Attention! This game is undergoing changes to restart it the year I (AP) left the game; this was also the point where it proceeded to rapidly collapsing and dying within days of my departure. You will be allowed to keep your nations! The year we will ROLLBACK to is 1873. There will be some changes to prevent CERTAIN things from happening, all banned players are unbanned and allowed to take their former nation (E.g. RWG and Russia and so on). Prepare yourselves, read up on your althistories because Vive La Revolution is coming back! AP (talk) 04:34, October 25, 2012 (UTC)

Bonjour! Welcome to Vive La Revolution Reloaded! My name is AP and I will be your Head Mod. This game is great and I hope you'll like it. It is one of the longer-running map games on the site with both of its predecessors having died before reaching the 1820s. However, this is the most successful VLR franchise we are already on the year 1871. Of course the goal of this and all map games is to reach modern day (2012). I believe we are well on our way, we just need more awesome editors like the ones we already have. So sign up today! It is never too late to join this exciting map game!AP (talk) 04:34, August 8, 2012 (UTC)

Vive La Revolution! Vive La Guerre! La guerre toujours donne tout sa gloire a la nation plus puissante! This game is very exciting. The latest developments feature a revival of the Olympics! Maybe your nation places a bid to the IOC and gets chosen to host the lucrative Summer Olympics!

YOU decide what happens after the mighty French Revolution, our POD. Will you turn an unimportant nation into a colonial power? Will you expand beyond your wildest dreams? Will you fail and be conquered? Or will you be brushed aside while other nations dash past you? The choice is yours.


  1. The word of the Mods is law, unless you can prove them conclusively wrong.
  2. Players can control one nation only.
  3. There will be an algorithm based on the one in Axis vs. Allies used for Player vs. Player wars.
  4. One turn per day when a mod starts the turn, only mods can start turns!
  5. The game will start in 1789 during the French Revolution.
  6. Each turn will be a full year unless otherwise stated.
  8. Look carefully for any map changes.
  9. Only mods/mapmakers can edit maps.
  10. Don't edit your turn AFTER you post.
  11. RNGs have to be done by mods.
  12. RNGs must have an 80% chance of being NO.
  13. Have fun!


Sign up here and wait to have an (ACCEPTED) mark by your name

  1. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Hasta la vista, baby. (I'll be back.) 03:57, October 26, 2012 (UTC)

Mapmakers (Not Mods, but can if they already are)

Issues with the Map

Post them here:

Why is all of Cambodia Danish territory? They would need a war for that.


Vive Map30


The following is the list of sign-ups for nations. Pick one and get started! If you see one that has a ^ by it, that means you are allowed to erase that person's name and replace it with yours. Doing that is fine because that particular user has been inactive for a certain amount of time HOWEVER, you must ask me first. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask on my talk page or the game's talk page!AP (talk) 04:23, August 8, 2012 (UTC)

Defunct Nations

These nations are now pages in the history books kept in dusty libraries of the mighty nations who conquered them! They are remembered here.

Flag of Brandenburg: The Mark of Brandenburg: Iyandelian--Now part of Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg.

Flag of the Netherlands: Dutch Republic: NickEftink-- Annexed by France and Britain

Flag of New Spain:New Spain-- All parts of new Spain gained independence, including: Aztlan, the Kingdom of New Granada, the United Republics of (South) America, and the Republic of Argentina. Later other nations formed from these nations (out of secession) which include: The Republic of Ecuador (from the K of NG), The United Republics of Central America (from Aztlan), and the Uruguayan Federation (from the R of Argentina)


Also I can't for the life of me put flags for Greece, S-N or Denmark. Thanks.AP (talk) 03:57, August 8, 2012 (UTC)

  • ^ means it can be taken over due to inactivity.


  • Flag of the Ottoman EmpireThe Ottoman Empire: IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 00:15, May 5, 2012 (UTC)
  • Sorry Scraw, but puppet states can be playable nations:)
  • That's ridiculous. That's like saying someone else can raise your child.
  • Flag of the Qing dynasty (1889-1912)Qing Dynasty (China): Ianian58 01:16, May 5, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of JapanJapan: Nkbeeching, Sorry, Scraw. I erased your name and said I would be Japan.
  • Flag of ThailandSiam: 77topaz 03:29, May 13, 2012 (UTC)^
  • Flag of the Emirate of BukharaEmirate of Bukhara: LurkerLordB (Talk) 13:22, June 26, 2012 (UTC)
  • Early Nguyen Dynasty FlagNguyen Dynasty (Vietnam): --"Truth fears no questions..." 21:06, July 21, 2012 (UTC)^
  • ^ means it can be taken over due to inactivity
  • What about Nepal? Bfoxius (talk)
  • It doesn't exist. It's ATL, not OTL. It doesn't have to have a Nepal.
  • What about that big blank spot taking the place of Nepal? Is it known by another name, or is it just unorganized?
  • Oh. Never mind. Just add it on the list. But do you really want to play as it? It's surrounded by the Himalayas, making almost anything impossible to do.

North America

  • US flag with 16 stars by HellerickThe United States of America: Monster Pumpkin 01:14, May 5, 2012 (UTC)
  • Canadian Red Ensign 1921-1957The Dominion of Canada: Bfoxius (talk) 20:21, August 18, 2012 (UTC)Bfoxius
  • Flag of Mexico 1823Republic of Aztlan(basically Mexico): (DeanSims: Talk) 13:51, December 3, 2012 (UTC)
  • United Republics of Central America: Johnnysast (talk) 00:51, July 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • ^ means can be taken over due to inactivity. Someone please fix that huge Aztlan flag.

The Caribbean

  • Republic of Cuba:
  • Dominican Republic:
  • Haiti:
  • Puerto Rico:

South America

  • Kingdom of New Granada:
  • Viceroyalty of Brazil: Andr3w777 (talk) 00:57, July 22, 2012 (UTC)
  • United Republics of South America: Katholico 05:05, July 5, 2012 (UTC)
  • Republic of Argentina: Limopalise (talk) 04:02, September 7, 2012 (UTC)
  • Uruguayan Federation:
  • Republic of Ecuador:

The Game:


  1. The French Revolution is in full swing, France is thrown into chaos.
  2. Russia defeats the Turks at Rymnik.
  • Spain: Spain undergoes liberal reforms under its new King due to the influence of the French Revolution. The country establishes economic, social and political reforms, turning the country into a constitutional monarchy. The environment also allows capitalism, industries and the economy to thrive. Improvements are made to the navy and the military. Infrastructure, education and health are spread all across its empire. They allow their colonies to have a degree of self-rule.
  • France: French Revolutionaries storm the Bastille, a proud symbol of the King's power, and free the prisoners there, adding to the ranks of the Revolutionary Army. Meanwhile, the King continues to send the military to suppress uprisings in peaceful states, causing the French army to be stretched thin. In Corsica, Corsican nationalists attempt to free their Island, but ally with the Revolutionaries after the leaders of the Revolutionary Army agree to give Corsica an autonomous province of France, in exchange for their help against the King.
  • Brandenburg: Brandenburg breaks off from Prussia under the rule of Frederick the Third, who is much beloved by the people calling himself the Mark of Brandenburg. It names Berlin as its capital, and keeps a watchful eye on Prussia just in case it tries to force Brandenburg back into Prussia by force. under public pressure from the population the countries laws are fairly liberal allowing the people much freedom.
    • Prussian Response: It declares war on Brandenburg to ensure they remain back in the union.
    • Was that a mod response? Because there is no player next to Prussia.
  • DoM-S Diplomacy: The Duchy sends a small detachment to assist the Brandenburgers and counter Prussian influence in the region.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin:The Duke, Frederick Francis, is worried by the revolutionary activities in France. Despite much opposition from his nobles, he opens a parliament. Whilst it has limited powers, it is elected by universal (male) suffrage. The military undergoes the first of many modernisations, with their out of date uniforms being replaced with modern ones: Shakos, green tunics with yellow lining and new boots.
  • Qing Dynasty: Recent economic decline forces the dynasty to impose very harsh domestic measures in the east, and worried about recent lack of modernization in the military, and China as a whole, the emperor orders the creation of a group of researchers to investigate and research European Warships, Weaponry and Cannons along with their other major cities. It refuses to open its ports to any European nation. It thinks of expanding to other parts of the world, but decides a war would be too costly, farmers are unhappy about tough domestic stances.
  • Moghul Empire: Centrist moderates with the go ahead of the emperor's son slaughter most of the current ministers and the emperor in what is known as one of the cruelest massacres in the area with over 230 members of the previous government and countless nobles being assassinated, the moderates backed by a fair portion of the army mainly Hindus begin fighting against the remnants of the old regime plunging the Indian subcontinent into civil war. The government requests firearms and aid from the Ottomans to deal with the cruel betrayal. while the moderates begin fighting along coastal areas to cut off supplies from the exterior.
  • Ottoman Empire: Ends the Russo-Turk War. Invades the Arabian Peninsula and takes 1/5. (Come on, people on horseback sword fighting with nomads!)


  1. Leopold III takes the crown of the Holy Roman Empire.
  2. Russia defeats the Turks at Izmail.
  3. King Louis XVI agrees to make certain reforms, though no one is pleased just enough.
  4. The Russo-Swedish War ends.
  • ​Spain: The country undergoes a liberal revolution from the people, who peacefully protests for more reforms. The country, knowing that the influence of the French Revolution is at full swing, apply to their demands right on. They enact their Bill of Rights similar to the United States. The economic reforms start to get Spain back into better shape, though there is still progress to be made. The government encourages settlements in the northern and southern frontiers by leasing the land for free as long as anyone would work on it.
  • Russia: The Russian army continues to fight the Swedish, but asks for a peace treaty. Until we get a reply, our troops will continue to fight. Meanwhile, the military is built up.
  • War end last turn. AP, I strongly suggest that you no longer follow OTL events to the word.
  • Okay. I won't, just this time era isn't my best era. Also, I am assuming you are talking about the Swedish War, 'cause I just saw a mod event for the Turkish War.TacoCopper
  • I am talking about the Turkish War. And I was talking to AP when he writes the mod events.
  • France: French Revolutionaries seize Marseille, and the surrounding countryside, and establish the First French Republic, but only has firm control over Marseille. King Louis XVI makes reforms, but do not go according to plan, and cause the people to resist even more. French Revolutionaries receive aid from Denmark-Norway and the Kingdom of Mysore, which they did support the Revolutionaries in OTL.
  • Moghul Empire: Forces loyal to the Muslim elitists in India beat back the rebel forces led by the former King's son in Delhi but lose ground in south India were their presence isn't so strong and begin purge disloyal subjects to the King's elder son the newly declared King of the empire. More of the country falls into unrest.
    • Ottoman Response: The Ottoman Empire sends aid to the Muslims in the Mughal Empire. (They are the legitimate government right now, right?)
  • Brandenburg: King Frederick, aware of the looming Prussian invasion, calls on the conscripts to swell the ranks of his army, as well as hiring Swiss mercenaries to train them and fight along side them. he also promises the people that if they survive the war with Prussia he will implement a parliament to deal with issues concerning the people. He also asks the Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin for an alliance to help them both survive. on the civil side more work is put into agriculture and the capital of Berlin is expanded.
    • DoM-S: We accept the alliance and remind the Brandenburgers of the troops sent last year.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: Duke Frederick Francis travels to Vienna to welcome the new Holy Roman Emperor. The second wave of military modernisation begins, with the infantry receiving the latest muskets, and new artillery. The parliament passes a bill creating Turnpike trusts, in order to upgrade the Duchy's rubbish roads. Britain, Portugal and Spain are asked for an alliance and trade agreement.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: It agrees.
    • British Diplomacy: We agree.
  • 'Britain: King Edward warns Prussia to stand down and stop threatening Brandenburg or it'll make itself a very powerful enemy in the process. Meanwhile, the economy is prospering and all keeps going well for the Empire.
    • Just saying, the King in 1790 was George III.
  • New Spain: New Spanish citizens, who now secretly call themselves "Aztlans", see the Spanish reforms for what they truly are, an attempt by Spain to keep its Empire together under a thinly veiled offer of liberalism. Aztlan nationalists see this as an insult and begin encouraging other Aztlans to join the Cause of Independence, and the ranks swell with volunteers. Plans for the Revolution to begin to take shape as ideals of American government and how there people are treated also helps the ranks grow; and as Spain's attempts at keeping its empire together, instead of making the people happy, make them poised against the Spanish Crown. A small Revolutionary Army is created numbering 3,450 men is created, and it begins to gather recruits from around New Spain. A man named only as "La Cantara", takes lead of the movement, and with his charisma and military expertize, he begins to turn the small Revolutionary Army into a well trained and equipped fighting force.
    • ​Spanish Response: This is no lie. We are telling the truth. Please, let us try to help you. Just do not rebel.


  1. Louis XIV and his family attempt to escape, only to be captured and executed by the revolutionaries. The monarchy is abolished and a republic is declared.
  2. The situation in New Spain becomes a great concern for Spain, who tries everything they can to compromise with the people there.
  3. Priestly Riots occur in Britain.
  4. A slave rebellion occurs in Haiti.

  • Spain: Spain continues to develop their industry and economy and to help modernize their empire. The military and navy undergo drastic changes, which use the British as their model. They refuse independence, but allow the people to have access to government positions.
  • France: French Revolutionaries proudly enter Paris, after the bloody revolution, and proudly put the leader of the Revolutionary Arm as the first President, similar to how George Washington. As promised, Corsica becomes an autonomous province of France, and due to the lack of military, reluctantly gives Haiti is independence. President Larbet orders the reconstruction of the French Army and Navy, and Napoleon is put in charge of the 1st Army that will be stationed in Marseille.
    • Why would Corsica rebel against French rule?
    • During the French Revolution, there were Corsican nationalists. So to get their help in this ATL, the leader of the Revolutionaries agreed to let Corsica be an autonomous region.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The army undergoes its third wave of modernisation, with the latest tactics and drills being imported from Britain and Spain. The army begins a recruiting drive, offering a good wage and glory to those who enlist. The Duke, noticing that his seaside nation is lacking in a navy, commissions the creation of a navy. Requests are sent to allies Britain and Spain for naval advisors and engineers to help kick-start our new navy. The turnpike system is already helping roads to improve, but there is still a long way to go before the roads can be considered first rate.
  • United States: A series of problems occur in the United States: the federalists are outraged with France's revolution, the Democratic-Republicans are overjoyed, and the south is also annoyed that slaves were able to win in Haiti. George Washington does his best to maintain the nation. The president asks that the relatives of the French Royal Family be allowed to leave the nation safely, in return for recognition from the United States. The army and navy are slightly expanded because of the volatile situation in Europe. Trade rights are requested with Spain, and the government also asks to buy Florida.
    • French Diplomacy: The Royal Family is dead, but any members of the Royal Family that are still alive will be allowed to go to the United States.
    • U.S. Diplomacy: We would like to make a count of them anyway. (King Louis XVI - dead, Queen Marie Antoinette - Alive? [was not killed until nine months after her husband OTL], children - alive, relatives - alive) Can the French Authorities confirm this for us please?
    • French Diplomacy: French Authorities have confirmed that many of the relatives are alive, children are alive and the King and Queen were executed.
  • U.S. Diplomacy: If you send the children to us and allow the relatives to leave in peace in either France or Europe, then we will recognize the French Republic.
    • French Diplomacy: France agrees.
  • Ottoman Empire: Continues to expand southwards in Arabia and west in Africa. Builds up defenses in Africa. (Nappy had better not invade it! He didn't the last two times around, so not now!) Sends more support to the Muslim Mughals.
  • Prussia Asks Brandenburg for white peace. (I wasn't here at the declaration of war.)
  • Russia: The Tsar sees that he has a vast amount of land to the East that is uninhabited, and he decides to send people there to settle it by giving away land for free. A large migration movement begins, and thousands of people move Eastward for a better life. Many Serfs escape from their farms to move East to farm their own land. Meanwhile, Workshops are built in the nation.
  • Swiss Confederation: Many new troops are trained, and weapons made. Defensive forts are built along the Confederation's Borders in case we are invaded and not ready. A trade agreement is sent to Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Prussia, Brandenburg, and Russia.
    • Prussia: Accepts Trade agreement.
  • Brandenburg: agrees to peace with Prussia, and accepts the Swiss trade agreement. The working class people who were conscripted are released, and most of the mercenaries are let go other than a few who are kept to continue training the actual army. Now that the war is over, the Mark grudgingly sets up a parliament to deal with civil affairs, though the Mark (Fredrick) is the head of the parliament as well as overall ruler.
  • Qing Dynasty: The emperor, advise to force settlers to the north, begins to, but stopped by other advisors pointing out it would lead to conflict with Russia, and they had enough space for their vast population. A large expeditionary merchant fleet leaves to the west to the Americas.


  1. Francis II becomes Holy Roman Emperor.
  2. George Washington is reelected president.
  3. Spain and Mexican patriots attempt to find a solution to their dispute.
  • For god's sake, AP, don't follow OTL events to the world!
  • ​Spain: Spain decides to establish a dominion status over their American colonies to hopefully end their crisis. They manage to colonize more land in the North American and Patagonian frontiers after their land distribution. They remain neutral in the European conflict.
  • France: France mobilizes its military and sends east to the Prussian-French border. Napoleon is put in charge of the 1st Army, and begins to draw out plans to crush the Prussians and Austrians, during the imminent invasion. France asks that Britain and Russia to stay neutral, as we, the French, are not the aggressors, and asks for limited assistance from Spain and the United States.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: Although reluctant, it agrees.
    • British Diplomacy: in order to maintain a balance of power, we'll become involved on France's side if anything goes wrong. But for now we're neutral.
      • American Diplomacy: America is not willing to get involved in a war right now, but we will not cease our trade with France.
      • Ottoman Diplomacy: Offers an alliance against Austria.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The Duke declares his country neutral in the Franco-Prussian and Austrian War. A sloop-of-war rolls off the docks, becoming the first ship of the Duchy's navy. Roads are even better, but still need improvement.
  • Brandenburg: 'Has no love of Prussia or Austria and so offers the French first army passage through Brandenburg, as long as they are not a drain on Brandenburg resources and do not linger. The Brandenburg army is stocked with new firearms, and both the King and parliament decide that fortifying Berlin permanently is a very good idea, so work begins on that. Some scientists fleeing from the revolution in France present to the Mark the idea for a hot air balloon which he demands is built immediately.
    • French Diplomacy: France thanks Brandenburg, and promises not to linger or drain its resources.
  • Swiss Confederation: The Confederation declares that it will be neutral in the Franco-Prussian and Austrian war. However, they will allow troops from both sides to come and go through Switzerland as they please, if only they don't linger or drain up resources. If any fights between both sides are started in Switzerland, the Swiss will have to intervene as it is their country, and if any Swiss civilian or otherwise is killed, Switzerland will declare war on the country that killed the civilian. More troops are being prepared and more forts and walls are being built around the country. A trade agreement is sent out to France, and cavalry units are being trained.
    • French Diplomacy: France agrees to the trade agreement.
    • If you were truly neutral, that wouldn't happen. Battles are sure to break out in your territory if you let both armies go through.
  • United States: The two remaining members of the French Royal Family arrive in Philadelphia where they will now reside. The country celebrates the admission of Kentucky as a state of the Union.


  1. Poland once again is partitioned by Prussia and Russia.
  2. Unseen Volcano Eruption and Earthquake occur in Japan.
  3. With some foreign support, France manages to defeat Prussia and Austria on their borders.
  4. Brandenburg's role in the war in Europe greatly weakens the position of Prussia as a great power.

  • Spain: It continues colonization along the Patagonian and North American frontiers. They continue to send limited aid to France. They begin colonizing Mindanao and encourage the migration of Spanish American and Spanish settlers to the Philippines. The economy continues to improve while the military and navy are being more modern.
    • American Diplomacy: President Washington would like to negotiate the sale of Florida with Spain if Spain is willing.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: Spain says no.
  • Prussia declares war on Brandenburg and invades slowly gaining land with heavy losses due to the Army falling into disrepair after Frederick the Great's death. Prussia asks all German states to declare war on the traitorous Brandenburg for siding with a nation with different cultural background. The US and Prussia had a trade agreement :/. Plus, I wasn't here for the last turn.
    • Guys, one problem here. Brandenburg belonged to Prussia since the early 1700s. It didn't exist as a nation at this point.
    • -- It seceded in the first turn.
    • I doubt that would be considered plausible at all.
  • The point of an alternate history is that its alternate and the eastern part which has broken off to become Brandenburg was only in the union because it was invaded.
  • While I realise the alternate history part of it, Brandenburg actually took over Prussia, not the other way around. In fact, Brandenburg was the heart of the Kingdom of Prussia, and it is very unlikely for them to leave and lose all that they have accomplished.
  • Siam: Siam sends out trade missions to Japan and China. It also has some border issues with Burma.
  • United States: The United States declares support for Prussia in the war against Brandenburg, although it does not mention who it favors with regards to France. Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roche Gilbert du Motier (better known as the Marquis de La Fayette) and Friedrich Wilhelm August Heinrich Ferdinand von Steuben (better known as Baron von Steuben) are made honorary citizens of the United States.
  • France: France demands that Prussia hands over the left bank of the Rhine, and pay reparations to France for such an aggressive act. Napoleon, along with the Senate and President, launches reforms in the military, and training of the new army begins. The French Navy begins to construct an man-of-war and an sloop.
  • Brandenburg: As Prussia has now attacked Brandenburg after making peace with it less than a year ago, Brandenburg asks to ally with France to drive out the Prussians, who, according to previous events could not have advanced into Brandenburg as the French 1st army is in the way. In Berlin, a prototype hot air balloon is launched, and a foreign trade system is offered to Spain so that both countries can gain resources not available to them currently, fruit and ebony from Spain to Brandenburg and pine wood and iron ore from Brandenburg to Spain.
    • French Diplomacy: France is still at war with Prussia (I'll do an algorithm).
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: Sides with France and Brandenburg in the oncoming war. Roads are even better than usual, thanks to the Turnpikes. A new sloop begins construction.
  • Swiss Confederation: More troops are trained and a trade agreement is sent to France.
    • French Diplomacy: France agrees.


  1. The cotton gin is invented by American Eli Whitney.
  2. Angry Pennsylvanian farmers rebel in the Whiskey Rebellion.
  3. Prussia and Austria suffer many losses in the war.
  • ​Spain: It continues colonization in the Philippines and the Americas. Their economic reforms manage to help the country return to its status as a great power once again. They ask for all the nations in the European conflict to at least establish peace.
  • France: Napoleon leads the French Army across the Rhine, and manages to seize the eastern bank of the Rhine. Aid is sent to Brandenburg, and the 1st French Army under Napoleon. Napoleon crushes an counterattack from an weak Prussian army, and the eastern bank of the Rhine is annexed into the First French Republic, and the 2nd Army reinforces the 1st Army and begins to construct defenses in the newly acquired territory. France asks Prussia and Austria to report to the talk page for a treaty.
  • Siam: Siam invades (part of) Burma because of border issues. The nation asks for China and/or Japan to help their cause in the invasion.
  • Brandenburg: The fortifications around Berlin are finished, despite the fact that the Prussians have been driven off by the French. The offer for a trade agreement with Spain is repeated. a military strategist in the army suggests using the newly created hot air balloons in the military as scouts and to drop things on enemies below. So that armies can travel easily through it, Brandenburg begins to upgrade its road system, basing it on the old Roman one.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The Duke begins patronizing various attempts at industrialization. Two ironworks are opened, and some water mills are also constructed. The navy now numbers one frigate and two sloops, and construction begins on a corvette, due for completion next year. With the death of Duke Adolphus Frederick IV of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, M-Schwerinese soldiers march into the small neighbouring country.


  1. The Whiskey Rebellion spreads across the whole state.
  2. Japan declines to intervene in the Siamese-Burmese conflict, yet China agrees to help Siam.
  3. Austria falls into disarray, leaving Prussia left. It loses the Rhine bank to France.

  • ​Spain: It continues colonizing most of the Philippines and the Americas. Rumors of gold in the southwest and California reach the capital, though expeditions have been sent to prove this. They call for peace in Europe.
  • France: 'France's final annexation of the Rhine occurs and the river now belongs to France. The 3rd Army enters the brown country and annexes the Piedmont, due to the presence of an Austrian garrison in the small country over. Meanwhile, France offers an cease fire to Prussia, and negotiations will take place on the talk page.
  • United States: Generals Washington and Greene gather an army of about 5,000 men and ride out to Pennsylvania. Moving across the state, their presence alone is enough to make almost all rebels lay down arms, and any who refuse are arrested. The army moves to Pittsburgh, and the rebellion ends shortly after. The navy is being increased to two destroyers and three frigates.
  • Qing Dynasty: It increases its presence in the Tibetan border to counter raids from bandits, and prepares a major military operation. The large merchant fleet receives technological information as it goes around the world.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The neighbouring Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz is formally annexed into M-Schweri, and troops are raised from the new province. Duke Frederick Francis asks France for an alliance. Thanks to the new (if small) navy, the Duchy's Baltic chalk and timber trade flourishes, with trading houses opening up in London, Stockholm and Copenhagen.
    • French Diplomacy: France agrees.


  1. The Jiaqing Emperor becomes Chinese emperor after Qianlong abdicates.
  2. American ships are raided by North African pirates.
  3. Catherine of Russia dies, leaving Paul I Russian emperor.
  4. The Whiskey Rebellion is crushed.

Guys, we have to keep going until the Napoleonic Wars begin, otherwise this game will crash and burn again.

  • United States: The United States celebrates Tennessee as the 16th state in the Union. More amounts of Mechanization occur in the cities.
    • Aren't you aware of the North African pirates?
  • Aztlan: After years of building up strength and weaponry and armies, the people of New Spain revolt and rise up against the Spanish Empire and proclaim the United Federation of Aztlan, or UFA, which begins to force out the Spanish, and the USA is begged to help Aztlan gain its independence form the Imperialist Liars in Spain. The Aztlan Army, since it has had years to prepare itself and gain troops, numbers 35,000 men in the main Army with 25,000 in Guerrilla Units, which harass and capture Spanish troops and capture supplies for the Republic. The UFA asks the nations of the world for help in forcing out Spain. Meanwhile, more gold is discovered in OTL Chihuahua, and a gold rush begins, while more gold and silver is discovered in California, encouraging immigration to Aztlan.
    • Aztlan? Isn't that a bit to native? By the time- I am almost sure, criollos and other Spanish-influenced kinds had been the biggest group in population, yes there was still a native presence, but it was minor compared to criollos......just so you know, there was already a sort-of "Mexican" identity, but if you want to keep Aztlan, no objections. Ianian58 22:06, May 15, 2012 (UTC)
    • I am not too sure if such a thing would in fact be plausible, and I would like the mods to look at it closely. If they decide that it is in fact plausible, then by all means continue.
    • Naw. Too many Mestizos for that name. I say Mexico is better.
  • I meant the whole event, not just the name. Monster Pumpkin 22:18, May 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • No mod, but my *ahem* professional knowledge should have influence. It is plausible, but at the same time not (lolwut). You see, yes, it is possible for a rebellion at similar size, but I'd put the number around 17 thousand or so soldiers in total, they'd have a very big lack of equipment, though, patriotic men of freedom in America can supply that. Spain at the time was a major power, unlike 19th century, due to no invasion by Napoleon or them losing their colonies, Spain is a power that can match those of Britain and France (but still lose) meaning, they wouldn't be beaten so easily, I can see rebels winning in Mexico at first, but Spanish forces in the north, Central America, and Cuba, quickly making the situation unwinnable. Ianian58 22:22, May 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • Spain helped America gain independence, so it is unlikely that they would aid them. especially since Spain tried to accommodate to the colonists' demands.
  • Objection! There had been conflict between Americans heading west and the Spanish! The American people were very young at the time, and saw themselves as the people and supporters of freedoms, and would whole-heartedly support the rebels, may the government discourage it or not.
  • Trust me, the American would not intervene against the Spanish. He was against helping Republican France, which was not the government that helped the Americans yet appealed to American ideals. America would not help.
  • I disagree again, there is a different between the problems of Spain, in America, and the problems of France in Europe. The U.S may not officially intervene, but I can see a few thousand American Volunteers fighting for the rebels, along with weapons and such, even with the government condemning it.
  • They may not, for as of right now, we don't know why they are rebelling in the first place. There are no major population centers of the United States located close enough to New Spain to fight there, and I doubt that that many would make the journey there.
  • Agreed in the first sentence, but, many Americans, especially the young ones would go there, they were incredibly willed and patriotic for ideas of freedoms and alone were thrilled by the idea of helping a young nation. At the very least, the rebels would receive weapons and a few volunteers.
  • Not good weapons, and even if people went to fight it would not turn the tide against Spain.
  • They would receive weapons and some volunteers as I make my final statement, and I do agree it would not change the tide of the war - but it would drag it on.
  • First of all, I DID support Republican France against Prussia and Austria. Second of all, I tried everything to appease Mexico to prevent independence. And third of all, I am going to give American Florida if they help me.
  • Add in Louisiana, and you might just have a deal, my friend.
  • Aztlan offers France and the USA the following borders should it help Aztlan gain independence: Vive Map1gt
  • Qing Dynasty: It masses its army bordering South-East Asia, an army equalling around 1.2 million men.
  • Well guys, we all know the process. (If you've played the last two games, that is.) The Ottoman Empire/me conquers Arabia, goes after Persia. WINS! Russia/Taco moves out east, yadda yadda yadda, the Mughals, yes it's Mughals and not Moghuls, defeat Britain in India, etc. China/Ian ransacks Tibet, et cetera, the Empress herself kills Zhuge Liang, so on and so forth. HOORAY FOR TRADITION! IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 22:27, May 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • South-East Asia = Tibet? PLOT TWIST! Ianian58 22:01, May 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • How did you predict my move? (Sarcasm)TacoCopper
  • Now announcing to everyone: I plan to have an expansionist America. You have been warned! >:D Monster Pumpkin 22:19, May 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • Spain would have to lose all their colonies....early Simon Bolivar? Anyway, COME AT ME BRO!
  • Hey man, I'm taking it slow and steady. No need to fear...yet.
  • Well, guys, I was just predicting the future of the game.
  • It's cool man.
  • The Ottoman Empire: Takes more of Western Persia. Offers help and whatnot to the Mughals if they help invade from the East. Expands in Africa.
  • Spain: It declares war on Aztlan and begins mobilizing against the independence effort. They have tried everything to prevent a rebellion and now this! They ask the United States for help and promises Florida if they do. They continue colonizing Patagonia and Mindanao. They establish a new colony at an unclaimed region at eastern Borneo. I
  • Russia: Thousands of Settlers continue to move East, and many Serfs flee to move East to get free land from the Government. Hundreds of Small Settlements start up on the Frontier. Meany people get jobs in the lumber Industry out East. Meanwhile, Workshops start to open up more in back West.
  • France: With no word for a ceasefire from Prussia, the 3rd and 2nd Army under Napoleon enter deep into Prussian territory. Meanwhile, France begins to build up its infrastructure, and factories along the Rhine are constructed to produce equipment for the French army, and is maintained by child and women labor. Piedmont formally becomes part of France, and the French Republic supports Spain, since its assisted France at the beginning.
    • Aztlan Diplomacy: Aztlan begs France for help, in return France will gain much of the Spanish Empire in the Americas as well as northern OTL California.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: It begs France not to listen to them, promising to help get back Haiti if they side with us.
  • Brandenburg: The roads continue to improve and with the Prussians retreating, Brandenburg claims Prussian land to the east of it, inching slowly forward. Asks that in exchange for its continued support, France allow Brandenburg some of Prussia's lands after they've conquered it. It repeats its offer to Spain for a trade agreement. Miners begin mining iron in the mountains to the south using new industrial techniques.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Scwerin: The Duke is glad with how the nation is going. Roads are good, a new corvette is added to the burgeoning navy, and trade is better than it has ever been (it was never particularly good). But he feels it is missing something...Some traders bring a proposal to the Duke: expand M-S trade by starting a (very small) colony in West Africa. The Duke, after much consideration, accepts, and a small fleet carrying soldiers, traders and settlers sets sail for OTL Gabon. They arrive, and build a fort. (Before the accusations of implausibility start rolling in; hear this: Most nations had forts in Africa at this time. Denmark, Sweden and other not major powers had outposts there. And I did it in the last game. So there)
  • Siam: Siam establishes control over eastern Burma.
  • Moghul Empire: the civil war ends with the rebels destroying half the country and falling into internal fighting. The Muslims mop up the remnants of the rebel forces at great expenses and start rebuilding. (Sorry, completely forgot I was in the map game) the new emperor that more lax laws will be placed so that Hindus are treated as equals to them or at least treated fairly. The army is expanded to replenish its numbers and the construction of two local factories are made in Delhi to begin producing firearms and cannons. The army is reformed and trained to fight along more modern lines.


  1. North African pirates make raids across the European Mediterranean and the American ships.
  2. Prussia is forced to surrender, recognizing Brandenburg's independence and the French inheritance of Prussian lands in other German areas.
  3. The Aztlan War of Independence has begun. Spain is desperately trying to find enough help from its allies as it can.
  4. Frenchmen cheer across France, calling for Napoleon to become the country's leader.

  • Spain: Spain asks France and America for help. It will help France regain Haiti if they help and agree to give America Louisiana and Florida. They rally troops all across the country and any loyalists in the Americas to fight against the Aztlan rebels.

    • Aztlan Diplomacy: Aztlan offers Spain a deal: Have Spain become a Commonwealth, with Spain's Monarchy as its head and the colonies being in close trade and military alliance with Spain, although they can maintain their internal affairs. Aztlan offers France and America the following borders should Spain decline the deal: Vive Map1gtg
  • France: Napoleon agrees to become France's ruler, and establishes the First French Empire. Napoleon agrees to help Spain, and veterans of the First European War are sent to help Spain fight the Aztlans. Meanwhile, Napoleon passes the First Imperial Act, improving the infrastructure and education system. Napoleon also gives some territory to Brandenburg as a thank you gift for their help, and the remainder of the territory, around the Rhine, and lower German states are annexed into the French Empire.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: Turnpike trusts are established in recently annexed Mecklenburg-Strelitz. The African settlement, named Fredericksland, is officially claimed for the Duchy. A treaty is signed with the native inhabitants, which recognises the colony. With an ever expanding trade-based economy, the government's coffers are overflowing, and another corvette is commissioned for the navy. The Duke also sends a diplomat to Brandenburg.
  • Moghul Empire: the empire requests an alliance with the French to aid the modernize and recuperate lands seized by other European powers in the future in exchange French interests in the subcontinent will be accepted and benefits to French citizens will be granted. The production of firearms begins and soldiers are sent to start crushing what's left of the uprisings and along the border with the Persian Empire in an attempt to aid its Ottoman allies in return it will only want the eastern most part of Persia and Ottoman aid in submitting the rest of the Indian subcontinent and block out English influence on the continent.
  • I'm warning you now, you're making a powerful enemy in Britain if you do that. Remember your empire is weakening now.
  • French Diplomacy: France agrees to everything.
  • Ottoman D: Agrees to everything.
  • Aztlan: Aztlan begins to force Spain out of Aztlan and offers America Louisiana, Florida, Cuba, and all of Spain's Caribbean possessions if it helps Aztlan free itself from the Spanish oppressors. Aztlan guerrilla forces begin to cause havoc on the Spanish in Aztlan, and Aztlan forces begin to show who the bravest and smartest leaders in Aztlan are, and one, an Apache Indian named Geronimo, who is very young, uses hit and run tactics that kill thousands of Spaniards and bring hundreds of prisoners back. Britain is begged for help and offered OTL Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador if it declares war on Spain. The Dutch are also begged for help, and promised the Philippines as well as all of Spain's Pacific and Indian Ocean possessions. Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Schwerin are also begged for help, promising them land in South America. The borders are offered to the nations who help Aztlan. Other nations who pledge help will be added to this map. The Aztlan people also begin to rally behind the new General Geronimo, who they think stands for the Republic, and they will not be disappointed.
  • Geronimo did not exist until the late 19th century or so, and I doubt that the Mexicans would support an Indian to lead them. Furthermore, the casualties listed here are quite exaggerated.
  • Swiss Confederation: The Confederation is glad that the Franco-Prussian war is over. A sudden population increase results in many towns growing. The Confederation decides it needs more land to expand into. It declares war on Savoy and Milan to the south. The troops that had been stockpiling for years now, finally get some action, and invade both countries.
  • United States: John Adams is elected President, with Thomas Jefferson as vice-president. The idea of supporting the New Spain rebellion is considered by the president, although he first wants to know why they are rebelling.
  • Ottoman Empire: Ottoman Empire defeats the rest of Persia and prepares to move into Africa. Offers France an alliance.
  • Britain: The British East India company continue to undermine Mughal rule in India now that the empire is becoming incredibly weak and Britain is superior to them in every way. Britain supports Spain in crushing the Aztlan independence and mobilizes the army to invade Aztlan. The Navy blockades important Aztlan ports to starve the illegitimate country. Other allies are asked to join Britain's amphibious invasion planned for next turn. We ask that the US not meddle in this war or it'll suffer the consequences. We condemn Switzerland's actions on innocent regions to the south and sever all ties as well as impose economic sanctions on them to halt their weak economy.
  • Don't worry, regard Swiss actions as null and void.
  • You crossed out the wrong thing lol.
  • Oh, you're right. My bad, XD


  1. Aztlan Forces feel intimidated at facing a combined Anglo-Franco-Spanish force in their war for independence
  2. People in the US call to take action in New Spain
  3. Netherlands undergoes a coup, creating the Batavian Republic.
  4. Alien and Sedition Acts and enacted.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: Duke Frederick Francis declares his support for his Spanish and British allies and sends a naval expeditionary force (one corvette and some infantry, remember we're just a small country) to join them in the fight against the Aztlan revolutionaries. Meanwhile, the Fredericksland's African colony engages in the ivory and game trades, but not the slave trade, following a Ducal Decree from Schwerin.
  • Ottoman Empire: Again, offers France an alliance. Expands into Africa and promises the Mughals (Mughals, not Moghuls) Eastern Persia. Also offers help against Aztlan.
  • United States: John Adams publicly declares support for France and her allies, although that upsets the French Royal Family. He offers to aid Spain in subduing Aztlan, which is generally thought to be rebelling for no reason, in exchange for Florida and/or Louisiana, preferably both. Adams creates the U.S. Department of Native Affairs to resolve any disputes that may occur. (Nothing personal Sims, you can still play if this turns out wrong)
  • Spanish Diplomacy: They can have Florida.
  • American Diplomacy: We will double our efforts and pay you a substantial amount of money if you throw in Louisiana too.
  • Spanish Diplomacy: It agrees.
  • Spain: It thanks America for its help and lets them have Florida. They refuse Aztlan's offer, saying that a Dominion system is better. They thanks the Ottomans and Mecklenburg-Schwerin for their help.
  • Aztlan Diplomacy: Aztlan will agree to become a Dominion if Aztlan can still control its domestic policies while having a united foreign policy with Spain.
  • Spanish Diplomacy: That's what dominions are.
  • Britain: Due to military might and our combined power, Aztlan Mexico was quickly overrun by European forces, with Aztlan resistance melting and being driven to the south steadily. The Europeans demand the surrender of Aztlan and become a dominion. The naval blockade proves effective as many Aztlan citizens feel the sting of the blockade.
  • Austria: Austria requests trade agreements from Russia, France, and all Germanic nations. Men are recruited and stockpiled, along with the production of weapons, and stockpile of weapons
  • DoM-S Diplomacy: The Duke accepts the trade agreement, but feels it is unnecessary, seeing as we are both still technically in the Holy Roman Empire.
  • France: France continues to improve infrastructure in the Piedmont region. The left bank of the Rhine is fortified to keep any Prussians from an invasion. France agrees to the Ottoman Empire's alliance, and two platoons of infantry from the Franco-Prussian War is sent to help Spain, and the other countries against Aztlan. France agrees to Austria's trade agreement, and recognition of the Batavian Republic occurs.
  • Brandenburg: Brandenburg officially recognises Aztlan as a country, and the duke makes a speech saying that any country that wishes for freedom should have it. but as it has no navy and joining on the Aztlan side would bean fighting its allies, it takes no military action. The French are thanked for their generous gift of land. a artillery foundry is started to produce artillery pieces both to sell and for the military, and the parliament are granted more civic powers and are generally left to run the county.

