Vox revolution
Date December 22 1960
Location North America
Result The northern States form The free American republic
Vox populi United States
15,567,789 5,987,765
Casualties and losses
500,000 1,000,000

The Beginning

In 1960 the civil rights movement was falling apart protests were ruthlessy put down civil rights leaders were assassinated radical civil rights supporters formed the vox populi a revolutionary group aimed to liberate the oppressed the Militant group was responsible for attacking southern democrates, Ku Klux Klan, bombing of governmental offices.The Vox mostly got support from the lower class,communists,minorities,white sympathizers, military defectors the us government offered rewards for captured vox members in response the vox bombed a bus depot in bermingham. The U.S government proceeded to execute suspected vox members this only worsen their situation.

Romanian Revolution 1989 5

Vox populi militants in Birmingham

The Revolution 

On December 22nd in response to the arrests and executions the vox populi formed an army over 50 thousand and attacked the city of Birmingham Alabama The Vox killed anyone who defended the city and recruited lower class men and African Americans because the city was seen as the center of segregation the vox proceeded to destroy the city leaving thousands homeless.The attack surprised the nation the u.s.government soon ordered the military to crush the rebellion the vox proceeded to attack Fort Rucker to acquire military weapons and vehicles

Soon officers in the military defected to the vox populi offering much needed training to make a full fledged army one by one cities were captured by the vox the U.S government made their last stand in Washington but most of the the u.s troop were militiamen who were poorly trained and all of their military vehicles were either captured or destroyed. On January 14 the Vox populi attacked the well defended city the U.S troops put up a heavy fight against the infantry but was helpless against tanks since they had no anti tank weapons or air force the battle continued for three day before the U.S surrendered. The treaty of Washington was signed as a result the United states lost all of the northern and western states and was force to relocate down down south. 


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