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Vladimir Lenin (Winged Hands of the Reich)

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Kulikov Lenin 1924

Vladimir Lenin, Founder of the Soviet Union, later reanimated and used as a Zheronian governor.

Vladimir Lenin (After 1944, jokingly known as Mecha-Lenin), was the founder of the Soviet Union, coming to power in 1917, and died in 1924, upon which his body was placed in Lenin's Tomb. In 1944, the Zheronians, having successfully turning the Moscow area into the Zheronian Direct Governance Zone, needed a popular governor to appease the frustrated people of the former Soviet Union. Lenin was then reanimated w
220px-Paveletsky 11

Lenin's Funeral Train, later equipped with ISOT drive.

ith Zheronian cybernetics technology, taking residence in the Kremlin. Lenin's old funeral locomotive was equipped with ISOT Drive as aerial transportation.

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