    • Aztlan Diplomacy: Aztlan thanks Brandenburg and begs for "Volunteers" and supplies.
    • Brandenburg diplomacy: Agrees to send supplies, including weapons, but not troops
    • Spanish Response: HOW THE F COULD YOU?
    • Brandenburg Diplomacy: There are such things as private traders, not everything is owned by governments. I can't send as much on these as I could on a government owned navy, but it's still possible.
  • Moghul Empire: in an attempt to appease the organize the various elements in the subcontinent at the moment the emperor decides to halt its anti-British stance at the moment while strengthen its ties with the French and Ottomans. The army continues its modernization with the new help from the French and Turks and five armies are sent to invade the Persian eastern portion of the empire and from there hold onto a defensive stance. infrastructure is built with French aid and the nation's first train line is under construction from Delhi to Bombay. The final Hindu insurrections are put down and more money to security and education begins.
  • MUGHAL! Not Moghul.
  • Aztlan: Aztlan condemns America as hypocritical for saying it hates Imperialism when it relay is helping people who ate Freedom in return for land, stating that George Washington would turn over in his grave if he heard of this. Aztlan will agree to become a Dominion if Aztlan can still control its domestic policies while having a united foreign policy with Spain. Aztlan troops begin a guerrilla war against any and all Spanish and its Allies troops.

    • American Diplomacy:

First of all, George Washington is not dead yet. Second, we believe in the honor of helping those who helped us. Third, we don't even know why you are revolting, especially when Spain tries to assess your concerns.

    • British Diplomacy: If Aztlan cedes Panama and a considerable piece of Central America, we'll pull our forces out of Mexico and convince our Allies to leave (We are occupying Mexico now and WE lead the attack not Spain so this is a legitimate offer).
    • Aztlan has no territory in South America, that is the Vice Royalty of Rio de Plata, Peru and Granada. Aztlan is New Spain.
    • Change that to Panama + a piece of Central America.
    • Hate to rain on your parade again, but Panama belongs to the Vice-Royalty of New Granada, not New Spain/Aztlan. New Spain stops at the OTL Panama-Central America border. And how do you propose to force France, Spain and the U.S. to leave?
    • Don't forget Ottomans.
  • Siam: Siam builds up its navy and education system as the border tensions lessen a bit.
  • Qing Dynasty: The Qing Army undergoes drastic modernization, with information coming from the Merchant Fleet, the so called Great Year of Technology, puts the Dynasty nearly modernized in the army and navy. Angered by the situation in India, it offers Burma and the Mughals, a military trio alliance, and warns the British Empire to not intervene in India. In response, the one million man force in bordering South-East Asia mobilizes, and threatens to "break through the small nations bordering India in the south-east and head to India!" Then navy also mobilizes, threatening to take away the few Pacific Possessions it has. It urges the Mughals to not back down
  • One million man army?YEAH RIGHT! Also there's no way an ISOLATIONIST nation like you could possibly do all of that in one turn.
  • OBJECTION! Ianian58 18:00, May 20, 2012 (UTC) It is, in fact, possible! In the time of the Qing Dynasty, the dynasty was not isolationist in Asia, especially at these years were there was much growth, and since the beginning of the game, the Qing Dynasty has made progression with information, and it is, in fact, possible to modernize strength. I agree, I overdid the modernization, but, the one million man army is completely possible with China's massive population of 470 million+, historically, the dynasty's army was always small due to lack of internal or external fighting. Ianian58 18:00, May 20, 2012 (UTC)
  • The population in 1790 was 275 million. Yet the army is still possible yet it wouldn't be as strong as any European one but in numbers yes you have them beat.
  • 300 million, and with a difference of ten years, a few million more. Ianian58 19:16, May 20, 2012 (UTC)
  • Sorry Ian. You wanna modernize, it takes a few turns for that.
  • I understand that part, I did over exaggerate it, my bad,


Mod Events:

  1. Aztlan Independence War continues.
  2. Native Americans in the United States clash with American settlers in the frontier.
  3. The Qing Empire begins a period of openness to the outside world.
  4. Relations between Britain and France and the Ottomans worsen when the Mughals establish closer ties with the French and Ottomans.
  • ​Spain: Spain agrees to a compromise to the Aztlans: it will agree to a commonwealth system just as it has asked before. In exchange, the rebellion will end, yet everyone is granted amnesty.
    • Aztlan Diplomacy: Aztlan accepts, and Spain is thanked.
  • Mughal Empire: the modernization of the Indian subcontinent continues and the first part of the rail way is made. western ideals like centralized power, bureaucracy, and industrialization begin to take root in the capital and other major cities a plan to unify the different princes and independent warlords in the empire begins. A policy of pluralism towards both Hindu and Muslim faiths is begun.

ATTENTION PEOPLE! I've decided to resign as Britain so I can become an UNBIASED "watcher" of sorts. Britain may be taken by any MOD!

  • Portugal: Portugal improves infrastructure and economy they also build a military barrack in Praria, Cape Verde. Portugal settlers head to Sao Tome and Principe.
  • Austria: Austria declares that they are getting into the Aztlanian War of Independence. They, in order to gain some land overseas, and to stabilize and improve friendly relations with the rest of Europe, send three regiments, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Austrian Volunteers, the 1st Austrian Cavalry Volunteers, and the 2nd Artillery Regiment to Aztlan, approximately 45,000 Men, 15,000 Cavalry Units, and 15,000 Cannons, mostly to the southern region, to take it. Ships are sent to blockade ports and to bombard the land. The ships are apart of 4th Fleet consisting of 150 Ships. An Alliance is sent out to Prussia, France and Russia. A Trade Agreement is sent to Russia, the Ottomans, and Britain.
    • Russian Diplomacy: We accept both.
    • French Diplomacy: France cannot accept the alliance (due to plausible reasons, as the French never had good relations with Austria during that time period).
    • Listen, I'm sorry, but 150 ships? In world war one, Austria-Hungary had only 98 ships, so having a single fleet with fifty more almost one hundred years earlier is, I'm sorry, just impossible. Even today, the British navy has only 98 ships!!! And 15000 cannons? Seriously? You don't have enough men in the task force to handle them! Callumthered
      • Aztlan has agreed to become a Spanish Commonwealth, therefor you are declaring war on Spain and Aztlan.
      • This is NOT HAPPENING! France=Austrian enemy. Ottoman Empire=Greatest Austrian enemy of all time in 1800s. Russia? Not so much. Britain? Not exactly your pal, but not exactly a friend either.
  • France: France continues to support the European powers and the United States against Aztlan. Meanwhile, the military is expanded, and construction on the first French ship begins, and construction on bridges across the Rhine begin. Piedmont-Sardinia is divided into states, and the last remnants of the old nation is destroyed.
    • FYI, you already have heaps of ships by this time. You are the world's second most powerful sea power. Callumthered
    • I know, but I mean the first one built by the French Empire. Enclavehunter 03:43, May 21, 2012 (UTC)
  • United States: The United States occupies Louisiana and Florida as Spain agreed, and 29 million dollars are given to Spain for them. The Department of Native Affairs continues its work, and successfully creates an agreement that leads to the two states of Cherokee and Tennessee joining the union.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The military leaders request to purchase some cannons from the foundry in Brandenburg. Shipbuilders in Rostock start construction on another frigate. With the situation in North America calming down, the Duchy's force is preparing to return home. With a strong economy and full government coffers, the duke asks Sweden if it is interested in selling Swedish Pomerania to us.
  • Aztlan: Aztlan accepts the Commonwealth offer of Spain and ceases hostilities with the mother country. Aztlan begins to try to heal relations with Spain. Spain is asked to call off its Allies.
  • Brazil asks for independence. They will stay loyal to Portugal and become an alliance member. They also will build more industry and stores and a baby boom occurs. They raise the militia from 1000 to 3000 to keep Brazil safe from natives and other colonies. They also build Fort Brazil on the coast toward Portugal and Spain and they claim and expand into any unclaimed land they can.
  • Qing: The army undergoes modernization process with valued information and manufacturing workshops springing around the coastal areas to help this effort. The Emperor faces a rash decision to go with plans in South-East Asia, or attempt to help the Mughals, or expand through another area.


  1. The Aztlan Rebellion officially ends.
  2. With Louisiana and Florida now handed over to United States, it ushers in a new era for the United States.
  3. The Act of Union establishes the United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland.

​P.S. We have recent coding problems. I want to know what started this!

I fixed it for the last turn.

  • Spain: It begins to return to normalcy after the Aztlan War. They are forced to accept the American control of Louisiana and Florida although the worth was only small. They ask for a political union with Portugal to reform the Iberian union.
  • United States: The United States celebrates the gaining of land that more than doubles the size of the nation. As a result, President John Adams becomes very popular. Settlers spread out into the new territories, and the Department of Native Affairs is expanded to watch them.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The troops who took part in the Aztlan War arrive home to a rousing reception. Duke Frederick Francis himself presents them with the country's first ever campaign medal-the Aztlan Medal. Sweden is again asked if it wants to sell Swedish Pomerania. If it does not, the Duke is considering purchasing the Virgin Isles from Denmark. The shipbuilders lay down the keel of the latest ship for the navy, a two nd a half decked frigate. Roads in annexed Mecklenburg-Strelitz are up to the same good standard as in the main Duchy. The Duke offers his 22 year old daughter in marriage to any monarch who wants her, particularly Portugal or Britain, or Spain.
    • Since Sweden has no player, we'll use an RNG: (1-4 Yes, 5-10, No) Result: 3- Mecklenburg-Schwerin has purchased Swedish Pomerania from Sweden for a considerable price.
  • Austria: Austria builds up more forces, and stand idle for a while.
  • Siam: Siam builds up its infrastructure, particularly in the territories acquired from Burma.
  • Mughal Empire:the recently modernized and armed Mughal army is put to the test as the empire declares war on the Maratha empire in southern India (can someone do the algorithm here?) in an attempt to unify the Indian subcontinent 50,000 soldiers invade the southern Kingdom. The first national railroad is completed and plans are laid out to expand the rail lines. A request to France is made to help it increase its industrialization efforts.
    • There's no way the Mughal Empire can industrialize at this time. You can't possibly fund it. Also, only European nations can industrialize ATM.
  • France: Napoleon prepares for an offensive onto the southern Italian countries. Meanwhile, the French forces from North America return to their expedition with the experience of guerrilla warfare. France continues to improve its navy and Grand Army.
  • Russia: Thousands of people continue to move Eastward, and more Workshops are set up in the nation.
  • Brazil starts increasing its economy making it one of the most wealthy South American country/viceroyalty also independence sheiks from Brazil as militia is called out making the army 10,000 militia and declares independence. They ask America for aid reminding them of their freedom and what they want - freedom. They also ask Spain to aid them and they ask the nations - not Spain - the other two - to buy their colonies that are right next to me on the coast.
  • Aztlan: Aztlan celebrates its independence from direct Spanish rule and begins to buildup the military and infrastructure. Trade with the United States ends with an unofficial embargo against the United States while expansion into lands of Aztlan begins in earnest while a colony is settled near OTL Seattle to cement Aztlan's claim to the region. Aztlan asks Spain for money to build up the Aztlan Navy. Aztlan begins to sent settlers to Hawaii to colonize the islands for Aztlan.
  • Brandenburg: is happy the Aztlan conflict is over, and requests a trade agreement with Aztlan. The artillery refinery is going well, and the country's economy is booming. Wishing for more power and land, the King announces the invasion of Bavaria.


  1. The Mughals' calls for help of modernization come only from Britain in exchange for more power over the country.
  2. Portugal does not approve Brazil's independence and declares war on it to stop it.
  3. The Italian countries declare war on France. They are joined by Austria.
  4. The British Empire expands westward into Canada
  5. Tensions increase between Britain and Spain because the Empire is worried about Spanish encroachment on British colonies in South America
  • ​Spain: Spain declares war on Morocco in order to gain influence over North Africa. Invasion forces from Spain land around the northern part of Morocco. It supports Brazil by declaring war on Portugal. It remains neutral in what is going on in Italy.
    • Aztlan Diplomacy: Aztlan asks for full independence from Spain, if allowed, Aztlan will help Brazil gain independence and declare war on Portugal.
  • France: The French Army under the command of Napoleon makes an swift defeat of the Italian state army, and begins their advance into the new states. Meanwhile, the Second Imperial Act is passed, improving the French army and navy, as well as the infrastructure and education system.
  • Aztlan: Aztlan continues to expand into OTL Oregon Territory and OTL Idaho while the Seattle Colony continues to grow and begins to near the main Aztlan nation. Infrastructure continues to be built while the colonization of Hawaii continues at a rapid pace. A colony is established on Vancouver Island and settlers begin to go there as well. Aztlan continues to build up its military. Spain is asked if it can help fund Aztlan's navy.<
    • This is NOT happening, Sims. 1 YOU JUST FOUGHT AN EXPENSIVE WAR 2 You were a colony, do you really think your people would approve of imperialism? 3 Even if you wanted to, you don't have the economic capabilities to do so.
    • Sims, slow it down, You should be concentrating on industrializing what land you have, not expanding. This is what killed the original game, remember?
  • The Moghal reluctantly offer the British a deal granting them extensive economic influence in the empire but only if they help modernize the state and they accept Indian sovereignty. More soldiers are sent into the Marathan Empire and cannons are introduced into the war. More rail lines from Delhi are started up.
    • We refuse.
  • '​'Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The Duke stages a triumphant entry into the newly purchased Province of Swedish Pomerania, renamed the County of Pomerania. The economy takes a bit of a bad turn after the purchase, but economists hope that the extra trade produced from the bigger coastline will eventually offset the cost. Duke Frederick Francis again offers his daughter Louise Charlotte's hand in marriage to any royal who is in search of a wife.
  • Mughal Diplomacy: the emperor requests the hand of the duke's daughter for his son as a way of closing the distance between the western nations and the Indian people he is willing to give a handsome payment for the deal.
    • I'm just saying now, European royalty only married other Europeans and usually the same religion. Your offer of a Hindu Indian Princess to a European Duke is really unlikely.
    • Um - It's the other way around. The emperor is requesting the hand of the duke's daughter for his son and the leaders of the Mughal Empire were Muslim - not Hindu.
    • No matter. European royalty did not marry Muslims.
  • 'Brazil: 'starts a recruiting drive making the army 15000 and sends it to defend Brazil - 5000 south, 5000 north, 5000 middle. Also they start training and supplying the troops they ask Spain and America for help they also start gaining support from the people in Brazil gaining at least 1000 guerrillas not in the army spread across the country 400 north 400 idle 200 south.
    • Aztlan Diplomacy: Aztlan A
  • Russia: Thousands of people continue to move Eastward, and more Workshops are opened up. Meanwhile, aid is sent to the Brazilian Rebels, on one condition: we have an alliance between the two of us.
  • United States: Settlers move west to gain cheaper land. The United States claims the Red River Basin as settlers move there. Negotiations with the New York state government and Iroquois tribes begins as the two try to reach a compromise.
  • Britain: King George III continues sending prisoners to the penal colony in Australia. Meanwhile an expedition is planned for South Africa in order to compete with the Dutch. (in this timeline George IV died earlier than OTL) King George offers his son William, Prince of Wales, to the Duke of M-S, much to the dismay of his wife who is from Mecklenburg-Strelitz (but who cares anyway lol). Britain watches the situation in India closely
  • Portugal: Infrastructure improves greatly and so does their military. The City of Praria is booming and the city of Sao was founded. Portugal begins building guns and ammo. New banks are being built in Praria. Portugal sends warships and troops to reconquer Brazil.
  • Austria: More men are recruited and we stand idle.


  1. ​The Maratha Empire defeats the Mughal invasion of their lands, the Mughals are on the defensive.
  2. Aztlan undergoes reconstruction from the damages of the war.
  3. Iroquois refuse a compromise unless it states they can be their own U.S. State.
  4. Indians in the Red River Basin Valley rebel against the settlers.
  5. Northwestern Italy falls to the hands of the French.
  6. Northern Morocco falls to the hands of the Spanish.

RandomWriterGuy 05:47, May 26, 2012 (UTC)

  • ​Spain: Thanks to military superiority, Northern Morocco is under then hands of the Spanish. They continue to move deeper and deeper south, capturing the state's capital of Casablanca along the way. They establish a colony at the mouth of the Congo River to increase trade in the region.
  • France: With Northwestern Italy secured, Napoleon launches an second offensive into the central Italian states. Meanwhile, the Second Imperial Act works out well, and education of the next generation begins. The French Navy begins patrols across the Mediterranean, to keep French shipping safe from the Barbary Pirates.
  • Britain: Once again King George offers his son William, Prince of Wales, to the Duke of M-S's daughter. Britain declares war on the Mughal Empire in response to their encroachment of South Asia. *Algorithm coming* Britain launches an invasion of the Empire and establish a blockade of Mughal ports to starve the already weak (politically and economically) country. (Update): The invasion succeeds and the Royal Army advances west towards Delhi.
    • ​DoM-S Diplomacy: Duke Frederick-Francis accepts the marriage with much joy. He hopes the marriage will strengthen the already good relations with Britain.
  • Brandenburg: offers a trade agreement to Aztlan now that it has stopped fighting. and supports the Iroquois in their quest for freedom. a plan for bigger hot air balloons is made so that they can carry supplies further afield. The invasion of Saxony continues (Sorry in my last post I meant to say Saxony not Bavaria) with the army slowly gaining ground.
    • They don't want to be free, they just want better land rights.
  • Siam: Siam builds up its military, partially because of the looming threat of war in all of South Asia.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The Duke and his daughter sail to Britain for Princess Louise Charlotte's marriage to Prince William of Wales. In support of Britain, the Brigade that was sent to Aztlan is sent to aid the British in India. Trade has increased thanks to the Pomerania Purchase, but the government is still in debt. Following the lead of France, the Diet issues a decree making schooling from grades one to grade seven compulsory, Some assistance is sent to Brandenburg to help with the invasion of Saxony. The African colony is slightly expanding, with a new settlement being founded, named Williamsburg, in honour of the British prince.
  • Portugal: Portugal warships and troops captured the cities of Recife, Natal, Macelo and Joao Pessoa. They enforce strict curfews and no one can leave their house after 10:10 pm. If soldiers see anyone after 10:10, they shoot them on sight. Portuguese men also burned down three banana farms and if one soldier is killed 50 civilians are shot. Portugal also asks Spain for peace and offers them the islands of Sao Tome and Principe for it. Portugal sends more troops to Brazil.
  • United States: The United States is currently unable to stop the violence in the Red River Basin, but urge settlers to respect the rights of natives. Negotiations with the Iroquois continue. The government condemns Brandenburg's aggression towards other states, and the government mildly suggests that France negotiate with the Italians.
  • Qing Dynasty: Angered by British intervention in Asia, it is on the verge of declaring war, the army mobilizes near the South-East Asian Border, numbering 700,000 men for quick mobility, and much of the army has equipments like cannons and rifles. While 2/7 of the army uses more traditional weapons.
    • HA! you're hilarious with your outdated Bannermen no amount of "rifles and cannons" from the Qing can stop a European army, let alone the British.


  1. With the capture of Delhi, the Mughals are defeated not without heavy British losses of course
  2. Northern Italy is now French.
  3. South German establishes a coalition against Brandenburg.
  • Spain: Spain makes many military successes in Morocco and Portugal. Lisbon is now besieged and the government begins to chase the fleeing Morocco government into the south. They help the Brazilians gain their independence and do condemn Britain's aggression in India.
    • RWG stop making such biased events, one more and I'll ban you. Stop controlling other countries' diplomacy.
    • Actually he made an impossible mod event last turn: "The Iroquois refuse to compromise with the US government." As a person with an exceedingly complete amount of information about New York, I have to declare that impossible.
    • Okay I wasn't trying to be that way! jeez!
    • I'm Portugal and I am confused - was I conquered? Is Brazil independent?
  • Brandenburg: halts its invasion to have peace talks with the leaders of the other Germanic countries about a united region. as there are currently peace talks going on, Brandenburg redirects some of the troops to Italy to help their French allies.
  • France: France captures mid-Italy, and begins the final advance onto the capital of the last Italian state in the region. Meanwhile, the Second Imperial Act initiates its second plan, when the two small colonies expand into Africa, starting the colonial expansion of France. The French military is expanded, and the French navy constructs an new fleet.
    • American Diplomacy: We suggest that you negotiate with the Italians.
  • Britain: The Royal Army defeats the Mughals after the capture of Delhi, not without heavy casualties of course. A draft is imposed in order to replenish troops in India. They mobilize to the Chinese border in case of war but ask the Chinese to stand down. The naval blockade is lifted on India and hopefully the status quo returns soon.
  • United States: The United States continues its operations against Barbary Pirates in Tripolitania, and the war seems almost over (I know I never posted it, assume it went as OTL). New York agrees to sell land to the federal government so that the Iroquois can have their own state, governed with their own laws. Negotiations with the natives in Louisiana begin.
  • No, as a person with complete knowledge of New York and its neighbors, I'm sorry, but it wouldn't happen.
  • According to the mod event, the Iroquois refused to cooperate with the federal government unless they got their own state. If the federal government refused and attacked, other natives in the nation would revolt. And it says that they sold it, so...
  • Ok yeah, we all know RWG sucks at mod events and that one was completely impossible.
  • Not my fault, I'm just complying with the mod events.
  • Ottomans: Ottomans offer China an alliance and a pact to save the Mughals and fight off the British. Meanwhile, aid is sent to them and the Empire asks France to help the Mughals.
  • Mughal diplomacy: we thank your support for us and request forces enter and aid the fight against the British we will in exchange offer our troops for your need when ever needed.
  • Mughal empire: With the loss of Delhi the emperor and his administrationm move farther east and north, the army is reorganized to try to resist the British and a guerrilla campaign begins, starting with attempts to cut off the British supply lines. A ceasefire is requested with the Marathas along with an offer for a united front and promise of possible land exchanges to them for aid citing that if the Mughal fall the Maratha will be next for British conquest.
  • You've already been defeated and the British will most likely annex you.
  • Russia: With the hope of gaining lots of land for Settlers, Russia declares war on China and the Ottoman Empire. A large Russian Army is sent to invade the Ottomans in the Balkans, picking up people who want Free Land in the captured areas. Meanwhile, Workshops in the nation begin producing Cannons and Guns for the War Efforts
  • That wouldn't really happen.
  • Nueva Granada: a request is made to Madrid after a popular referendum is held to allow the viceroyalty of Nueva Granada to have greater autonomy and become a dominion with the King of Spain as head of state but with a locally chosen government. The population promises no attempts will be made to gain independence and that the region will remain loyal to the crown back in the motherland, a program to industrialize is also put forth if Spain agrees to boost the local economy.
  • Slow down, Spain has barely industrialized. You are too agricultural to do that. Most Latin American nations couldn't industrialize until the late 1880s-1900s
  • 'Portugal: Portugal forces drafts and begins fighting the Spanish at the border. They ask the British for help. Portugal captures the cities of Amapa, Sao Luis and Belem. They also begin to attack Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.
  • I never said immediately. I said plans were put forward and the reason Latin America couldn't industrialize was due to much local instability if an effort is put and what's required is collected by the 1820's I think a situation could be established to industrialize but if it's decided I can't - I won't.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The soldiers from India return to a triumphal parade. The Duke presents them all with the new India Medal. The Duke goes to the peace talks in Saxony, and raises the idea of a German Confederation, to replace the outdated Holy Roman Empire. The debt to Sweden is three quarters paid off. The settlement in Africa's population slowly increases.
  • Qing Dynasty: The Qing Dynasty enraged of the British transgression in India, declares war on the European Imperialist Nation. The army in South-East Asia, modernized enough to be a fighting force against the Europeans, begins negotiatiosn with South-East Asian nations to allow the army to move to India. ( 1-5, allows army to cross, 6-10 doesn't allow. 4) The army should arrive in Norhtern India in months. They ask for the remains of the Mughal Empire to fight on.
  • That's a tad bit convenient now isn't it? I'm having a mod do that.
  • kthen. Ianian58 01:03, May 29, 2012 (UTC)


  1. (RNG: 1-5 Yes, 6-10 No: Result- 7) The Qing Dynasty is denied military passage by the areas between it and the Indian subcontinent out of fear of the wrath of both nations. Sorry, Ian this was fair.
  2. Tensions between the US and the Indians cool down.
  3. The Brazilian war of independence rages on.
  • ​Spain: They begin to adopt industrial inventions from Britain into the economy. Because of this, rapid industrialization begins to take shape around northern Spain. They begin building irrigation systems in southern Spain to help the farmers. They begin and extensive road system across the Andes to make travel easier. They officially conquer all of Morocco and most of Portugal.
  • You have done no algorithm for Portugal. Monster Pumpkin
    • Aztlan Diplomacy: Aztlan asks Spain for full independence while Aztlan will help in all Spanish wars for the next 35 years and pay Spain 85 tons of gold and silver bullion.
  • Nueva Granada: more calls for greater autonomy come from the people of the viceroyalty and several riots break out all over the colony, a request is sent once again to Spain for dominion status one of the local speakers Bolivar personally goes to Spain to try to get the crown to grant Granada dominion status. several local individuals begin the bettering of infrastructure and the construction of a few factories in Bogota and Caracas. plans to build a local militia are put into place.
    • Aztlan Diplomacy: Aztlan will secretly support Nueva Granada if it revolts against Spain.
    • n.g. diplomacy: the leaders of the autonomy movement refuse the generous Aztlan offer on the grounds that autonomy is fine for them because although they wish for self rule they still hold loyalty for the mother land and any revolutionary attempts will be crushed due to no efficient power and the overwhelming strength of Spain's allies.
  • France: France captures the remainder of Italian states, and annexes them. Meanwhile, Napoleon returns to France to pass the Third Imperial Act, once again improving schools, roads, ports, and the newly acquired regions on the Italian Peninsula. France continues to expand its colonies in all directions, and Napoleon has an plan to bring much of Africa under French, control, but a majority of the population and other countries doubt that can happen.
  • Russia: More people head Eastward. Meanwhile, more workshops open up in the nation.
  • Aztlan: Aztlan continues to build up its infrastructure while expansion into OTL Oregon Country continues and a few parties of Aztlans are sent to Hawaii. Aztlan continues to industrialize and build up its navy and army as well as Marine Corps. Aztlan continues to appear loyal as a Commonwealth to Spain, but it secretly begins to fund the rebels in Nueva Granada.
  • Sims, we've gone over this before. You just fought a large war that you were losing. You don't have the money to expand like you are.
  • United States: The United States tries to exert its authority over the western territories. In order to increase revenue, the new President Alexander Hamilton offers trade agreements with China and Japan. To accomplish trading over the Pacific, the U.S. government requests to purchase the rights to Easter Island from Spain for 25,000 US $.
    • Spain didn't really own Easter Island. In 1805, it was still ruled by the native islanders (The ones who made the heads). They were very aggressive toward attempts by British ships to land, so even if you did purchase it, you would have to use some force before you could use it. And anyway; you're nowhere near the pacific ocean. American whalers in the early 1800s just used the British ports in Australia and Tasmania.
    • The Spanish claimed it since a few years before America declared independence, so while they don't actually own it, they own the rights for it. We are trying to gain those rights. And remember, if Mecklenburg can start colonies in Africa, then America colonising one island in the Pacific should not be difficult.
    • Sorry, I hadn't realised Spain had the rights. And you're right, it wouldn't be difficult, but I'm just wondering if your efforts mightn't be better used on another island. I mean, if Easter Island had had a useful harbour or port, than Spain would've settled it by now. There are heaps of better islands in the Pacific, that's all. And most of them are unclaimed by Europeans as yet.
    • When the Spanish claimed the island, they claimed it and landed. The natives didn't like that, and the Spanish left shortly after. If the natives could be negotiated with netter or controlled, then they would have. Easter Island is the closest unclaimed island in the Pacific to the United States at this time. If Spain ignores this whole thing, then I might just have to take it myself.
  • Portugal: Portugal captures a tiny Spanish village and razes it due to Spain not agreeing to peace. They also capture Rio De Janeiro and continue to attack Sao Paulo. In Recife, 7,500 rebels are hanged in the city square and 50 civilians were killed because of a rebel attack in Natal. Portugal begins burning down the Brazilian farms and the rain forest. Portugal won't top this harsh treatment until the Brazilian rebels back down. Portugal also increases its border army and is prepared for a fight with Spain.
  • Brandenburg: The troops which were helping the French return. Following the idea put forward earlier Brandenburg tries to form a German confederation, which would bind all the German states into one region while still remaining some degree of independence (will need an RNG for this). The King passes away, and with his son still too young to control the countries the parliament takes over for the moment.
  • Austria; More and more men are recruited and weapons made. Defensive walls are built around the borders, and Austria goes on the defensive.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: Duke Frederick Francis falls severely ill, and his son, Frederick Louis takes over as Regent. The Regent's first act is the overseeing of the final payment to Sweden. With the national debt paid off, the Ducal Treasury has more room to move. The Regent, an admirer of liberal thinking, gives the Diet more extensive powers. The Diet, which is filled with rich traders, is keen for the Duchy to establish another colony, and so the Diet begins asking Denmark if it might be interested in selling the Danish Virgin Isles. However, it will be two years by the Treasury's estimate, before the duchy would be able to afford them.
  • Britain: The Army remains on high alert in the Indian subcontinent. Since China cannot pass through (no military access granted) things seem to settle down. The Mughal empire has been annexed into the British Empire and the border with the Maratha Confederacy is secured. King George personally travels to Delhi to survey the new area. Although we support Portugal, we tell them that they are destroying a valuable colony when they use the destructive tactics they're using.
    • Portuguese Diplomacy: Portugal will stop their destruction of the colony due to the British warning but again ask Britain's help against Spain.
  • Announcement: the map is updated, check for anything I missed, corrections, etc.


  1. King George III of the United Kingdom dies; his second son William IV succeeds him as King with his wife Louise Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Schwerin as Queen.
  2. The Portuguese begin to make gains in Brazil.
  3. People in New Granada begin to make calls for dominion status from Spain.
  4. The Spanish assault on Portugal is defeated.
  • United States: The United States continues to experience settlers moving to the west, and more government officials move west to maintain the government's authority. The U.S. government asks Spain again on our offer. Update: (1-5 yes, 6-10, no, 1 yes).
  • Portugal: Portugal captures Sao Paulo and begins heading to Brasilia. Portugal also stops its destruction of farms and forests and hires people to rebuild. 6,500 rebels are killed in Natal by Portugal. Troops are drafted and more people are fighting the Spanish. Portugal asks Britain for help and offers Spanish territory for Britain if they win.
  • Japan: The Japanese Shogunate begins to build infrastructure and increases taxes on the wealthy feudal lords to cover expenses.
  • Spain: Spain agrees to give New Granada dominion status willing not to repeat the same mistakes with Mexico. Spain invades Portugal (some one make algorithm for that). They politely decline Mexico's demand for independence since it already gived them a lot of what they needed to appease them.
    • RWG quit saying things like that because they are not the outcome. I told you to stop or face a ban.
    • Sorry! I told someone to make an algorithm. Geez!
    • You can always do it yourself you know.
    • I can't do those! Seriously! Can't!
    • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The old, ailing duke, Frederick Francis, does not long outlive King George III. His son, the regent, Frederick Louis ascends to the ducal throne. He sends his deepest sympathies to the British royals, as well as congratulating William on his Kingship. The new Duke travels to Berlin to discuss the proposed German Confederation with the King of Brandenburg. Meanwhile, the officers of the army are schooled in the most modern military tactics. Williamsburg in Africa is attacked by natives, but they are beaten off. The Governor of the african colony gets the native tribes to sign a treaty, giving them rights to representation in the colonial Diet.
  • Siam: Siam continues updating its technology and will support the Qing Dynasty's forces in relation to the Mughal matter.
  • Nueva Granada: with autonomy finally granted massive celebrations erupt throughout the area, the Commonwealth of Nueva Granada is declared as constitutional monarchy with the King of Spain and his representative the viceroy as head of state and a parliament similar to the british one will be drafted along with a constitution. improvement of infrastructure continues and the first rail line in the area is started from Bogota to Caracas. The first national militia is created which will later be made into an army. A final request is made to Spain to lift the metropolis policy so that the local economy can grow further helping the economy of the Spanish empire due to the fact that it will open new income sources. Neutrality is declared in the current conflict for now but if fighting spreads to the dominions borders it will fight.
      • 'Well, that sort of is a dominion. Australia was described as a dominion, but it was technically the Commonwealth of Australia. In fact, very few of the British "dominions" were actually styled as such.
      • its just a name and technically it would be a common wealth or federation considering it was those of the Venezuelan, Colombian and Ecuadorian areas even then they felt a divide between them culturally, while still maintaining a dominion status.
    • And on another note: A railway line from Bogota to Caracas! In 1806!? The first major British railway, the Stockton to Darlington Railway, which was only 40km long. In my opinion, a railway that goes virtually across a continent is unthinkable right now.
    • And all right. I'll make the rail line in Bogota only for now. Fair enough?
    • Yeah, that's good.
  • France: France begins to rebuild the infrastructure in the southern Italian states. The French Navy continues to expand and the army is expanded. Napoleon asks that France withdraws from Spain, and denounces the razing tatics of Portugal, but will not do nothing.
  • Russia: More people move Eastward, and more workshops are set up.
  • Britain: With the situation in the Indian subcontinent seemingly over, Britain looks to other issues. First they make commision settlements on the west coast of Australia in order to join east and west settlements later in the future. The Crown issues the Victoria Declaration, a document stating that any nation that enters australia with plans to colonize will be met by force. The NPA establishes an Australian Headquarters.
    • Hi, sorry to bother you. I have no problem with a British settlement in western Australia, but, in the last game, people made settlements in all sorts of weird and impossible places there, so just remember that only the South-Western corner is able to be properly settled. Also, "Australia" didn't exist at this time, the British colony was called New South Wales.
  • Brandenburg: The German states meeting comes to an end with the creation of the Berlin Accord, which creates a union between all German states who sign to support each other economically and in war, and to have a council with representitives from all member states to decide international issues.
  • Will need a check to decide which states join
  • Ottoman Empire: Ottoman Empire says that it will never ally with a British ally unless necessary. Expansion in Africa continues.


All German confederation RNGs will be done by me; I need you guys to tell me which states, though--AP

  • Okay, here goes: Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Bavaria, Saxony, Wurrtemberg, Baden, Archbishopric of Salzburg, Kingdom of Bohemia (part of Austrian empire though), Kingdom of Hannover (in personal union with Britain though), Hesse-Kassell, Hesse Darmstadt, Bishopric of Muenster, Duchies of Saxe, Saxe Meinigen, Saxe Coburg, Saxe Gotha, Saxe Coburg and Gotha, Duchy of Brunswick, Duchy of Oldenburg, Principality of East-Frisland, Principality of Reuss, both of them, ....And they're only the stand-outs.
    • ​This is going to be way to confusing and impossible. In OTL, Napoleon went into Germany and sorted all the hundreds of tiny states into about thirty reasonable-sized ones. If a mod event is made stating that Napoleon does just that (with player-controlled nations staying the same), then everything happens much easier. (for a list of german states post French intervention, seehere ) Callumthered
    • Solution: The Confederation of the Rhine is formed maybe?
    • Yeah, that's sort of what I was leaning towards...But called the German Confederation.
  1. Britain settles South-West Australia, the William Declaration is passed.
  • ​Victoria doesn't even exist yet!
  1. New Granada joins the Spanish Commonwealth as a dominion of Spain.
  2. Russia's economy begins to grow.
  3. The Brazilian war of independence turns in favor of Portugal
  4. Daimyos (feudal lords) in Japan protest against taxes, demanding the lowering of taxes.
  5. With American settlement in the West increasing, the concept of Manifest Destiny takes hold.
  • ​Spain: It continues to fight against Portugal and send supplies to Brazil, hopping they can gain independence. They ask France to split Portuguese possessions if it joins with it.
    • All right RWG stop crossing things out annoyingly without consulting or even finding out about it. 1 Victoria was a mistake, it was William. 2 You are biased, just because Spain is supporting Brazil doesn't mean they can't have the upper hand 3 You're the biggest hypocrite ever! When Aztlan revolted you begged for help and now you support a rebellion against another nation? From now on you're only allowed to make "suggestions", no crossing out text until further notice
    • Shut up, okay?! Look, I am trying to do my best! STOP COMPLAINING!! If there's a mistake, I'll try to fix it!
  • Commonwealth of Nueva Granada: The commonwealth government continues expanding the new militia making it 3000 men now and they are armed with Spanish muskets. The constitution is written and signed by members of the new parliament. The economy is localized to gain better eficiency and the local industry (I mean mining, workshops, etc, not massive industry) are brought into the hands of local investors or new blood. Several factories are built in Bogota along with the construction of the first rail line within the capital. Plans to purchase more slaves from Africa for work in fields and factories are put into place.
  • Russia: More people move Eastward, and more Workshops open up.
  • Portugal: Portugal continues to fight with Spain on the border. Portugal conquers more cities on the coast and attacks rebel strongholds. Portugal asks Britain for help and will stop razing Brazil. Portugal begins sending more warships and troops to Brazil.
  • Qing: It does not even now retracts its declaration of war. Life though goes normally in China, as Tibetans begin distancing themselves from Qing Influence. The massive Qing Army is spread through all of China, the dynasty continues encouraging factory workers to work for better quality weapons, but little planning of stragety how to use the weapons. Better roads and systems of roads are made to make it easier to move around. (The Qing Dynasty had a large treasury at the time, due to no rival in Asia, and total peace in the dynasty...for now.)
  • Aztlan: Dmages from the war are finally fixed. Gold is discovered in Aztlan California, and a gold rush begins, resulting in an immigration boom and jump-starting Aztlans expansion into OTL Oregon Country and regions north of Aztlan. With the infulx of settlers, Aztlan begins to grow exponentialy.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The Ducal treasury declares the nation's coffers full enough to begin with the purchase of the Danish Virgin Isles. The Government goes into preliminary negotiations with Denmark about the potential purchase (Can an unbiased mod do an RNG on that, please?) In Africa, the trust of the local tribespeople is gained once more when the colonists defeat their enemies in battle. Many of the locals begin to be educated in German ways in the colonial school. The ivory trade is going well. Back at home, and Duke Frederick Louis travels again to Berlin to greet all the new members of the German Confederation, and to discuss how it will work. Taking the opportunity of milling around heaps of royalty. The duke announces that his sister, Charlotte Frederica, is now in search of a royal, Christian husband. (No offense Ottomans or Marathas or Qings, but European royalty just didn't marry Muslims, Hindus or ... whatever the Qing dynasty was.)
    • U.S. Diplomacy: Louis Joseph, the heir to the throne of France, is 28 and has no wife. THe United States is willing to negotiate on his behalf.
    • DoM-S Diplomacy: Whilst the Duke thanks the USA for its kind request, he does not wish to threaten his relationship with Napoleonic France by marrying into the old Bourbon family.
    • French Diplomacy: We don't care, as long as they don't try to get power back again.
    • No offense taken, although a Muslim man would marry a pious Christian or Jewish wife. Although, I knows that no Euros would marry Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, etc.
    • DoM-S DIplomacy: Seeing as Napoleonic France does not disprove; The Duke accepts Louis Joseph's offer, and Charlotte Frederica travels to the United States to marry him.
  • France: France begins to improve the economy of the new colonies and expand 'em as well. The military is expanded and Napoleon begins to expand the infrastructure of the Empire.
  • Britain: The colonies in Africa and New South Wales are expanded, the William Declaration is passed. The new King and Queen visit the queen's homeland of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.


