People's President of People's Republic of Germany
Volkspräsidentin der Volksrepublik Deutschland
Flag of the People's Republic of Germany
Margot Honecker
Margot Honecker, the last President
Style Comrade People's President
Genossin Volkspräsidentin
Residence Präsidentinhaus, Berlin
Appointer Volkskammer
Term length life
Formation 11 August 1919
First holder Rosa Luxemburg
Final holder Margot Honecker
Abolished 25 December 1991

The People's President of the People's Republic of Germany was one of two heads of government of Germany. The official title in German was Volkspräsidentin der Volksrepublik Deutschland, sometimes shortened to Präsidentin.

In German politics, the Chancellor and President were equal in power and authority. Referred to as the Double Leader Policy (German: Doppelführer Politik), all decisions wereto be shared between the two leaders. Though it was never specified in law, the offices of Chancellor and President have never been filled by two people of the same gender. In a case where the two leaders could not agree, members of the People's Chamber would cast a vote.

List of People's Presidents of the People's Republic of Germany

Portrait Dates of Rule
Rosa Luxemburg
Rosa Luxemburg 11 August 1919

2 January 1952
Luise Kähler
2 January 1952

24 September 1955
Lilly Becher
24 September 1955

20 September 1978
Margot Honecker
(born 1927)
Margot Honecker 20 September 1978

25 December 1991