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Volgaic Federation
Idel-Ural State

İdel-Ural Ştatı (Tatar)
федерация-с' Рава/Federacija-s' Rava (Mordvin)
Волго-Уральский Федерация (Volgo-Ural'sky Federatsiya) (Russian)

— Special Federated State of the Holy Russian Empire
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936

OTL equivalent: Idel-Ural State
Idel Ural YS36 map
Map of Idel-Ural, with provinces included.
Халык, Идел саклау! (also anthem:)
God Save the Tsar!
Halyk, Idel Saklau! (Tatar)
("(may the) People Save the Volga")
Capital Kazan
Largest city Kazan
Other cities Yoshkar-Ola, Perm', Saransk
Russian, Tartar, Erzya (pan-national)
Tatar, Mari (Hill, Meadow and Eastern), Udmurt, Mordvin (Moksha and Erzya), Chuvash, Bashkir, Komi (Zyrian and Permyak), Russian (official in the States)
  others Karelian, Finnish, Estonian, Khanty, Marsi, Ukrainian, German, Kazakh
Christianity, Islam, Mari Traditional Faith, irreligion
  others Buddhism, other traditional faiths
Ethnic group Uralic, Altaic, Indo-European
Demonym Volgaic
Government Federation of states
  legislature Supreme Soviet of the Volgaic Federation
Tsar Alexander IV (general)
Sergei III (Mari El)
Ulugh II (Tatarstan and Kazan)
  dynasties Romanov (in general)
Čavajn (in Mari El)
Jochid (in Tatarstan and Kazan)
Prime Minister Gonül Pultar-Maksudí
Established 1939
Admission 1950
Currency Holy Russian Ruble
Time zone UTC +6
Abbreviations .vf

The Volgaic Federation, also called the Idel-Ural State and Volga-Ural Federation (Russian: Уральский Федерация (Volgo-Ural'sky Federatsiya), Tartar: İdel-Ural Ştatı, Mordvin (standardised for both dialects): федерация-с' Рава or Federacija-s' Rava) is a federation and a Special Federated State, located in the Holy Russian Empire (even though it's a member of the Russian Forum independently). The Volgaic Federation is the successor state to the previous attempt at Volgaic independence, the Idel-Ural State.



The area known today as the Volgaic Federation, and previously being Idel-Ural, was, before Russian dominance, mostly governed by the local Turkic inhabitants, starting with the predecessors to what is now the Chuvash with the mediaeval kingdom of Volga Bulgaria, related to the Huns and the Avars as well as the Bulgars. These Bulgars are also the predecessors of today's Bulgaria, although they have been Slavicised. Other ethnic groups, such as the predecessors to the Tatars, the several Permic ethnic groups and the Mordvin and Mari peoples, also resided in the areas. Some of these were Islamised in the ninth century, and others were Christianised slightly afterwards. One of these ethnic groups, the Mari, remained pagan to this day. 

The Mongol hordes swept the area in the thirteenth century, and the area that once belonged to Volga Bulgaria, wrecked by invasions, became part of the Golden Horde. After the collapse of the nation, which was one of the more highly-populated parts of the Horde, the area came under the dominance of the Tatar-dominated Khanate of Kazan, which many see as the direct antecessor nation to the Volgaic Federation. However, the Khanate of Kazan collapsed in the 1550s, and was annexed by the Tsardom of Russia.

The period of Russian period was marked by increasing amounts of attempted Russification of the minorities living in the area, with forced conversion to Christianity and the shutting down of native means more than common throughout this period. However, this did not end with the autonomy of native peoples, and independence was attempted as the Idel-Ural State in 1917. This state was established by Tatars, but independence was lost to the Bolsheviks, which removed much of the autonomy of the region, and established several Autonomous Socialist Soviet Republics, which, despite their name, had little to no authority over their territory. Large attempts of Russification, to large degrees successful, occurred throughout this period. On 1936, the Idel-Ural separatist movement was doing badly, with the Cheka having destroyed most important Idel-Ural seccessionist movements and Stalin establishing a strong rule over the region.


The large populations of the Volga area caused it to suffer very harshly in the period after the Yellowstone eruption. While the region was not damaged by the eruption of Yellowstone itself, the aftermath began to affect the nation rather harshly since very early on. 


Administrative Divisions

The Volgaic Federation, according to the constitution, is a "Union of freeborn republics, allied for the survival and prosperity of all the pepoles of the Volga". The Volgaic Federation is indeed made of several different autonomous nations, banded together by a weak government. The nations located in the Federation are:

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