  1. Russia's economic growth continues.
  2. Portugal is close to putting down the Brazilian rebellion.
  3. The German Confederation is formed (with the exception of Hanover, Bohemia and Saxe Coburg and Gotha.
    • ​Just wondering, can the British player control Hanover?
    • Maybe. The UK and Hanover were in a personal union, but they had two separate monarchs (although most of the time the King of Hanover was a brother or other relative of the King of the UK).
  • Aztlan: Silver is discovered in OTL Nevada, more than doubling the number of immigrants coming in. Aztlan begins to build a modern navy and army with the money from the gold and silver and with the new amount of able bodied men the army nearly doubles. Aztlan begins to send some of this gold and silver to Spain.
  • All right Sims because I believe I made things right with you maybe the ban is too harsh. Gold will proceed but no expansion until the gold rush has advanced long enough to fill your treasury.
  • Look, here it is. Gold could have been discovered at anytime, although it would likely not spread the influence of Aztlan unless the government sends many people out there. And the gold discovered is mostly going to the people who find it, not the government. Everyone, slow down your expansion. Monster Pumpkin 22:04, June 2, 2012 (UTC)
  • United States: The United States sends a small fleet of military and merchant ships to secure the nation's new island in the Pacific. When they arrive, they are amazed at the colossal structures and writing they find there. They begin construction of a fort there, believing that they are building at the capital of a lost civilization. Hamilton heres of the news, and now that a trading post is under way, he requests a trade agreement with China. Settlers continue to flock to lands into the west, sometimes coming into conflict with the natives there.
  • C. Nueva Granada: more money is put into the economy and the government begins a plan for exploiting the nation's vast resources for trading and the planned industrialization once it begins. Several individuals start pouring money into the construction of factories and into the expansion of agriculture, creating an oligarchy in the economy, this individuals begin purchasing more slaves from Africa to work in the commonwealth. The militia is turned into the commonwealth army with a total of 7000 men with plans to expand the army in the future. A campaign begins to suppress the natives and make way better conditions for settelers.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: Having seen his sister back to London, the young Duke arrives back in Schwerin just in time to welcome his other sister and her new groom, who are to live in the Duchy. The Diet officially passes a bill making the Duchy join the German Confederation. The army and navy stay the same, and their quality is maintained. The Duke, finishing his whirlwind year, travels to Copenhagen to discuss the possible purchase of the Danish Virgin Isles with the King of Denmark. (RNG, please?)\
    • ​(1-5 yes. 6-10 no. 4, yes)
    • DoM-S: The Duke's presence tips the odds in Mecklenburg's favour, and the deal is made. The duchy's treasury makes the first of the payments to Copenhagen, and a small military detachment is sent to the Caribbean to take possession of the Virgin Isles.
  • Portugal: Portugal executes more rebels and captures more cities in Brazil. They ask Spain for peace and offer Sao Tome and Principe for peace. Portugal begins building a military fort in Belem. Portugal still asks Britain for help.
  • Brandenburg: Pleased the confederation of the german states, Brandenburg asks the leave of other confederation members for rivers within the confederation to be opened to all other states so that Brandenburg can finally have access to the ocean via the Elbe River
  • Spain: They demand that Brazil be a commonwealth if Portugal were to end the war. They slowly expand their Moroccoan colony southwest. They make expeditions throughout the Pacific, mainly to discover new islands. It begins a rapid industrialization program to build factories across the country and its empire.
  • Britain: Efforts are put into expanding the south african colony in order to outdo the Dutch in the region. King William commissions settlements in the claimed islands of New Zealand. Britain tells Spain to stand down, as it had no place in the war anyway. The King denounces Spain as hypocritical because it supports a colonial independence movement yet begged for help to put down the Aztlan rebellion a few years back. Britain offers an alliance to the new German confederation and encourage France to join it too in order to improve relations amongst the three presumed most powerful nations.
  • France: France also asks for trade agreements and alliances with the German Confederation, and trade agreements with Britain. Meanwhile, the infrastructure and military is improved, and France expands its colonies in Africa. France demands that Spain stand down, or will come to the aid of the innocet Portugal.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: We will if Portugal steps down. We are trying to end the violence.
    • French Diplomacy: Okay. Both you and Portugal should step down immediately.


  1. The Brazilian War of Independence is over. (Peace negotiations begin in the talk page)
  2. Manifest Destiny takes an even greater hold in the United States.
  3. The Duchy of M-S has purchased the Danish Virgin Islands.
  4. An early treaty of Waitangi is negotiated.

Y'all can post now ...

  • France: France continues to improve its military both technology and knowledge, with guerrilla warfare tactics being trained now. France expands its colonies, and establishes two along the coast of OTL Somalia to have an presence in the Middle East without actually being the Middle East.
  • Russia: With the economic growth, the Government starts to raise more money in taxes. Most of the funds raised are placed in the Treasury. Meanwhile, more Workshops open up, with the resources coming in from the East, like Lumber. The Workshops are booming.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The Virgin Isles are now under the duchy's full control, and the sugar trade is booming. A regiment is raised from the new colony. The government has had to introduce austerity measures, but the ports are booming, since the Duchy has the only ports in the Confederation.
  • Spain: It begins mass colonization of Patagonia when it begins giving out land for free. They continue their industrialization process, using new technologies into other convieniences as well. They establish a colony at the northern tip of Madagascar.
    • You're not permitted to change the map and you can't colonize that much in one year. So, I'm crossing your claim out in punishment.
    • I changed the map. Enclavehunter 06:20, June 4, 2012 (UTC)
    • Fine. I'll let you all off with a warning, don't change the map! However, I did reduce colonies down to a reasonable size.
    • Mods can change maps too, not just mapmakers. Enclavehunter 06:37, June 4, 2012 (UTC)
  • Britain: The Treaty of Waitangi is negotiated with Maori chiefs in new Zealand, establishing a British government in New Zealand that respects Maori natives and gives them rights as British citizens in exchange for colonizing rights. Canada and south africa are expanded. A colony in southern Madagascar is established. We claim the OTL Papua New Guinea island. Britain will moderate the end-of-war treaty.
  • Nueva Granada: construction of the Bogota rail line continues. More money is poured into the construction of factories in Bogota and Caracas. The suppression campaign against the natives in the south of the commonwealth continues to expand farmland and make way for more settlers. More slaves are bought from traders from africa. attempts to get more people to migrate to the commonwealth. Spanish, and French are made the national languages.
  • Aztlan; The Gold and Silver rush continue, but now the Aztlan government has created the National Mining Company under the Aztlan governments direct control, and it begins to employ thousands of miners, allowing more money to be put into the military. Immigration begins to grow as well.
  • United States: Many more settlers move west, eager to spread America's greatness to the world. The government starts negotiations with western Natives to reduce violence. The government claims the entire Oregon territory, and will begin sending troops out to explore it. The fort and trading post on Easter Island is about completed.


  1. New Granada gains high debts from all of their costly actions.
  2. Aztlan experiences some economic growth (don't take this too far, Sims).
  3. With American claims to the Oregon Country, settlers move out west due to the hold of Manifest Destiny.
  4. The early Treaty of Waitangi is signed.

You may begin posting now.

  • Portugal: Portugal begins rebuilding Brazil and begins to recover from the war. The new capital of Brazil will be heavily Portuguese occupied city of Natal. Portugal improves their economy and tries to rebuild. They ask Britain for some aid to help them. Cape Verde had become a great banking colony during the war and Portugal is receiving some money from that. They ask Britain and France for an alliance.
  • Spain decides to improve their relations with Portugal after the war in Brazil. They colonize most of Patagonia and encourage colonization in the Philippines and Borneo. They continue their industrialization, but also encourage mining of valuable resources in South America.
  • Britain: Britain decides to send monetary aid to Portugal after the destructive war in Brazil. A colony is finally founded in Papua New Guinea. The colony of South Africa is expanded to surround the Dutch colony in an effort to curb Dutch power in Africa. Settlements begin appearing in New Zealand's southern island after the Treaty of Waitangi is approved by Parliament.
    • Portuguese Diplomacy: Portugal thanks Britain by allowing them to have full access to all Brazilian ports if needed.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The austerity measures are seemingly working, as a substantial amount of the debt has been paid off. Two infantry regiments are stood down on quarter-pay to help the measures. Trade with the rest of the German Confederation has greatly increased, with the duchy providing much of the Confederation's sugar and ivory needs.
  • Brandenburg: Brandenburg's economy is booming with the increased trade between confederation members and suggests that the confederation form its own colonies in Africa and the Americas.
  • Nueva Granada: starts downplaying its spending due to high costs but all projects are continued in moderation, the economic benefits start showing from the new basic industry and the expanded agriculture. The campaign against the natives continues with most having been killed or subjugated by now.
  • Japan: The Japanese Shogunate expands the economy and begins to modernize the famous Samurai warriors. Japan knows of the foreign powers but chooses to remain neutral.
  • Aztlan: The National Mining Company now dominates over 50% of the gold and silver in Aztlan, and with the immigration coming in, Aztlan encourages their settlement of the Oregon Country, mostly the Pacific Coast area, and it slowly begins to be settled by Aztlan. The Aztlan government continues to lay claim to all of the Oregon Country, although it can't enforce it in too many areas. Spain is asked if Aztlan can buy its freedom in the form of yearly gold and silver payments. Note, Aztlan is not doing anything too big, it's only doing what it should do.
  • The US already claimed the entire Oregon country last turn.
  • I can still settle it, Spain claimed the area before the USA, and since Aztlan is still technically part of Spain, Aztlan can continue that claim in the name of Spain.
  • United States: The United States, under Thomas Jefferson's approval, sends explorers such as Lewis and Clark and other military officials into the Oregon County. This is to prevent conflict between settlers and natives.
    • Aztlan: Aztlan suggests a joint occupation/claim to the Oregon Country with the USA until such time that it is sufficiently populated by both nations and the land can be officially divided.
  • France: France continues to expand its colonies in Africa. Meanwhile, the military is expanded, and an SECRET invasion force is assembled along the Batavian Republic. France SECRETLY asks Britain to join in on the invasion, as it can receive the Dutch colonies across the globe. The military is expanded and the navy is expanded. France officially recognizes Haiti as an independent nation, and offers them trade agreements.
  • We'll consider it. However, it may have an international backlash.
  • (secret) British Diplomacy: We're in. Count on us.
  • (secret) Aztlan Diplomacy: Aztlan offers troops if Aztlan can have the Dutch South American Guyana.
  • Qing Dynasty: As the state of war against Britain is not lifted, it decides to begins to send assassins and sabotage missions to India, modernization is taken as top priority, harsh policies are made in the west against farmers, to keep money flowing.
  • Explain to me what this means: "It does not even now retracts its declaration of war"--You three turns ago.


  1. France and Britain assemble an invasion force against the Batavian Republic (secretly, lol).
  2. Chinese spies are captured and executed by the British in India for their actions.
  3. American immigration into Oregon Country expands and adds consistency to their claims.
  4. New Granada's economy enters a recession after high costs and spending of the state.

You may start to post.

  • Spain: It is forced to intervene in New Granada due to the reccession. They discover new deposits of valuable minerals and gems across South America and mine them in an attmept to gain more money. They support Aztlan's need to join occupy the Oregon Country and asks America if they can do it.
    • Aztlan Diplomacy: Aztlan asks Spain to send as many settlers as possible to Aztlan so it can setttle the Oregon Country and also asks for Spain to send troops to help defend the Aztlan/Spanish settlers in the region.
  • Brandenburg: after a meeting of the confederation, the following things are decided. river ports will be put to more extensive use, and all confederation states will help build more ports and update the navy. The East African colony of Williamsburg is expanded dramatically with immigrants from all confederation states flocking there. A West African colony is started and named Engelburg. The militaries belonging to each state will meet in Hamburg the following year to train cohesively and share tactics, signal systems and generally become more united
  • Nueva Granada: The government spending keeps getting cut down and projects start falling into private hands. The government promotes a stronger liberal agenda to lift up the economy. The agricultural production and manufacturing show signs of earnings with in the next few years so the government sees its spendings as worth it. The suppression campaign continues.
    • Message from Spain: Spain will have to send economic and financial inspectors to ensure that they do not make the same mistakes again. Also, they encourage more economical and financial experts to the government.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The docks and shipyards of the Duchy are flooded with orders from the various Confederation member-states. This brings much wealh to the duchy, which is still helping to pay off the debt to Denmark. The new, joint navy is begun, with the Duchy's navy making up the core force. Many civilian ships are chartered to take the German settlers to Williamsburg and Engelburg, in Africa. The Duchy's chiefs of staff travel to Berlin to plan next year's joint training programme.
  • Aztlan: Aztlan continues to support Spains claim, and there for its, claim to the Oregon Country, and immigataoin casued by the Gold Rush begins to settle in the region under the Aztlan and Spanish Flags. Spain begins to be paid gld and silver bullion as a thansk for not being to harsh in the Atlan Rebellions after math. Aztlan asks Spain to send as many settlers as possible to Aztlan so it can setttle the Oregon Country faster.
    • Sims for the last time, the Oregon country is now an AMERICAN claim! Doing this will make you go to war with them. I've told you this at least three times before so stop.
    • Hey, relax. Claiming something does not mean we own it automatically, only that there will be either war or diplomatic troubles ahead.
  • France: France declares war on the Batavian Republic, and with the leadership of Napoleon, defeats the Batavian Army. The French Army soon reaches Amsterdam, and lay siege to the town. Meanwhile, the Fourth Imperial Act is passed, expanding the military and begins to research into advance technology. The colonies are expanded.
    • Don't forget Britain is helping you!
    • I know. That's why I didn't advance and surround the town, so the British can help out.
  • United States: America continues to send more and more soldiers and government officials west, and the government agrees to Aztlan's proposal. The fort on Easter Island is completed, and construction of a town begins so that the natives can be properly educated.
  • Britain: We aid the French in their campaign in exchange for the pre-agreed proposal of Dutch colonies. Canada is expanded westward and a line is created along the OTL north border between the US/Canada present day border to prevent any foreign penetration into our claims. Colonies are expanded particularly in New Zealand and Africa.
  • Ottoman Empire: Ottomans offer the Chinese an alliance.
  • Portugal: Portugal continues to rebuild Brazil and is making progress with the aid of Britain. Portugal offers very limited trade to Spain. Portugal's economy improve after the war and lives are becoming normal again. Portugal begins to look in Africa for possible colonies but makes no progress.


  1. The recession in Granada continues. Many blame it on the inexperienced Commonwealth government that took power and spent so much
  2. Batavian forces are quickly overwhelmed by a combined Anglo-Franco force.
  3. Brazil makes gains in its reconstruction
  4. The Oregon Country is now settled and claimed by the US and Aztlan

You may post now.

  • Spain is forced to order restraints in New Granada, accusing them of overspending, They demand that the government eliminate spening on areas unneccessary or fruitless. They praise Aztlan and America for reaching a deal over the Oregon Territory. They expand their Madagascar colony south, sending expeditions to the interior of the island.
  • Nueva Granada: the commonwealth government focuses its efforts on the agricultural and manufacturing sections of the new economy to lift the commonwealth out of reccession and the construction of the rail lines and the purchasing of slaves is halted for now. a few individuals begin exploiting the nations natural resources (private hands not government doesn't count as government spending) the suppression campaign is ended and the army has cut backs until the economy has stabilized a request for Spanish soldiers to be stationed in Nueva Granada until that time is requested from the homeland.
  • Britain: Canada continues to be expanded westward, with the Crown claiming OTL Alaska. All other colonies are expanded. The Crown continues to pour money into the reconstruction of Brazil to expedite the process. Madagascar is also expanded to almost mid-point.Amsterdam is encircled and a Batavian surrender is imminent, with a final push expected by the French. An invasion of the remainder of the Indian subcontinent is planned, but kept secret.
  • ATTENTION: I am updating the map today, so let me know on the talk page what needs to be updated.AP
  • Austria-Hungary: More troops are trained and more defensive forts and walls are placed around the borders.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The Confederation's expeditions to establish a new colony in Western Africa arrive in OTL Kenya. Engelsburg is founded, and a governor appointed. Meanwhile, the duchy takes part in the Confederation-wide military exercises. The ducal treasury estimates that Denmark will be fully repaid early next year.
  • Germans, slow down on the colonies you just united. In less than two turns you've made like three different colonies.
  • Actually, we've only made one new colony, the other already existed, we're just expanding it.
  • France: France makes its final push into Amsterdam and captures the Batavian Republic. Upon occupation, all Dutch colonies are part of the British Empire, because of pre-war agreement. THe military expansion continues, and expansion of the French colonies occurs. THe Fourth Imperial Act is passed.
  • Britain: We thank France for honoring our agreement. We hope for continued good relations.
  • Qing Dynasty: Accepts Ottoman Alliance, spies are sent to cause sabatoge on military bases in British India and assassinations attempts are made upon unpopular governors, which gains the Dynasty a comftrable reputation, 10,000 troops are moved to Tibet to restore influence. (China moved troops to Tibet all the time with governors allowing them to, due to massive Chinese Influence, though began to break away.) An army of 213,000 is organized with nearly modern standards, the Navy undergoes review.


  1. Tibetans resist Chinese attempts to influence the region.
  2. The Batavian Republic has been defeated by the British and the French.
  3. The economic recession in New Granada continues.

You may now post.

There's a new rule. I adopted from another map game, please look at it. AP

United States: The United States continues to send more people out west, and trade with Asian nations increases due to the new fort and trading post on Easter Island. Also, should Russia have claimed Alaska by now? I know Britain claimed it, but still...

Yes, even before this game started.

Yes, that's right. Cross-out British claims to all Alaska.AP

  • Britain: Qing spies, being trained by primitive and unreliable people, are captured and executed. The William Plan(plan to invade the rest of the Indian subcontinent, respecting other European ports of course) is executed. From our holdings the Maratha Confederacy is invaded and the army marches to the south.(algorithm coming). King William requests a meeting with France in London.
    • French Diplomacy: Napoleon agrees to attend the meeting.
    • You know you just betrayed a good ally (Maratha) which will make all hell break lose in India against you to you literally backstabbing an ally. Just saying. Ianian58 03:27, June 9, 2012 (UTC)
  • France: The miltiary is expanded, and the French Navy is improved. The Dutch are given equal rights in the Empire, and the French colonies are expanded. Napoleon begins construction on an military base in Sicily.
  • Portugal: Portugal continues to rebuild Brazil and Portugal. They also improve their infrastructure and economy. Their militray is also improved.
  • Qing Dynasty: Qing Merchants in Maratha begin selling weapons and supplies to the Indian Nation, the Qing Dynasty mocks British betrayal of a nation, and calls out against European Imperialism, the army moves again to the south, requesting nations to allow the 200,000 man army to pass. (Algorthim)
    • RNG: (1-8 No, 9-10 Yes: Result- 5 No) If you're wondering why the 'no' chance is can be 80%, refer to the rules.
  • British Diplomacy: We were never allied with the Marathas anyway. Also why the hell do you care about what happens in India, you don't even share a border with us! And HA Qing weapons how frightening. I do give you props for being the first to make gunpowder.
  • Qing Diplomacy: Such diplay of arrogance amazes the Emperor. You allied yourself with the Marthra's when you invaded the Mughals, to invade an innocent nation for your own expansion is a pathetic act, worst of all, you believe you can take on the Marthra's on home turf, while you are on the other side of the world, while their numbers are largers, and they have decent equipment, and the Qing can also muster decent enough equipment. Weapons are weapons, no? Meaning a sword on the throat is quite nerve-breaking.
    • We were never allied with them, we just fought the same entity that does not imply an alliance. And do you really think we don't have a standing army in India already? Also again I would like to know why you care so much you don't share a border with South Asia! And no they aren't as large as you would think.
    • It's logical. You just came out of a war in India that you already have an army there, yet the Marthra, in their homeland, which their independence was threatened have a pretty big army to inform you, India is an important trade route for China, if India is dominated fully by Europe, China would have to use difficult trade routes, and China expresses anti-European colonism in Asia. Also, we should stop arguing before other people get mad at us. Ianian58 03:56, June 9, 2012 (UTC)
    • I'll offer you this: Respect British domination of India and we'll sign a non-aggression pact with you AND we'll have a trade zone so you won't use those difficult trade routes.
    • I'll admit, it will become very difficult for China to trade with other nations without India, but it can survive, it still greatly dislikes Euopean Colonism, and worse, colonism for simple expansion, it will not accept this and it will aid the Marthra any way it can. Ianian58 04:22, June 9, 2012 (UTC)
    • All right, that's fine. I want you to know that we both can't fight one another because the nations are not allowing military passage to either of us. After the war I'll still trade with you.
    • ATTENTION PEOPLE! Russia is now available! Please message me if you would like to use it.
  • Spain forces most governmental officials in the New Granadan Commonwealth parliament to abdicate for professional financial businessmen, who might be able to end the recession. Few officials who are responsible for the recession and the reckless spending are fined millions (not too much though), who use the money to help against the recession.
  • Duchy of Meclenburg-Schwerin: the treasury makes the final repayment to Denmark, putting the Virgin Isles finally under complete German control. The other two German colonies are consolidated, with houses and forts being built. Back in the duchy, the duke makes trade unions legal.
  • Nueva Granada: the parliament refuses to disrupt its elected camara unless the populace call for a no confidence vote. The Oligarchy that dominates the factories and great estancias offers to start taking care of the debts by financing the economy them selves which due to the large pockets of the aristocracy and merchants the government reluctently accepts but due to the situation in the country they have no other choice further empowering the economic sector and undermining the government influence outside of the political field, the prime minister of renounces in light of the nations situation and Santander will become a nominee for the next elections running against Bolivar they each form their parties respectively the Granadan Liberal party under Santander, and the united conservative party under bolivar.
  • Aztlan: Aztlan continues to support Spain's claim, and therefore, its claim to the Oregon Country, and immigration caused by the Gold Rush begins to settle in the region under the Aztlan and Spanish Flags. Spain continues to be paid gold and silver bullion as a thanks for not being too harsh in the Aztlan Rebellions aftermath. Aztlan asks Spain to send as many settlers as possible to Aztlan so it can settle the Oregon Country faster. Aztlan continues to slowly settle the Oregon Country, most notably the Pacific coast line. SPAIN IS ASKED FOR SETTLERS.
  • United States: Soldiers representing the U.S. start to build forts along the Pacific coastline, and more settlers move due to the added protection. Vancouver Island is claimed, and Thomas Jefferson promises to negotiate with the British about it if they object.
  • British Reply: Despite British claims to the island, King William IV wishes to gift Vancouver Island to the US to pursue good relations.
  • Crap, I just noticed I posted for this turn already. Can we do this next turn instead?


  1. Britain's army marches south steadily, with relatively high casualties.
  2. The Marathas experience moderate casualties due to their home turf advantage.
  3. The US is gifted Vancouver Island from Britain.
  4. Settlement of the Oregon Country continues.
  5. Revolts in New Granada break out against the overspending government that refuses to step down.

You may begin to post.

  • France: France continues to improve infrastructure of the former Batavian Republic. Expansion of the colonies continue, and is expected that the French Somolia will go pass the borders of OTL Ethiopia. France continues to improve its economy and modernize its military. Napoleon continues move forces into southern Italy. France begins to wage war against the Barbary Pirate States.
  • Britain: King William IV declares that Canada has reached the end of its expansion. All other colonies are expanded especially in Africa and New Zealand. The war in the Indian subcontinent continues and the army marches south towards wherever the Maratha capital is (LOL. I really don't know). The Swahili coast is claimed and settlers arrive there in the fall. Negotiations begin with the Swahili tribes. King William IV personally travels to the United States to present President Jefferson with the deed to Vancouver Island.
  • Nueva Granada: the government accepts early elections with the liberal party, the conservative party, and the Partido Progresista Granadina (Progressive Granadan party) lead by Umberto De la Vega a local aristocrat who fors part of the economic oligarchy, many look to him with hopes. (For the love of god please let's start moving on in a positive direction not continued collapse. I'm getting a bit tired of it.) Tobacco, wheat and live cattle become the largest products sold from the commonwealth.
  • This is being realistic in response to your actions as Granada, don't complain.
  • Portugal: Portugal improves their infrastructure and military. They continue to rebuild Brazil and is making great progress. Portugal offers Britain and France help if needed due to they supported Portugal against Spain. Portugal also improves their African colonies and their economy.
    • French Diplomacy: France acknowledges Portugal, and thanks them.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: With Denmark paid back and the Government balance going back into the blue, many of the regiments put onto quarter pay are brought back to full functionality. The Grand Admiral of the Confederation sets up the Naval Offices in Rostock, the main port of the Duchy. Many settlers from the poorer states of the Confederation flock to the Virgin Isles. In the Diet of the Duchy, the Landwirtschaftliche Partei (Agricultural party) and the Deutschland Partei win the majority. The Duchy becomes the first in the Confederation to introduce the metric system. The duke himself personally advocates for the simplicity and effectiveness of the new system.
  • Brandenburg: Brandenburg announces a national festival in Germany to celebrate their unification. and also brings the topic of Caribbean possesions to the table. He suggests that all colonies belonging to any of the states should now belong to the confederation
  • United States: The United States thanks Britain for Vancouver Island. Expansion to the west continues.


  1. Reconstruction of Brazil is almost completed
  2. Protestors demonstrate in front of government buildings in Caracas and Bogota
  3. Britain's army is at the gates of Pune and Raigad, the Marathan capitals.

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Was there even an Algorthm for the British invasion? Ianian58 02:51, June 11, 2012 (UTC)

No algorithm is required in Player vs. Non-Player wars.

  • Nueva Granada: the government steps dowbn as the elections are rushed with Umberto de la Vega's Party winning and forming a new cabinet formed with mainly economist, powerful landlords in the commonwealth, and new industrialists. The opposition is filled with Santander's liberals, the new government starts immediate countermeasures against the inflation, money is supplied to rising businesses, a tax on imports is placed albeit a small one so as not to anger nations and just enough to get a decent trade out of the deal, increasing the exports of Granadan agricultural goods and demobolizing the army for now and reinstating the militia until more funds can be made to pay a standing army, once again it is requested that Spanish troops be placed in Nueva Granada to protect from possible threats until an army can be raised locally.
  • Aztlan: Aztlan's gold rush continues and settlement of the Oregon Country, especialy the coast line continues. Seattle is Founded as is Oympia.
  • Sims, we divided it, and I doubt that your claim would go so high.
  • Portugal: Portugal is close to completely reconstructing Brazil and still continues to rebuild. They also rebuild their military and navy. Portugal also improves their ecnomy and their African colonies.
  • United States: Soldiers begin building forts along the Pacific coast. Settlers move in in even larger numbers due to the added safety. Due to pirate attacks in the Mediterranean, ships are deployed to fight the pirates in Algiers.
  • Britain: The Royal Army storms the capitals of Pune and Raigad, effectively controlling them at the end of the summer. The Marathan Emperor is captured and is being held by the army. The Marathans surrender and Britain annexes the empire, while of course returning the emperor safely to his people. Britain now dominates the Indian subcontinent, alongside of course the small port cities other countries have. India begins to be rebuilt and the Marathan leadership is given a ceremonial role in certain aspects of life there but no actual powers. African colonies expand moderately.
  • Guys, for an indefinite amount of time, no colonial power is going to colonize the interior of Africa there's a reason it didn't happen earlier. Please remember that and if you forget I'll just cross it out. AP
  • France: France expands its colonies moderately, mostly along the coast, so that water could reach the cities and towns. Napolen offers to sell its Indian possesions (if I have any) to Britain. THe military is expanded and the economy is improve.
  • British Diplomacy: You have one port city in the southeast, but we don't really need it. We'll grant you extraterritoriality in that area.
  • French Diplomacy: France agrees.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The Duke gifts all colonies of the duchy to the Confederation; except for Saint Croix in the Caribbean. Metricisation continues. much to the Duke's delight. The Duchy has its first elections to decide the delegates for the Diet's Parliament. The ducal diet proposes the creation of a German-wids currency.
  • Brandenburg: agrees to the currency idea, and asks what images will be on the coins and whether the confederation should have a national bank.


  1. Brazil has completed reconstruction
  2. The economic recession in New Granada shows signs of improvement, but it will take a while before Granada fully recovers
  3. Britain is now in control of the Indian subcontinent.

You may begin to post. Congrats guys, we've made it further than any other VLR game!

  • Nueva Granada: the new governments economic plans continue the slaves that were purchased by the state before hand during the previous government sells them to land owners in the country getting a decent sum of cash for the national coffers, the mass production of tobacco, grains and newly introduced cotton continues, this along with meat remain the largest exports, but some manufactured products and minerals found in the andean region start to enter its list of exports. so not to fall back into deficit the new government slightly funds the continued construction of railines on municipal levels in caracas, bogota and other major cities leaving the majority of the nations industrialization cmpaign in the hands of private investors who belong to the oligarchy further cementing their power in the commonwealth, while boosting the ability to export increasing the wealth of the elite and middle class.
  • Britain: After cementing control of the Indian subcontinent, the Crown integrates the region as an important colony and gives all Indians rights as British subjects. Important trade is built up and , as promised, trade with the Chinese will NOT become disrupted in exchange for a retraction of their declaration of war.

Guys we need to keep posting or this game will just die.AP

The Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The Confederal Thaler is released, having been minted in mints throughout the Duchy. It is planned to phase out local currencies completely by 1830. The Duke, meanwhile, opens a university in Schwerin, focusing on science and literature, whilst the Navy of the Confederation establishes a naval academy in Rostock. The german colonies are moderately expanded, and asks France if it would be willing to sell its holdings on Saint Martin.

Qing Dynasty: The Dynasty declatres a settlement of peace with Britain, much to the distate of many other potential heirs to the throne. The Emperor wishes to see China modenized by 1820 in the army and navy, and hopes to give an easy reign for the future generations especially his daughter who faces uncertainty.

Aztlan: Aztlan continues its settlement of the Oregon Country, and gold and silver continues to flow into the nations treasury. Aztlan ask Spain for five new naval vessels.


  1. Things settle down in India
  2. New Granada's economy continues recovery
  • Spain: Spain asks for better relations with Portugal, and asks for an alliance, in exchange for never attacking the country again. It praises New Granada for its improvements to help recover its economy. They continue to expand their holdings in Patagonia, Borneo, Mandanao, and Madagascar.
  • Nueva Granada: Tobacco consumption surges throughout the country making domestic commerce of the product extremely profitable. a plan for the expansion of internal commerce and work begins to increase the dependency on itself but the international market continues. all projects are continued.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The duchy's personal colony, Saint Croix, begins farming tobacco. The rest of the German colonies expand in their populations. More transportational canals are built in the duchy.
  • Britain: With Brazil finally reconstructed, Britain withdraws its aid. A viceroyalty is created in India with the Viceroy position being offered to the Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Colonies in Africa are expanded along the coast.
    • DoM-S Diplomacy: Duke Frederick Louis is extremely gratified and honoured at the offer, and travels to India to take his post. He hopes to learn much about the administration of colonies, which can be used in the German ones. The duchy is left in the control of the Diet, and Prince Paul Frederick filling as Regent.
  • Japan: Japan grows infrastructure and begins to establish ties with Europe. Alliance offers are sent out to Britain and Spain. The economy continues to grow.
    • British Diplomacy: The Crown accepts the alliance.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: So do we.
  • Portugal: Portugal begins improving their econom, infrastructure and military. Portugal begins some government improvements in Brazil and sends some troops home. Portugal expands their colonies in Africa. Portugal says they will start trading and improving their relations with Spain but will wait on the alliance to a later time.


No mod events this year.AP

  • Spain: Spain establishes control over most of Mindanao and northern Madagascar. They establish trading posts across the East African coastline (mainly around Tanzania). It requests Zanzibar be a protectorate of Spain and in turn, it will modernize the country.
  • Britain has that area already.
  • Britain: Begins important Asian trade in the Indian subcontinent to boost the strong economy even more. We remind Spain that the coastline of East Africa is mostly British, telling them to not intervene.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: With the Duke away being Viceroy of British India, Regent Paul Frederick is left in charge. He uses his personal fortune to open a museum, which will contain specimens from the natural and human world. It is hoped that is will become a centre of learning and science, and the curator asks the British useum for some guidance. The duchy's tobacco farms in Sain Croix are becoming quite profitable. In the other German colonies, settlers begin farming tobacco, as well as spices.
  • Aztlan: Aztlan continues to settle the Oregon Country. It now controls most of the coast.
  • Nueva Granada: With the economy stabilizing the government take a risk and sets up a public education system and making obligatory for all minors to raise the nations literate populace. The private sector continues to grow with a few individuales building up the raili lines increasing national productivity.


No mod events this year.

  • Spain: It establishes a colony at Singapore Island to control trade through this part of Southeast Asia. They take control of Mindanao and Patagonia after some time. It expands control over Madagascar and fight local tribes and use diplomacy for others to be annexed. It plans an invasion of Haiti to establish control of Hispaniola entirely.
  • Singapore is already owned.
  • Aztlan: Aztlan sends a special envoy to Spain asking for full Aztlan independence as well as the creation of an organization called the Spanish Commonwealth of Nations. It would essentially be like OTL's British one, with close ties still existing. Aztlan would also be the first one to join this organization with Spain at its head. Aztlan now has a very large population and can now fully be commited to colonizing Oregon, which by now has its entire coastline part of Aztlan as well as parts of the interior. Aztlan slowly begins to settle Hawaii.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: It agrees. It also begins the establishment of Nueva Granada for independence.
    • Aztlan Diplomacy: Aztlan thanks Spain ten times over and offers Spain the head position in the Spanish Commonwealth of Nations, which cannot exist without Spain as its leader. Spain is given 200 tons of gold bullion as a gift as well offered the seat of the SCN to be established in Madrid. Asits first order as a new nation, Aztlan announces all trade with the United States of America, Britain, and France will be cut off, and that an embargo is now in effect for those three nations. The Army is nationalized and the Aztlan National Army is created. A new flag is also made looking like the following:AztlanFlag jpg w180h141
    • Slow down. Oregon or Hawaii, and you have practically no navy right now.
  • Nueva Granada: thanks the Spanish for their offer of independence and agrees to the Aztlan proposal to create a greater Spanish organization, the Nueva Granadan Commonwealth will retain its name and style of government though with the King of Spain as the head of state. The economic growth continues at a slow but stable pace. The free education program continues. Industrialization begins again in small amounts in private hands.
  • You control the GOVERNMENT of NG not what goes on in the private sector.
  • America: America continues to solidify its control over its part of the oregon county, and Vancouver island is a vital area for ships to dock there. The army is improved with new rifles, and trade with Asia brings great wealth to the nation.
  • Britain: The Crown scoffs at Aztlan's embargo saying that "It is a weak and pitiful nation whose sanctions mean nothing to the power of Britain,France, or the United States." We then ask the US and France(whom we already are friendly with) to enter an alliance with us in order to solidify our relations. Important trade continues to occur in all of Asia from British India.


  1. Tensions arise between Spain+its former dominions and Britain+France+the US
  2. The Oregon Country is almost completely colonized

Guys before you post I want each of you to send some invitations to play this game/reminders to other players who are not posting to come to this game (or come back)!  I don't want this game to die. It's too fun and we've come such a long way from any VLR game on the wiki!AP 00:43, June 26, 2012 (UTC) {C}Duchy of

  • Mecklenburg-Schwerin Since the duke is in India, he has become quite interested in the idea of a German outpost in India. He therefore asks the German Diet if they would be interested in purchasing the Danish cities of Tranquebar and Serampore. More canals are built in the duchy.
  • The Netherlands no longer exists as a sovereign country it's owned by France and its colonies by Britain.

I said Danish as in from Denmark, not Dutch as in from the Netherlands.

My bad. I misread it but anyway there are no Danish enclaves in India, the only ports owned there are by France and Portugal.

  • France (I've Decided To Return): France after an long period of isolation, begins to catch up on the world in international affairs. The French Empire agrees to the alliance with Great Britain last year. The embargo on France by Aztlan has no affect on the First French Empire, and Napoleon decides that the best way to counter this embargo is by placing an sea blockade on Aztlan, but no ships come near the shore and are within International Waters. The military is exbanded, and construction on canals and roads continue.
  • Nueva Granada: seeing the rising tensions caused by the abrupt acions of Aztlan quickly declares neutrality in the standoff and suggests that Spain due the same, it also requests that the major powers of France, the USA, Britain respect its neutrality. The government reaches a deal with several landowners and industrialists in the oligarchy to build up the commonwealth's industry using funds from both the government and private investment making it a mixed project (under government supervision but using funds from the private sector as well as government making it possible without major decreasing in the economy). A trade offer is made to france and Britain to expand the market options for N.G. and to allow northern products to enter Nueva Granada at a limited amount so not to displace the local market.
  • It doesn't matter who does it. You don't have the CAPACITY to industrialize.
  • Can I at least make small industrial base as in only in Bogota and Caracas? I said, anyway, it would be a start. Small factories are already in those cities and it has a small start up in rail lines and if not, in what year can I start industrialization? Nkbeeching
  • Bukharan Location

    Bukhara is the orange nation

    Bukhara: The Central Asian Emirate of Bukhara begins to prepare their military for expansion, by order of their Emir, Haydar. Haydar thinks that Bukhara could potentially unite the divided and weak central Asian nations, against further aggressive Russian or Chinese expansion. He also orders the promotion of the Uzbek language over the many other languages in his nation, like Turkmen, Tajik, Kyrgyz, and Afghan.
  • Aztlan: Aztlan will resume trade with Britain and France and America. Aztlan apologizes to France and Britain stating it was a rash decision based on past events, and re-opens trade with both nations, and suggests to America that trade should resume, as we should not be enemies. We share the same Continent, and we don't want blood to spill on it.
  • Britain: Extends the alliance offer once again to the US. Continues expansion in Africa and Southeast Asia. Britain chooses to ignore Aztlan on any and all terms and remains largely Anti-Aztlan particularly in Parliament.
    • Aztlan Diplomacy: Aztlan continues its embargo against Britain, and all trade ends with Britain. Trade with the rest of the world though is restarted.


  1. Colonization of the Oregon Country is complete.
  2. Nobody really cares about Aztlan's 'embargo'
  • Viceroyalty of Rio de La Plata: In the Territories Nacionalism grows, the Criollos start Rising Against Spaniards Leadership,And Demands Independence ,And Prepares an Army and Rapidly sent's Troops To take Control of Southern Patagonia And Prepares For War agains Spaniards,Knowing that Spain Is more stronger it aks's Aztlan and American Support
  • Bukhara continues to prepare its military for a campaign to the west to destroy the Turkmeni tribes which are warring with them. The Emir is waiting for his son Hussein to return from the Hajj so that he can lead the armies. Speaking of Islam, Emir Haydar funds the construction of many new mosques this year, as he is getting old and fearing for his soul.
    • The Ottoman Empire offers its fellow Muslim nation, Bukhara aid and an alliance.
    • Bukhara accepts the alliance, as both nations are Sunni Muslim and Turkic in ethnicity, so they should be allies. Emir Haydar knows little of the outside world, so he asks which other nations are friends or foes of the Ottomans.
  • Spain: Spain condemns Aztlan for its recklessness and threatens to take away independence if they do something more stupid again. They send doplomats to Britain and France, assuring them they will handle the situation. Spain, seeing the situation in Argentina, allows positions in government to be open to all races. They request peace with the rebels on a few conditions: they will be a commonwealth, they will remain allies, and they will not declare war.
    • Viceroyalty of Rio de La Plata: We won't Be Part of a Commonwealth. We Want full Independence,Though The Alliance with Spain Is Something We Agree with
    • Spainsih Diplomacy: Fine.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The duke continues to reside in British India. The Diet continues debating whether to offer to purchase Serampore and Tranquebar from the Danish. The duchy's museum is improving, since the duke has sent in many artefacts from India, and the colonies are also providing a rich source of interesting finds. The ducal army is improved, and one unit is given the Girandoni Air Rifle, which is not only the world's first air rifle, but also the first repeating rifle. (it's real, look it up)
    • I know you said that Denmark has no enclaves, but they were established in the 1600s, and since no one mentioned them until last turn, they should technically still exist. They are quite small.
  • Nueva Granada: Due to Spanish recognition the commonwealth of Nueva Granada recognizes the new state that will form in Rio de la plata and extends a hand of friendship and trade to them. The government with the help of private hands begins to make a small industrial base in caracas (better ?) and begins granting more freedom of speech to the populace. The agricultural production becomes the best in Latin America due to efforts to make it so and Granadan tobacco is considered of high quality. The government once again suggests that Aztlan doesn't increase problems with Britain.
  • Britain: The Crown recognizes Nueva Granada and Rio de La Plata as independent states. Also due to obvious reasons, Britain severs any ties to Aztlan and imposes a naval blockade within international waters. Colonies expand.
  • People, I'm warning you now that Spain wouldn't just give independence to three huge viceroyalties in less than two years. They heavily depended on these colonies for their economy and doing this will only make Spain collapse economically earlier than OTL
  • Um .. I haven't cut any ties with Spain while independent Nueva Granada is still with huge ties to Spain and is willing to maintain those ties so long as we have autonomy and control of our internal affairs. Nkbeeching
  • Aztlan: Aztlan continues trade with the rest of the world as all embargos are over. Gold continues to be mined as well as silver. The navy begins to grow while the Army now totals 35,000 trained and armed men with 15,000 cavalry. Aztlan continues to ask the United States if we can settle the Oregon border.


