Mexico, the North American Union, South American nations and Canada. The agreement is said to include "significant" infrastructure investment in Dinetah from Mexican companies. West Texas President Mike Conaway and Dinetah political leaders were said to be deep into negotiations regarding some sort of "shared interest" in the territory of former New Mexico not claimed by either country, with an announcement to be made Thursday or Friday. In Midland, West Texas, Administration officials refused to comment on Tuesday's press conference by the local chapter of the Committee to Restore the United States of America, in which it accused Conaway of acting more in the best interest of Mexico than of West Texas. Officials of the West Texas Republican Party - Conaway's political affiliation - also refused to comment on the CRUSA accusations.

January 7, 2010: Peaceful Reunification Promised in France:
Rauvflag83-89andnow PORT AMBONNE, Auvergne: Prefect Patrick Stéfanini and Premier Ministre Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, former president of France stood today in front of the newly created embassy of the République des Terres Française Australes, created, funded and donated by the people of Auvergne. "Nous sommes bien content de retablir notre pays, la belle France" M. d'Estaing said, expressing the rising unification sentiments of Auvergnats, and many French. By creating the embassy, Auvergne hopes to win support from the RTF to begin the process of re-establishing France as a unified entity, beginning with the establishment of the 6th Republic following the 6th constitutional convention to take into account the societal and cultural changes since Doomsday.

Auvergne has recently changed its flag from the Provincial flag of Auvergne to the tricolor of France with the Auvergnat shield in the canton. No response has yet been made by RTF leadership in the wider world, but the Ambassador of the RTF in Port Ambonne graciously accepted the keys to the embassy.

January 7, 2010: Citizens' Congress begins in Victoria:
Victoriaflag VICTORIA: Today marked the beginning of the Citizens' Congress in Victoria. Randomly selected representatives from across the Republic of Victoria gathered today to discuss issues important to the people, and present proposals to address those issues. Main issues discussed in the first day were managing expansion and regional culture and autonomy. It is believed these issues will dominate the congress.

January 6, 2010: Aralian soldiers kidnap SSNN (Siberian State News Network) Reporters:
Flag of the Soviet Union Bandera de Khiva 1917-1920 KRASNOYARSK, Soviet Siberia - Today, a team of reporters of the SSNN, the official broadcast channel of Soviet Siberia, were kidnapped by Aralian Soldiers carrying RPGs and other weapons.Aman Tuleyev stated that: "These acts are acts of war and the glorious Soviet State will rescue its brothers who were cowardly attacked by these animals." Abdul Rahim claimed that the soldiers who attacked the reporters weren't members of the regular Aralian Army. The Pakistani ambassador to Siberia, Fareed Marwat, claimed that "This attack was the response of our Muslim brothers from the north to the mad claims of Tuleyev, who said yesterday that Aralia is a part of the USSR."

January 6, 2010, 12:39AM GMT (Jan. 5, 6:39PM CT): First day of Dinetah-Utah-West Texas summit overshadowed by CRUSA allegations:

Navajo flag Flag of Texas Deseret MIDLAND, West Texas - As President Mike Conaway met his counterparts from Dinetah and Utah on the first of a three-day summit at Rainbow Bridge, leaders of the Midland chapter of the Committee to Restore the United States of America held a press conference accusing Conaway of "selling out" West Texas to Mexico. Taking note of ongoing talks between West Texas and Mexican officials, including the recent announcement of the joint establishment of a port on the Gulf of Mexico, CRUSA Texas Chairman John MacDonald accused Conaway of actions "detrimental" to West Texas. "We fought for years to keep the Mexicans out of our business, to keep Texas free and independent, and to keep open the possibility of the renewal of the United States," said MacDonald, who served three terms as a Republican Senator from Big Spring from 1989 to 2000 before resigning due to health issues. "We don't care if there are 100 million refugees in Mexico. The Americans don't run that country. Mexico would have engulfed us and stripped us of our resources, without hope of what's good for America, North America, even Texas. Conaway is selling us down a river." The Conaway administration had no immediate comment; Congressman Harry Reeder, who ran against Conaway in the 2009 Presidential race, said "MacDonald means well, those CRUSA guys mean well, but they're misguided about a lot of things. I disagree with the president on a number of things, but I know he would not sell us down the river. Everything he's doing I believe is with the best intentions for the greatest good of our country."

January 5, 2010, 11PM GMT (6PM ET): Debate over budget, extending Presidential term top agenda as Vermont Legislature opens:
Flag of the Vermont Republic MONTPELIER, Vermont - The Vermont Legislature opened its session on Tuesday with two pressing pieces of business on its agenda: lengthening the Presidential term from two to four years, and balancing the national budget. With the office of the President having taken on increased importance in regional and world affairs, Democratic and Republican leaders have agreed with the administration of President Jim Douglas that an increase of the Presidential term to four years is essential. However, the term increase - once considered a lock - is less certain, as party leaders squabble over the budget. Democrats say they stayed quiet on the budget to show support for Douglas while he met leaders of other North American states in 2009. But in 2010, Democratic leaders want Douglas to work with them on balancing the budget. "President Douglas has developed a well-deserved reputation for diplomacy and negotiations with other nations. He needs to negotiate with his own people so he, and our country, can lead, without being in debt", said Senate President Pro Tempore Peter Shumlin (D-Windham). Other issues on the legislature's agenda include moving the Presidential primary to August; potentially extending legislative terms to four years; and Vermont's relations with neighboring countries in regards to the ongoing Saguenay conflict.

January 5, 2010: Siberian military expedition encounters isolated state in Central Asia:
Flag of the Soviet Union Bandera de Khiva 1917-1920 KRASNOYARSK, Soviet Siberia - Today the Siberian government announced that a military expedition in the former Uzbek SSR has found an isolated state, the Khanate of Aralia, ruled by a man who claims to be a descendant of the rulers of the Pre-Soviet state in Central Asia, the Khanate of Khiva. The Khanate of Aralia controls all the margins of the Aral Sea. The Soviet leader Aman Tuleyev said that Aralia is part of the former Soviet Union so he will occupy that region. The SAF has found resistance from the troops of the Khan of Aralia, Abdul Rahim.

January 4, 2010: Brazilian presidential candidate assassinated:
Flag of Brazil 1968-1992 SÃO PAULO, Brazil - The Brazilian presidential candidate José Serra (PSDB) was assassinated by a mentally-ill man who claimed that Serra was going to re-install the military dictatorship. Paulo Costa, the murderer of Serra, threw a hand grenade inside the car that Serra was in. Now that he is dead it is very probable that the candidate Dilma Roussef (PT) is going to win the elections. The governor of Minas Gerais, Aécio Neves, declared that he is very sorry for what happened to his comrade and he blamed the "Anti-PSDB Crusade" that PT has allegedly waged since 2003 for the assassination of his friend, which he claims was a political crime. Lula denied these allegations.

January 1, 2010: New Years Day:
People around the world celebrate the start of a new year according to the Gregorian Calender.