Molotov was born Vyacheslav Skryabin in the small village of Kukara near Kirov In 1890. He was educated at a school in Kazan and in 1908 joined the Russian communist party. In 1909 he was forced to leave Russia because of his politics and joined many other communists in Sweden. He remained there until 1914 when, thanks to the outbreak of war, he returned to Russia to help the communist cause there. In 1915 he arrived in St. Petersburg and helped organise the communist underground forces there. In 1916 the St. Petersburg revolt forced the Tsar to leave and run the government from Moscow. However within 3 weeks the revolt was put down and Skryabin (now using his pseudonym Molotov) escaped to Finland. Finland became the main center for communist resistance and Molotov remained there with Lenin. In 1918 however the revolution resumed in Moscow, and Skryabin was sent there by Lenin to assist the organisation of the bolshevik forces there. He remain there until 1919, when upon the communist seisure of power, he was made Interior Commisar by Lenin, a post that he remained at until 1925, when he resigned and reverted to a much more junior post. Molotov was a supporter of Stalin, however he found his methods becoming more and more brutal. In 1938, Molotov teamed up with Marshal Tukachevsky and several other leading politburo members and arrested Stalin and Beria, and later had them executed. The central commitee that elected Molotov as Leader of the Communist Party, Premier and head of state of the Soviet Union.

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