  1. Spain's economy suffers
  2. Britain's blockade continues off the coast of Aztlan in international waters

You may post. I also want to thank all of you for reviving this game to a certain extent, I still would like to see France and the US post more but it's fine for now. Also we need a player for Russia as he resigned a long time ago. Spread the word!

  • Nueva Granada: seeing the economy in the motherland start to fall, the government to reaffirm their loyalty to the homeland independent of their independence offers the Spanish government a joint economy plans to increase productiveness in the each country. The government starts curving the rights of the church and increasing the countries beaurocracy for better economic efficiency. The nation decides to take a risk and start up a reserve force in case of emergency, the militia is turned into a minor armed force for defence only at the moment.
  • Bukhara: With Hussein son of Emir Haydar returned from Mecca, he takes control of the army that was prepared for him and moves to the west, attacking the Turkmen tribesmen. By the end of the year the Bukharan army has nearly driven the Turkmen to the edge of the Caspian sea. The fighting is very brutal, and many Turkmen civilian casualties occur. The Emir, fearful that fleeing Turkmen could cause unrest in Ottoman Iran if they go south, warns his allies of the unrest north of their border. He assures them that once Bukhara has established control over the area, the Ottomans have nothing to fear from any Turkmeni attacks upon their territory.
  • Aztlan: The Army and Navy continue to grow with the money form gold and silver. Both continue to grow strongly. Aztlan offers a non-aggression pact to the United States abd France. The National Guard is created to defend the country. Coastal patrols begin to protect Aztlan in case of any surprise attacks by any nations, however unlikely that may be. Aztlan continues to insist to America we settle the Oregon Border issue.
    • Aztlan Diplmacy: Aztlan begins to give Spain 100 tons of gold bullion per turn to help its finaces improve.
    • Sims you're giving gold away as if it grew on trees, you don't have so much gold. I've seen you give away so many tons of gold that it's become implausible. Please stop and stay plausible .
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin The Det makes an official offer to Denmark to purchase Seranoore, Tranquebar and the Nicobar Islands. Girandoni air rifles are given to More army units.
  • China: As time passes, the Emperor grows older, the Emperor noticing his oldest daughter, still young - and the heir, has been having trouble with his oldest son- second to the throne. He begins to discuss a new military replanning for the nation to put it in a comftrable position due to growing Tibetan Detatachment, rivalries in the most influential dynasties, and others. It begins to encourage more trading in between regions and south-east Asian nations, it also stumbles slightly back due to rising tensions in Europe lessening trade from there.
    • Nueva Granada diplomacy: The government, in an attempt to increase its trading partners, offers a trade agreement with China mainly in agricultural products.
  • ​Spain: In a desperate attempt to save its economy, it requests Aztlan, New Granada, and Argentina that they share half of their natural resources with the country. They send troops to Mexico City and arrest most of the governmental leaders and replace those from mainland Spain to handle the situation\
  • Nueva Granadan Diplomacy: the parliament responds to the request once again with creating an interdependent economy but they can't afford to send half of their resources as they are badly needed to continue the country's programs and statify the populations needs. any aid that can be provided will be, however, but without risking the Granadan's only just recovered ecenomy. They also warn Spain about seizing the leaders of an independent country, as they granted Aztlan independence.
  • Aztlan: Aztlan agrees to send one-sixth of their resources, and offers to pay one-eighth of Spain's Federal deficit. Spain is warned that if any attempts to take Aztlan's leadership are attempted again, Aztlan will not send any aid whatsoever and will cut back on trade.
  • Republic Of Argentina:As Aztlan did I will help Spain but less due to an attempt to make grow the Nation we offer one-seventh of the Resources We have, as well Some Argentinian Go to The Falklands and reclaim them For the nation, The start Of the army Is immediate to Avoid any attempt of Invasion on our territories.
  • The Falkland Islands are British.
  • 'No. In fact, they are Argentinian until eleven years so Instead of Having a conflict with me I'll give them, to you then also can you add my terrains 'to the map I mean all he Purple part of the map you erased thats all viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata
  • Essentially, they were British. But whatever its fine. You can go ahead and put Argentina on the map.


  1. Spain's economy spirals downward.
  2. Tensions arise between Argentina and Britain.

Announcements: People, giving 1/8 (which is still a lot) of your resources free of charge or whatever is going to damage your economies too. Besides you shouldn't really all be on speaking terms with Spain but whatever.

Fun Fact of the turn: To this day, there are small amounts of separatists in the SW United States that wish to recreate the mythical home of the Aztecs, or Aztlan. Found that pretty interesting.

  • Aztlan: Aztlan offers Spain help for its economy, the offer is that Aztlan, Nueva Granada, and Spain actualy form the Commonwealth of Spanish Nations and unify the member state economies. In other news, Aztlan continues to build up its military and as well as its navy. More sttlers flood the Oregon Country and secure Aztlans claim to the land.
  • Nueva Granada: The economy continues to steadily pick up and the Nueva Granadan Government decides to reform the army completely albeit a small one with less then 5000 soldiers at the moment and decides to follow the policy of soft power and using economics to sustain its independence as an open nation to trade and economic growth. (im going to try and be a neutral economic power this game for as long as I can) it asks the British for a trade treaty deciding to separate itself from its fellow Latin American countries in their diplomatic problems with Britain. The middle class in the country continues to grow due to the increase of the industry (small industry and lots of workshops throughout the country) and the rich plantation owners start gaining more voice in the country's government as well. The nation's demographics are as follow at the moment 25% african slaves 40% whites and the other 35% mainly mestizos.
  • Britain: Trade continues, fueling the booming economy. Meanwhile the trade agreement is accepted with New Granada, being the only Spanish realm to not be annoying right now.
  • Bukhara: Continues its war against the Turkmen tribes. The fighting becomes severe, and the Emir's son Hussein is almost killed in the fighting, but he is luckily saved by a Tajik warrior named Masud Zuhurov, who he appoints to be his second in command out of gratitude. Their army manage to reach the Caspian sea, but the fighting still continues in the area.
  • You can't take that much territory in one year.
  • The area is only about the size of the state of Georgia, but I'll wait another year before they establish control over it.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: A Danish delegation informs the Diet of Denmark's decision to sell the Indian territories or not. (RNG please) The regent passes a law making university education free to all who achieve high enough to get in. With the new canals, trade has become better and faster.
  • Nueva Granadan Diplomacy : the commonwealth government offers the duchy a trade agreement in an attempt to increase its european trading partners.
  • Republic Of Argentina: As Old Partners our Nation to Nueva Granada ask A Commercial alliance, Same with Brazil, UK and Aztlan and United states, As well we ask an Alliance between French Empire and Us To help Our Nation To modernize
  • You are NOT allowed to make changes to the map. You were not accepted in the first place.
  • The Falkland Islands are British.
  • 'No. In fact, they are Argentinian until eleven years so Instead of Having a conflict with me I'll give them to you then also can you add my terrains to the map I mean all the Purple part of the map you erased that's all viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata. Essentially, they were British. But whatever, it's fine. You can go ahead and put Argentina on the map' quote from AP that's the only reason I add Argentina to the Map and Argentina also had full control Of Bolivia... and I won't change it again.
  • Essentially, they were British. But whatever, it's fine. You can go ahead and put Argentina on the map.
    • N.G. Diplomacy: the commonwealth government accepts the trade agreement with Argentina.
  • Spain: Due to recent events in foreign diplomacy, it is forced to eliminate the independence status of Argentina and Aztlan by sending troops to their capitals and downgrades both of them to be commonwealths. Realizing they have conflicts with Britain, it asks it to enforce their authority on the governments.
  • Sorry, Spain. You cannot revoke independence. They are now sovereign states. You can send troops but not to Mexico City or Buenos Aires because they are deep inland.
  • Nueva Granadan Diplomacy: the Commonwealth once again suggests that the government of Spain think carefully of their actions as opposing a now independent nation will cause problems for their world standing and also cause frictions with our own nation since we are independent as well and wish to stay so.
  • Aztlan: Aztlan states that you were wanred, and all aid to Spain is ended, Trade continues however.
  • Japan exits it isolationist stance and enters the world with an updated and large navy and a more modern military. Alliance offers are sent out to Britain, and France. Troops begin building up for plans to make Japan an Imperial Power.
  • Argentinian Diplomacy: Despite We are outraged. We will Still Help Spain Due to their Being old Partners as Much as NG is for us we i'll Support your Nation in any Important Decision except into a attack Aztlan as they Being the Only other nation to Understand Our situation
  • STOP EDITING THE MAP. Clearly you have no idea how to properly edit the map so stop. Otherwise some bad things will happen to Argentina next turn.
  • I just changed it once. Don't get mad. I only did it twice and I posted the thing about Bolivia - nothing more and read what I said up in the post
  • It doesn't matter you're too new to be a mapmaker anyway. Bolivia is part of Alto Peru so it is not argentine territory. You can't edit the map because 1: You put wrong things up that are not official and 2: You made the resolution bad.
  • and that's why I say an hour ago I won't change it again. So relax. I'm not going to change it.


  1. Denmark refuses to sell to the Germans (1-8 NO, 9-10 YES-- Drew a 5)
  2. Spain hurtles toward economic disaster as the Viceroyalty of Peru declares independence

You may now post.

  • Republic Of Argentina: Despite of our View Against Imperialism We Will Help Any Nation if They Request Help During the War, Military Forces Are set Up to Defend Northern Positions Of Argentinian Terrain. The First State Leader Is Chosen a Politic Known as San Juan de Poveda Prado (nonexistent in OTL) We Ask France Help To Industrialize Our Nation
  • France: France continues to improve the infrastructure and military of the Empire and continues to expand the colonies. Meanwhile, France offers to help out Spain with its economy.
  • Spain: Spain is forced to take desperate measures due to the situation. They request that the former colonies give money to Spain to help pay for their situation. They encourage business to develop with as much foreign help as they can.
  • My turn is still the same Spain. I will not put my economy or country's well being in risk for anything. Anyway, I see a major conflict on the horizon so Imma cut my losses. I'll remain a trading partner but I won't get entangled in any conflicts. Nkbeeching S
  • Seing this, then we will still give you 1/7 of what we make in our Republic until your nation is Economically Relieved.
  • Nueva Granada: The Spanish demands are outright refused and the parliament angered by the attempted to infringe their independence and growing economy declare their withdrawal from the Spanish alliance and cut all ties with the empire evicting the viceroy and declaring a regency until a new King is chosen to represent the Commonwealth of New Granada and its people. To guarantee its independence the army is expanded and volunteers are requested to join up and the government requests an alliance with the British to secure its independence and in exchange special privileges will be given to British merchants and the possiblity of building a canal through the Ithmus under joint control.
    • A canal is out of the question for at least 80 more years but maybe.
    • Actually, the idea to make a canal in Panama was around since the 1860's but it was only constructed in the first years of the 1900's because of Colombian refusal and rampant corruption throughout the region - not to mention the several civil wars.
    • Argentinian Diplomacy: Despite Our ties With Spain as Major Nation In the Region Your demands Are too high. If the demand Continues We will Support The Peruvian Uprising.
  • Britain: Parliament considers New Granada's offer and will be giving a response in about one year's time. India prospers as do the other colonies. Colonization of the North Island of New Zealand continues.

Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin The duke returns home, retiring from his post in British India. On the way home, he stops off in the German African colonies, which are doing fairly well. Upon his arrival at Rostock, the duke is greeted with a magnificent parade, and many German dignitaries are there to welcome him home. Two new sloops are commissioned for the navy, with the latest copper hulls.


  1. Peruvian rebels advance on the Spanish, taking advantage of their current situation
  • Bukhara stabilizes its control of territory reaching out to the Caspian Sea. The Emir's son Hussein meanwhile is looking for a bride, and he asks if the Ottoman Sultan if he has any daughters or nieces that require husbands.
  • The Republic Of Argentina: we still Provide the 1/7 of our Production to the Spanish we ask them for the southern area of the Chile to be annexed to the Republic,the Military Forces are increased and we start the National Army, Buenos aires Is Chosed as Capital For the Republic we start to Making a Naval Fleet in the Atlantic Coastline
  • Commonwealth of New Granada: The commonwealth stands firm with its desition of withdrawen from the Spanish alliance but trade will continue due to the N.G. policy of trade with all war with known. The army is expanded to 8000 members. The economy continues to grow due to its small industrial base, its large amounts of agricultural production being the largest of the latin american states, and the growing trade, the living standards for non-slaves and non-impoverished are considered medium high while the upperclass aristocracy and merchants is amongst the best in the americas. The commonwealth government requests an answer from the british on the alliance for defensive porposes.
  • RGD: we understand your situation as for you such an request by the Spaniards is outrageous and out of place so your decision is understanded
  • Spain: It declares war on Peru to stop making the economy going down. They learn their lessons from Argentina and soon know that their economy will collapse. They fear it will cause a recession all across Europe.
  • You know you can barely afford to even have a standing army let alone send them overseas on your navy?
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Duke Frederick Louis dies peacefully, surrounded by his family. He is succeeded as duke by Paul Frederick, who was the regent during the Duke's absence. Ayer a week of national mourning, the new duke declares his intentions; improve the lot of the common people and ex-serfs, improve the army, and improve trade. A big ask. He begins by establishing a fund for ex-serfs to get housing and to ensure they are properly paid by their former masters.
  • Aztlan: As the USA has not reponded for over two years to a request to divide the regon Country. Aztlan states that if the USA does not repond by the end of the turn, Oregon will be completely annexed by Aztlan. After about half a year of isolation, the construction of fortifactions on the US-Aztlan border, and a huge military buildup, Aztlan asks the USA one last time if it will split the land. Otherwise, Aztlan will peacefully annex the land, and war will only happen because of the United States decision to declare war. Aztlan isn't going to start a war, but it will peacefully annex all of Oregon next turn as over 67% of Oregon is ettled by Aztlan population wise.
  • HAHAHAHA no.
  • United States (Mod-controlled, Scraw was supposed to do this): The US states that the Oregon Country was originally an American claim, therefore it will be AMERICAN. The US demands that Aztlan leaves the area or face an unwinnable war against the United States. Defenses mobilize on the border with Aztlan and troops mass in the American Oregon Country in case of war.


  1. Tensions rise in North America with the possibility of war
  2. Spain continues its economic collapse due to the foolish decision of sending troops overseas.

You may post.

  • France: The Great Emperor Napoleon I dies of an illness. His son, Napoleon II, ascends to power and begins to build the military up for an possible invasion of the Swiss Confederation and the Barbary States. Meanwhile, the colonies are expanded.
  • Nueva Granada: The commonwealth government while saddened at the site of the crumbling motherland decides that the commonwealth's future lies towards a strong independent route and not the Spanish path. English is declared the third official language after Spanish and French but one may choose weither to learn either French or English throughout their educational career. The industrialization process very slowly continues as more factories are opened in CAracas and Bogota with a small idea to expand the process to the city of Quito. A large propaganda campaign begins to get immigrants to the country with the promise of a fresh start work and new fortunes, the program is mainly targeted at Spanish struggling back in the iberian peninsula.
  • The Republic of Argentina:as a Nation, I think both of Granada and Argentina Should accept Peruvian as a new Republic, as well, we ask the Nueva Granada leadership for an alliance between all spaniard nation that reach independence with aztlan peru Nueva Granada and Argentina.
  • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: the government of the commonwealthy will remain neutral in the current Peruvian Crisis and it will remain stoutly Neutral in the coming North American Conflict as it doesn't want to get drawn into a conflict the USA. It offers Argentina to join it in creating an independent trade bloc for south america and an invite will be sent to Aztlan once the tensions with the usa go down because Nueva Granada does not want its economy or independence to be put in jepeordy it suggests that argentina follow the same idea and policy to avoid unecesary conflicts.
  • In the United States, President John C. Calhoun sends Aztlan a message: You have two options: give Oregon to us, or see yourselves crushed underfoot by America. America calls upon allies, specifically the French Empire and any of Aztlan's global enemies. Meanwhile America offers its condolences to France due to the loss of a great man who was their Emperor, Napoleon I Bonaparte of France. Quick Question: Anyone willing to side with America in this war? Yall can have bits 'n' pieces of Aztlan, we just wants OTL Mexico Cession + Baja, Sonora, Chihuahua, Rio Grand states, and part of Sinaloa and Durango. Also, before a riot starts, know that MP had intentions of doing this (or so AP tells me).
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: Nueva Granada offers the American government once again a trade agreement hoping that this time it will get an answer.
    • Aztlan accepts the trade offer and ask for Nueva Granada's help shhould America start a war.
    • America agrees with Granada only it it will attack Aztlan when war starts. You can have Central America.
    • Granadan Diplomacy: (people read mypost well special you 2) The Granadan government offers to trade with both sides and states it has no interests in territorial gain or in getting a war it is not prepared for a war and does not to have its economy damaged by a war, it is an economic power with a small army only for defensive purposes it again offers the usa a trade deal as a neutral party.
    • French Diplomacy: We will support you. However, we will not take any land from Aztlan.
    • French Diplomacy: It's just business. Nothing personal against Aztlan, but I'm interwinded in alliances and agreements between Great Britain, France, and the United States; so we must. We promise, however, not to take land from you. As that is not what we want.
    • France please, we did nothing wrong, we only want to be peaceful, the USA will just take more land and try to kill my existance, we will pay you tribute in gold and silver to stay out of the war and even more to join Aztlans side. PLease France, please.
    • The US says it is fine with Frnace not taking land jsut help is nice.
  • Aztlan: Aztlan states why are you threatening war, we setted over half of Oregon, not you, we will peacefully split it fairly, but you're just being greedy, I have as much right to the land as you do. I will peacefully divide it with you, what we need though is a mediator.
    • US D: We are not interested. It is war or peace, and peace will only be gained by giving your claim on Oregon, capiche? Also we had it claimed SIXTEEN YEARS BEFORE AZTLAN WAS EVEN CREATED.
      • It wasn't for 16 years you liar, we will split it equally, we will not back down to imperialist bullies, Washington would be disgraced at America's actions.
        • It wasn't for 16 years, you liar, we will split it equally, we will not back down to imperialist bullies, Washington would be disgraced at Americas actions.
        • It was sixteen years: Aztlan started claiming the land in 1807. American settlers had already settled the WHOLE AREA starting 1799 and claims began in 1791. SIXTEEN YEARS. Washington would be disgraced?
        • The USA, while trying not to point fingers, issues a declaration that the United States had settled the whole land between 1799 and 1803 and if Aztlan will not back down, America will go to war. President Calhoun asks for, and receives, a declaration of war against Aztlan. America tells Aztlan that if Aztlan wins, they will become liars if the take land. Aztlan said "IF AZTLAN IS DRAWN INTO A WAR AND WINS, IT WILL TAKE NO AMERICAN LAND, AS AZTLAN ONLY WANTS TO LIVE IN PEACE WITH ITS NEIGHBORS."
        • Aztlan Diplomacy: Aztlan will give you Oregon in return for peace and some money.
  • Great Britain pledges its help as it said before to the United States. Aztlan DID NOT settle 'more than half of the OC'. And yes, we request pieces of Aztlan following their defeat. The Royal army is mobilized and the blockade of the international waters off the coast of Aztlan is enlarged to encompass the whole of Aztlan's coasts


  1. War is imminent between the Aztlan republic and the aggressive US.
  2. Spain spirals into anarchy as its economy worsens.
  3. Peruvian Rebels push the Spanish out and create the United Republics of South America.

You may post.

  • Nueva Granada: The government further increases the armed forces to 10,000 to protect Nueva Granada in case the imminent conflict spreads to the commonwealth, it requests that any future belligerants sign a treaty promising that they won't try and drag Nueva Granada into the conflict. The economy continues to prosper, and more propaganda is sent to Spain to try to get more immigrants. a new law is passed making the ill treatment of slaves illegal as it is considered counter-productive to agricultural production.
    • There's a war happening. Even if you give up Oregon, you can't stop the war. You could have done that last turn. "Now fight or die." - Benjamin Franklin
    • I did post it in diplomacy, he didn't reply yet.
    • America's Reply to last year's diplomacy: No. Aztlan's arrogance and belief that it could withstand the sheer force enacted upon it led to its downfall.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: It begs Nueva Granada for help against Peru.
  • Aztlan: Aztlan responds to the American declaration of war with one of its own, but keeps its armies on a purely defensive terms. Aztlan ass the nations of the world for help. Aztlan's army, since constription has been occurring since last year, now numbers 85,000 men and conscription continues while the navy stays on purley defensive terms. America is asked what it wants for peace. Aztlan wil pay America tribute and cede Oregon to it in return for peace.
    • America says that it will take Alta California, Baja California (Alta is OTL's Mexican Cession), Texas, the Rio Grande states, Sonora, and Chihuahua.
    • Aztlan will give you Texas and Oregon, but the rest is way to much land, will you accept that?
    • Spanish Diplomacy: It absolutely condemns Aztlan for being such foolish. And while they need to be punished, it disagrees that America should take away some land as it is originally Spain's.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The duke sends concolences to Napoleon II over the loss of his father last year. He was a good man, and an excellent leader. The German Diet votes unanimously to remain neutral in the troubles in the Americas. Ships are sent to protect the Caribbean colonies from an attacks or usage from either side. Small railways are built in the main cities of the duchy.
  • Britain: The Crown recognizes the United Republics of South America as a sovereign nation. Britain continues its blockade of Aztlan's coast and ports. Parliament considers an amphibious invasion of Alta California but puts it off for now. Troops in British Canada enter the Oregon country ready for an invasion of Aztlan.
  • Attencion! La Guerre de morte Aztlan (roughly translates to Attention! The War of Aztlan Defeat) has ended with the surrender of Aztlan and the fourth time Dean has used the F-word on my talk page. He said that Aztlan will agree to whatever terms America has for it. So, America will take Alta California, Baja, Sonora, Texas, Chihuahua, and the Rio Grande states. Central America will be freed from Aztlan and formed into a new nation. The appointing of its government will be left to Britain and France. NO PUPPET STATES!
  • Britain will take no land but will have special ecoonomic priviliges in Mexico. Aztlan will return to full sovereignty, just with different borders. A new government will be created under someone else(like deposed Iturbide or something)
  • OK then. The new gov is up to you.
  • France is willing to establish a new government, if its all right with you and Britain.
  • Fine with me (Britain).
  • Spain: Spain's economical situation spreads across Europe, as several countries with economic ties with Spain plummet downwards. It sees Aztlan as rebellious and threatens to take away independence status. (Also, Dean, you are absolutely going to make me lose it). They accept surrender in Peru as things become worthless.
  • You can't 'take away independence status.  Aztlan is a sovereign nation.
  • Ya crossed out the wrong sentence, AP, LOL.
  • Bukhara mourns the death of Emir Haydar, yet rejoices that Hussein is now the Emir. They improve their military.


  1. Peru is now independent.
  2. Europe spirals into a recession thanks to the anarchy in Spain.
  3. A revolution occurs in Spain aiming to topple the monarchy
  4. People in Aztlan rise against their government, fearing that it will lead them to destruction.
  • ​Spain's monarchy is now deposed a republic has been proclaimed, with the monarchy fleeing to France for protection. They are forced to accept independence of their former colonies and try to be more self-sufficient without their colonies. They disagree about how to deal with Aztlan with Britain and America and suggest that they return the land to Spain if it goes too far.
  • Nueva Granada: the commonwealth of New Granada offer refuge to the royal family and offer the crown of the commonwealth which is still the de facto head of state to the desposed King under the condition that they accept having very limited power, but they will live comfortably. The economy is steadily increasing still and with the anarchy in Spain several Spanish come to Nueva Granada looking for a new life and the industrial output starts to increase slowly. Recognition is giving to the United Republic of South America along with an offer of trade to them saying it will be beneficial to both states. (RNG someone)
    • Spanish Royal Family: Absolutely.
    • Spanish Revolutionary Response: Don't you dare try to let the King in! We want him for trial! (BTW, this is just for fun)
    • Nueva Granada Parliament Response: the royal family is still the head of the commonwealth and as such it is our obligation to aid them and you have no jurisdiction in our nation as we are an independent state.
    • DoM-S Diplomacy: We offer the use of the German Navy to help give the King passage to his American dominions.
    • Nueva Granadan diplomacy: the parliament requests that the german navy do as such and secure that the whole royal family is safe and a charter is written up for the King and his heir to sign which will transfer most of his powers to the parliament and the prime minister who is currently the aristocrat lord Alverez. another clause is the acceptence of being subject to the same laws as anyone else.
  • Bukhara continues to improve its military. Emir Hussein, since the Ottomans have not responed to his marriage offer, instead marries the daughter and only child of the leader of the small Uzbek state to the north of Bukhara. He reminds the international community that they have conquered the Turkmen, and this is now the map of Bukhara
  • Bukharan Location Expanded
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The navy constructs its first steam-powered ship! Ir is a small paddle steamer, armed with standard cannons. Although some of the more conservative officers think it is a load of old codswallop, many of the younger generation see it as the way of the future. The Duke recognises the nw government in Spain, and urges the exiled King to take up his post in Nueva Grenada, saying "any Kingdom is better than no Kingdom."


  1. Only nations without colonies in Europe were affected by Spain's collapse.
  2. The United Republics of South America accepts NG's offer.
  3. Following a path of unity, the newly independent central American nation adopts the name the United Republics of Central America.
  4. Greece declares independence from the Ottoman Empire (a little early, meh)
  5. The Spanish Royal family's ship aboard the German navy is intercepted by nationalists and sunk, taking all lives.

You may post. Also, I'm considering allowing people to play as two nations if you're interested go to my talk page.AP (talk) 16:47, July 4, 2012 (UTC)

  • Nueva Granada: the loss of the royal family at see reaches the ears of the commonwealth parliament as the letter is being read by the spokesman the Prime minister has a heart attack at the loss of the royal family while he will survive he is temporarily out of commission with a temp being placed in power and all current government programs will be continued, the government now in need of a monarch offers the throne of Nueva Granada to any Catholic that may wish it if not a local Aristocrat will be chosen as the new King of Nueva Granada. The army is left currently at 12 thousand soldiers just enough to protect the country, the economy grows and in revenge for the killing of the King and the members of the royal family all trade with republican Spain is cut off depriving it of some much needed grain and other goods. Once again requests that The British Empire respond to the alliance offer and special trade agreement.
  • The Republic of Argentina:due to the Result of the Conflict we see United states as a New and threatening empire in this Continent despite of this I'm sorry for not to be capable of Helping aztlan that has been treated so,Roughly in the Expansionist Campaigns of American UU. Next time we'll be there for you, Aztlan.
  • This is absolutely ridiculous and IDK who wrote this, but it is a really weird and understandable statement. Aztlan had a revolution, a new government in place. America took what is theirs fairly.
  • I meant the Complete invasion on the Aztlan territories. I understand the occupation of Oregon but the rest of northern aztlan is just conflict of Pure Imperialism, as well Aztlan was trying to avoid the war and US keep it, and as always the US, British and French go against Aztlan despite French and Britannics hate each other they help another nation to fight against a weaker enemy for me that's just mean, sorry if I didn't make myself clear.
  • French Empire: France condemns the actions of killing the Spanish Royal Family, and sets up an blockade around Spain to deprive it of economic resources. Meanwhile, the invasion of the Swiss Confederation begins, and the military crushes the Swiss defense, and begin their march toward Zurich, but meet heavy, heavy resistance in the mountains.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: the commonwealth requests French help in finding a suitable candidate to throne of Nueva Granada the last Hispanic monarchy in the world.
    • French Diplomacy: We don't know which ones are dead. An list of the dead could be provided.
    • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: The Nueva Granadan parliament states that it not need be necessarilly a Spanish Bourbon, it can be any Catholic noble preferably of a royal line but not in direct line to a throne since Nueva Granada does not want to be put into a union with any other state if a member of the Spanish family is alive better but it is believed they all died either in the revolution in Spain or by the sinking of the German ship.
    • Enc, they were a vassal. Either you incorporate into the Empire or keep it as a vassal.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The nation is gripped in outrage at the sinking of the naval ship. The Diet officially un-recognises Republican Spain, and places an embargo on any and all German goods getting into Spain. The Duke does recommend to the Nueva Grenadans that the Bourbon pretender to France become their King. He is Catholic, a Bourbon, and currently without a Kingdom. The Admiralty conducts an investigation into the sinking, and court-martials all officers who were involved. (If they survived.) One more Paddlesteamer is built for the navy. A new version of the Air rifle, Girandoni II is built; this one with better air chambers and more shots before each reload.
  • Great Britain: Britain suggests a Mecklenburg-run Germany via the annexation of Brandenburg by the duchy due to detachment and isolation on their part(in-game talk for inactivity).
    • DoM-S The duke secretly agrees, seeing it as a fait accompli. We would probably need your help to get the powerful Southern states though.
    • Britain: Agreed. No offense to Brandenburg, but we prefer the Duchy to run Germany because they've proven loyal allies considering the UK's queen is from Schwerin.
    • Britain, Prussia is an ally.
  • Britain: Condemns the nationalists of Spain for the sinking of the German ship and the intended killing of the royal family. Great Britain reminds NG that it already accepted what it asked. Also we suggest you become democratic instead of searching for a King, you're independent of Spain why try to have a King? Expansion of colonies occurs. The Crown recognizes URCA and Greece as new nations and refuses to recognize republican Spain for their actions.
    • Remember, especially in newer countries monarchy=stability. Take Brazil as an example: became independent of Portugal, got an Emperor and became the richest, most powerful and most stable country in S America. Callumthered (talk) 04:38, July 5, 2012 (UTC)
  • Bukhara asks for an alliance with Britain, as they see that Britain is expanding greatly in Asia, and they
    Bukhara Tajikstan
    do not want trouble with this powerful nation. Meanwhile, Emir Hussein tells his good friend Masud Zuhurov that he will allow Tajikistan to break away as a vassal of Bukhara, with Masud as the Shah. This is the new map:
  • British Diplomacy: Declines the alliance offer.
  • Spain denies any involvement in the elimination of the royal family, stating they could have let them slide. They blame on the few of the country's political radical terrorists. They support the independence of Greece for cultural and political reasons.
  • What Spain are you talking about? You are now Republican Spain. They explicitly killed the King.
  • United Republic of SA: The new country celebrate his first free elections which are won by the liberals. The militias are transformed into a professional Army. The new government implement the first economic measures in mining and agriculture.


  1. Greece wins their independence from the OE(actually been fighting since 1821)
  2. Ecuador separates from NG
  3. Uruguay separates from the Republic of Argentina
  4. The Swiss counterattack and the French are driven back to their borders
  5. Spain hits rock-bottom(after rock bottom one can only go back up)
  • French Empire: Napoleon, seeing the uselessness of the Swiss, falls back to their original borders and declares an ceasefire. The military is expanded and the colonies in Africa are expanded.
  • Spain tries to redevelop the economy by trying to establish businesses aand industries in Morocco, Madagascar, and the Philippines. It continues the denial of the alleged murder of the former Spanish royal family.
  • Sorry Spain but you no longer have the capacity to hold colonies that are so far away. You de facto own them but you can't afford to do basically anything right now and they practically rule themselves. Sell them maybe? You keep Morocco only due to its proximity.
  • DoM-S Diplomacy: HOLD ON TO THOSE COLONIES! After we control Germany, we will offer to purchase one or both of those colonies.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin The duchy launches a surprise invasion of Brandenburg. The army, which has been being built up, is equipped with the latest Air rifles, far outgunning the Brandenburgers with their ancient smooth bore muskets. The Duchy's military commanders know exactly the intricacies of Brandenburg strategy, having trained with them before they went into isolation. (You can read all this in previous posts). The navy, which is run from Rostock and staffed by almost exclusively Mcklenburger officers, sides with the duchy and blockades Brandenburg from sea and river. Duke Paul Frederick makes the following statement: "Heute it's der tag der Herzogtum! The duchy has long been the effective leader of the Confederation, and now it's time to make that de Jure Britain is asked for assistance.nGreece is recognised, and the Spanish Republican claim of guilt is accepted.
  • British Diplomacy: Of course. A regiment of the Royal Army is sent to ensure a Mecklenburg takeover of Brandenburg.
  • Nueva Granada: The government refuses to acnowlege the separation of any part of the commonwealth and the army isent to resecure the ecuadorian region.a reserve force is made of some 6000 men which are put on active duty to support the army in crushing the western rebellion and the active army is raised to 16000. a referendum will be held throughout the commonwealth on whether to establish a united republic which will encompass all of Nueva Granada or to retain the monarchy and establish a Kingdom outright. The economy continues to grow and ties to African nations that are still free are made allowing the purchase of more slaves while manufactured goods are sold, the purchased slaves are sold to the landowners reinverting to the funds spent. (I'll make Nueva Granada fall into civil war in the future to decide whether it's a monarchy or a republic and to see whether it stays united or breaks apart. If it breaks apart my economy will crumble without a doubt but we will see)
  • Bukhara: When the Khan of the small Uzbek Khanate by the Aral Sea dies, Emir Hussein is his heir as he married the oldest daughter of the sonless Uzbek Khan. Thus, the Uzbek Khanate is absorbed into the Uzbek Emirate of Bukhara. In order to facilitate the merge, the Capital of Bukhara is moved to where the border between the two nations once was. Bukhara prepares for another campaign of conquest against the Turkic tribes
  • Greece: The newly independent First Hellenic Republic succeeds in becoming noticed as an independent state away from the Ottoman Empire. One of the first acts, is to bring rebellious ships together to form the Hellanic Navy, and to make five more Frigates in the model of the flagship, Hellas. Meanwhile, Governer Ioannis Kapodistrias, rallies support amongst Greeks to bring the revolutionaries into the Hellenic Defense Force for Greece, to protect the relatively small country from the Turkish and any enemies of Greece, asks for support for conscription, to allow the country to be defended against larger enemies. The Greeks are willing to ask for support from any nation willing to help us out against the Ottoman Threat.
  • Hold the motor on this post.
  • Britain: Aid is doubled to Mecklenburg. Expansion of colonies occurs. Great Britain reminds NG that South America has many different cultural and ethnic differences so sometimes separation is the best way to go(why do you think Peru-Bolivia,Gran Colombia,and the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata fell).
  • United Republic of SA: The stabilization of the economy continues. The military is improving.


  1. The Great Bosnian uprising occurs against the Ottoman Empire
  2. Ecuador resists Granadan attempts to crush it
  3. Uruguay also resists the RoA
  4. Great Britain and Mecklenburg advance to Berlin

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  • Nueva Granada: The government decides to use more delicate means of crushing the Ecuadorian revolt as it is being called, the government promises to help build up Quito and the rest of the Ecuadorian region to bring them up to standards with the rest of the commonwealth, this is accompanied with a propaganda campaign which promotes Granadan unity and the necessity to stay as one unit in face of an aggressive world, these diplomatic measures are accompanied by a more aggressive military campaign by the army and now irregulars who detain any one who is considered a rebel, sweeping operations also begin to cut off the revolters from the populace isolating them were ever possible so that they are starved of supplies and support an order is giving by the much weakened prime minister to try to cause as little harm as possible to the population as they are considered brothers and fellow country men and to cause as little harm to infrastructure as possible. despite the Ecuador revolt the economy continues to remain stable and the rest of the country remains strongly united.
  • The Ottoman Empire tells Greece that the two nations can stay at peace so long as Greece agrees never to attack us or one of our allies. The Ottoman Empire tells Mecklenburg that it does not like Prussia and/or Brandenburg so we offer material aid.
  • Aztlan: Aztlan ends all trade with all nations who attacked Aztlan. Aztlan begins a massive military buildup while all Aztlan citizens in occupied Aztlan return to Aztlan and join the Aztlan army. Aztlan vows that someday it will have its revenge on the USA. Aztlan continues its military buildup as well as industrialization. All contact with nations that attacked it ends as well. Construction of a wall on the US border begins.
    • Aztlan, you have caused trouble not only to yourself, but also to me. As Spain, this is a reasonable factor why I am in a terrible situation. One more ASB move, and I lost it.
  • Russia: Russia begins a military buildup as well as construction of infrastructure and industry. Russia ends all alliances and begins to try and be friendly with the rest of the world. Trade deals are offered to most of the other European nations. The Ottomans are also offered one in an attempt to heal Ottoman-Russian relations. Construction on roads and industry and Alaska begin.
  • Greece: The Hellenic Republic is relieved to hear that the Ottoman Empire will not try to take back Greece, and in return, we promise never to attack the Ottoman or their allies. President Kapodistrias announces at the Fifth National Assembly at Athens (Unlike the OTL Fifth Assembly, which was in Nafplion, which dealt with the assassination of Ioannis Kapodistrias, here, Ioannis is a little luckier), that he hopes to make Greece, a Permanently Neutral state (similar to OTL Switzerland and Sweden, with Netherlands and Belgium being neutral in this age), where we will have no military ties with any other nation. Though, we hope to pursue economic ties however. Construction on the five Hellas-class frigates continue as a defensive measure just in case, and Conscription is still planned to continue.
  • Bukhara continues to expand its military for the upcoming expansion. The Uzbek culture continues to be promoted everywhere except for the Tajik vassal. However, they do not try to destroy any other cultures, save for the Turkmen, their enemies.
  • Spain: Spain asks the Ottoman Empire to end their religious grudge on each other and begin an era of good relations between them. They ask Greece for an alliance and trade agreements. They ask the US to donate money to Spain to at least help them with their economic troubles.
    • Greek Diplomacy: We would be happy to have a trade and economic agreement with Spain, but no military agreements please, as we hope to remain a neutral state. We don't have much money, but we can send a little bit of money to help Spain.
  • Britain: British troops alongside the Duchy encircle Berlin and dig in for defense to wait out the rest of the year until next spring. Expansion continues.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Troops, helped greatly by Britain, dig in around Berlin and wait them out. Many more men sign up to the army, hoping to get a bit of glory. The air rifles and superior tactics, as well as control over the navy, colonies and shipping, are helping to tip the balance towards the Duchy. The duke unveils his plan for the new Germany: The duchy directly controlling the north, With Bavaria, Wurttemberg and Baden controlling the south.
  • Qing Empire: The Qing Emperor dies of old age, his daughter now married and 45 takes the crown, reception is happy about this, but there is much discontent, China loses all virtual influence in Tibet. Hearing of the events overseas in the Pacific, traders attempt to reach South America, but those few that left accidentally reach Hawaii and begin trading the friendly native groups there.
  • The Republic Of Argentina: Gives Uruguay its independence as far they don't enter to war against us,an alliance and trade deal is offered to Britannic French and Ottomans, the nation starts preparations to avoid more breakaways and set Bolivian and Paraguayan and Argentinian territory as states inside the Nation and that they have their own leadership in their state with control of their provinces yet that will answer to the central president in Buenos Aires
  • You don't control Bolivia. It's part of URSA.
  • Well, I control about half of Bolivian territory, so that's what I meant, as the Bolivian Autonomous state part of the Republic
  • United Republic of SA: A census show that current population reach to 2.200.000 people. The government begins to contract with professors and engineers from Europe. Trade agreements are offered to Great Britain and Russia.
    • RoAD: We ask for an alliance with your nation as well as a trading deal
    • United Republic Diplomacy: We agree in both.


