Vladimir IV
Tsar of Romanova

Vladimir III.jpg
Tsar Vladimir IV in 2010
Tsar of Romanova (Ceremonial)
Reign 13 December 1998 - 26 December 2013
Coronation 30 December 1998
Predecessor Alexi II
Successor Alexander IV
Spouse Anya of Gagaringrad
Issue Alexander IV of Romanova

Grand Duke Basil Vladimirovich

Full name
Vladimir Alekseyevich Romanov
House House of Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov
Father Alexi II of Romanova
Mother Nina Fyodorovna (Nina of Vysotsky)
Born 7 January 1948
Peter City, Romanova
Died 26 December 2013 (aged 65)
Peter City, Romanova
Religion Russian Orthodoxy

Vladimir IV (Russian: Владимир IV, Владимир Алексеевич Романов, tr. Vladimir IV, Vladimir Alekseyevich Romanov) was the third Tsar of the United Subjects of Romanova. His official short title was Vladimir IV, Tsar of Romanova and Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias. He is the eldest child and son of Tsar Alexi II and Empress Nina Fyodorovna.

Vladimir IV ruled from 13 December 1998 to 26 December 2013, when he died in his sleep. His rule saw the peaceful reconciliation of Romanova with the Russian Federation, and the establishment of the Commonwealth of Independent States, a union of nations formerly under the control of the Russian Empire, similar to the Commonwealth of Nations established by the United Kingdom.


Tsar Vladimir and Empress Anya had two children.

Portrait Name Birth Death Notes
Tsar Alexei Old 1998 Alexander IV of Romanova 17 June 1968 Became the fourth Tsar of Romanova
Basil Vladimirovich of Romanova Grand Duke Vasily Vladimirovich 11 January 1970

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