Voivode of Silesia
Ślůnske Wojewůda
Silesia CoA (PM3)
Full Coat of Arms of the Voivode
Patryk Waldau

since 1888
Style His Grace
Residence Grand Palace of Wrocłow
Term length Life
Inaugural holder Józef Zabek
Formation 1760
Succession Ban (until Election)

The Voivode of Silesia (Silesian: Ślůnske Wojewůda), currently Patryk Waldau, is the head of state and head of government of Silesia. Elected by the Sabor to serve a life-term, he assumes extensive control over the nation, including foreign and military affairs.

Throughout the history of Silesia as an independent state, the Voivode and Ban have variously held differing amounts of control over the nation, and in recent years Bans have asserted themselves as dominant over the domestic sphere.

Title and Style

The official title of the Voivode of Silesia is:

His Noble Grace, Voivode Patryk Waldau, Voivode of Silesia and the Silesian People, Commander of her Armed Forces, and Protector of the Holy Catholic Church in Silesia

His formal style is "His Noble Grace," while his form of personal address is "Your Grace." Each voivode operates his court with different amounts of formality, and therefore the use and importance of these titles vary significantly. Currently, Patryk Waldau operates his court quite liberally and places little importance in these titles.


Since the Voivode holds such great power for such extended periods of time, the power to elect the leader is of great importance. This privilege is held by the Sabor, which will convene a special session immediately upon news of the death of the latest Voivode. Until the election of a new Voivode, the Ban assumes all responsibilities and powers of the Voivode, but may not adopt any of the official titles or the style.

The new Voivode must meet a number of important criteria to be considered for election to the office, including:

  • being a Roman Catholic
  • being from a noble or aristocratic family
  • having experience as a military officer
  • never having served in the Sabor

The process of selection begins with many eligible nobles travelling to Wrocłow to present themselves before the Sabor. Two members of the Sabor must then sponsor a candidate, at which point he is taken under consideration.

The Sabor then holds a voting process that results in one candidate receiving at least 50% of the total vote. The winner is then sworn into office by the Archbishop of Wrocłow at the first mass after the final election.


As indicated above, the exact scope of the Voivode's power depends upon his relationship with the Ban. In the past, the Voivode (who was called the Ban under the Croats) held almost unilateral authority and power. After indpendence, however, the Sabor began to grow significantly in the legislative process.

Grand Palace of Wroclow

The Voivode lives in the Grand Palace of Wrocłow

This culminated with the election of Patryk Waldau as Voivode. Waldau is an outspoken liberal, and was willing to issue a binding edict, the Declaration of Uopawa, in 1891. The Declaration, which acts as a constitution for the Voivodeship, relinquished almost all domestic powers of the Voivode to the Ban, the sole exception being a retained veto power.

The Declaration, however, did consolidate the control of the Voivode in all military, religious, and diplomatic realms of Silesian governance. Furthermore, it strengthened the ability of the Voivode to rule autonomously in those areas by creating a dual budgeting system.


# Image Name Lifespan Reignspan Notes
1 Pitschmann Stanislaus Augustus Józef Zabek 1724 - 1803 (79) 1760 - 1803 (43)

First Voivode of Silesia; previously Ban of Silesia; "the Great"

2 466px-Infante Francisco de Paula of Spain Szczepan Marszalek 1755 - 1809 (54) 1803 - 1809 (6)
3 King Leopold I of Belgium Krzystof Broż 1784 - 1847 (63) 1809 - 1847 (38)
4 Poniatowski Dobromił Slaski 1822 - 1888 (66) 1847 - 1888 (41)
5 LudwigII Patryk Waldau 1870 - PRESENT 1888 - PRESENT Commanded Armed Forced during Communist Invasion; "the Liberal"


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