  1. Ecuador seizes the Galapagos Islands and resists NG.
  2. Uruguay is now independent.
  3. Cholera breaks out in Great Britain, France, the US, and Aztlan.
  4. The Siege of Berlin continues.
  5. Recession in most of Europe continues.
  6. People rebel against their reckless Aztlan government due to implausibility caused by DeanSims.

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Congrats guys. We're on the 'Hotspots' of this wiki!

  • Spain tries to get back its economy together by studying economic models in Britain and how their industries are going. After studying, they establish a 7-year plan to end the recession in Spain and get back on tract. They ask Argentina if they can have Uruguay.
  • British Diplomacy: Since you can't hold colonies anymore, the Crown offers to purchase the Philippines and Spanish Madagascar for a good price to at least stimulate the Spanish economy a little.
    • RoAD: As seeing the Economy damage we propose a deal with Spain to give Economical rights to Spain of Tierra Del Fuego and small territories in Paraguay Until their Economic is back on its feet, we'll offer more territories if you give us your Madagascar land, You would keep economic rights on this territories until your economy is fine and stable
    • 'Argentina can't hold colonies.'They're independent and remember you can't hold any overseas colonies anymore.
  • United Republic of SA: The government begins a program for improving the roads and the infrastructure of the principal cities, with the help of the new engineers. The new professors begin to teach in the national schools. The economy grows strongly in the last year.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Troops continue to lay siege to Berlin. Many more men flock to the army, hoping to win glory for duke and duchy. The economic stimulation of the war has helped many of the major factories of the duchy escape from the worst of the recession. (eg, Ironworks, clothes manufacturers, shelters, arms manufacturers, food producers all get work from the army). The duke truly cannot express his gratitude enough to the British for their continued support. He also says that Britain can purchase the Spanish colonies, since it will be to long before we will be able to afford it. Ad it is very noble to do so to help the Spanish economy.
  • Nueva Granada: the Nueva Granadan armed forces are expanded to 20,000 and they tired of the current situation begin more aggressive tactics seizing large amounts of the populace in Ecuador and isolating them from others keeping them in camps albeit with decent caring due to the little population in the area this takes a large toll on the resistances ability to fight on even terms captured rebels are executed if they refuse to surrender to the central government. Those that do surrender are put in yet more isolated camps so as not to communicate with others. The Referendum is held with 45% in favor of a republic, 47% in favor of retaining the monarchy mainly the rich and middle class want this. and the last 8% want the dissolution of Nueva Granada and the formation of independent nations. Tension rises and a second referendum will be held and only more then 5% majority over the other factions will be considered a clear majority for the government. Trade grows and more burdens are lifted from the slave population.
    • RoAD:We Find that the Ecuatorian Independence Campaign is Important, despite our Policy is to not help any side because this would Cause conflicts with their Sovereign Nations We think you should either establish Nueva Granada as a Union divided In three Major States that Have Control Under their Territories but that Have to answer to a Major President of the Republic
  • Greece: Continuing to be unlucky as a European nation independent in the massive European recession, we ask anyone, regardless of relations, for an economic trade, even the Ottoman Empire and Austria. Meanwhile, the Defense Forces continue to build to 12,000.
    • RoAD:we offer an alliance to the Greeks too. Our republic needs to improve its economy we, as well, offer an alliance in case of any Military Intrusion to any side by foreign Nations.
  • China: The lack of Euro trade hits China, the Empress declares her youngest son, 12, to be emperor, due to him being on a child prodigy. The nation embraces anti-industrialzation, and focuses on trading with nearby nations, and trading inside itself. The empress sets up a plan regain influence in Tibet.


  1. The Ecuadorian War of Independence continues with the rebels holding NG's army back.
  2. Anti-Monarchists protest in Caracas and Bogota.
  3. Berlin falls after two years of siege on behalf of Britain and Mecklenburg.
  4. The Slavery Abolition act decisively gives all slaves in the British Empire their freedom.
  5. Three-year old Isabella II, the rightful Queen of Spain is found alive alongside her mother Maria Christina on the coast of British Guiana (they were on their way to New Granada, right?)

You may post.

  • Greece: We hear of RoAD's offer of a Defense Pact, that they could come to our aid if we are attacked, and vice versa. We would be happy to accept the deal, along with an economic pact. Domestically, the economy in Greece is even harder hit than other places in Europe, due to having not a lot of resources, in an age of industrialization.
    • RoAD: Call me Argentina, and we are happy to Have you as ally and we could offer you to Some Economic Domain over Our Territory if we Receive an Outpost In Greece to Have Protection Troops To Respond Immediately In case Of an Invasion to Your Sovereignty and the Only Conditions to this is that in case of a Conflict between us we would remove our troops from your designate terrain and you from our territory, You can Pick the one you want to Have under your Power economically and I'll Choose mine when Greece is added to the Map, OK?
  • Republic of Argentina:we request the Nueva Granada to cease the Conflict with Ecuador and Give them Independence in a Small Portion of the Terrain So you don't lose too much terrain and that you became a Republic to avoid a civil war in our Continent, we recognize the Republican Spain Despite we condemned the action the executed
  • Britain: After a long explanation/conversation the Governor-General of British Guiana reports this: "The queen of Spain (three year old Isabella II, who succeeded her father after he died when the ship went down) and her mother were found on the shores of our colony. They were battered, shocked, malnourished and yet they were alive. Maria Christina explained to me that after Spanish nationalists hijacked the ship and robbed most of what was on it, they sunk the ship in order to kill the royal family as a symbolic way of anointing Republican Spain. Maria went on to say that they personally killed the King in front of the family. Christina acted quickly and the heir and now rightful queen of Spain Isabella and stowed away on the nationalists' ship while they were all still boarded on the German ship. When she finally escaped, the nationalists (now posing as merchants) had docked in an unknown island in the Caribbean, possibly Trinidad and Tobago. Careful to not blow her cover or be discovered by Spaniards on the island, she beseeched local planters and owners to give her a vessel so she could make it to a friendly monarchial realm (ie The UK). She did so and she arrived here in Guiana. A strange tale, but at least she made it here with the heir. I've accommodated her and the child here in Georgetown. I've made arrangements to send her to London with a full squadron of the Royal Navy to prevent a repeat of her plight." The Queen and her mother arrive in London safely after a long trip, they are accommodated in Buckingham Palace until this ordeal is sorted out. Meanwhile, the British flag is raised in Berlin to signify victory there while Duchy troops secure the rest of Brandenburg. A lowering of the flag ceremony will be held next year to transfer sovereignty to the Duchy.
  • Spain is surprised about Isabella's survival and sends praise to her that she survived (although ironically part of the royal family). They decide to let her slide for now unless she does not try to take power back in Spain. It continues the industrialization process, discovering large amounts of iron ore and coal in the country side, allowing the rise of the steel industry.
  • Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin: The entire duchy celebrates the victory over the Brandenburgers. Public holidays are announced, street parades are organised, and pretty much everyone is happy. The Duke, Paul Frederick, reveals his plans: Annexing Brandenburg into the new "Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg", which will be the leading nation of the German Confederation (Like Prussia in the German Empire OTL). The Ducal family travels to Berlin to congratulate the German and British troops who made the victory possible. The duke will conduct a ceremony to be crowned Grand Duke of Mecklenburg after the symbolic handover next year. The Duke is also very pleased that the Spanish heiress is still alive, and all the naval officers who were going to be hung are instead given a prison sentence, and allowed to keep their ranks.
  • France; France, more particularly Napoleon II, is glad to here of their survival, but also sends his personal condolences for the loss of the remainder of the family. Meanwhile, the military is expanded as is the colonies.
  • United Republics of SA: New roads are built across the country, improving the internal commerce. The Army sent some of his young officers to learn from other countries about the new war tactics.


  1. Three year old Isabella and her mother arrive in the United Kingdom safely.
  2. Ecuador's resistance persists.
  3. Anti-monarchist protests continue in NG.
  4. Mecklenburg and Great Britain have defeated Brandenburg.
  • Britain: King William and Queen Louise Charlotte travel to Berlin to hold the lowering of the flag ceremony. At 12 noon North German time, the Union jack of the United Kingdom is lowered and the new flag of Mecklenburg-Schwerin is raised. The ceremony is then moved to the Berlin Cathedral where the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland proudly coronates Paul Frederick as Grand Duke of Mecklenburg. Celebrations break out in Berlin which was quickly rebuilt to hold the festivities. Meanwhile the Royal family hosts the two last known survivors of the Spanish royal family.
  • Spain begins to develop the steel industry as the iron and coal mining industries begin to rise. The economists hope that this resource can be used for all sorts of things, which can help the Spanish economy. They suggest to New Granada to coincide to the protests if they want to keep Ecuador.
  • (and come on, the rebels can't hold out forever. They are extremely limited in numbers and will eventually be depleted deeply hurting the Granadan population.)
  • Yes, they can. They have access to seaports and many other things that can supply them. They can hold out because they are incredibly nationalistic (they're rebelling for their independence).
  • OK then, is there any way to end the bloody revolt without them gaining independence or Nueva Granada collapsing.
  • No. They will rebel until you shoot the last one down. Your country will be plagued by problems because Ecuadorians will never accept your government. And they won't make your country collapse by gaining independence. Ya know technically you are Gran Colombia and you should have already collapsed into 3 states (Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela). Also just because there are protests, it doesn't mean anything major like a coup d'etat would happen. There's protests in the US and other countries all the time and you don't see the military taking power like that every time. So yeah, no coup d'etats in NG unless some serious things happen.
  • Bukhara declares that it will subjugate the remaining Uzbeks and Turkmen living west of the Aral Sea. Bukharan forces ride to the north. Meanwhile, Emir Hussein's first son, Asliddin, is born with great rejoicing. Meanwhile, some Afghans are causing trouble in the south through revolts, but they are easily defeated.
    • I'm just saying this now if you plan on expanding in all of the uncolored areas around you, you'll run into problems with Russia. After that it'll turn into a whole Aztlan/America type deal.
    • Russia currently is playerless, though.
  • United Republics of SA: The economy has duplicated in the last year. New resources are focused in education and health. The Armed Forces receives only a little part, for now, but the Navy prepares to build a shipyard.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The Grand Duke is crowned by the British King, his brother-in-law. He makes a speech to the people of Brandenburg under the Brandenburg Gate. He personally oversees the rebuilding of the new territories. The other monarchs of the German Confederation wearily accept Mecklenburg suzerainity. The army is increased, to make up for the dead. Celebrations break out in the colonies, since the news just got to them.
  • Spain thanks the British for getting the royal family to safety. They begin a slow, yet steady economic recovery due to the rise of the steel industry. They hope the money can be used to develop other businesses, such as textiles, shipbuilding and consumer goods, build up infrastructure, repair the education and health system and hopefully restore Spain to its former glory.
    • British D: We request to purchase Spanish Madagascar and the Philippines since they are falling apart because you can't afford to keep them anyway at this point
    • Spanish Diplomacy: (Why is it with all the D:? What's wrong?) We are at the verge of economic recovery, so that will not be needed.
    • It's D for diplomacy. Anyway it's been made clear to you that you can't keep those colonies anymore because you collapsed. Remember: "You can't afford to keep Madagascar, the small enclave in SE Asia, and the Philippines. You only keep Morocco because of its proximity to you." Besides you don't just go 'on the verge of recovery' after collapsing economically, that takes years!
  • Nueva Granada: the parliament continues fighting the rebels and they start using scorched earth tactics throughout the Ecuadorian region and killing off more aggressively the rebels. The parliament offers the Spanish royal family or what's left of it to come to Nueva Granada and ascend their rightful throne (either I become a republic or the royal family takes power. I can't be in between that brings instability). Trade increases with the local nations.
  • British Diplomacy: After the experience with Spaniards at sea, Maria Christina speaks for her daughter the Queen: "We will have nothing to do with any Spanish realms be it independent or not. We have settled in a friendly monarchial country and don't plan on leaving. Moreover your country is unstable; You're fighting what seems to be a losing war, you had economic problems due to inexperience, and to top it all off your country sees increasing Anti-monarchy protests. The only thing I can suggest for you is to create a new mestizo royal family, people from New Granada. Form a 'Royal House of New Granada.'
  • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: The parliament accepts the royal family's decision and states that they now renounce any chances of claiming the throne. Again, and they state the war is far from over and will not be lost. (Just out of curiosity you're planning on making me lose the war, right?)


  1. Ecuador pushes New Granada out of its territory and declares full independence as the Republic of Ecuador
  2. The Anti-Monarchist movement dissolves itself after hearing that the Spanish royals do not wish to go to South America

Spain, I suggest you sell your colonies. Here's why: They are falling apart because you can't afford to keep them, you are not going to recover enough to keep them any time soon, and if you don't sell them now they'll just declare independence and become weak nations that anyone can recolonize so might as well make money off of them now.

Or do like I said, and "rent" your Colonies to me, then when you are developed Enough you can retake them and you would, as well, get the Production of an Specific part of Argentina that you Choose, this would be the best Choice as you wouldn't Lose them if Not Give them to a relative Nation, that will give them back to you

Who wrote this statement above?

You may post.

  • France: The French Empire asks to purchase the Philippines or Madagascar from Spain. Meanwhile, military expansion continues and the naval program goes ahead of schedule. Napoleon II begins to look toward the Indochina for colonization. The colonies in Africa are expanded, and have been expanding for the pass turns.
  • Nueva Granada: The government declares the independence illegal and outside of the Ecuadorian rights (the USA did the same when the Confederates declared independence) and a full scale conventional invasion of Ecuador is launched to resecure the region and teach the insurgents a leason. plans to build the navy are made so that the national waters may be protected and so that control of the Ecuadorian waters can be secured to cut them off of supplies from foreign powers. a decision is made to have a second referendum either by establishing a local monarchy with one of the local aristocrat as the head or to secure a united republic with all the territories of the former viceroyalty of Nueva Granada. The local industrial program continues.
  • Fun Fact: I scraw invented D for Diplomacy in the SOA5 game.
  • The Ottoman Empire offer to buy Morocco from Spain. In Persia a wall begins construction next to India.
  • Britain: Becomes annoyed at New Granada (who is an ally at this point) telling them that an ongoing war of attrition like that will only damage your economy and make you weak and the laughing stock of South America. The reason they rebel is because they do not associate themselves as "Granadans." Same with Argentina, they lost Uruguay because the Uruguayans didn't associate themselves as "Argentinians." But they were smart and were quick to give them independence because they didn't want to damage their economy. The only tip we have for you is to give them independence, and become a "united republic" like the URSA. Thats why they don't have any secessions, because the government has no specific ethnic group so in the URSA Peruvians, Chileans, and Bolivians can peacefully live side-by-side knowing that no one group of people rules over all other groups. Meanwhile, the Crown offers to purchase at least Madagascar, if not the Philippines.
  • The Republic of Argentina: Officially Changes its Name to The United Federal Republic of Argentina (we control part of Bolivia),The Nation is divided in five Main Provinces: Bolivia, Chaco, Paraguay, Argentina and Patagonia, each one having their own Federal Government, yet They Need to Respond to The Central Government in Buenos Aires, We beg the Nueva Granada to became a nation and to release Uruguay and take measures to avoid More Crisis or offer them more freedom to keep them into your nation, Show a better side of the government and More democracy and you might keep your nation together,We Keep Our Offer To Administer the Philippines and Madagascar Domains Until Spain Recovers from its economic crisis
  • 1: FOR THE LAST TIME, YOU DON'T CONTROL BOLIVIA. 2: You are not powerful enough to administrate overseas territories.
  • First of all im not saying Bolivia is mine i'm saying that the territory occupied by bolivia in our time is shared between Peru and Me they having Most of it but not all,Im fine with the other Overseas
  • Nueva Granada Diplomacy: The government hearing the increasing international pressure will take into consideration the plan for talks with Ecuador.
  • Spain, Yet under heavy reluctance, decides to rent their colonies in Asia and Madagascar, but the nation with the highest bid can have it. After Spain reaches economic recovery, they will receive it back. They continue planning the economic recovery, building roads and canals, expanding the education system, building modernized factories, and exploting its resources. They hope the money from renting their colonies will aid in the help of economic recovery. They also explot natural resources in Morocco in order to help the economy.
  • There will be no 'renting' of colonies. Either you sell them or they become independent. Renting will never work, I mean you'll be paid but the nation that is 'renting' will be gaining massive wealth, much more than you'll make from the rent. And after they turn it over to you (provided they even do so) the wealth will be dramatically reduced from years of exploitation. Once again, sorry to rain on your parade but renting colonies is ridiculous and will only make you lose money-not good for a nation that just collapsed.
  • I just want to clarify that Rent is just for economy its practically no diferent than giving the renting nation full control of The Resources like we do know, but I know you probably took that in consideration,just saying...
  • Well someone just put that renting statement at the top. RandomWriterGuy (talk) 04:47, July 10, 2012 (UTC)
  • United Republics of SA: Literacy increasing in the last year. A shipyard is completed in Coquimbo. Plans for a national industry begin. Trade agreements are offer to Great Britain, the United States, and Mecklenburg-Schwerin.
    • GDoM D: Sure, we acccept.
  • Greece: Construction of the five Hellas-class warships for the Hellanic Navy finish, after a lengthy building time. (Much of the nearby ports of Greece have hot and dry climates, which results in few trees being grown, except for the wetter north.) Considers forming an union with any neutral economic relations with any nation, even former enemy, the Ottoman Empire.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: Continues rebuilding in former Berndenburg, but there's not much to rebuild, considering it is the 19th century and it was conventional warfare. The remaining troops of the Brandenburg forces are integrated into Mecklenburg's army. Five new warships are constructed for the German Fleet. The colonies in Africa are exoanded a bit, with colonists from all over Germany flocking to them. The Diet asks France if it would be willing to sell its colony of St Martin to Germany. Greece is offered a trade agreement and any assistance it needs with army or navy.


  1. Ethnic Bolivians living in Argentina begin a small separatist movement, wishing to live in the United Republic of South America instead. Many resort to illegal immigration
  2. Ecuador seeks international recognition to halt New Granada's attempts at subjugating it.
  3. Taking advantage of the economic situation in the Iberian peninsula Spanish Hispaniola, Cuba, and Puerto Rico declare independence from Spain. (what did you think would happen)?
  4. The Spanish economy shows signs of recovery. (don't take this one too far).

You may post.

For number 3, Spain suffered a similar situation in OTL and this did not happen! (Dominican Republic maybe).

Although true, in this ATL Spain's economic problems were much more severe. So this will go on.

  • Spain agrees to sell its Madagascar and Filipino colony to Britain, but tells them that they will have it back once the economy recovers. They hope the money can be used to repair the economy by developing industry and paying off debts. Industrialization in Spain takes on the rise, with factories mostly existing in the north. The government hopes to develop the south by promoting business there. They begin to confiscate the wealth of any Spanish nobles no longer in the country to pay off the debt. They reluctantly recognize the independence of Hispaniola, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.
    • British Diplomacy: Britain wishes to keep Madagascar, since we already have a presence there in the south. The Philippines will be returned though. (and by the way, this isn't 'selling' if you end up getting the colony back - just sayin'). To make you accept, the Crown offers to dissolve 1/8 of your debt to Great Britain (that's actually a lot)
    • Spanish Diplomacy: OK.
    • Ottoman D: The Ottomans ask for Morocco and tells Spain that it can help with its debt solution and offers to dissolve 50% of debt to the Ottomans. (True me, you didn't have much debt with us to begin with.)
    • Spanish Diplomacy: No thanks.
  • France: France recognizes Ecuador as an independent and calls for Nueva Granada to halt its operations against Ecuador. Meanwhile, the military is expanded and the colonies in Africa are expanded. Napoleon agrees to sell St. Martin to whoever asked for it last turn.
  • Greece: After hearing word of the locomotive, President Kapodistrias asks for funding from other countries, to start the first railroad connections, which will connect the capital, Nafplion, with the largest city, Athens.
  • Britain: Great Britain recognizes the Republic of Ecuador and pressures New Granada to halt its operations against the rebels like its ally France. British rail companies offer to construct in Greece.
    • Greek Diplomacy: We welcome the British rail companies, for them to construct in Greece.
  • Nueva Granada: The government reluctantly agrees to go to negotiation tables we will acknowledge the rebel independence if certain conditions are met including a shrinking of the territory giving to the rebels. The forces start withdrawn from the region but with them all slaves that were originally purchased by the Nueva Granadan Government are seized and freed to become citizens of the Granadan state deeply hurting any possible manpower for Ecuadorian agriculture and the rail line that was to be constructed their is destroyed. An expansion of rail lines are made to try to connect cities throughout Nueva Granada. A second referendum is held and the monarchists win it with a 58% vote closing the ballots and making the government look for local aristocrat of high standing of which 4 men fall under and one will be chosen for next year. A law is passed abolishing slavery in Nueva Granada and granting limited citizenship to slaves in the country greatly freeing up manpower and allowing much greater economic potential. The population of Nueva Granada now reaches some 6,000,000.
  • Britain: This is extremely one-sided and Great Britain will not stand for it. The conditions are: Full, recognized independence for Ecuador and they keep EVERYTHING within their (NON-altered) borders.
  • Also, notice how you were never in Ecuador, they kept you at bay at the border so you couldn't have done that in the first place.
  • Nueva Granada D: The government is willing to negotiate but requests that slaves be sent to Nueva Granada so they may start a new life as free men, or that they be released as free men in Ecuador with compensation.
  • The UFRA:Seeing the Unexpected discomfort we offer this Separatist status a Status In the Regional Government for the State in the Nation as well we offer Status In the senate, as we Want to Include all nations under our domain, As well We change our Name to the Federation of Rio de la Plata y El Chaco, all the Nations forming The Federation have their own autonomy an government the only thing they will have to do is Respond to the Federation Government settled in Buenos Aires but for Assaults or Decisions not Relevant to The Federal Well being, We seeing that some want to go to Ursa we ask them for a Free pass between our Citizens and Theirs, In other News The Navy Is fully established and we ask for a Trading deal with the Great Britain, France, China, And DoMS, We Recognize The republic of Ecuador and we'll Support their Progress, The Government in an attempt to establish More Communication within Each State and between them Starts making Roads between the Towns and Rail Roads Between The States, Starting with The Bolivian State and the Paraguayan, Tierra Del Fuego Is Given the Status of State and Citizens are sent to Colonize and Start Populating Patagonia and the Tierra Del Fuego.
  • Bukhara now owns land up to the narrowest area between the Caspian and Aral seas. They fight the remnants of the Turkmen there. The Afghans continue to cause trouble, yet Shah Masud of Tajikistan sends a small force to put the fighting down.
  • United Republics of SA: Since that both countries have an alliance, the United Republics government don't want problems with our neighbors. However, since that there is people in the borders that want to live in our country, the government accept to receive them and begin a new program to give new houses for them. Also, the government accept Free pass proposal for citizen of both countries. While, the shipyard begin the construction of the new ships, and the Army is expanded. Economy continues growing.


  1. William IV of the United Kingdom dies, leaving his daughter Charlotte as his successor (she's 18, sorry to not mention it earlier but she was born in 1819 - also she's basically Victoria, took the throne at 18 and will rule for 60+ years.)
  2. Russia expands southward. Tensions arise with Bukhara
  3. The Separatist movement in Argentinian Bolivia increases in size
  4. Negotiations begin between NG and Ecuador, British peacekeeping troops are posted on the border between these two to prevent conflicts during negotiations.(since Ecuador has no player and Britain supported them, this will happen)

You may now post.

The FRPC:our army Prepares for any violent outcome, but we Still offer Bolivia the status an government, As well the President, During the last 16 years Sick and Weakened by the passage of time, Elections Start and Members from the States are Chosen but just two are qualified to Reach the presidency one Bolivian called Eduardo Lopez Marino,and an Argentinian called Juan Jose de Heredia,The Government Propose the Separatist to avoid a Conflict the Conditions can be Said by the Separatist and the government will review it,Great Britain is Offered an alliance as well the United states are offered Economical trading deals and alliance, The Election will be the First Since the Foundation of the State. We advise the Nueva Granada to give the Ecuadorians their independence without Major Conflict,The nation name is Changed once again and finally into The United Federation of South America

Stop changing your name, it only causes instability and riots. It also shows your government is inexperienced and can't properly handle things. Also that name is a rip-off of The United Republic of South America

I know its a rip off but I'm not good at names. lol and I want a name that Can identify the Paraguayans The small group of Bolivians and Argentinians. I don't want to lose the small portion of Bolivia I have

This is not happening, the Viceroyalty of Peru became independent with ALL of Bolivia (Alto Peru) so Argentina does not own ANY part of Bolivia. I'm updating the map to show that.AP (talk) 00:25, July 12, 2012 (UTC)

I DON'T MEAN THAT I OWN WHAT IN THAT TIME THEY CALLED ALTO PERU! I mean that the current domain of Bolivia which I use to Name the Northern domains of My nation correspond to some terrain of the Current terrains of Bolivia. It's not that I have Alto Peru! Sorry if I wasn't clear enough


You don't have any portion of modern-day Bolivia, it is all owned by URSA. And if you named your northern terrains Bolivia: 1 It just wouldn't make any sense, since there wouldn't be any Bolivians there. 2: It would turn into a whole Greece Vs Macedonia naming dispute (look it up).

Wait, look I do "The word of the Mods is law, unless you can prove them conclusively wrong" And I can prove you wrong with this Look11

{C}The map contains the Our timeline modern Borders, in which you can see that Brazil has less terrains explained by wars, as well that I control half of Bolivia, That Ecuador has more control over Colombian territory than Ecuador itself, and that Brazil has a li'l bit of Paraguay And even Brazil has Part of Bolivia, just saying that I do have though I'm going to change its name to the State of Sucre and Remain with the Federation of Rio de la Plata and El Chaco. Happy?

NO. You're not proving me wrong, you're only helping my argument. URSA has ALL of OTL Peru, Chile AND BOLIVIA. End of story.

You are Incapable to accept the fact that you are being corrected by another, so you take my Bolivia you know that, that would cause conflict between it would be mean war or Invasion to my terrains by their hand,you accepted to give me that terrain the first time, so could you give me back the terrain but not all I had, also take out Brazil's Bolivia,or Make the Republic of Alto Peru it would be easier Even if its only in my Domain of Bolivia oh and you give part of Paraguay to them

  • Greece: Construction continues on the railway between Nafplion and Athens, thanks to help from British rail industries. The economy in Greece improves slightly, with hundreds more jobs being made.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The government gives its first payment to France, and a unit of soldiers lands on Saint Martin, and raises the flag. More railways are built around the Confederation. Te Grand Duke sends his most sincere condolences to the British Royal family, especially his aunty, the Queen Mother. He sends his hopes to his cousin, hoping that the two countries can still have excellent relations. The colonies are slightly expanded.
  • Spain begins to restrengthen its authoritative power overseas. The money from the former Spanish royals is able to pay off 1/6 of the debt, since they had a lot of money. Spain continues to attract businesses worldwide, eventually becoming having the fastest growing economy in Europe. The restrengthening of their authority will hopefully restore their ability to establish colonies as well.
  • The British Royal family today is worth one billion USD. The money your royals had wouldn't even cover anything from your debt, besides its called foreign banks. A lot of royals did this, mainly in the UK and Switzerland. And not so fast on the economy there, that will take a while. And BTW, you basically don't have colonies anymore, save for the Philippines and Morocco.
  • Nueva Granada: The government chooses amongst the four aristocrats the man Ernesto San Antonio a man who pushed for autonomy in the years of the viceroyalty and a powerful man with large estates in OTL Venezuela, he is choosing as the King of Nueva Granada and the commonwealth is declared dead and now the Reinato de Nueva Granada is established. its lands are claimed as all the former the viceroyalty of Nueva Granada but the new King suggests granting independence of Ecuador at least for now due to its affecting the nation's international standing and the negative affects its having on the populace. a program to initiate a sense a national unity begins embracing the cultural similarities and with a King now a central figure head is made making a united sense of loyalty to the new monarch and to the state as well. Following the suggestion of the new King the parliament requests that Ecuador release all slaves into Nueva Granada and its independence will granted.


  1. Charlotte, Princess of Wales (daughter of William IV) is to be coronated in Westminster Abbey as Queen Charlotte I of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. World leaders are asked to request invitations from the Crown. Already invited are: Napoleon II and the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg.
  2. Russia continues its southern expansion, tensions with Bukhara continue.
  3. Monarchists claim victory in New Granada.
  4. Ecuador is recognized by most of the world, leaving NG's conditions for independence in the dust.

You may post. Also, I want whoever posts to ask a few others to join. It would be nice to have players for Prussia, Russia, Uruguay, Ecuador, URCA, Austria, etc. Thanks.AP (talk) 20:02, July 12, 2012 (UTC)

  • Spain continues to recover its economy. They begin to develop some of Europe's strongest and finest steel industries. This leads to the rise n the textiles industry, where cotton in the north is grown and is processed by the factories into cloth. They recognize the independence of Ecuador and Uruguay.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: Continues paying France for Saint Martin. The Grand Duke sails to Britain, to attend the coronation of his cousin. The Diet votes to recognise the monarchical government in NG, and to recognise Ecuador. One more paddle-steamer-warship is ordered for construction, but it will take longer than usual because of budget cuts to deal with paying for the island.
  • United Republics of SA: The first industries are built and the economy continues his expansion. A new health program is implemented and the government promote the colonization of the unpopulated zones in south of the country. The first ships are built in the shipyard. Some of the officers sent to other countries return and begin to learn to the new cadets. The government officially recognize the independence of Ecuador and prepare for send an ambassador. Trade agreements are offer to Great Britain and the United States.
  • Greece: Construction continues on the railroad between Nafplion and Athens, as villages becoming busier and more visited by workers, leading to the opening of many small restaurants, and proof the agricultural economics aren't dead. Economy continues to improve. President Kapodistrias requests for an invitation, along with the highest members of the Greek Assembly, to visit the coronation in Great Britain.
  • Hey - I'm withdrawing from the game. I've lost interest mainly because playing as a South American nation is something I've done quite a bit and I prefer Asian cultures, anyway. So yeah, who ever wants Nueva Granada can have it. Nkbeeching


  1. Princess Charlotte of Wales is coronated as Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
  2. A rebellion in Ottoman Persia pops up.
  3. Why?
  4. Spain continues economic recovery.
  5. A rebellion in Serbia pops up.
  • Spain: continues to recover its economy. But with rising industries, lowering unemployement, and the improved state of the country, it might as well may have risen out of the depression. The country can now finally be able to establish colonies anywhere they want. They establish a colony in OTL Walvis Bay.
  • AW COME ON?! WHY?!
  • You collapsed less than ten years ago, give it time. Anyway, you're authorized to play as two nations.
  • Britain: Celebrations in London are held in honor of the new Queen, who is the first British sovereign to live in Buckingham Palace.. Colonies are expanded.
    • Greek Diplomacy: On behalf of the Hellanic Republic, we congratulate the Queen on her coronation.
    • FRPC: from the Nation in Argentina we Congratulate the queen on her coronation and wish her the best Luck as well as the Kingdom of Great Britain.
  • Russia (NOTE: I AM NO LONGER SPAIN) is now ruled under a new emperor, who promises to make Russia a mighty power. Inspired by the industrial events in Western Europe, the emperor begins encouraging the development of steel, textiles, shipbuilding, and other consumer goods factories. Political reforms are also made, including the end of serfdom. The government is reformed into a parliamentary semi-absolute monarchy, stating that a monarch can have power over foreign policy and the military, but the parliament have control over the economy and all other sectors, yet both control the laws. They begin a ruthless campaign to expand into Kazakhstan in order to increase territory.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg The Grand Duke attends the coronation of Queen Charlotte, and sails back to Germany by the end of the year. The treasury continues paying back France, with the debt two thirds replayed. The new naval steamer is finished, and is named the SMS Charlotte in honour of the new British Queen.
  • Bukhara builds up its military.
  • FRPC: We request the URSA to give us Some Bolivian terrain, as well the government starts building a fleet.
  • I Scrawdad requesting control of two nations.
  • Ottomans tells Bukhara they have Ottoman support any time. The Ottomans begin to bring Muslim Indians from British India to a safer Muslim Haven. The Sultan's son is looking for a wife, and asks the Emir Musad of Bukhara is he can give one of his daughters.


  1. No mod events this year.

People! I need your help. Recruit as many people as you can to the game, we've had a downturn in edits lately. This has happened before but then we came back and had 14 edits per three days and we were on the hotspot list. I know it can happen again. AP (talk) 03:23, July 15, 2012 (UTC)

Scraw, your request is granted.

  • France: France continues to expand its colonies, and the military is improved. Meanwhile, Napoleon begins plans to launch an Invasion of Switzerland, and SECRETLY ASKS Great Britain to assists (The Swiss Confederation was never neutral).
  • What are you talking about, they were always neutral.
  • No, they weren't. They never partcipated in any conflict after 1815, and in 1798, the French Revolutionary Government invaded, and conquered nation and set up an new unified country, and became an French puppet state.
  • Not in this game though right? I haven't seen any invasion of Switzerland and the one that actually happened here in the game ended in a ceasefire at your borders. You should look at overseas conquests instead because Switzerland is just land in the mountains, nothing really worth wasting an entire invasion/conquest on.--AP
  • Well no. Probaly right, when it comes to an World War or something, and then I'll strike them. Enclavehunter (talk) 04:00, July 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • Russia continues its massive industrialization program. The government begins the exploitation of resource-rich Siberia, which has as much coal as Russia's industries would need. The government begins a massive program to build roads, canals, and railroads to improve transportation infrastructure. Factories of all kinds pop up across the country like mushrooms. Expansion into Kazahstan still continues.
  • 'Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: 'The ailing grand duke offers his son, Frederick Francis, in marriage to Queen Charlotte of Great Britain. (Don't mind the slight inbreeding. Queen Victoria married her first cousin Albert, while Frederick Francis is Charlotte's cousin once removed.) The diplomatic teams of the German Confederation notice how Prussia is coming out of isolation, and raises some Landwehr units in the Eastern states. The navy builds a "rocket ship" (a sailing ship equipped with Congreve Rockets, as opposed to a space vessel), and tests it succesfully in the North Sea. Some factories are opened up in the African colonies (Which, despite having existed for decades, do not appear on the map) and a new sugar processing plant is opened on the newly- purchased Saint Martin.
  • United Republics of SA:The Industrial Plan continues and show good results as the unemployment has reduced in the last year and the poverty too. More ships are built and the Army begin a special units program. The Liberal government begin to prepare for the elections of the next year.
  • Greece: Elections are held, for who shall hold the second term of Presidency of Greece. Ioannis Kapodistrias, Andreas Zaimis and Georgios Kountouriotis all run for President. (RNG everybody! I.K.= 1-5, A.Z.= 6-8, G.K.= 9-0) In other news, the economy continues improving, with the railroads nearly finished being constructed, with plans to extend railroad access, all the way across the country, including building bridges across the islands.
  • FRPC: the Leadership of the Nation start Building railways through the nation in an attempt to comunicate the Federation,and to keep the Country, while this Occurs An trade agreement is ask with France and with the Duchy of Mecklenburg. is it Possible for any american Nation to Set Colonies in africa? me or Peru? Just asking


  1. Tensions run high between Russia and Bukhara due to expansion in the same area

Turn-ly message: Recruit more people!

You may now post.

  • Nueva Granada: The Granadan government continues its industrialization program and decides in revenge for the independence of ecuador to close off its southern borders. The new King starts playing his role as the sovereign of Nueva Granada and visits Paris and London to meet with the leaders of said nations, one of the main factors for his visit are to enlist their aid in industrial construction of Nueva Granada.
  • Russia begins to build up troops in case of an attack by Bukhara. The country continues to grow throughout their industrialization and modernization program. Knowing that they need vital access to the Black Sea, they begin to build up troops and SECRETLY deploy them to the Ottoman-Russian border at Crimea.
  • RWG do you remember nothing from the past of this game? A long lasting truce and non-aggression pact (one century) was signed between Russia and the Otto Mans. And the Bukharans are not going to attack you for the most part. If I recall correctly the political pundits of the globe expect a Russian attack.
  • If I recall, there wasn't any chance of anyone attacking, except that whoever is making the moderator events of this game desperately wants Russia and Bukhara to go to war. There exist no tensions with Russia on the Bukhara side, and I am not going to start a war just because some moderator is bored.
  • Bukhara solidifies its control over all of its territory, and works on cultural assimilation, except in the autonomous Tajik area.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The Grand Duke, Paul Frederick, dies after a prolonged illness, leaving his son, Frederick Francis II as the new Grand Duke. A week of mourning is declared throughout the entire German Confederation. The new Grand Duke again asks Queen Charlotte of Great Britain if she will take his hand in marriage. The colonies are slightly expanded.
  • Next turn if the Japan player doesn't rejoin with permission from ap I'll be taking control of Japan. Nkbeeching
  • Great Britain: Accepts the offer from Mecklenburg. Colonies expand. Builds up more important industry in India and works on connecting Qing China better with British India.


  1. Queen Charlotte of the UK is now married, in late 1842 she has a son named William V in honor of his grandfather.

Let the turn begin. Once again get more people to join. Also, the mod events about Russia and Bukhara are about the people living/settling the frontier regions, not the governments of said nations.

Nk, you are now able to take Japan.

Eh awesome peruvian , Can Any American No Usa Nation set Colonies at Africa?


  • Russia continues expansion into Kazakhstan. Due to the mineral boom in Siberia, settlements are made in the south, where the region is way warmer. Also, they begin implementing modern farming marchinery for the peasants. The government redistributes the land to the common people and gives them loans in order to start their farming businesses. They begin expansion into the Caucasian region, where they can get a hold on the Black Sea Coast.
  • Greece: With construction complete between Nafplion and Athens, we set up railroads to be set up all over the island, with a new idea coming from Government Engineers, to set up ferries to connect one railroad to another, to build a truly national railway to and country made up of mostly islands. It becomes more and more of a possibility, with the economy's rapid growth. It's no France or Britain, but Greece is doing quite well for itself. Meanwhile, there are future predictions, within possibly 30 years, Greece may have the money and resources to build "superbridges", to connect the railroads instead. Effort is put into tourism, to let people from around the world to learn Ancient Greek history.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: Frederick francis II now divides his time between his duties as Grand Duke and his duties as a husband and a father. Due to this, the Diet of the Grand Duchy takes a more direct role in the running of the nation. Frederick discusses with his wife on the future of their nations: Which child will inherit which domain? The Diet also asks Charlotte if Hannover could be handed over to the Duchy, so it can be ruled: "by germans for germans". More railways are built throughout the German Confederation, mainly by private companies. The German Treasury sends France the final payment for Saint Martin.
  • Hannover's personal union with Britain ended in OTL when Victoria became Queen because Salic Law prevented her from inheriting the German throne, so it was given to her brother or cousin I don't really know. Since Charlotte is also a woman, Hannover was lost to her closest male relative in this ATL as well. And in response to that other question, we could enter a personal union while I control the UK with the respective son while your government is run by the Diet. Also where exactly are your colonies in Africa?
    • ​The proposal sounds good - a kind of Hanover-like situation. As to the German colonies, one was made in Gabon in 1796 and has expanded a bit. Another was made in "East Africa"...The Brandenburg player wasn't specific. Callumthered (talk)
  • Japan: The Shogun, in an attempt to curb western influence leaking into the country, starts a massive purge the largest that has been seen since the murder of christians over a 100 years earlier, two whole villages are destroyed, anti-Shogunate forces begin getting together and a message is sent to the imperial courts to gain the support of the nobles. The Shogun decides to expand their land on Hokkaido due the growing population.
  • United Republics: The conservatives won the elections the last years, and begin to implement his own government program. Military continues his expansion.
  • Bukhara establishes control of a thin area of land that wraps around the Aral Sea (just 2-3 pixels thick). They assure the Russians that Bukhara wants no more territory to the north of their nation.
  • Britain: Continues working on the interconnectedness of the Indian subcontinent. Trade resumes strongly. Colonies continue their expansion.
  • FRPC:Seing no other activity in Southamerica other than Starting economic Trading Spots we ask URSA to Help us In an Invasion of Brazilian terrains (theres no player controlling it) to set Control of More Fertile terrains and Start using its resources, for this we also request French and british help and they will get portion of the territory, also and economic trademant deal is asked to Enhance the economy of our nation
  • British Diplomacy: Absolutely not. Brazil is still part of Portugal as an autonomous province. If you attack Brazil you attack Portugal and because we are allied to Portugal, you' go to war with Britain. So stop or face invasion by Great Britain and then you'll become a colony again.
  • French Diplomacy: We will not help. Portugal is an fried of Britain who is an Friend of France. Son no.
  • France: France continues to expand and their economy is improved. Meanwhile, the military is expanded.
    • FRPC Very well. I won't attack just because Brazil is part of Portugal.
  • The Ottoman Empire expands northwards into OTL Georgia to connect the main part of the Empire with Crimea. The Sultan announces that any Jews that wish to be free can go to Crimea and Christians that wish to be free(ish) can go to Persia.
  • Prussia: Infrastructure improves, Military expands, and the King is starting to think of capturing smaller German States. Alliances are offered to Britain, France, USA, and the Ottomans. Offers aid to Spain.
  • Spain: Economy begins to improve with the now approved aid from Prussia, The remaining Spanish Colonies (If there are any) are all together given the status of one Spanish Providence in Parliament.


