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Vlokozu Union
The United Federal Parliament State of Vlokozu
Vlokozu Union Special Flag.png Vlokozu coat of arms.png
Flag Coat of arms
Together, we call the nation!
Vlokozu Union.png
The Vlokozu Union, not including aligned countries in 1977, shortly after Vicnora joined the union. The land colored in grey is Mexico.
Capital El Kadsre
Official language English, Spanish, Japanese
Religion None
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 - 1969-1974 Minato Aafjes
 - 1974-1979 Sota Lim
 - 1979-1984 Stan Mizushima
 - 1984-1989 Kouta Hisakawa
 - 1969-1977 Forrest Avery
 - 1977-1978 Katashi Ito
 - 1978-1989 David Vlokozu
Prime minister
 - 1969-1989 Micahel Vlokozu
 - 1989 Stan Mizushima
 - Established November 11, 1969
 - Dissolved March 29, 1989
 -  est.1989 48,028,968 
Currency El Kadsreian dollar ($) (EKD)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
22px West El Kadsre
22px East El Kadsre
22px Mahri
22px Sentan
22px Vicnoran Republic
El Kadsre El Kadsre State Flag.png
Mahri Mahri State Flag.png
Sentan Sentan State Flag.png
North El Kadsre North El Kadsre State Flag.png
Vicnora Vicnora State Flag.png
The United Federal Parliament State of Vlokozu (Spanish: Estado Parlamento Federal de Estados Vlokozu) (Japanese: ナクスの米国連邦議会州) abbreviated to UFPSV or shortened to the Vlokozu Union was an state comprising the El Kadsreian island and it surrounding islands that existed between 1969 and 1989. A union of 5 subnational states (4 before 1977), its government and economy are centralized. The union has neighbouring countries including Mexico to the east and Hawaii to the west. The Vlokuzu Union was a constitutional monarchy state, governed by the Labor Party with El Kadsre as its capital.

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