Vlado Nikolić
2nd President of the Danubian Federation
In office
Vice President Ion Horsa Cordinaru
Preceded by Klemens von Metternich
Succeeded by Ion Horsa Codrinaru
Personal details
Born Novi Sad, Vojvodina
Political party Pan-Danubian Party

Vlado Nikolić was the First Elected President of the Danubian Federation in the Interactive AAR "A Federation of Equals". 


Early Years

Born in Novi Sad, his father a teacher and his mother a cook whose descendants can be traced back to the Great Serb Migration in 1737-1739. Raised in a middle class family, allowed Vlado to receive schooling which taught him Hungarian and sparked his passion for politics. Vlado was a Serbian nationalist and dreamed of one day uniting all South Slavic peoples into one nation, although this desire only remained with him in his youth. He became a teacher like his father, and worked as one until the Revolution.


During the Revolution, Vlado joined in against the Hapsburgs by producing copious amounts of propaganda and rallying all citizens of Vojvodina to fight against the monarch.