  1. The World's first underwater tunnel is opened in London
  2. URSA now controls the Strait of Magellan.

You may now post. Whosonefirst, please check your talk page if you haven't already.AP (talk) 22:30, July 18, 2012 (UTC)

May I ask, Do they now Control Tierra del fuego? this was the why I said Bolivia Was Mine Rio de la plata Virreinato - Viceroyalty

No they don't, they only control the Strait. Stop annoying me about Bolivia you don't own ANY of it so stop for the last time.

I was just stating why I said it was mine, as well because that in the map it was showned as a sovereign part of Rio de la Plata and as there was no war there would be no historical reason for it to be Spain and then URSA just saying and don't worry, I'll stop

  • Russia completes its expansion in Kazakhstan, now sharing a border with Bukhara. They continue expansion into the Caucasus, bringing troops to defend the borders just in case. Industry continues on the rise in the country as well as many other modern technologies. Russia begins building sewer systems in the cities and begins using steel in construction. They continue preparation for war against the Ottomans.
  • Damn it RWG, do you not read what is told to you?
  • This is just a map game, okay? We could do anything we want as long as it is plausible. And BTW, I need access into he Black Sea really bad.
  • First of all, it is not plausible. We have A NEW NON-AGGRESSION PACT. Also, you have no need of access to the Black Sea since you have no territory near it. It is mine and there is no question of it.
  • Well, I am in need of one and that is why I am doing it!
  • Greece: The railroad has been fully completed between Nafplion and Athens, with multiple stops, including booming city, Corinth, which has become a major port, exporting food, and importing material and steel. There are plans to bring in tourists, to explore Ancient Greece's past, by extending the railroad to Sparti, and making an extension north from Athens to Mt. Olympus, along with an eventual extension further to Thessaloniki.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The military of the entire German Confederation is out on alert after reports of Prussian expansionism come out. A German diplomatic team reminds the Prussians that the German states are under Mecklenburg hegemony and that Prussia has been eclipsed as premier German nation. However, it appears that Poland still exists, which does border Prussia to the east. The army unveils Girandoni IV, the latest air rifle, with fifty shots before each reload, and one-and-a-half times the range of previous models. The navy begins construction on three steam-powered frigates, which also have sails. They will have two gun decks. Many aristocrats begin investing money into industrialization, with more factories opening than ever before. The newfound wealth allows many of the rich to travel to Greece on a "grand tour", visiting th ancient sites in droves.
  • Japan: The growing discontent with the Shogunate continues and the rebel council startrs enlisting people of the common class to fight in the future inevitable civilo war with the promise of equality to all classes and power to be invested in the emperor, other promises are made as well, drawing many to the rebel banners the Shogunate has began taking notice of the situation and enlarges the purges being carried out, small skirmishes start breaking out between rebels and the Shogun forces leaving several dead in Kyoto.
  • Bukhara works on improving its economy and continuing cultural assimilation. Unfortunately, many of the Afghans to the south have been causing trouble recently through revolts. The Bukharan military is sent there to stop any more revolts.
  • United Republics of SA: The colonization of Magallanes begin as the UR now the control of the strait. The conservative government implement measures for education and health, and the development of the national industry continues.


  1. Oscar I becomes King of Sweden-Norway.
  2. The first telegram is sent.
  3. The Great Flood of 1844 hits the Mississippi and Missouri rivers.
  4. British iron production hits three million tons a year.

A reminder to Russia: Even though you're coming out of darkness 20 years earlier, remember you are still backward and hundreds of years behind the rest of Europe so keep that in mind. Also whoever said that a non-aggression pact can't be broken? I mean the Germans betrayed the Soviets in WW-II, but I'm not making any suggestions. On a side note to everyone else, recruit more people!AP (talk) 20:31, July 20, 2012 (UTC)

Also the Crimean War will happen in the game.

Actually, it happened because Russia owned Crimea, but here, the Ottomans own it. Big big difference. That's where Jews go if they don't want to pay the dhimmi. And whoa, wait a minute pal, Russia, France, Britain, and America are the powers of the world!

Well, it seems that here Russia it's not,

Then in that case, can the Ottoman Empire be a target of all of this then?

Um, why should I have the Crimean War? There's no reason for this.

  • FRPC:While trying to continue building the infrastructure of the federation, help from the Britannics is asked to support the economy of the nation and to give us some of their industrial wisdom as well as help in generating an capable force to keep the nation united, a trading deal is asked to France and Russia the Qing empire and the Ottoman Empire. The support to the Greeks is reassured. In other news the Economic some Gold and brass have been found in The Region being extracted to be sold to the Other nations.
    • Ottomans agree and offer a mutual defense pact.
  • Russia begins enacting reforms enabling freedom of speech, press, religion, and to vote (males older than 21 though). They continue their industrialization program as well as well as the modernization program. Russia's need to access the Black Sea grows as well as its expansion across the independent Caucasus region. They SECRETLY ask Britain and France to try to divide the Ottoman Empire between themselves.
  • You have no need for the Black Sea. It's not like you have an exclave there. Also I got the Caucasus/Georgia last turn.
  • The Ottoman Empire requests that the French not betray the alliance formed so early in 1563. The Muslims are also angered that Russia would lay claim to what the Ottomans already own. Crimean Jews fear that the Russians will attack them and as such, they plead to any nations of the world to defend the Jews against the Russians.
    • Russian Response: We changed! We are no longer anti-Semitic!
    • Oh? Then why are you preparing for an attack on my Black Sea lands, aka the Crimea, aka the Haven of the Jews?
    • Why do you need access to the Black? You have the Caspian and Aral, and practically the whole Arctic house. You have absolutely no need of "access to the Black Sea." That is just your mere whim and desire to have a new coastline.
    • No. He has every need for access to the Black Sea. Ships in the Caspian or Aral CANNOT get to the world's oceans. The Arctic is permanently frozen over, meaning useless. The need for a "warm water port" was a very real geopolitical aim for Russia at this time, and was one of the causes of the Crimean War. Callumthered (talk) 06:14, July 21, 2012 (UTC)
    • But Russia has the Baltic Sea all to itself.
    • Hello. The Baltic Sea was usually frozen during the winter, meaning that as a source of trade during winter, it was pretty useless. Thus, the only other major water body that gave the Russians a series of warm water ports, was the Black Sea. I don't know if this matters anymore, but I thought I'd throw my two cents in just in case. --"Truth fears no questions..." 23:16, July 21, 2012 (UTC)
    • Russia has wanted the Black Sea for decades,
  • Greece: While railroads are being built all over Greece, there are plans to build a Thessaloniki, and connect it to the Ottoman Empire, as an act of friendship, along with building another railroad, possibly to the Austrian Empire.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: A telegraph line is established between Schwerin and Berlin. The Diet announces freedom of the Press, and many newspapers pop up. One steam yacht is constructed for the German Navy.
  • Vietnam: The Emperor of Vietnam issues a decree calling for the modernization of Vietnam. He wishes to prove to the Europeans that his empire is capable of adopting new ideas and tactics, decides to do so by first reorganizing the military, disbanding the old force, and recruiting 20,000 men with whom to train using modern gunpowder weapons. Currently, only 7,000 of these troops have been assembled for training.
  • Japan: The rebels begin fighting in open warfare with Shogunate forces seizing control of a few major ports to establish a power base.
  • United Republics of SA: The government announced the creation of the new provinces. Colonization in the strait of Magallanes continues. The Navy is expanded with the construction of more ships. Research for new designs of weapons and ships also is made.
  • United States: The government announces several plans to reduce the need of slavery, and more states are made in the north to combat the growing number of slave states. Trading ships start to establish businesses in Hawaii, and the United States lays a claim there. (Can I refine the southern border of the United States along provincial boundaries to make things easier?)
  • Sure.
  • Britain: Queen Charlotte's son who is now three is arranged to marry Queen Isabel II of Spain who is eight (around there). Important trade continues to be built in the Indian subcontinent. Navy expands according to the two-navy rule. Colonies expand.


  1. The Great Famine begins in Ireland, many immigrate to the eastern United States.
  2. A great fire destroys most of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.
  3. Chinese and American traders in Hawai'i dislike the idea of sharing the islands.
  4. (My favorite) The rubber band is invented in England!

What I meant last turn was that a different Crimean War is gonna be fought this time the Russians want to take the Crimea from the Ottomans.

AP which are the Minimum Required conditions to be able to set a colony somewhere - I mean to be capable of colonizing?

Argentina cannot have colonies, it doesn't have the capacity to do so. Your people would not like you if you became imperialistic anyway, you were a colony less than 20 years ago. Sorry Sine.AP (talk) 00:53, July 22, 2012 (UTC)

Forever republic and it was about 24 years ago though I would have given the colonies citizens the same rights than the republic citizens but OK.

  • United States: The United States begins the reconstruction of Pittsburgh, and it is believed that the city will fully recover soon. With American traders feeling threatened by the Chinese, the port town on Easter island is converted into a full naval base. The United States also increases naval patrols in the Pacific.
  • Kingdom of Portugal: The Kingdom expands influence in the Viceroy of Brazil. The military is expanded and alliance offers are sent out to the US, France. The Portuguese Expeditionary Force is enlarged as is the Portuguese Navy. Work begins on modernising the government. The Palace is upgraded some with 10 new rooms and a lavish square outside. Lisbon's streets are upgraded to keep pace with the increasing traffic.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The German Diet approves of a monetary and food aide package to be sent to Ireland. On the whim of a rich aristocrat, a small factory opens, to produce the Britische Gummiband. A royalty is paid to the inventor. Trade agreements are sent to Portugal and Vietnam. The African colonies expand along the coast. Telegraph lines are laid between Berlin, Frankfurt, Hanover, Munich and Rostock. The German Navy experiments into a propeller-driven ship, to replace the cumbersome paddle-steamers.
  • FRPC:the nation ask full trade with Portugal and Brazil and an open diplomatic to keep a friendly view between each other, in the Patagonian region the settlers increase by a policy of the government to make the region a fertile economic region to rise the farming production of the Federation
  • Russia continues its industrialization and modernization programs. They spread propaganda across the country that if Russia does not have access to the Black Sea, the country will fall behind with the rest of Europe. They continue to ask France and Britain to join it in its future war against the Ottomans.
  • Greece: Food and medicine is sent to Ireland, to help those affected by the Famine.


  1. Great Famine continues in Ireland
  2. More and more Irish immigrants arrive in the United States
  3. Chinese-American conflicts in Hawai'i come about
  4. War becomes imminent over the Black Sea

You may now post.

  • Russia continues persuading the British and French governments to help it in a future war against the Ottomans. They ask Greece and Portugal to join and exchange they can get some land from the Ottomans. Mass-mobilization for war in Crimea as well as in the Caucasus continues.
  • Portugal states that it is interested in such an endeavour. However, we must ask who else will be involved against you?
  • We will see.
  • What does Portugal have to do with this? BTW, it is Ottoman-British-French maybe America vs. Russia and nobody. Also, Greece is the neutral capital of the world. A Switzerland.
  • Portugal: Portugal accepts all trade and alliance requests. Portugal sends aid and famine relief to Ireland. The citizens petition the government to allow for a more democratic process. Alliance offer is sent to the US. Portugal sends an offer of alliance as wellas a defensive pact to Russia. Portugal expands the military and navy and also begins to expand the private sector.
  • France: France continues to expand its military, and will not support Russia due to an alliance with the Ottoman Empire that was forged many, many involving its two other allies: the United States and Britain, France will support them.
    • Russians Diplomacy: But we need access to the Black Sea so badly!
    • French Diplomacy: We obviously know that, but we will not stab our ally in the back.
    • The Ottomans thank the French.
  • Japan: Forces loyal to the rebels seize control of Kyoto and in a very public form execute the Shogun and his anteroge and his body is dragged through the streets of Kyoto, the new government swears alligence to the emperor and immidietly seeks international recognition. Attempts are put to increase the economy and centralize the economy.
  • United States: The United States occupies Hawaii, angry that conflict there is affecting its trade. The Hawaiian government is allowed to continue its operations as usual. The President (not sure who it is right now) demands that China restrains its traders. Naval patrols increase in the Pacific. The government will not be accepting any new alliances at this time. The United States also declares all of independent Polynesia American protectorates.
  • It is Clay or Polk, your choice.
    • Plausibly, it is neither of them, since it is implausible for any OTL people to even be born after a POD
    • Both were born before the POD.
  • United Republics of SA: The industrialization of the country continues with success, as new factories are built and also new roads in the less developed provinces (including Magallanes). A new military school is founded.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: Grand Duke Frederick Francis II sets up a fund for the Irish Famine, which many Nobles give money to. More telegraph lines are put up, as are more railways. The German Diet votes to recognise the new Japanese government. The navy releases its first propellor-driven ship, which also has sails for windy days. The navy orders two more such frigates, to be completed over the next two years. The Diet condemns the American claims to all of Polynesia, and hopes that the natives will have much control over their internal affairs. A Chartered Company, the Deutsche Sud-Ost Asien Gesellschaft establishes a small colony in Thailand, on the Western coast.
  • Greece: Hearing that war is about to break out in the Black Sea, two of the five Hellas-class frigates, (the Hydra and the Poseidon ships) are both sent out into Aegean Sea, in case either side fires on Greek territory. If neither side hits, we will remain neutral, and not interfere with the ongoing conflict.


  1. War is imminent in the Black Sea (again)
  2. Conflicts in Hawai'i escalate because the Chinese were there first and argue that the Americans are intruding on their rightful land.

Someone help to fix the German mess on the map, it's been a while since we have done that. You may now post.

VRR 1847 Germany is Fixed
I fixed up Germany and added my colonies.Callumthered (talk) 03:04, July 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • United States: The United States government states that that the Hawaiian Islands belongs to the Hawaiian People and their monarch, and as such the conflict the Chinese bring here is unwelcome. Because the Polynesian Kingdoms are now "officially" American protectorates, President Polk invites the Kings and chiefs to Washington to discuss the expansion of slavery and if the Kingdoms want slavery in their lands. The navy is expanded, and a Pacific battle fleet is commissioned.
  • Central America: The Mara Salvatrucha, a rebellious group formed by unhappy indigenous groups in El Salvador, appoints General Salsta to lead the liberalization of Central America. Civil war is imminent.
  • Bukhara works on cultural assimilation of all non-Uzbeks save for the Tajiks in their autonomous area. The Afghans still resist, however.
  • Russia asks France and Britain if they cannot join a possible war on its side, it would at least remain neutral. They continue to demand the region for the sake of Russia's economic survival. However, if they can purchase it, it would be okay.
    • The Ottomans say that Russia can happily buy part of the Crimea. You could have said so before.
    • VRR Black Sea Proposal

      This is the map.

      Russian Response:
      Okay. (Should have thought that before).
    • The Ottomans think that the two nations should exchange a bit of land, but Russia will have to pay for a bit. I take three pixels from you in the Ukraine, and you get more than twenty pixels, so I want you to pay for sixteen pixels, roughly 16000 OTL US dollars at present.
    • Russian Diplomacy: Can we have Georgia please? That would make a deal.
    • That is more than half of OTL Georgia. If I gave you the whole thing my expansion in the last few years would go to waste.
    • Russian Diplomacy: Then a small part of Crimean Peninsula?
    • I also made sure to give you a bit of that. Listen, I'll bring the price down to 150000 dollars, but that's all I can do for ya.
    • Russian Diplomacy: OK.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg The DSOAG continues to colonise The Thai peninsula. Neutrality is declared in any Black Sea conflict.
  • Portugal: announces neutrality in all current wars. A large liberalization and modernization effort grows in Portugal and Brazil. Effort continue on expanding the military and merchant fleets of the Kingdom. The Army is increased. Lisboa continues its renovation of the city centre.
  • Japan: the imperial forces decisively defeat Shogunate forces in central Japan and the new Shogun surrenders to imperial forces who start the reconstruction campaign and above all else the modernization of Japan requesting European experts to aid in the modernization of the country.
    • Portugal will send some military and economic experts. We recently updated everything.
  • One Thing - can Austria or Denmark set colonies in other continents?
    • ​Denmark had colonies OTL (Virgin Isles, Tranquebar and Serampore in India, the Nicobar Islands, and the Danish Gold Coast), and in the game, they still own the Indian towns and the Nicobar islands. Austria could have colonies, if it got its Naval act together. Callumthered (talk) 01:19, July 25, 2012 (UTC)
  • Greece: The Greek diplomats remind the other countries, that we will remain neutral, unless deliberately attacked.
  • United Republics of SA: The conservatives won the presidency again, but in the Congress the liberals increasing his representation. The two parties begin negotiations for a national agreement. The UR remain neutral.


  1. The Revolutions of 1848 begin! Republican revolutions break out in France, French-ruled Italy, most German states (except GDoM), Denmark, Austria, Hungary, French Belgium, and many other places. note- the revolutions within France are coordinated, the rest are not.
  2. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels publish the Communist Manifesto
  3. The Black Sea question is resolved.

You may now post.

Why are these countries having revolutions? These make little to no sense. ~ Scraw

  • France: Napoleon II, not wanting bloodshed, decides to begin reforms in the government that will eventually turn the Empire back into an republic, hoping this will calm the revolutions. Meanwhile, Napoleon II reads the Communist Manifesto, and decides it isn't good for the Empire soon-to-be republic and bans the book from the country.
  • Just saying, there's an organized revolution going on. Reforms won't do much right now, so I believe now is the time you whip out the army
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: GD Frederick Francis II is very pleased at how his nation, with its functioning democracy and good human rights record, has remained free from the revolutions racking other countries. He reads the Manifesto and sees some good in it, and hopes that his nation can combine some semi-socialist principles with the monarchy and Diet. However, the rest of the Confederation is racked with rebellion, and the Grand Duke, as head of the Confederation, orders his suzerain monarchs to implement democracy. The DSOAG continues to settle and colonise the Thai Peninsula.
  • Ireland: The Communist Manifesto makes its way to Ireland, and a Communist movement forms. There is no open revolution yet, but the people are clearly tired of being part of being under British rule. resistance movements begin to form, and messages are discreetly sent to other countries in Europe to ask for support in their freedom
  • That's not a nation. Pick an actual sovereign nation.
  • Sorry, but all the nations left are boring, and I thought a communist Ireland would be interesting (also, on a side note, it was never willingly part of the UK)
    • ​Could he play as a revolutionary government/IRA type organisation? Callumthered (talk)
    • Too early.
  • Russia is fortunate to avoid the calamities in the other European countries. However, they feel it has set an example for them. They begin to allow for social and political reforms. And despite these changes, they do, however, ban the works of Karl Marx and any Communist parties. With the issue in the Black Sea resolved, they can finally be able to expand their economy bigger than ever.
  • The Sultan of the Ottoman Empire bans the Communist Manifesto as Communism rejects religion and the Empire is based on religion. The Empire invites all the stable European countries to join a coalition to combat any wrongful revolution. The old Caliph dies, leaving his young 19 year old son with the task of leading the nation. He begins to build up the military and encourage industrial growth, especially in the Balkans and Arabian Peninsula. The Ottomans ask the French for their colony on the Horn of Africa.
  • Hey, could someone in the know please put the map I posted in the last turn in the "Current Map" section? I tried multiple times and failed miserably.
  • Japan: With the imperial restoration complete and the imperial power restored the government with Portuguese help goes about reforming the state of Japan and hopes to start an ambitious industrialization campaign in the next 20 or 30 years. (I'm not saying immediately but I will start soon with small upgrades to eventual include massive projects) the empire starts with reforming the economy and modernizing the army along European lines and the samurai are stripped of their social status but the class is not abolished yet. The Hokkaido settlement is expanded to the rest of the island, and the government send the veteran imperial forces to seize control of the southern half of the island of Sakhalin and the Kuril islands massacring the populace there.
  • United States: The conference with the Polynesian leaders in Washington is over, and they overwhelmingly refuse slavery. The president reads the communist manifesto, and disagrees with it, although no banning takes place.
  • Portugal:Emissaries are sent to the US to hold alliance negotiations. The King reads the Communist Manifesto and deems it a danger to society. The book is Banned, and all seen in possession of it will be fined for first offense and jailed for one day for the next offense. The school system is nationalised to bring better education throughout Portugal and Brazil. Brazil continues to build infrastructure and begins constructing a Royal Palace for the King when he visits.
  • Central America: Civil war is in full effect. The states of El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala are under full control of the guerrilla. General Salsta divides its armies into two groups, south and north. The southern army focuses on extinguishing the last government controlled state, Costa Rica, while the northern army marches towards the southern border of Aztlan to convince local leaders to join the regions revolution. Revolutions in Europe empower the movement.
  • Britain: Denounces the Communist Manifesto as a dangerous ideology and the Queen bans the book from the UK and its territories. Economy continues strongly and the Irish are given representation in Parliament. The Queen announces that her domains will take no part in any revolution lest it concerns our holdings/interests.
  • Again, can I get an answer as to why these ridiculous revolutions are happening?
  • They all happened OTL. None of them succeeded(partially) because the movements were shaky and there was no inter-revolutionary alliance so they all failed miserably(to an extent). Don't tell me you haven't heard of the revolutions of 1848
  • I'm not sure but I think the revolutions were in response to the communist manifesto.
  • Of course I've heard of them. We all have. I'm asking why they're happening here. The 1848, France, was against the Capetians/Bourbons. We have the Bonapartes aka NAPOLEONIC rule there. That also rules out the Belgian and Italian revolution. Germany is, for the most part, consolidated under Prussia and Mecklenburg. Little to no effect there. Denmark would have reforms nearly instantly under the new King, and all they had to worry about was Schleswig. Without Prussia becoming a monster and bordering the region, it would mostly likely not be a problem. Austria and Hungary: That is probably the only place that will have to deal with the Revolutions.
  • They also happened because the people were tired of imperial/monarchic rule and wanted republics. It's an interesting twist. Germany won't suffer revolutions then but Belgium, Italy and Denmark will. The Belgians and Italians not to mention the Dutch are having a coordinated revolution to free themselves and become republics. Also who said the thing above Scraw's comment? These revolutions were not communist revolutions.
  • That was Sine dei gloriem I believe. Also, again, why? In OTL, they happened because of Kingdoms. Kingdoms. Not Republics or constitutional monarchies. Napoleonic France was mostly a Republic with an Emperor who liked to boss people around. They still had liberte, egalite and fraternite.
  • United Republics of SA: The last census show that population has increased to 4.000.000. A new training program for the armed forces is implemented.
  • My God, sorry I've been away the last 40 years.
  • Qing Dynasty: The Empress passes away, leaving the throne to her son, a young man who though officially resides by his official name, was recognized by the military as a brilliant man, still young he becomes the gossip of the dynasty, and is hoped to bring a brighter future to China, due to the recent years China having a harsh years in Tibet, as Tibet becomes more independent, and there is lack of income. The new Emperor encourages more trade in the Polynesian Kingdom, due to lack of income. He refuses to back down. Though it is doubted any conflict would ever rise due to massive distance between the United States and China, and considering the Pacific is much harder to travel by, the new emperor believes the two nations will be locked in trade warfare, contrast to this he makes his generals make sure the army and navy is modernized, using more rifles and cannons.


  1. The Revolutions continue with the exception of the German states where they fail miserably
  2. There is a civil war in Central America. I don't know why but I'll allow it.

You may now post.

  • Russia's new ports in the Black Sea help the country increase its trade with the rest of the world. To prevent people from bringing the Communist idea or the book within the borders, they declare that the death penalty will be the case for anyone who ever does that. They spread anti-Communist propaganda across the country, pursuading people not turn to Karl MArx.
  • Portugal: offers a mutual defense pact as well as a trade alliance to Russia. THe King is concerned by the civil war near his borders in Central America. He orders the Brazil National Army to high alert and begins to issue patrols along the border. The nation's industry continues to expand and the healthcare and education act is passed, allowing more freedom to choose to the people. Freedom of the Press is established to help combat any anti-monarchial feelings. Fearing the radical communist that have begun to terrorise people in Brazil, the King decrees that a harsh penaly of no less than ten years in prison will be handed down to revolutionaries and anyone holding a copy of the Communist Manifesto. The King, however, decides that the death penalty is too harsh (first time offenses are the same as before, a fine and maybe one day in jail, this is for the hardliners.)
    • Russian Diplomacy: Yes.
  • Japan: The Imperial government of Japan continues pushing forward the modernization efforts as quickly as possible, with the main objective being able to oppose foreign incursions into deemed Japanese territory. Requests are made to France, Portugal, Britain, and the USA to help with the construction of modern infrastructure, mainly railways. In secret (keep in mind, secret) plans are started for a possible future conflict in case the national existence is put at risk. As part of its general deterence plans the Japanese government sends an envoy to China demanding they accept the new Japanese government and make no attempt to influence the archipelago. A separate envoy is sent to the USA looking for a backer for Japanese independence in case of either Chinese or other aggression against Japan. The Imperial army continues securing their gains in Karafatu and the Kuril island butchering the locals to seize the regions. They make sure to stay clear of the Chinese claims on the island.
    • Portugal D: Portugal accepts the proposal and sends economic advisors and industry giants to Japan.
  • Chinese Diplomacy: Japanese Independence is part Chinese Interest, China sees no interest of territorial expansion into Japan.
  • China (Qing Dynasty): The new Emperor continues to encourage Chinese trade in the Hawaii Region, the communist ideas of Karl Marx are praised yet criticized by government law officials as being delusional. Efforts are made to modernize society, as military weapons have been modernized, although generals worry that military tactics are still old.
  • Nueva Granada: (AP, you had asked me to use Nueva Granada as well. I won't be using it that much - just in moments like a major conflict in Latin America to make things more interesting) The Kingdom of Nueva Granada, seeing the complete disarray of the Central American nation immediately sends the royal army to protect the ithmus and prevent any possible incursions into its territories.
  • Greece: With lower tourism, due to an outbreak of revolutions, Greece's economic boom goes bust, as construction on the railroads that connect the country. Hundreds of workers steadily lose their jobs each month. The crowds demand that President Kapodistrias, longtime first leader of Greece, do something about the economic crisis. Riots break out in Napflion, followed by Athens then Thessaloniki.
  • United States: The United States states that it will only accept Japan's offer if they stop killing the native Ainu peoples. Control over the Polynesian protectorates is achieved, and trade with Europe becomes difficult with the revolutions.
  • Afghan Sale

    What the border will look like after the sale

    Bukhara continues to have trouble with the Afghans revolting against them. Knowing many Afghans already live in British India, and the British can control them, they offer to sell the British Bukharan Afghanistan very cheap.
  • Persia offers to buy it. I think I have a better chance of controlling them than the British. They didn't do a very good job mopping up Muslims in India.
  • Bukhara accepts the Persian offer. This will be the new map:
  • New Afghan Sale

    The new border of Persia and Bukhara

  • Instead of passing the problem on to another country, why don't you just give them independence? Britain declines.
    • I think his intention is giving it to someone who can actually deal with it.
  • This game is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee! These 60 years just flew by! And what a great time to do it when we reach an all-time high of 16 editors! Congrats VRR.
  • Hooray! Much longer than the rest of the VRR games. (May I quietly say that because we didn't have Dean to spoil it for most of the years?)
  • United Republics of SA: With the reorganizations of some provinces, the Congress suffers some changes. More industries are built, but now in the northeast of the country and also new roads to connect the remote areas.
  • France: France continues to reform itself into the Second French Republic. Meanwhile, Napoleon II steps down from power and allows for the free elections begins. Meanwhile, the France states that Italy, nor Belgium, nor the Netherlands are getting independence. You've been with us for 50 or 60 something years, and now you decide, not independence,
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg The Diet orders a betterment of the education system of the colonies. Many German language school are built in Grman Africa, and the German West Indies. The Grand Duke tells Napoleon II that his decision to turn France back into a republic was a mistake, and it will no doubt result in much instability in Western Europe. The DSOAG continues to colonise the Thai Peninsula.


  1. Revolutions fail. However, the end of absolute monarchy occurs in Denmark; an early Austro-Hungarian Compromise creates the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

You may post.

  • Russia begins closer economic ties with Portugal. They continue their growth of industrialization and modernization in the country. They begin building railroads connecting to the Black Sea ports as they are vital to the Russian economy.
  • Japan: The Imperial modernization program continues as infrastructure is brought up to standards. realizing that they need foreign respect to survive at the moment the government cuts back on the murder of the natives in the northern islands as they push their expansion into the region faster. Plans are put forward to create a navy which is considered the basis of the nations survival. an invitation is sent to the King of the Ryukyu Islands to fully incorporate the islands into the nation with a slight threat hidden between the lines and a military dispatch is sent to escort the King to the mainland for the final signing of the treaty.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The DSOAG meets some angry attacks from the Thai, and a regiment of German Riflemen is dispatched to ensure the safety of the colony. The Company's chairpeople begin a drive to educate the local population in the language and culture of Germany. The grand Duke commissions an Ambassador to Japan, and hopes he will be able to promote good relations between Japan and the German Confederation. The Diet offers the Danish duchies of Schleswig and Holstein membership of the Confederation.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese government accepts the German ambassador and sends one to the grand duchy in exchage, a request for a trade agreement is made with an emphasis on Japan importing firearms and industrial equipment.
    • German Diplomacy: The German Ambassador accepts the agreement, and German companies begin shipping machines to Japan, while (whatever Japan has) begins to flow into Germany.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: the empire will start sending rice, and other agricultural products to Germany. We will be buying most things imported from Germany. (the few natural resources Japan has must be dedicated to Japanese industrialization.)
  • Can I take Denmark and Leave Argentina
  • Qing Dynasty: China continues to exert trading pressure in the Hawaii Region and other major pacific trading posts, exerting its influence in these areas. The Emperor grows a somewhat anti-American sense, which worries some military generals, and is own younger sister who is supposed to be next in line to the throne. (Due to the current Emperor bearing no children.) China in general benefits from this trade. The Emperor increases the military budget by a margain for twenty year, which is to modernize even more the Chinese Army, calling it the "budget of modernization", sixty percent of it though is aligned towards the navy. The Emperor sets his eye on regaining influence in Tibet.


  1. The Taiping Rebellion begins.
  2. A man named Edward Hargraves discovers gold in Australia.

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  • Russia asks Japan for an alliance and trade agreements. Seeing the rebellion in China, they ask China that it will support the government if they allow military access for and only Russian troops unless said otherwise. They continue to develop their economy in the Black Sea.
    • Japanese D: The imperial government will accept an alliance and trade agreement and request that Russia accept Japanese dominance over the Kurils, southern Karafatu, and Hokkaido.
  • Can I quit Argentina and take Denmark?
  • Yes.
  • The Ottoman Empire begins a mass military buildup. Infrastructure and industry is built up. Work begins on controlling Afghanistan. It asks Bukhara if it is interested in joining the League of Islamic Nations. This will consist of all Muslim nations.
  • United States: Although the U.S. government publicly denounces the Taiping Rebellion, the president is actually glad, as now the U.S. can effectively subvert all of Polynesia (except New Zealand, lol.) to solely American influence. The United States begins work on metal plated ships. However, the prototype sunk shortly after launch.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: Many Germans emigrate to Australia, which is not so good. However, it does mean that many people are using the DSOAG colony as a stopover point on the way, which is pumping money into the economy. The Diet of the German Confederation asks Denmark for a free trade agreement.'
  • Qing Dynasty: The Qing Emperor is quite surprised by the major rebellion in the south. It realizes this rebellion is well-organized, and the objective of the rebels is to make Christianity the dominant religion in China, and it is rumored that the leader of the rebels claims to be the younger brother of Jesus Christ. (OTL) In response to the mass-scale rebellion China organizes an army, the first few days being skirmishes, but China realizes rebel forces have millions of soldiers by militia standards (OTL), and thus, organizes a larger force to be recruited, the main army, modernized contrary to the rest of the Qing Dynasty and the rebels, numbering 500,000, launch a direct offensive into Rebel Territory, while the rest of the Qing Army, plus large numbers of militia who have been driven by this religious conflict, cover the mai armies rear. The Dynasty realizes if the war does not end quickly they will be unable to match the US in the Pacific, and could lose Tibet.
  • Britain: A government sponsored company quickly sets up base in Australia to exploit the rich resources. Colonies are expanded. William, Prince of Wales who is now 16 marries his fiancee, whom he was arranged to marry since he was 2, Isabella II of Spain.
    • You realise that's not how the gold discovery works? There'll be a gold rush, like in OTL. The company could mine, but prospectors are going to flood the continent.
  • France: France reforms itself into an constitutional monarchy, and denounces the rebellion. Meanwhile, the military is expanded, and the colonies are expanded. France asks to purchase Algeria from the Ottoman Empire.
  • You are a constitutional monarchy.
    • The Ottomans are sorry to say no to the French.
  • Central America: Costa Rica, the last government controlled region falls to the hands of General Salsta. Government leaders are captured and sent to prison waiting for sentencing. The new republic invites foreign leaders to recognize the new government. Under the radar, General Salsta begins funding a group of revolutionaries in the Yucatan peninsula.
  • Japan: The Japanese government continues reforming Japanese society and its economy with the soul intention of modernization due to ample European support an industrialization campaign begins starting with the layout of a rail line.
  • Denmark: Denmark King (please point me to its name with your wisdom, lol) ask on behalf of the nation, an alliance with the United Kingdom and France, as well trading for Man power and industrialization of the nation. ships start sailing to trade with Asian and African nations and to set a colony in central Africa
    • It should be Frederick VII. Just make sure your colony has access to the ocean and is relatively small.
    • It's Danish by the way. Denmark sold off its colonies to the United Kingdom in the 1840s because they couldn't keep them. The only colonies you have are Greenland and the Faroe Islands.
  • Swiss Confederation: Wilhelm Matthias Naeft becomes the new federal president and industrialization begins rapidly. The Swiss diplomacy becomes interested from the discovery of gold in Australia. Despite the military being very passive, the battalion expands for global precaution.
  • United Republics of SA: The economy is increasing in the last years, with the production of the new industries, giving more resources to the state. Education, health and the construction of ships receive these funds.
  • Greece: Three more ships are to be built for exploration, to send explorers to Australia immediately, in hopes of repairing Greece's shattered economy, two Hellas-class warships will be sent to guard them. Fear of an Austrian threat looms over much of Greece, causing a build-up of military supplies, including plans to build the first national service rifle for defense. Regardless, we will maintain neutrality, unless the Austro-Hungarian Empire decides to attack.
    • Why are you sending explorers to Australia? It's been British since 1788.
    • Greek Diplomacy: We apologize and pull ships back to Greece. We forgot that Australia was under British rule.


  1. Uncle Tom's Cabin is published in the United States.
  2. Taiping forces siege Guilin and enter the city of Hunan.
  3. The Taipings also capture the cities of Wuchang, Hanyang and Hankou.
  4. Australia's gold rush begins as thousands of prospectors flood the region.

You may now post.

Just for the record; Denmark sold most of its colonies to Germany in the game. Since it hasn't actually sold its Indian possessions in the game, shouldn't they still have them? Callumthered (talk)

No it didn't, Denmark didn't have a player until last turn. It sold all its colonies to the UK in 1845.

Well, it did sell the Caribbean possessions to me (there was an RNG), but fair enough that the Indian ones went to Britain. Callumthered (talk)

  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The Navy commissions three new steam-frigates (with sails) to form the core of the Afrikanische Kriegsflotte. A shipbuilding works is constructed in Engelsburg, which will use native workers and give them a wide range of European skill sets. Schools continue to be set up in German Indochina by the DSOAG. The Mecklenburger regiment stationed there constructs a fort to ensure the safety of settlers. Back home, the German Diet, as well as the Mecklenburger Diet pass legislation which provides entrepreneurs with financial incentives for setting up factories. Many merchants and noblemen take up the offer, and factories of many kinds spring up throughout the German Confederation. Grand Duke Frederick Francis II, realising that in some German states, serfdom still survives, declares the emancipation of all sers in Germany. Some small aid is sent to assist the Taiping rebels.
  • Russia agrees with Hokkaido, but for the other islands, it suggests they both control the islands. But for the sake of good relations, neither will be militarized. They begin mobilization in the Kazakh region to prepare for a war with Bukhara. Realizing the Taiping movement is taking things too far, they SECRETLY asks Japan to divide it up between themselves. They begin sending expeditions into East Africa to discover possible new frontiers and areas to colonize. Schools, factories, hospitals, train stations, and naval bases become more and more European-like as the modernization and industrialization program continue to make gains. After hearing the Uncle Tom's Cabin story's release into America, they praise the book for combating the injustices of slavery.
  • You have to ask China before putting troops in their country. And what do you want from Bukhara? A small sea, that should be called a lake (Aral Sea)? More Caspian coastline?
  • All the above.
  • Totally worthless, there's no point. You changed your post, don't do that again.
    • ​Japanese Diplomacy: we request that full control of all the islands be accepted by Russia we will not expand into Russian land but request that the islands be respected as Japanese in exchange a promise of military and economic cooperation will be guaranteed.
    • Russian Diplomacy: Fine.
  • Japan: industrialization continues as a train track is laid out little by little as engineers continuing laying down plans for it. The navy continues to built with plans to build the so called ironclads instead of the old naval structures. The imperial restructuring of the national bureaucracy continues greatly as power continues to be centralized in the emperor and the diet and a unitary state is established.
  • Britain: Declares neutrality in any upcoming wars in Asia. Colonies expand. The idea of reviving the ancient Olympics is discussed in Parliament. Queen Charlotte goes on a tour of the world with stops in all of the UK, France, Canada, Australia, NZ, India, Greece, and Portugal-Brazil.
    • German Diplomacy: Grand Duke addresses the British Parliament, saying that the German Confederation would love the chance to show its superiority in the field of sport! But he also confides in his wife his slight annoyance at Germany not being included in her world tour, seeing as she is the mother of the heir to Mecklenburg.
  • Swiss Confederation: Industrialization and military expand as planned. The food industry expands due to extensive farming in the country. Not much else is happening.
  • America: The publishing of Uncle Tom's Cabin causes considerable tension in the southern part of the country, and the government is doing its best to mitigate the issue. The President offers China a deal: The United States will aid China against the Taiping Rebellion, on a degree comfortable to the Chinese government. In return, we will state our demands, which will include leaving Polynesia as an American zone of interest.
  • France: France expands its military and economy. Research into an iron-plated warship begins.


