Vladislaus of Warsaw
Timeline: [[Premyslid Bohemia]]

2nd Duke of Warsaw
November 17, 1382 - February 11, 1383

Predecessor: Vladislaus of Warsaw
Successor: John of Warsaw
Vratislaus III of Bohemia
Timeline: [[Premyslid Bohemia]]

4th Emperor of Bohemia and Poland
February 11, 1383 - June 13, 1399

Predecessor: Borivoj III
Successor: Borivoj IV
Born: June 7, 1356
Died: June 13, 1399
Queen: Mary of England
Religion: Catholic
Vladislaus III was born on June 7, 1356 to Vladislaus of Warsaw and his wife Margaret of Tyrol (daughter of Henry of Carinthia) in Prague. He was shortly Duke of Warsaw, but less then 4 months later upon death of his uncle Borivoj III he became emperor of Bohemia and Poland and duchy passed to his brother John. He married Mary of England, daughter of Edward IV and had two son: Borivoj IV and Vratislaus of Pilsen and one daughter: Anne of Bohemia. He died under mysterious surroundings on June 13, 1399.

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