Vlassis Jacobis is the explorer who saved Pompeii in 79 AD on a trip throughout all of Rome.


Jacobis in a Red and White toga.


He has a standard look of a Roman Citizen of the time. His height is 5'7 and has an average build.


Early life

Jacobis was born to a fairly rich family in 57 AD. Growing up with many slaves, he neither opposed or loved slavery. At the time, he wished to study Greek Medicine and become a doctor.

Vlassis then during his teenage years, loved studying Roman towns. He particularly liked Rome, Colchester, and Pompeii because of their size.

Adulthood and Travels

At age 20 in early 77 AD he walked to the city of Rome to talk with emperor Titus. He requested a horse and boat funded and replaced in case of wreckage by the Roman Government for 600 Aurei. The emperor accepted this offer.

Since he already went to and explored the capital, Jacobis left for home. He wished to stay there to settle down for a while.

In February 78 AD he set off for Colchester. It took him four months to get there. When he did he was surprised by the near lack of stone in all of the buildings, the town also had copper and not lead pipes. He stayed only for a month.

He then travelled for Pompeii, arriving in March 79 AD. The citizens there loved hearing of his travels. They gathered around him, listening to him for hours at a time. No one knew of the threat to come


In late June, Vlassis Jacobis set off to see Vesuvius. When he finally arrived, he noticed rising and bubbling lava. When he asked the mayor, the mayor just set it off as lava patterns. He said the lava lava would drop again in a week.

Jacobis returned to the volcano a week to find the lava didn't just drop. It appeared to be once again rising. He told the town's scholars to come to Vesuvius. Their calculations stated it would be dangerous to stay much past July.

They then came warning the town of an eruption in early August and to leave with him in July 15. Many instantly believed. Some weren't so sure. He took many to the volcano to show them, still some refused to leave anyway.

Over 20000 Pompeiians with Jacobis left that day. They set out for Rome, where they could tell Emperor Titus what was happening. In August 10, 79 AD, due to no eruption, Jacobis was set to be executed in October for Mass Trickery and Treason.

The citizens of Pompeii still believed in the future eruption, and pleaded to free Vlassis Jacobis. They stayed in Rome where they promised to return to their town if no eruption happened in August.

On August 24, 79 AD, within his prison, he, along with thousands of other Romans heard a loud boom. Unlike him, everyone else saw the cause. They saw a small plume of ash rising from the direction of Pompeii. Vlassis was right! A guard turned to set him free, because he was right all along.

He spoke with Titus about this. And he awarded Jacobis 5000 Aurii. He was proud of the fact he saved over 20000 people.


Jacobis died from TB in October 12,86 AD. His death was made a holiday celebrating the time he saved Pompeii. Millions of Romans mourned his death.

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