A succession of POD's make Napoleon's dream a reality


1769 - Napoleon I born.

1801 - Tsar Paul crushes attempted coup.

1802 - Napoleon Bonaparte declares himself Emperor.

1803 - France annexes Batavian republic.

1804 - Rhine war, Napoleon issues decree to German states, join France as allies or be occupied as puppets. Bavaria and Wurtemburg agree but all others refuse and are forced into Rhine republic.

1805 - War against Austria, France victorious in short campaign, Austrian Empire dismantled, Kingdom of Austria established with Francis II as king.

1806 - Prussian and Saxon armies destroyed on the field at Liepzig, Prussia made in to French puppet as Republic of Germany.

1807 - Treaty of Tilsit. Tsar Paul meets Napoleon to discuss trade embargos against Britain. However while the Tsar is absent army officers launch pro-British coup and install Prince Alexander as regent.

1808 - Russian campaign, French forces invade Russia and make it as far as Minsk where Paul sets up a temporary seat of Government

1809 - Paul returns to St. Petersburg, Alexander flees first o Sweden and then to the United States. Republic of Germany broken up and Kingdom of Prussia re-established with Davout as regent.

1810 - Spain attacks Gibraltar, British caught completely off guard, Admiral Nelson unable to scuttle fleet and over 30 ships are captured. 1811 - Napoleon II born. France makes an uneasy peace with Britain but continental system remains in place. USA declares war on Britain and Spain.

1811 - US invades Canada. King Frederick William returns to Prussia.

1812 -

1813 - US enters uneasy peace with Britain.

1814 -

1815 - US attacks Quebec, war resumes with Britain.

1817 -

1818 -

1819 -

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