  1. The Taipings hold onto all advances.
  • Russia SECRETLY asks Japan to divide the disorderly China into their control. They begin sending troops to the Chinese-Russian border just in case. They begin to develop trade ports at the Eastern Siberian coastline to increase trade between America and Japan.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The Empire of Japan accepts the Russian offer under the condition that Northern Sakhalin, Korea, Taiwan, Shanghai, Hainan become Japanese holdings and that the Chinese coastline and southern China become and areas of Japanese influence the rest of the region may be as the Russians see fit and we accept the trade agreement.
    • Russian Diplomacy: Simply divide the country north and south. Deal.
    • we have little territorial interests in china only Korea to be under Japanese influence the islands of Karafatu (Sakhalin) Formosa, and Hainan to be Japanese flags and after that coastal China and the southernmost area under Japanese economic influence after that Russia can make what designs on China they see fit but it is suggested that small territorial gains be made such as West China or Manchuria so that a Chinese nation remains.
  • Greece: Declares full neutrality in any upcoming conflict in Asia.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The now-completed Afrikanische Kriegsflotte steam/sails to its new post in Engelsburg, German Afrika. In Mecklenburg, many more factories open up, taking advantage of the Government incentive. One more steam-frigate, SMS Asische Teufel is commissioned, this one to be permanently stationed at the DSOAG-governed colony of German Indochina. The Diet continues to secretly send aid to the Taiping Rebels.
  • Japan: the Japanese Empire continues industrialization and the modernization of the army and navy as both armed forces are respectively expanded with the Japanese army at 100,000 armed men at the moment and the navy fielding 34 ships including four ironclads. The rest are frigates and clippers. The nation starts building a design for a locally produced breech-load rifle to substitute German imports with the rising industry. In accordance with the Russian treaty the army is secretly set on alert and the navy is sent to begin operations at a moments notice the government officially supports the government but under the table they begin negotiating with rebels about a post rebellion government a friendship treaty and renouncing control of Korea, Hainan and Taiwan. A draft is put in order and the training of the armed forces continues. (the imperial army with the reformation and their new uniforms skip the fact that the picture is using teens) the centralization of bureaucracy continues and the imperial diet is sealed as the central power of the country under the guidance of the emperor establishing a constitutional monarchy in name while their are no elections as of yet. and the samurai class or whats left of them are giving the order to accept the last steps to stripping them of any privileges they once had and to accept a piece of payment as their land is seized to be sold off some take jobs in the new government as others turn to crime forming bands of smugglers and robbers, some go into hiding for plotting a rebellion (would have happened unfortunately it happened on 4 occasions in rl).
  • China: Chinese Forces struggle to hold the rebellion at bay, the religious purpose of the war motivates the enemy's large army, but does little to motivate them. The Emperor decides to contain the rebellion from spreading first, instead of outright war.
  • Britain: Will side with China in a war against Russia and Japan to protect one of the Empire's largest trading partners. Britain also calls upon allies France and Portugal-Brazil to destroy any threat to China's sovereignty.
    • Here is a key word you need to know first: SECRETLY. Do you think that anything nation would be aware of a secret?
    • you're not a mod RWG. I took that away from you years ago. You and your pan-wiki SECRETLY is rather uncanny. No matter, if you go to war with China you will be crushed.
      • ​I'm afraid I must come to RWG's aid here. It is very possible for a government to tell another government something in secret. In fact, diplomacy is pretty much based around that concept. There is a reason why the US hates Julian Assuange so much: he leaked confidential cables which the government didn't want other governments to see. Even in this day and age of mass media, governments manage to pass a lot of legislation (I'm not saying bad legislation) without many people noticing. Callumthered (talk) 07:52, August 4, 2012 (UTC)
      • Look. Call has a good point. Every nation in every part of history has always done it for VERY important reasons. And why did I get my mod status removed?
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese government sends a message to the British saying they are willing to back down, while expansion would be beneficial the Japanese Empire realizes they are in no situation to up against a major power.
    • British D: Back down. China is a huge trading partner and it will provoke our own intervention due to economic interest in the area. Expand elsewhere.
    • French D: We will support Britain and China.
    • Japanese D: The Japanese government will back down. We are trying to secure our place on the world stage and provoking the world powers would be counterproductive.
  • France: France continues to research into iron-plated warship. Meanwhile, the military is expanded, and prepares for an possible war with Russia and Japan. Improvement of the economy continues, and Krupp Industries begins to produce small amount of weapons.
  • Bukhara builds up its military.


  1. Tensions continue in the United States between the North and South.
  2. The Taipings begin to falter.

​Also, yes. Countries have used secret diplomacy in order to make things go their way without their enemies being aware. It would be implausible for some other country to discover their secret

Even if it was 'secret' you already saw that the Japanese were going to back out. Also China is way stronger than the both of you combined, there were no Opium Wars so it isn't weak and it has been modernizing/industrializing heavily. Don't expect to win even without Western European support.

  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The Diet stops its supplies of aid to the Taiping Rebels, and orders all records of such aid to be destroyed. The SMS Asische Teufel is completed, and sail/steams to German Indochina. The Grand Duke decides to go on a tour of the German Confederation, as well as its colonies. He travels by the new railways around Germany, before setting off for the German West Indies. The Diet commissions a scientific mission to the Arctic, on a quest to discover the North-West Passage.
  • Greece: After discovering more ruins of Olympia, dating back to Asian times, diplomats are sent to Great Britain, to discuss matters about the revival of the ancient Olympics, which the Greeks hope to hold modern Olympics in Modern-day Olympia, where war can be put aside, so athletes from all over the world can put their talents on the world stage, just like in our ancient times. This would help with World Peace, and vastly increase tourism to a faltering Greece. Some funds are being saved to possibly build modern sport arenas.
  • Um question - what was the result of the Spanish crisis and what became of the Philippines depending on the answer I'll make my move.
  • The Philippines are under British administration but legally still belong to the Spanish. AP (talk) 16:10, August 5, 2012 (UTC)
  • Sweden-Norway: The military is upgraded to current standards.
  • Russia asks America for an alliance and trade agreements, With news of reviving the Olympics, Russia begins to consider the very same thing as well. It calls for elections across Europe to see which city would be best to start the very first modern Olympics. It outs St. Petersburg and Moscow on the bidding list.
  • Japan: The Japanese Empire begins expanding the industrialization and modernization from central Japan to rest of the country. immigration to the northern islands begins promoted by the central government to secure their claims on the land and eventually make the areas prefectures at current the lands are considered colonies of the imperial government. The navy and army are still modernizing and a basic design for a rifle is being made. The nation starts looking to the small islands in Micronesia to expand their influence (is Micronesia already taken?) with first sending an envoy to the islands north of Guam. Tradition in Japan remains strong despite modernization efforts and the government along with the general populace attempt to retain their culture. The samurai that went into hiding start plotting a coordinated rebellion against the new government.
  • To answer your question, Micronesia is likely still under the control of the Spanish.
  • Britain: Parliament, in conjunction with the Greek government reaches a consensus. The International Olympic Committee is created with the Greek President as the first President/Chairman of the IOC. Bids are being accepted now. So far the cities with applications are: London, Olympia, St. Petersburg, Moscow. Bids are being accepted now and next year. The Olympics will be designated a city next year and they will be held in 1862.
  • United States: The United States expresses interest in partaking in the new Olympics, but will wait for further information. The President accepts Russia's trade proposal, but politely declines an alliance at this time. The tensions between the north and south grow, and the president sets up a council of both northern and southern senators to try to work out the issues. Each independent state in Polynesia is now a full protectorate, complete and official. The President offers to Britain to purchase either Canada or New Zealand for a price of, at least, 50 million dollars. Work on an ironclad ship is almost complete.
  • British Diplomacy: Declines all.
  • Denmark: After the leadership heard about the Olympics, the nation wants to be included in the event and sends an application to the committee for the city of Copenhagen,ships are sent to Africa's southern coasts to seek natural resources to exploit and to set industrial and colonial outposts. America is sent an alliance.
  • You can't and won't have any other colonies besides Greenland and Iceland. In 1845 Denmark sold all its colonies in Africa and India to the UK and the rest went to Germany.


  1. The fledgling IOC meets in Stockholm, Sweden-Norway to vote for the first host of the modern Olympics, the votes are (using RNG's out of 100):

Round 1:

London- 30

Moscow- 23

St Petersburg- 5

Olympia- 20

Copenhagen- 22

Round 2: Out of 50




Round 3: Out of 25



  1. The first host city of the modern Olympics is London, United Kingdom. Each city from here on out will have seven total years to prepare. The Olympics will be held in 1862.



There you go being annoying again, RWG. It doesn't mean they can't happen. On a side note, Moscow or St Petersburg shouldn't have been considered. I mean Russia is still incredibly backward and 200-300 years behind the rest of Europe.

Look. Any city has the right to give a bid, OK?

  • Japan: News of the so called Olympics reaches the ears of the Imperial Court and the Diet from the ambassadors recently sent to the west. The imperial government requests that it be allowed to see the Olympics as an observer to learn more about western sports and in the future participate in said sports. The government continues focusing on building steamships and takes a great interest in the American ironclad design (Scratch my move a few turns back - I meant steamships not, ironclads. I forgot that they didn't exist yet). The samurai that had gone under ground declare an open rebellion against the imperial government with the intention of restoring the Shogunate supported by several former samurai and criminal groups due to the imperial centralization of power and the government, the rebellion starts near Kyoto close to the imperial palace, greatly scaring the government it immediately deploys the army to deal with the recent rebellion and a state of emergency is declared supported by German firearms the imperial forces retain a decisive advantage over rebels but the fight will probably last a few years, the main objective of the government is to snuff out all resistance to their rule once and for all and destroy all remnants of the feudal system. The modernization of the education system begins the government employs Prussian and French professors to improve the system and offer to pay for their living situation.
  • Sweden-Norway: As a result of the need for more weapons to supply the military expansion, factories start to open up to produce weapons, boosting the economy. Fortresses are built in strategic locations across the country. The docks in Stockholm and Stavanger are upgraded to handle more cargo, and research begins on an ironclads. Sweden-Norway would also like to ask Denmark and Britain to open up trade with Sweden-Norway, to boost the economy of both our nations.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The Diet organises a German Olympic Committee, which begins trials for competitors to get into these games. The government offers Japan some advisors and professors to improve their country. The navy begins developing/planning ironclad ships.
  • Russia is disappointed that it failed. Despite their loss, they will continue to improve the state of their country to hopefully win the bid the next year. They begin using steel into warships as they are way durable than wood. They continue construction of the Eastern Siberian ports for Japan. They SECRETLY ask China that it will support it against the rebellion in exchange for certain land concessions.
  • Britain: London celebrates its being chosen as the first city to host the Olympics in modern times. Preparations are underway to get London ready for the games in seven years time. Agrees with Sweden-Norway's request. The UK Olympic Committee is formed and aspiring athletes join the team hoping to make the UK a gold medal winner. Colonies expand.
  • Greece: While disappointed at not getting to hold the first Modern Olympics, the newly formed Hellenic Olympic Committee (Ελληνική Ολυμπιακή Επιτροπή) has suggested, to keep with traditions, of an Olympic Trail, where an Eternal Flame is lit in Olympia, the home of the Ancient Olympics, and wants the trail to go throughout Europe, crossing through multiple cities in multiple countries on its way, up until it reaches London for the Opening. Athletics, Boxing and Swimming are recommended as sports, though Greek athletes are going to Britain to study many other sports.


  1. The Taipings continue to fail.

You may now post.

  • Russia begins to train its athletes in every sport that the games will hold. They are given the best training possible and ensure Ethel are restless. They continue industrialization and modernization. They encourage the growth of industry in Alaska by sending forestry and fishing companies there. The ports are ow done, allowing full trade with Japan. They SECRETLY prepare for war against Bukhara.
  • Sweden-Norway: begins the second round of trade agreements: this time offering trade to Russia, Prussia, The Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg, France, and the US. The fortresses started last year are now complete for the most part, and the army modernization and expansion program is expected to take another three years until expansion and modernization are complete. Further research into ironclads is underway and the government now begins to build long-range wooden ships. Begins training Olympic athletes in all sports.
  • The Ottoman Empire continues to build up its military, economy and infrastructure.
  • Persia begins/continues the job of keeping the Afghans controlled. Gives the Afghans their own autonomous state within Persia.
  • Britain: Olympic preparations continue. Athletes continue training strongly to make the UK a top nation in the Olympics. Colonies expand. Queen Charlotte goes on a tour of British colonies and a tour of continental Europe.
  • Japan: The Japanese government continues fighting the samurai rebellion that has broken out in central Japan but despite technological superiority another revolt breaks out in northern Japan and a suppression campaign is initiated to silence once and for all any resistance to the emperor. The mission in Micronesia continues and a trading post is established in the Marshall Islands. The industrialization continues and a local factory in Kyoto creates a prototype of a Japanese breech-loaded rifle which the military takes an interest in. The construction of steamships continues and all major ports are put forth for expansion, the rail line between Kyoto and Edo continues construction though it is slightly stalled by the rebellion. The German teachers are accepted into Japan to help modernize the school system and are giving housing and lessons on Japanese culture and history in exchange along with a handsome payment. Trade increases with Russia. Plans are made for the future.
  • Those islands are owned by Spain.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The Diet responds to Sweden's offer, and agrees wholeheartedly. It also proposes a customs union between all the Baltic countries: the German Confederation, Sweden, Denmark, Prussia, Russia and Poland. Research continues into Ironclad warships. The army releases its latest standard-issue weapon: the Girandoni IV air rifle, capable of fifty shots before re-loading. Grand Duke Frederick Francis II suggests to his wife that Britain ties in a "Great Exhibition" with the Olympics, for which Germany is busy training athletes for.
  • Denmark:The King asks the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg to Exchange some terrains of colonies in exchange of some colonial terrain of Africa, an alliance is asked to Russia, Sweden-Norway, and trade starts with China and Japan
    • GDoM D: We are interested...but you only have Iceland and Greenland to trade with. We could give you a port or two in Africa, or one of our Caribbean Islands.
    • Denmark D: I know I only possess them. I can give you some control on them for whatever reason you want if you give me some land in your African territories preferably if they are in the edge of your domain.
    • GDoM D: Here's my proposed map>, and also, the Duchy of Holstein should join the German Confederation. (You would still own it, but the Germans there get representation in the German Parliament).
    • Swe-Nor D: Accepts the alliance offer with Denmark. Would like to enter Stockholm for the 1866 Olympics, is it fine if I just put it in the list now? If it isn't just erase it from the list.
      Proposed land swap VRR1856

      The proposed land swap.

    • Denmark D: if you can give us a bit more of land, you have a deal
    • Remember that the strip of Greenland you are giving to Germany is not very populated while an African colony can be. SO basically the deal is good as it is. Just sayin', not Callum by the way.
    • He has a point: that bit of Africa is about as big as Denmark,and will eventually (by which I mean late 1900s) have a population of over a million. That strip of Greenland is smaller than Norway, basically useless, and can only support like, five thousand people max. I think it is an incredible deal. Callumthered (talk) 05:50, August 7, 2012 (UTC)
  • Bids for the 1866 Summer Olympics are now being accepted by the IOC- MAX 10 bids
  • REMEMBER THE BIDDING CITIES MUST BE EXTREMELY MODERN AND CAPABLE OF HOLDING OLYMPIC GAMES. Any incapable city will be immediately removed from thhe candidacy list. ~IOC
  • 1- Schwerin (GD of Mecklenburg, head of German Confed.)
  • 2- Munich (Bavaria, part of German Confed.)
  • 3- Stockholm (capital of Swe-Nor)
  • 4- Copenhagen (Capital of Denmark)
  • 5- St. Petersburg (Capital of Russia)
  • 6- New York (City of the U.S.A)
  • 7- Philadelphia (City in the U.S.A)
  • 8- Athens (City in Greece)
  • 9-
  • 10-
  • I want to remind everyone that I will be gone for three days. Someone take over my country please. RandomWriterGuy (talk) 05:41, August 7, 2012 (UTC)
  • United States: The United States accepts all trade proposals at this time. Fearing that the Taipin rebellion could put American lives or interests at risk, the Pacific fleet travels to Tianjing (Nanjing) and lays siege, trapping the officials in the city. The Qing are welcome to join as they please. New York and Philadelphia are prepared for the Olympics in case they are chosen.


  1. Three spots are left in the Olympic bids for the 1866 games.
  2. A 7.9 earthquake strikes in Parkfield, California, USA.
  3. Ottawa becomes capital of Canada, as per decree by Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom
  4. Kuala Lumpur is founded by the British.
  5. Hollywood is founded!

You may now post.

  • Sweden-Norway: Military expansion and modernization continues, and ironclad research continues. Construction of the long-range wooden ships continues, and are expected to be completed in 1858. Sweden-Norway proposes trade agreements to Greece and the Ottoman. As a result of the modernization, the military introduces service pistols, and adopts the Colt 1851 Navy revolver.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The Diet and the Grand Duke make an official offer to Denmark, consisting of the map of the last turn, and the Duchy of Holstein joining the German Confederation, while still under Danish sovereignty.The DSOAG expands German Indochina. The governor asks the Portuguese if they will sell Goa to the Grand Duchy. (They should still own it.)
  • Russia Continues to train its athletes in every sport that the games will hold. They are given the best training possible and ensure Ethel are restless. They continue industrialization and modernization. They encourage the growth of industry in Alaska by sending forestry and fishing companies there.They continue to SECRETLY prepare for war against Bukhara.
  • Britain: Continues preparation for the Olympics in London that are fast approaching, within 5 years' time. Colonies expand in Africa. Queen Charlotte visits Canada. Charlotte gives birth to another daughter, Princess Mary. Female primogeniture is abolished after the ahem female monarch pressures Parliament into doing so. Charlotte's issue is now: William, Prince of Wales (Age 18), Prince Charles Duke of York, and Princess Anne, Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Royal
  • Qing Dynasty: One of the most wisest Taiping Generals is killed by the Taiping Leader (OTL), this gives the Qing forces the ability to push more into Taiping Territory, most of the independent Taiping Movements that are separated from the main one are stopped, while the main rebel force is defeated decisively in the south. The rebellion has currently taken away the lives of 3.5 million people, mostly civilians.
    • Bukhara offers to send supplies and troops to the Qing to help them rebuild and stop any further uprisings in return for an alliance.
  • Greece: In an effort to prepare to possibly gain the 1866 Summer Olympics, a modernization effort is put into Athens, to fully modernize the city, by sending engineers to London, Paris and Copenhagen, to see what a modern city looks like. Diplomats in London appear to enjoy a newly developed team sport, Association Football, with the sport being brought back to Greece. The President offers to play a game with British diplomats, as the game becomes popular quickly among Greek tourists.
  • Austria-Hungary: Austria begins to build up its military as well as building railways and industries around the country. Plans for reforms making AH a more prosperous and peaceful nation are set to begin next turn.
  • Japan: The Japanese continue fighting the rebels and make some ground in central Japan securing the continuation of the rail way construction. further north a stalemate emerges. The Japanese company Taisho arms emerges in Kyoto and the company begins producing the imperial Hatsu 57 breech loaded rifle in small amounts to start replacing German imports. construction of the navy continues as the 5 steam ship is completed. The military high command thinks of the idea of long ditches for troops to play a defensive line in facing the rebellion and the idea will be tested soon. industrialization continues.
  • Bukhara has some trouble with a potential Kazakh uprising in the north. This is because of the death of Emir Hussein, and his ascension by his son Botir could have potentially weakened the Uzbeks. Luckily, this isn't the case. By lowering the strictness of some of the cultural assimilation measures, they manage to prevent any uprising. However, they improve their military against the Kazakhs there, and they build defenses between the Kazakh and Uzbek land borders in case of a successful revolt. They also build up their military in general, in case of Kyrgyz revolts inspired by the Kazakh ones. There is talk among the remnants of the Turkmen to revolt, but they have been devastated so badly there is not a large enough population to revolt. The Tajiks are pacified by their semi-autonomy and their exemption from all cultural assimilation. Emir Botir works on encouraging farming in the Aral Sea area.


  1. Two spots remain for the 1966 Olympic bids. Sign up a city in your country on the list at the end of 1856.
  2. A trans-Atlantic telegraph line is inaugurated by the President of United States exchanging greetings with Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom.
  3. Macy's department store opens in New York.
  4. William, Prince of Wales, and his wife Isabella II of Spain have their first child- A girl they name Mary Christine, in Spanish Maria Christina.

You may now post.

  • Sweden-Norway: The government of Swe-Nor starts to build railroads connecting the major cities, hoping to increase domestic trade. The training of Olympic athletes continues, and ironclad development splits into two main groups, ocean-going ironclads and river gunboats. As part of US-Sweden trade agreements, the Swedish military buys the Colt Model 1855 Revolving rifle in large numbers as its new standard-issue weapon, along with a carbine version for cavalry.
  • Bukhara repeats its alliance offer with the Qing in China, offering to help them deal with their revolts and the recovery in return for an alliance. Emir Botir works on modernizing the emirate, and continuing cultural assimilation. He has the military updated and improved to be more modern, though it is far behind the European powers. Agriculture continues to improve.
  • Spain: The government continue to improve the economy and send a larger trade deal with the nation of France, UK and Portugal, the military budget is also slightly cut to save money. more settlers are encouraged to go in the Spanish Morocco colony where project are started to motivate the economy. (By the way, what is the status of Spain's economy, still weak?)
  • Somewhat. Spain's economy collapsed almost 30 years ago, but it has been recovering; Nevertheless, it is a shadow of what it once was. All of its former colonies have better economies than it (with the exception of Aztlan and URCA)
  • In a whole I have the Philippines, Guam, Morocco and Gibraltar as colonies and my military (navy and land) is badly hurt by the depression, after those data, I shall run alone.
  • You have all of Micronesia, not just Guam.
  • I'll give you a run-down for Spain. Spain collapsed, became a republic (however, monarchist movements are gaining ground), lost most of its colonies. The Philippines are legally yours but are administered by the United Kingdom because Spain was too weak to do so. Gibraltar is a British exclave. Micronesia is yours but it is hanging by a thread. Your military and navy were cut by 90% after the disaster. However, it should be better right now (like maybe 30% of your former armed forces).
  • Greece: The Eternal Flame is being reconstructed at Olympia, to prepare for the first Olympics in the near future. The best engineers in the world are being requested by the Greek government, with promise of a very high salary, to develop a flame that won't go out, regardless of weather (including rain and wind that comes in heavy in the winter, snow is very rare, but still, better safe than sorry).
  • United States: The United States continues its operations against the Taiping Kingdom, and it should fall within a few months. Work on the Ironclad ship continues, but it is unknown whether it will be finished soon. The two cities are further prepared for the Olympics, and the government announces plans to build another city on the west coast to act as a counterbalance for Washington.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The Government reiterates its offer to Denmark, as well as its offer to other Baltic States to join a customs union. The Deutsche Sud-West Afrika Gesellschaft (DSWAG) chartered company is formed, and establishes a settlement in South-Western Africa (OTL Namibia). The Grand Duke confers the title of "Prince of Berlin" to his son, the Prince of Wales.
  • Britain: Queen Charlotte (being the feminist that she is) is ecstatic at the fact that the person 2nd in line to the throne is female. Princess Maria Christina is very unique, she is heiress of the thrones of the United Kingdom and Spain which although it is a republic- Charlotte plans something to allow her granddaughter to legally do so. London continues renovations and construction efforts to ready itself for the coming Olympics in 1862. Colonies expand.
    • GDoM Diplomacy: The Diet asks Britain if it would be wise to change the Grand Duchy's laws of succession to match those new ones of Britain's? (Seeing as we're eventually going to be in personal union and all).
    • British D: Yes, in order to avoid a situation like we did with Hanover when Queen Charlotte succeeded her father.


The IOC meets in Aztlan City, Aztlan to choose the host city of the Games of II Olympiad, the cities undergo 3 rounds of voting- (using RNG's out of 300) Round 1= 5 eliminated, Round 2= 2 eliminated, Round 3= 2 eliminated, 1 chosen.

Round 1 (300)

  • 1- Schwerin, Grand Duchy of M: 29
  • 2- Munich, Bavaria, German Confederation: 5
  • 3- Stockholm, Sweden-Norway: 44
  • 4- Copenhagen, Denmark: 42
  • 5- St. Petersburg, Russia: 15
  • 6- New York, USA: 7
  • 7- Philadelphia, USA: 16
  • 8- Athens, Greece: 127
  • 9- Lisbon, Portugal-Brazil: 12
  • 10- Glasgow, Scotland, UK: 3
  • Round 2 (out of 150)
  • 1-Schwerin, Grand Duchy: 22
  • 2-Stockholm, S-N: 3
  • 3-Copenhagen, Denmark: 30
  • 4- Philadelphia, USA: 33
  • 5-Athens, Greece: 62
  • Round 3 (out of 100)
  • 1-Copenhagen, Denmark: 32
  • 2-Philadelphia, USA: 35
  • 3-Athens, Greece: 33
  1. The host city of the Games of the II Olympiad is Philadelphia,USA. The games will be held in 1866. Philadelphia has 7 years to prepare, if it does not make good progress by 1862, the games will be awarded to Athens.
  2. Wallachia and Moldavia create Romania, a new nation from the Ottoman Empire.
  3. Great Britain and France respectively launch their first ironclad warships.
  4. Monarchists in Spain have gained huge influence in the country since the Republican revolt 30 years ago.

You may now post.

  • France: France expands its colonies. Meanwhile, production of these ironclad ships begins, but on an limited scale. Meanwhile, the French Army begins to train in an desert warfare, and construction on an railroad across the French Empire continues. Meanwhile, France begins to prepare for the colonization of Indochina.
  • Greece: Though disappointed in losing the chance to host the second Modern Olympics, we will continue to bid for the 1870 Olympics. We congratulate the United States, on getting to host the second Olympics. Upon reports of a new type of warship, called the Ironclad, the Hellenic Navy initially considers developing some, however, lack of resources puts plans to modernize the fleet to a halt. Athens continues being built, many taking on a Victorian-style, as Athens looks less as a place of stone, and more of a city of bricks and modern windows.
    • French Diplomacy: France will help the Hellenic Navy in modernization.
  • Spain: The Spanish navy begun to consider the development of the Ironclad in order to stay modern. The president order the monarchist to be survey and try to make a spy infiltrate the movement. The selling of many minor islands in the Micronesia begun to be consider and the government say to his people that the economy shall be heal at the end of the century and that the nation will host Olympic game in the 20e century. Northern Morocco continue to be colonise and a larger trade deal is proposed to France and Portugal along with a proposition to build a rail road who would link Spain, France and Portugal.
  • Britain: Queen Charlotte discusses her plan with the Prince of Wales and Parliament, reaching a consensus: The Crown begins to secretly fund the monarchists in Spain in order to restore the monarchy and for little Maria Christina to inherit both thrones. Olympic preparations continue and London is at its all-time best in terms of venues,attractions, and modern standards.
  • I might not be here for a while but I'll definitely have a chance to drop by and check up on the game. Callum, you're in charge. Once again I won't be totally gone but you know, just in case.AP (talk) 15:47, August 9, 2012 (UTC)
    • ​Wow; thank you, I am deeply honoured. (So, I start new turns and stuff?) Callumthered (talk) 01:00, August 10, 2012 (UTC)
  • Japan: The Japanese imperial forces defeat the rebels in central Japan pushing them into isolated areas of north Japan after the new rifle along with trench tactics prove quite effective. The Japanese plan to expand the armed forces and continue the industrialization campaign. more Japanese go abroad in a program to learn about the west. The nation starts plans to build a ironclad.
  • Bukhara continues to modernize its army. Emir Botir constructs more Mosques, as he is very interested in manners of religion, yet he helps to protect religious minorities too.
  • Ahaha! I am bvack! (Yes, I am bvack.) 'I protest these intolerable events! Using RNGs to choose host cities? This one of the cases where you should not use RNGs. Why? Simply because host cities are chosen for some sort of logic. Using RNGs could mean the worst candidate wins. For example, whomever came up with the notion of some modern Olympics would have to have based off of Ancient Greek ones. So Greece could at least get the second games if some nationalist party poopers in the IOC "chose" London for the first Game. Oh yes, I know, Coubertin wanted France for the first game, but he conceded. And why now Philadelphia? Really, this is ridiculous if you ask me. ~ Scraw
  • Why not Philadelphia?
  • Because, if the first game would not go to Greece, it would only be logical that they won the second. Like how OTL the I went to Greece, and an infuriated Coubertin was allowed to have his Paris second. Simple. It's a counterbalance.
  • Hey there, nothing wrong with me (I'm the player for Greece) not getting to hold the first (or second) Olympics. Though Scraw does have a point. Don't worry, I can make up for it next turn by having Greek nationalists protest a non Greek Olympic ;)
  • I have an idea. Why don't you have the Hellenic Olympic Committee decide to create its own Olympic Games after losing the second games and invite everyone to that one. The other Olympics will probably fall soon after that.
  • Sweden-Norway: By 1859 the Colt 1855 Revolving Rifle has replaced the older muskets in all units, and modernization of the nation and the military is now complete. (Is it fine if I start colonizing, I built some wooden ships in 1857-1858, I should be able to colonize) The S-N government starts sending ships and military forces to colonize the islands to the north of S-N. Further training of Olympic athletes.
  • United States: The government is pleased that Philadelphia was chosen, and shall begin preparing the city further. The siege against Tianjing is almost complete and will fall soon. Plans for a new city on the west coast are presented to the president. The government recognizes the country of Romania.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The Diet passes legislation changing the order of succession to match that of Britain. They also secretly approve the sending of aid to the Monarchists in Spain. (If they succeed, th UK, Spain and Germany will eventually be in personal union.) The Navy is almost ready with its own ironclad. An Antarctic Exhibition funded by the purses of all the Monarchs of the German Confederation sets sail/steam for the South, in order to explore and map the Southern continent. Romania is recognised.
  • The Ottoman Empire decides to accept the breakaway of Romania. Work begins on the Suez Canal. Britain is offered an alliance since they are allied with the good ally and longtime ally of France. Sweden-Norway's alliance offer from oh-so long ago is accepted.
  • Russia SECRETLY meets with the Ottomans and the British, stating that they will invade Bukhara, but assures them that their territories will not be invaded. It asks China if it can purchase some of its territory. They discover gold in Alaska and send mining companies to exploit it. The country continues to move not the standards of the rest of modern Europe. They SECRETLY continue to prepare for war against Bukhara.
    • The Ottomans threaten to invade Russia and to tell Bukhara of the impending invasion if it carries on with this war. Seriously, RWG, you do everything backwards. You should ask Bukhara for land and attack China. Not vice versa. Why don't you go somewhere you can win for a change?
  • British D: Tells Russia that it will have British backing in the event of an Ottoman attack, we will NOT support an attack on Bukhara (and come on all of Bukhara is basically useless. I really don't see a point in invading it). Britain also tells Russia that invading China will not be good for it since we are allied to them. Also we are letting the Ottomans know in advance that the Europeans will not tolerate a non-European nation controlling an eventually important choke point of trade. That canal will be the key to our trade. Britain and France have agreed to attack the Ottomans if need be. You are encroaching on our territorial rights in Africa (most notably Eastern Africa). --Nothing personal Scraw, just in-game stuff.
  • What's with this Suez Canal crap? No one complained when the Brits created the Suez Canal. No one complained when the Americans built the Panama Canal. No offense, but why are you complaining like a kid who wants someone else' toys? It's not like I'm not gonna let everyone else use it. Do you think I would build something and keep it to myself? And what encroaching territory? Is this about the Horn of Africa? I sold some land to France. Check mine and Enc's talks.
  • That canal is incredibly important to European trade, thus the Euros would be uneasy having a non-Euro nation controlling it. It also gives the OE a geopolitical advantage in the area. This is roleplaying and it's safe to say that France and Britain would definitely not like that. If the territory thing is resolved then I'm glad.
  • Look, it's not mine, it's international. Get up and smell the coffee pal. Does anyone control the Atlantic? Does anyone control the Mediterranean? No. Does anyone control the Red Sea? No. It just happens to be between two wedges of my land. Simple. If France and Britain don't like it as you would like to believe, don't you think everyone else in the whole wide world doesn't like it? No. You are alone in your belief. It's not like I'm going ask for 30 million pounds every time a ship tries to pass.
    • Interestingly enough, France built the Suez Canal OTL. And, (really, no offence intended), if Britain and France wanted the Canal, they could just take it from you. Combined, they would be pretty hard to beat. Callumthered (talk)
    • Whaaaat?! I have to research that a bit. Yes, I know that, which is why I got France out of the game. Anyway, we've decided that we're going to forget all of this because both AP and I make impeccably witty and incredible counterarguments, lol.


  1. The Games of the III Olympiad, after a long session by the IOC in Glasgow, are awarded immediately to Greece (in Athens) in order to calm any and all protests. (start in 1870)
    1. That's metagaming. How is the IOC going to know that two people in an alternate future are planning to protest against the IOC?
  2. Monarchists in Spain rise against the Republican government in civil war on April 4, exactly 30 years since the government killed off most of the Royal Family. They have been preparing for this for about the same amount of time.

Welcome back Scraw. The Olympics are perfectly fine as is and I carefully comb the list, only the best and most modernized cities make it through to voting.

'If you are combing the list why do use RNGs? And you really don't get it. 'Several cites were chosen to boost their economies and to help that nation modernize. It creates tons of new jobs and boost tourism.

You may now post.

  • Greece: Upon hearing that the III Olympiad will be held in Athens, the Greek Nationalists jeer's die down, as celebration occurs all over the city. Modernization efforts continue in Athens, along with building huge railroad carriages all over the country, and building massive ports in Athens, Napflion and Thessolinki. The economy builds, thanks to thousands of jobs being built, along with an order of many resources needed to build the railroads and ports. Right now, Athens and Napflion have at least 20 buildings each that resemble English architecture.
  • The Ottoman Empire creates the Muslim Olympic Committee and places Istanbul (Constantinople), a major European city for the Games of the IV Olympiad in 1874. Work continues on the Sinai Canal. Industry and infrastructure is built up once more and Britain is again offered an alliance, as is Mecklenburg. Afghanistan is giving a special autonomous district in Persia. Muslim athletes begin to prepare for the games of the II and III Olympiads and regret that their government did not join the Olympics when they started. The Ottomans, inspired by the Germans, send a few small fleets towards the southern land of Antarctica. They land in OTL George V Land and name it Allah fa Alared, or Allah's Land. Hey AP, here's an idea, why don't we roleplay our nations as the IOC and vote on the host cities?
    • ​I had exactly the same idea. (Except, obviously, we wouldn't be able to vote for our own cities) Callumthered (talk)
    • Wouldn't a nation vote for itself? I'm pretty sure Britain voted for London in 2005. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 08:10, August 10, 2012 (UTC)
    • But if everyone voted for themselves, it would be an abject failure. In the real world, where there are more than, like, ten countries, being able to vote for one's own works. But if you think it will work, than that's fine. Callumthered (talk) 11:58, August 10, 2012 (UTC)
    • Not all nations are going to be able to have the funds and organization to host an Olympics, especially if they have hosted it already. You could also make a rule that a nation has to wait 2 more Olympics to be able to host it again, so you would have at least 2 nations which would couldn't vote for themselves.
    • No, not all nations can, but with international support they can. And hosting Olympics is good, it creates jobs, boosts tourism, and strengthen the economy.
    • GDoM D: We agree to the alliance proposal, and offer to recognise any Ottoman claims in Antarctica, so long as you recognise any we may make.
    • Bukharan translators translate "Allah's land" to "Alleh fa Alared"
    • Thanks Lurk. I'll correct that.
    • The Ottomans agree to recognize the Mecklenburgese (correct word there?) claims in Antarctica. The Duchy is also requested to aid in the defense of Bukhara against Russia.
  • ​Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: Declares outright support for the Spanish Monarchist uprising, going so far as to send weapons to assist them. The German Antarctic Expedition continues mapping the Atlantic Coast of Antarctica, naing places like Frederick Francis Land, Sud Mecklenburg, and Charlotte Bucht. The DSWAG continues to colonise Namibia.
  • Russia sees the Suez Canal as a revolutionary engineering feat, and gives support to Britain to build it. It SECRETLY tells Britain that even when completed, they will be in a bad position in case of war with the Ottomans and suggests trying to either assure more influence in Egypt or seize by force if necessary. Russia declares war on Bukhara, yet assures China they will not be threatened by this. They request the Ottomans stay out of this as they will not try to harm them in any way as possible.
  • Dude, you're really, really, late. A: The Ottomans are building it. B: It is an international waterway, so I can't stop anyone from using it, even in wartime. C: You made a bad move there, attacking Bukhara and not China. D: THe British-Ottoman Hostility thing was cancelled. Taken off the air, so to speak. And E: You're gonna attack my best friend and tell me not to get involved? Face abject defeat! Mwahahahahaha!
    • The Ottoman Empire and Persia declare support for Bukhara, declaring war on Russia and says that it should be ashamed for being such an expansionist warmonger.
    • Russian Response: Excuse me? EVERYONE HAS DONE CONQUESTS IN THIS GAME. WE ARE ALL HYPOCRITES, ALL RIGHT? It SECRETLY asks Britain that if it helps, it will give them a part of Alaska.
    • Chinese Diplomacy: The Qing Empire will not tolerate any attack on Bukhara.
    • How is Britain supposed to get any troops to Bukhara? Hot-air balloon them in?
    • Lol, why go to Bukhara when they can siege the rich ports in the Baltic putting Russian Commerce ineffective. Ianian58 (talk) 14:08, August 10, 2012 (UTC)
    • Well France is with Bukhara, so I doubt Britain will join you. I warned you, RWG. But you never listen. Go somewhere you can win for once. Like Poland. And we are not hypocrites, at least we could come up with some good excuses. You can't even do that. This is a territorial ambition, no more, no less.
    • I tell everyone of you that I will not attack any of you. Why me?
    • Well think. Ottoman supports Bukhara, that means France activates its alliance with the Ottoman Empire, leading to France joining the war. An enemy of my enemy is my friend, I believe that how it goes anyway. Enclavehunter (talk) 20:07, August 10, 2012 (UTC)
    • Yes. We don't care if you're not attacking us, no war is between two nations in the modern age. Allies help allies and allies of the allies help the allies. Bukhara has very good relations and an alliance with the Ottomans, the Ottomans and French have an almost 300 year old alliance, and China has this strict no Europeans in Asia doctrine, Russia being one of the exceptions since half its territory is in Asia.
    • First of all China, what will it take to stay out of Russian affairs as long as we don't threaten you? And second of all, what will it take for you Britain and France?
    • France: You are at war with my ally, and attacked a practical neutral nation, and I will not stand for this intolerable act and I will support my ally. Enclavehunter (talk) 20:33, August 10, 2012 (UTC)
    • I did not attack your ally! And you also did some conquering too!
    • Well you attacked Bukhara, even when its greatest ally of the Ottomans threatened to side with them. And France and the Ottoman Empire are as close and ketchup and mustard. So yeah. And he had a reason. He was uniting a region that was in shambles. You see? Very noble if you're slick enough to portray it like that.
  • Qing Empire: The Empire declares support for Bukhara as the rebellion is stopped, with the so entitled Taiping Kingdom defeated, Chinese Armies in the north move towards the richer Russian soil in Siberia, the navy though small but modernized moves upstream to defend from Russian Alaskan-Siberian Navy. Rebuilding begins in the south but is very slow due to lack of manpower and the continuous conflicts, considering the Qing is at the verge of war with a Major European Nation.
  • Bukhara responds with war against the Russians for their unprovoked attack upon the Bukharans who never did anything against them. The Emir Botir thanks the Ottomans and Persians for their help, as well as the Chinese. Bukhara sends a few captured Chinese rebels who had fled west back to China, and sends as much aid as they can while still in war with Russia.
  • Spain: The spy who infiltrate the monarchist movement allow the governmental forces to win several battle and begun to search from where they got weapons, however, the government still lose some battle. The liberal begun to suspected that the European monarchs are maybe helping the rebel or preparing themselves to do so. The government ask for support from the other liberal faction, especially the United States, it also begun to search support in the colony of Morocco where it is promise to the native that they will reach the same right than the Spanish if they assist the liberal faction. The government also began to fear that the economy is not ready for a civil war and that a new violent recession shall begun.
  • Japan: The Japanese Empire declares its neutrality in the coming conflict and will only involve itself in the future depending on circumstances. The rebellion is almost completely shut down and trials are began to punish the leaders of the revolt. industrialization continues as the industrial bases of Edo, Kyoto and Osaka become the major places of it. The rail line from Edo to Kyoto continues construction. The navy continues its construction of steamships with the intention of completely replacing the wood ships within 20 years. The Hatsu 57 continues to be produced in large numbers and will be declared the main rifle of the army soon enough. The settlement of the northern islands intensifies.
  • France: Napoleon II declares an act of war against the Russian Empire in support of Bukhara, and asks the Ottoman Empire if troops can be sent to the nation throughout their territory. Meanwhile, the economy and colonies are expanded, and three more ironclads are produced. Meanwhile, a non-aggression pact is sent to China and Japan.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese representative to Paris accepts the treaty with France.
    • Qing D: The Qing Dynasty will not let itself be restrained by Non-Aggression Pact, but it assures France it has no intention of attacking France, unless they would do something to provoke them. But if they did sign the non-aggression pact the Dynasty would be restrained from acting.
    • The Ottomans say yes if they are going to help Bukhara.
    • Bukhara thanks France graciously for their help.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese Empire requests that France help it maintain Russia's territory is the far east so that no nation may seize that land. The Ambassador promises they will not seize the land but wants to make sure that a Russia retains its northern border with Japan to ensure that Japan isn't encroached by China or any other nation mainly to keep a power balance in the east and ensures Japanese security.
    • If you join the war, you can have Kamchatka and still have a border with Russia. Sound good to you?
    • Russian Diplomacy: It asks Japan to support Russia in anyway possible.
    • RWG, god damn it, why don't you go find out who you are enemies are? The list includes but is not limited to Sweden, Japan, China, Poland, Germany, etc etc. And they just signed a non-aggression part with France. You think they're gonna break that and go show everyone that they can't be trusted or have faith held in them?
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese Empire will consider all possible outcomes and next year will enter on one one side or another if it sees benefits in joining the war (if I betray my non-aggression pact with Russia id demand more the Kamchatka not much more but a bit more.)
    • You have a non-aggression pact with Russia?
    • along with an outstanding trade agreement.
  • Sweden-Norway: Declares support for Russia, and declares war on Bukhara and the Ottoman. S-N sends 125,000 troops to Russia, with 100,000 of these troops in Russian territory where the enemy is expected to attack, with the remaining 25,000 deployed to assist Russian troops in offensives (if there is any) Colonization of the islands to the north continues, along with preparations for the Olympics. The government prepares to issue conscription orders in the coming years, as the war could be long and bloody. Ironclad research is rapidly accelerated due to the coming war and the first ironclads are expected to be finished by 1861 (is this fine, admins?)
  • Russia is kind of one of your sworn yeah.
  • But I thought we had an alliance? Look at around 1856 or so, look for Denmark's post.
  • Jeez, why do you guys do these implausible things? Does no one know who the their friend and who is not? Dear lord, do some research upon it.
  • United States: The United States reveals that it had created a functional ironclad ship several months to a year ago. American troops break through Tianjing's defenses and occupy the city. With Republican Abraham Lincoln elected as president, many southern states are concerned of what will happen to slavery, and some propose secession.
  • Why are you in Tianjing? Ianian58 (talk) 17:08, August 10, 2012 (UTC)
  • Because the American government felt that the Taiping Rebellion was a threat to American interests, trade, and potentially lives, so we laid siege to the Taiping capital several years ago. We offered to launch a joint attack with you, but you never responded.


