Flag of the Mapuches No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Nov Xoryan
Largest city Nov Xoryan
Other cities Machitonis
Ethnic Group 85% Mapuche, 15% Other
Demonym Vorlayacoran
Population 500,000 
Vorlayacor is a nation comprised of various Hesperian ethnicities located in southern OTL Brazil around OTL Sao Paulo. The former Mapuche nation, upon its defeat at the hands of the Spanish, was forced to surrender its territory and claim a new territory farther north; hence, Vorlayacor was born.  It was a proctectorate of the Spanish confederation; as of 1541, it has earned its independence.

A large focus of the government has been modernizing the nation so that it can compete with European powers both economically and militarily; as this process has been ongoing for more than 50 years, the nation has advanced tremendously in all notable areas.  Additionally, there is an ongoing propaganda and governmental expansion campaign to absorb surrounding territories into Vorlayacor and to establish new Vorlayacoran settlements.  All Hesperian natives are treated equally under the law.

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