  1. The War in Central Asia continues, with the Ottomans, Persian, Bukharan, Chinese, and French on one side, and the Russians on the other.
  2. Tensions in the United States continue to rise.
  3. The Taiping Rebellion ends.
  4. The Olympic Stadium is opened in London.

Post. Now.

  • Russia, realizing things are not going well as expected, to n the defensive. All troops are recalled to establish defenses across the Bukharan-Russian border as well as the Ottoman-Russian border. They thank Sweden for its help and hopes this as a way to end the decades of strained relations. They continue to ask Japan and Britain for at least some help. With the Olympic stadium finished, they send their Olympic team to London for the Olympics. They ask the United States for some help.
  • What the hell? First of all, the athletes do not live in the stadium; the live in the athlete's village. The Opening Ceremony hasn't happened, nothing big happened, it's just that the stadium is done. They put the last brick in. Nothing more. Add to that that the US is French allied. Add to that that Sweden shouldn't be helping you at all. Add to that that Britain is allied with France, and its dynastic partner Mecklenburg is allied with the Ottomans. Add to that that the Japanese are still pondering and are probably going to be neutral. So yeah.
  • Sweden-Norway: While we will for now continue to support Russian operations, we urge Russia, along with other participating factions, to back out peacefully. There are hundreds of thousands of lives at stake, and I can argue that not one of them is not worth preserving, Russia has little to gain from an invasion of Bukhara, and the lives that will be lost in this war are not worth what can be gained from Bukhara. Sweden's first ironclad, the SKS Stockholm, is launched, and its first mission is patrolling the S-N coastline. 15,000 troops from the operations in Russia, along with 500 from colonization efforts north of S-N, are placed in S-N coastal cities. The first river-going ironclad, along with another ocean-going ironclad are expected to be completed in 1862. Training athletes for the Olympics continues.
  • Spain: The republican army continues to fight the monarchist and much of the resource of the nation are diverted to fight them after that a war industry is made. Many natives of Morocco join the call and enter in the fight along the republican. Many cities are fortify and some defensive line are drawn to repulse any attack.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The Diet of the German Confederation agrees to send troops to aid our allies, the Ottomans; and one battalion of the Bavarian Army is immediately dispatched. The Grand Duchy continues sending some aid to the Spanish Monarchists. The German Navy finally unveils its first ironclad, the SMS Deutschland. Meanwhile, in Antarctica, the expedition raises the flags of the German Confederation and Mecklenburg, claiming all land between 20 degrees East and 20 degrees West for the Confederation as Grossherzog Frederick Francis Land. The party then returns home, via the African colonies.
    • The Ottomans thank the Mecklenburgers for their aid and ask if they are interested in a joint expedition to the Southern Pole. (This will take a while, though.) Also you may want to consider sending your men into Sweden, a much closer enemy with whom you would fare better with. But that's optional.
    • GDoM: Since Sweden (currently) seems to have a fairly pacifist view at the moment, we will not send troops to fight them (yet). However, we will keep the Bavarians with us, and instead send you weapons and advisors. With regards to the South Polar mission, I was thinking the same thing, we could begin planing next turn, depending on how the war is going.
    • OK then. So are you going to be added to the algorithm or no? I was thinking along the lines of giving you a two and not the standard three.
    • Yeah, a two for assistance (most algorithms have such a thing). BTW, is Sweden actually fighting, or...what? If they are, then I'll declare war on them in the next turn.Callumthered (talk) 01:52, August 11, 2012 (UTC)
    • Sweden is fighting yet urges for peace.
    • Don't think so. It's more likely the support given the US to Britain when the World War II started they help but they ain't at war
    • You are very wrong. Last turn they said they declared war on the Ottomans and Bukharans and anyone who helped them.
    • Oh, yeah. I didn't see that, now IDK who is the axis and who is the allies. I guess the axis is Russia and Sweden Norway
    • We have troops in Russia, the majority placed in positions where we knew Ottoman and Bukharan forces would attack, along with 25,000 out of the 125,000 allocated to assist any Russian offensives. We will, however, pull out by 1862 if GDOM will invade. I Am Walrus (talk) 02:22, August 11, 2012 (UTC)
      • And you are going to get troops halfway across Russia how? Aircraft haven't been invented yet, and neither Sweden-Norway nor Russia have the industrial capabilities to send troops across continents in a very organized manner. Sweden-Norway's population is tiny furthermore, your army would be tiny compared to Russia's or China's or the Ottoman's, or even Bukhara's.
    • First of all, you do not keep troops in another country. Second of all, we're on the defense, not vice versa. Russia attacked, remember? You would not be able to sustain numbers of such a great size if my sources are correct. And you will not pull out because you will not know that Mecklenburg will attack. Only they know that right now, and only the Ottomans as well know that right now.
    • But what if I want to back out because I --> think <--- that not only GDoM, but France and Britain will attack me too? I am human, I have thoughts you know.
    • You could not possibly think that. Yes you could suspect that, but a suspicion is not a very good basis for a withdrawal and could anger Russia. And this isn't about you, this is about Sweden-Norway. You have thoughts, yes. But those were based on something you read. The government of Sweden did not read those words, so they do not share your thoughts and suspicions.
    • Sure, maybe I cant support 125,000 troops in Russia, but for "this isn't about you, this is about S-N" isn't that the point of the game? Aren't we supposed to represent the government of the nation we have chosen to play? Maybe I'm missing a note here, but aren't we supposed to play as the nation we chose to play? So in this scenario, wouldn't the government of Sweden be me? The government of A-H in this game is represented by Dean, right?
    • Yes. But do you now what metagaming is?
    • No, but lets get down to what matters, 1. I can't keep 125,000 troops in Russia. 2. I can't back out. How are we going to solve this bit of implausibility?
    • What implausibility? You fighting in this war or us telling you that you can't withdraw without a solid reason. read the second bullet.
    • I think me fighting in the war. I think I'll just reduce troop numbers to 10,000 troops. I think I can support that.
  • Japan: the imperial army and navy mobilizes and a declaration of armed neutrality has been declared Japan will not allow either China or Russia to enter national waters to attack the other and has declared should this be broken the nation will enter the war on the opposite side. The border with Northern Sakhalin is fortified to protect Japanese land from any possible incursion be them Russian or Chinese, the navy is sent to protect the Kurils and all other islands of Japan cutting off several waterways from conflict if possible. The Japanese Diet requests that Russia and china respect its decision and sign a definitive accord accepting Japanese staying out of conflict. The empire requests that the USA, the British and French empires back its choice, trade will also continue normally with all belligerents. The industrialization continues and to feed the growing industry Japan begins importing more raw materials. The railway between Edo and Kyoto is completed and the imperial rails company is opened as a monopoly on rail lines transportation throughout the country plans to expand the rail line are made.
    • The Ottomans offer the Japanese a thirty year non-aggression pact and a mutual defense pact.
  • Denmark: after complete consideration by the leadership the nation agrees with the DoMS to the Land Exchange, the nation will remain neutral in the Russian conflict, as for one side they condemn the Russian aggression to the Bukharans, but on the other one they as well condemn that outside nation offer themselves to put an end to a conflict between just two nations, seeing the Sweden Norway progress the congress (assembly)? commissions military to start the creation of 4 ironclads expected to be finished as of 1866.
  • Bukhara demands a small area of land (on talk page), reparations for all money lost in the war, and Russia's promise to never attack Bukhara again. They announce that their allies can make their own demands of Russia. Emir Botir states it is all Russia deserves for attacking Bukhara for no reason other than their blind greed for power.
  • Greece: Hearing of the conflict between Russia and Bukhara, we wish for a peaceful settlement. We advise that Bukhara's ally do not go too harsh on Russia, while we agree that Bukhara deserves some compensation, anything further may provoke Russia into further violence, and may lead to more bloodshed. The ancient site of a former Olympic stadium, the Panathinaiko Stadium, will be redone into the stadium of the 1870 Olympics, which will hold the capacity of 40,000 people (half of its Ancient day's capacity), and will hold the sites of Athletics and Archery. The New Olympic Stadium will be reconstructed with brick first, before adding the finishing touches with nearly one million tonnes worth of marble, so that it may look just like its old self once again. Other stadiums for other events, including Wrestling and Boxing, are planned, along with plans to demonstrate Pankration, an ancient form of Greek fighting that oddly resembles some Asian martial arts.
  • Damn it. Russia. I told you not to do that. Bukhara is useless, what do they have that you do not already have? A small useless lake called the Aral Sea? Seriously... And Attention war people: the war with Russia will result in a small territorial concession to Bukhara and and reparations. Nothing more, nothing less. That is FINAL.AP (talk) 05:57, August 11, 2012 (UTC)
  • I object to your that being final. With Bukhara, the Ottomans, Persia, France, China, and Mecklenburg all one side, they could impose a very heavy defeat on Russia. And everyone (other than the Ottomans and Bukhara) are going to be cheesed off about nothing changing in regards to their nation. Let the victor decide what they do with the losers. If you want have a part in this, join the war, as Mecklenburg and France have, or stay out of it.
  • Bukhara has supplies of minerals and fossil fuels. That's why. And I agree with Ap on this.
  • Of course you agree. You don't want to lose anything. Please, I ask you not to play the fool.
  • I'm not doing you any favor by doing this RWG. It is based on logic. You attacked, half the important world jumped on you (which a lot of nations wouldn't really care about I mean it's a landlocked, weak nation but whatever). FOr them it is a war of defense meaning they wish to keep what you want to take. What would be the purpose of taking land from the attacker if your own original goal was to defend your land from being taken? Also, all the land concession are implausibly huge. Think about this as this ATL's Franco-Prussian war. Prussia took only Alsace-Lorraine, not half of France. Here the "Alsace-Lorraine" will be a small part of Russian land that Bukhara specified in the talk page. Stop arguing here, it only messes up the flow of the game.AP (talk) 06:58, August 11, 2012 (UTC)
  • Also Scraw since I'm limited on time, I need you to move all Russia-Bukhara war arguments to the talk page because they ruin the appearance of the page.
  • Okay. I'll take it there if I can. No promises though.
  • 'Britain: With all Olympic preparations completed, beautification of the city begins. Aid to the Monarchists in Spain is tripled and money is poured into the Spanish economy to prevent another recession in Europe. Queen Charlotte and the Prince of Wales meet with the athletes in London to wish them luck next summer.'


  1. The Games of the I Olympiad open in London. Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom officially opens the games. All nations are invited except Russia due to their war in Asia and Spain due to civil war. In response the Games' official logo sports "The Spirit of the Games transcends war."
  2. Monarchists in Spain seize southern and eastern Spain. The Republicans currently hold the capital, Madrid, and western and northern Spain. They have the upper hand due to incredible British and German aid.
  3. Tensions in the US continue.

You may now post.

Even if I am not here, DO NOT start 1863.

  • Britain: It is with great joy that Queen Charlotte opens the Olympics in London with an impressive/incredible Opening Ceremony (for its time, lol). Events are under way and the Isles come alive with celebrations.
  • Russia continues to go on the defensive until a solution can be found. They criticize Britain for kicking them out of the Olympic Games just because they are in a war, as Bukhara is also in it. In response, they peacefully and safely expel the British Embassy group from Moscow. They ask Germany for an alliance and trade agreements.
    • GDoM D: Since we're allied to the Ottomans, no. But after the war, we would like better co-operation between Baltic nations in trade.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The delegates in Copenhagen sign the treaty with Denmark, making the land transfer complete. German settlers in the newly-Danish sector of Africa are helped to move to other German areas, and a token force (complete with Governor) sails to Greenland to take possession of Deutsches Groenland. The German Olympic Committee chastises the IOC for banning Russia from the games, saying that the move actually goes against the idea of the games transcending war. Nonetheless, German Athletes arrive in Britain to compete in the first Modern Olympics in rowing, fencing, 100m sprint, swimming and pankration. The Mecklenburg government continues sending aid to the monarchists in Spain. Meanwhile, the Diet of the German Confederation declares war on Sweden. Three Regiments (two Bavarian and one Mecklenburger) make an amphibious landing at the southern city of Karlskrona, occupying it (the soldiers are under strict instructions not to loot or pillage the town.) The German Navy begins blockading Swede-Norwegian shipping in the Baltic. The Grand Duke makes a statement, telling the Swedes that he is open to negotiations, and is hoping a solution can be found before [more] blood is shed.
  • S-N D: We will use the treaty at Istanbul to negotiate a truce between our nations. We have stationed the forces withdrawn from Russia to surround the occupied city, along with the Oslo, but they are not to attack until we get word from the Istanbul treaty.
    • GDoM D The Grand Duke is glad that the Swedes are open to negotiations, and will ask for Status quo ante bellum in the treaty. (Is it on the talk page...?) Once the war's over, do you think a Baltic Sea Customs Union would be out of the question?
    • Everything will remain the same but Bukhara will take some nominally Muslim lands from Russia. That's at the top of the list right now.
      • ​Oh, naturally. I should have made myself more clear, I meant status quo ante bellum with regard to Sweden and Mecklenburg. (And this treaty...I can't seem to find it on the talk page)
      • I agree to having territories as they were before the war(SN-GDoM), and a customs union wouldn't hurt, and could help to heal relations.
  • The Ottoman Empire invites all the belligerents of the Bukhara War to meet in Istanbul to discuss a treaty to end the war. The Muslim Olympic Committee denounces the decision to ban Russia from the Games. It contradicts the honored creed of "The spirit of the Games transcends war." The Ottomans promise to support the Spanish monarchists if they can give Morocco to the Ottomans after Monarchist victory. Seven ironclads are built: OSS Muhammed, OSS Suleiman, OSS Osman, OSS Murad, OSS Selim, OSS Mehmed, and OSS Abdul Hakim.
  • The United States begins to face major protest in the South, especially in Georgia and the Carolinas. However, race riots also begin to break out, and for the sake of the Union's preservation, a bill is proposed in Congress. It contains this: A: Any state with a great black or slave population than white must outlaw slavery. B: Any state that has a less than 10% white majority lead must pay all slaves. C: The child of one slave and one non-slave shall be a free person. D: Every slave state must give the slave the right of vote. The bill narrowly passes is both houses of Congress. The southerners are very unhappy, but Union forces arrive to enforce the new laws and everyone is forced to accept the changes. The USOC also condemns the IOC for banning Russia.
  • France: Napoleon II denounces the expel of Russia, stating: "Even though not all of us might not like them. They still have an right to participate." Napoleon II also withdraws France from the current Olympic Games and the next Olympic Games as an result of the IOC's decision. Two new ironclads are built for the French Navy. France will attend the meeting in Istanbul.
    • The Ottomans follow the French lead withdraw from all three Olympics until Russia can compete in the first before it ends. Russian athletes should have chance to compete. Especially after training hard for nine years. They could even beat every other athlete, say the Sultan.
    • Sweden-Norway: If the Russians are not allowed to compete before the end of the Olympics, then the Paris Games of 1863 will begin. Our motto will be "Transcending the idiocy of the IOC" All countries that boycotted the 1862 Olympiad are invited to join, though participation is not mandatory.
    • Let's do it in 1864 and not use idiocy in our motto.
  • Japan: As part of its approachment to the west and sustainment of national culture program Japan sends out a few observers to the Olympics to watch and also to negotiate with the IOC about allowing non-western countries to participate in the Olympics and possibly allowing new sports into the competition in the next Olympics such as martial arts. as part of the cultural sustainment program the government allows the practise of kendo to be practised again, and a ban on holding the Katana in public is shelved for now to avoid a second samurai revolt but the police and armed are strictly controlling known extremist groups.. The army and navy continue enforcing the border and water patrols to ensure Japanese neutrality in the conflict. industrialization continues. (Question why didn't the 1859 event of the first commercial oil well be used - just out of curiosity it was in the Eastern USA, I think)
  • The whole world is invited to the games, not just the west.
    • The Provisional Global Olympic Committee, which will not ban a warring nation for no reason, invites Japan to join these Olympics and not the discriminatory other ones.
    • The Greeks offer Japan to be part of the Original Olympic squad, and in return, promises that Japanese fighting styles will become a part of the Olympics by at least the 1866 Olympics (if Philadelphia is still holding them)
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The empire will willingly join the upcoming Olympics as observers to learn more about western sports and then participate in the next Olympics.
  • Spain: begun to give weapon to all the republican partisans and SECRETLY approach the United States for help in exchange of Pacific base in the Micronesia and maybe the political transfer of some Pacific possession to the US. France is also ask for support (not sure if I have chance with this). The Spanish republican army is order to take a strong defensive position and The rebel are called for a ceasefire to win some time while the fortification of Madrid and other major cities is increased.
    • ​Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese Empire wishes to purchase the Spanish holding in Micronesia and would be willing to pay handsomely for the region.
    • Spanish diplomacy: We will consider your offer until the end of the civil war but for the moment we offer you some naval base in exchange for your support against the monarchists.
    • Japan: We can use the Japanese army and navy to fight them in Spanish Asia but not much more then that since we have no way of supporting any troops in Europe. 6 ships including 2 steamships along with 6000 soldiers can begin operations in Micronesia and the Philippines if you want.
    • Spain: We were not waiting much than that, you are allow to help our troops in Asia patrol our territories for any rebel, a naval base will be transfer to your use until a eventual full transfer from the territory after the war, this will not have a big impact on the war but the republican government is grateful and shall remember this support.
    • One of Napoleon's bigger enemies was a monarchist Bourbon France. Not exactly your best friend.
    • France is ruled by a monarch or Napoleon?
    • Napoleon is a monarch. But he's Bonaparte. The Spanish monarchy is Bourbon. Bourbons and Bonaparte are mortal enemies, due to the French Revolution.
    • OK, but the monarchist try to overthrow the monarchist, so wouldn't the interest of Bonaparte to prevent the return of the Bourbons?
    • 'As a matter of fact yo'u are entirely correct. I hadn't thought of that. Enc, where are you? You getting all of this?
    • Yeah, I'm here. Just watching and learning, so I don't make implausible moves in the future. Enclavehunter (talk) 23:22, August 11, 2012 (UTC)
  • Sweden-Norway: Following the withdrawal of 115,000 troops from Russia due to logistics problems, the Swe-Nor government announces the withdrawal of 8,500 troops of its current deployment by 1863, and the remaining 1,500 by 1864. Swe-Nor condemns the IOC for barring Russia, and will not participate in this olympic games, though it will in the next.. Sweden has an idea for France, Russia, and any other country choosing not to partake, we will have an event similar to the OTL Liberty Bell Classic of 1980, but this time we will hold it in Paris. Swedish-Norwegian diplomats are sent to attend the meeting in Istanbul. Swe-Nor has also commissioned two more ironclads, the SKS Vika (river-going), and the SKS Oslo (oceangoing). The Swe-Nor government will now pay to support families who have 3 or more children, as this will help to improve growth of our country.
  • Aztlan: A major power change occurs in Aztlan when the Franco-American puppet government is forced to step down by the Aztlan liberation army, allowing Aztlan to find control its own affairs, a massive military buildup begins to ensure that America will leave Aztlan. Alone, Aztlan cries out against America's hovrytical takeover of northern Aztlan, and the world is asked for help in the reconstruction of Aztlan. Aztlan starts spreading pan Latin Americanism in hopes of.forming a nation of all Latin America. The USA is told to back off and leave Aztlans people with their self-chosen government.
  • Strike One, Dean. Watch your back. There was no puppet government. That's Central America. You got Agustin de Iturbide after the War. ATL he is a neutral pacifist who hates war and promotes global peace. And what's hovrytical?
  • Nueva Granada: (another movement from Granada) The government refuses to the idea of a united nation since its a Kingdom now and while it wishes for peaceful relation with Aztlan it will not get involved in the nation's plans.
  • Anyone protesting the Russian ban from the Games, meet on the talk page. This means France, Mecklenburg, Sweden, America, the Ottoman Empire, and most importantly, Russia itself. All other nations are invited to leave to hypocrisy and rudeness of the British and to join the Global Olympic Committee, which will not treat its participants as the British did.
  • Greece: Since the Olympics are of Greek Origin, we will not abandon the London-held Olympiad of 1862, and are still ready to send athletes to London. Even then, we still disapprove of the British kicking out the Russians, since the whole point of the Olympics was to end conflict, and celebrate our culture, but as we said, we still plan to remain as part of the 1862 Olympics. Construction continues on the Olympic Stadium for our turn in 1870.


  1. The War in Central Asia is (hopefully) over with negotiations continuing in Istanbul
  2. The Games in London were a moderate success.
  3. Civil War in Spain continues.

I hope this new Olympics has a different voting system. No one mod will control it though.AP (talk) 19:14, August 12, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah, all the participant nations are going to be assigned a number of delegates and then the players will vote for which city their nation chooses. The first was just selected in a rapid confusion because we had no time to choose a city. I just threw it out there in a one shot. Next time we'll use the system. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 19:17, August 12, 2012 (UTC)

And how will those delegates be assigned? By population or what?

No each nation will just get two, as in OTL the IOC has one per nation. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 19:30, August 12, 2012 (UTC)

Sounds good.AP (talk) 19:47, August 12, 2012 (UTC)

  • Japan: The Japanese Diet signs the northern settlement protocol and the legitimization clause, endorsing the northern settlement as much as possible, and the transformation of the islands into official Prefectures, under the prefecture of Hokkaido which includes the Kuril Islands in its jurisdiction, and the prefecture of Karafatu. a message is sent to the Qing Dynasty with the hopes of purchasing the northern half of the island due to its little population. An official assimilation campaign begins to incorporate the Ainu people into Japanese culture by enforcing Buddhism and Shinto into the northern islands and emphasizing Japanese language and culture. industrialization continues and the rail line expansion continues. The Japanese Diet sends 10,000 imperial soldiers along with 12 ships to aid the republican government deal with any possible monarchist insurrections in Spanish colonies in the pacific and a naval base is to built in the Marianas most forces are sent to the Philippines to conduct policing and anti-insurgency operations, using the idea of entrenchment in urban zones if necessary to deal with any possible monarchists, a decree is made to keep the imperial army under strict control and avoid any possible leizures on their part towards locals. The representatives are sent to London and Paris respectively to see about the Olympics.
  • Sweden-Norway: Continues to support the C4K (Cash 4 Kids) program, offering to pay the expenses of school and medical care for families that give birth to 3 or more children, along with a bonus sum for every child they have. 3 more ironclads are built this year, the SKS Stavanger (ocean-going) SKS Gothenburg (ocean-going) and the SKS Norrkoeping (river-going). With the Central-Asian War practically over, the 10,000 troops in Russia are withdrawn and given a warm welcome in S-N. The surrounding of GDoM forces in Karlskrona is still ongoing, as GDoM forces have not yet withdrawn from Karlskrona. More mining companies are created, and existing ones expand, along with shipbuilding companies to build the ironclads.
  • United States: The United States adds three new amendments to the Constitution: the 13th, the 14th, and the 15th amendments. The 13th completely bans Slavery over the next 2.5 years, and 14th defines citizenship and all slaves are eligible, and the 15th establishes suffrage for men regardless of race. The army is still stationed in the south to prevent violence from taking place. Philadelphia is further prepared for the Olympics.
  • Spain: The civil war continue and the republican forces go on the offensive after turning back a failed monarchist assault against a Spanish city. The government also recalled a few force from the pacific colonies after that some Japanese support come to relieve them, a blockade from the coast control by the rebel also begun with most of the fleet assigned there. A new call for support is also send to anyone who are willing to help the republicans, during this time, many Spanish flee the country in France and in Portugal to escape the violent battle. Madrid continue to receive heavy fortification in the form of a large wall with canon all around and become maybe one of the most fortified city in Western Europe.
  • Russia explains that any nation (as long it is not under massive disorder) have the right to join the Olympics. Because of their hypocrisy, it suggests that the Olympic Committee ban London from the elections for two games. They are humiliated by the outcome of the war, as they criticized France for not remaining neutral since they were allies. They agree to give a small concession, but nothing else.
    • Damn it RWG, for the last time, no one cares if they're your allies. You were the aggressor in an imperialist war. And losers do not criticize. Unless they want to be destroyed, that is.
    • The GOC tells the ROC that banning Britain would be hypocritical and shows that we are no better than the British.
    • Everyone's imperialist, hypocrite.
    • Not entirely true. You had no reason. At least everyone else can come up with a shitty reason.
    • Russia tells the GOC that they do not wish to ban Britain, but to simply block any British city from future nominations for two games.
    • They have to join us before we ban them, lol.
    • Of course I had one damnit!
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The Navy churns out five ironclads, to maintain dominance of the Baltic Sea. The General in command of the German Forces in Karlskrona, seeing as the negotiations in Istanbul are going well, hands the town back to Sweden and returns home. The German South-West African Company goes bankrupt, and the German Diet decides to nationalise their small territory as a "Confederational Colony". About one hundred settlers from Saxony arrive in German Greenland. The Governor of German Indochina raises a Battalion from the local population. A small railway is built in the colony. The German Olympic Committee decides to join the new Olympics, despite having competed in the London Games last year.
    • The GOC commends the Mecklenburgers on joining the new Olympics.
  • Greece: While militarily neutral, we disapprove of a knock-off of the Olympics, unless they use Greek imagery. We are threatening to boycott the other "Olympics", and refuse them from using Greek imagery, unless this settlement is taken care of.
  • Why? These are not knock offs. In case you haven't noticed, the other ones are British dominated and unfair. And we don't need permission. It's not copyrighted. You and Britain are alone now. Everyone else is gone.
  • Denmark: The Assembly decides that with the Annexation of Danish Africa, they send about 5000 settlers to found cities and populate these domains. Denmark asks GDoM to help into set a small colony in Indochina, as well help to set a small colony in OTL Angola, they military is rebuilt to ensure control of the African colony and the possible new colonies (if I am allowed to). Like the Germans we decide to join the new Olympics.
    • GDoM D: Since the King of Denmark (in his capacity as Duke of Holstein) is now a member-monarch of the German Confederation, the Grand Duke agrees to his request, and a team of colonialism experts (by which I mean military advisors, engineers, town planners, negotiators and administrators) is handed over to Denmark to assist in a setting up a small colony in Indochina. The Diet recommends South Cambodia as a good place to start.
  • Britain: Would like all nations to know that the former IOC was not 'British dominated', the president was a Greek. The IOC dissolves itself and Great Britain joins the Global Olympic committee. Aid is doubled once more to Monarchist Spain. The Royal Navy gives naval support to the rebels.


  1. Monarchists in Spain seize Madrid along with Central Spain. The remaining Republican-controlled area is the west.
  2. The IOC dissolves itself.
  3. The Games of the I Olympiad open in Philadelphia.
  4. Happy Platinum Jubilee! Cue the anthem!

You may now post.

  • Qing Dynasty: The Dynasty begins rebuilding in the southern regions, the ports before the Taiping Rebellion were prospering, yet this has drawn Chinese Modernization back by decades. The Emperor looks forward to rebuilding the nation, and is encouraging traders to make more profits in the Pacific, especially in Hawaii, hoping to slightly influence the Hawaiian Economy, though there is little progress due to the war-torn southern areas. Ten million civilians died in the rebellion, showing a clear-lack of workforce, yet allows many people without jobs with jobs. The Dynasty plans to fully modernize the military and navy, which they are only partially modernized, the program should begin in 1874.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: once again a request for the sail of Northern Sakhalin is made since most of the island is already Japanese.
    • Qing Dynasty: Upper Sakhalin is an important business territory for oversea trading that speeds up China to trade with the Hawaiian Kingdom, so no.
  • Japan: The Japanese request to purchase the territories of Micronesia now in exchange for a decent price and a nice supply of firearms. The Japanese operations in the Spanish colonies in Asia continue to keep monarchists out of power in the area. The practise of Kendo is declared a national sport but the practise of actual kenjutsu is being looked into to see whether it will be accepted or banned. a branch of the rail line is nearly at Osaka to decisively link all three major industrial centres in Japan. settlement of the northern island continues and plans to explore possible mines in Hokkaido begins by government sponsored companies to make work for the new settlers.
  • Russia is humiliated by the loss by swears revenge against Bukhara and the Ottomans. It SECRETLY meets with the Chinese for an alliance and trade agreements. They begin to re-improvize their army and find any mistakes that led to their defeat. They begin researching into new military technologies and try to retrain their troops as much as they can.
    • Qing: The Dynasty denies the military alliance.
    • Argument removed
  • Sweden-Norway: Joins the GloOC (to distinguish from the German Olympic Committee), and commissions three new ironclads, the SKS Malmö (ocean-going), the SKS Trondheim (ocean-going) and the SKS Bergen (a new class of ironclad designed to travel through both rivers and oceans). We ask for trade agreements with Japan, the Ottoman and Qing China. We would also like to invite Russia and Denmark to the Baltic Customs Union (if this is okay with GDoM) S-N sends observers to the civil war in Spain to observe tactics used by both sides and to collect information destined for the libraries of S-N's cities. Continues to support C4K program, which is expected to pay off 20-30 years.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The navy completes the five ironclads, and sets about researching into perhaps a submersible ship. The Grand Duke is pleased that relations with Sweden are improving, and welcomes Russia and Denmark into the Customs Union, as well as inviting Poland-Lithuania. Work continues on the railway in German Indochina.
    • The Ottomans offer to split Indochina with the Germans. The Ottomans will take Vietnam and Cambodia, the Germans can have the rest.
    • Denmark D: We accept your offer to help set a colony in Cambodia, we thank the GDoM For their help
  • The Ottoman Empire: After a lot of thinking, the Sultan sets out a fleet to Vietnam to establish a trading post. It asks the Mecklenburgers if they are interested in splitting all of Indochina (Denmark included).
  • Spain: The isolated republican force decide to fight until the end but all hope of victory seem to vanished after the fall of Madrid. A cease fire is ask to the republican enemies and it is propose to the rebel to make a constitutional monarchy to end the civil war who is destroying the nation and found a permanent way to keep peace between the republicans and the monarchists. The republican forces are ordered to make a defensive line until new order from the republican government are given.
    • The Spanish republican government is ready to go to the negotiation table with the monarchist and their allies. The monarchist are equally responsible for the war than we are, they did not try anything except war (I think) to be listened, did the monarchist and their allies agree to the ceasefire?
    • American Diplomacy: The United States offers to fund and sponsor negotiations towards the peaceful creation of a constitutional monarchy in Spain in exchange for possibly purchasing Micronesia.
  • Everyone in the Global Olympics, show up at the talk too.
  • Greece: With the IOC officially dissolved, the Hellenic Olympic Committee reluctantly joins the Global Olympic Committee. Extremely violent riots break out in Athens, many of which were workers building the planned buildings for the 1970 Olympics that were supposed to be built, including the new Olympic Stadium. Reportedly, at least 50 deaths and 482 injuries are confirmed by Athens police departments on the first day. As a response, President Zinovios Valvis, announces a State of Emergency, as all services shut down the country, once the riots break out to other cities. Police and Military forces deal with the protesters by shooting all on site, leading to hundreds of more casualties. As violence grows throughout the country, anti-Ottoman feelings grow to fever pitch, as Turkish families in the North of the country are murdered, Mosques are burnt down, and multiple enraged citizens even cross over into the border, Ottoman border guards are fired on by enraged mobs 200-large. (There were later reports revealing that Greek border guards did nothing to stop the xenophobic mob.). The Ottoman embassy in Napflion is charged into by a local mob, and storm the entire Embassy, killing everyone inside, and eventually burning down the entire Embassy while officials are inside (though some were Greeks themselves who died in the fires.) However, ironically, anti-Russian feelings are also high, though it does not go as far as firing on the Russian Embassy.
  • What the hell with anti Ottoman stuff? The GOC is French based. Jesus Christ, everyone's picked me from mintor enemies. And if it's that bad, place a bid for the 1868 Game. And don't control my nation. Have I mentioned that I have the best border security in the globe?
    • The Greeks are furious at having built the facilities for nothing, so they turn their anger at another country (the government has already pretty much been burnt to the ground at this rate, and the President has probably been killed), and remember the War of 1812, where the Americans still hated the British (though the British there are now modern-day Canadians), despite having half-a-century passed, and considering different religions, makes matters worse for Greeks and Ottomans. Don't worry, it's not just Ottomans their targeting, they are targetting other Embassies, including the Russians and French (despite the former is just as anti-Ottoman). Athens is currently a hellhole at the moment, so I don't think I will be bidding for the 1868 games. If it's worth anything, Greek and Ottoman (Turkish) relations are probably still higher here overall than OTL.
    • So 5000 people losing jobs causes anti Ottoman, French, and Russian sentiment to grow out of nothing? If stuff like that happened in OTL, which (as far as laying off goes) has happened, the whole of the Greater New York Metropolitan Area would have been burned to the ground. Also meaning the collapse of the global economy. At the least they would be pissed at the Brits, who screwed Greek Olympic hopes.
  • Denmark: Thanks to the Germans, the colony on Cambodia is set, settlers are sent to populate, while this occurs, settlers are sent as well to the African colony now named and refer to as Nye Jylland, or New Jutland, the army is build up to sustain any assault from other nations, and the qing dynasty is asked for an alliance and trade agreements
  • United States: The United States is now upset that the IOC has dissolved itself, as it put in quite a lot of money further modernising Philadelphia. Unless new Olympics are to be held in Philadelphia, the rest of the funds will be redirected. More Ironclads are build. American forces continue the occupation of Nanjing, and have set up a border about two to three miles from the city, marking it as an American territory. The leader of the Taiping rebellion is executed by firing squad to placate the Chinese government.
  • Didn't you hear? Philly is hosting this year's Games!
  • Well, no problem then!
  • Bukhara improves their military, and works on trade with China, the Ottomans (and Persia), as well as (through the Ottomans, Persia and China) trying to start good relations with the French in gratitude for their help.


  1. Desegregation and ending slavery continues in the United States. Abe Lincoln is inaugurated for his second term.
  2. The Global Olympic Committee opens voting in the talk page for the host city of the Games of the II Olympiad. This means everyone in the Olympics, show up at the talk page.
  3. Transylvania declares independence from Austria and joins Romania. This sparks a series of revolts in Austria. All minorities that are not Austrian German or Hungarian rebel against the Empire
  4. The rebels present a united front to form the Austrian Revolution but breakup into new states afterwards: Croatia, Slovakia, Czechland, and Ruthenia.
  5. Czechland asks to join the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg, as does Ruthenia
  6. Slovakia asks for Russian protection
  7. Croatia takes an independent stance.
  8. The Mongolian parts declare independence from the Russian and Chinese Empires to form Mongolia.
  9. (Late,but it was bound to happen) The 11 Southern Slave states secede from the United States of America and create the Confederate States of America. Later that year they fire on Ft. Sumter, beginning the American Civil War. Cotton production is disrupted, angering some nations.
  10. The Spanish Civil War is concluded with a crushing Monarchist victory. Queen Isabella II of Spain, who has been living in the UK with her husband William Prince of Wales this whole time, returns along with her family to her country.
  11. A huge memorial is built in Madrid to remember the members of the Spanish Royal Family who, except Isabella, all died at the hands of the Republicans 35 years ago.

Fixed the really long event into shorter ones.AP (talk) 22:15, August 14, 2012 (UTC)

You may now post.

Let's post shall we?

I just have one point to make. Since Napoleon never went conquering into Europe, that would mean that the Holy Roman Empire still exists, in some form. Therefore, shouldn't the German Confederation be called the Holy Roman Empire still?

Actually he did invade Prussia and Austria.

He defeated them, but I don't think that translates as bending them to his will. If that one guy didn't resign, then it could still exist.

  • Vietnam: The Vietnamese military is organized to fight off the coming Ottoman navy. The Emperor states that Vietnam has, and always shall remain an independent nation. Vietnam also accepts Mecklenburg's offer for a trade alliance, and requests that they send military aid and advisors to the nation to assist in developing the military.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: in an attempt to gain an ally in the region Japan extends a hand of friendship to Vietnam and decides to back Vietnamese independence. Along with offering to send military advisors and supply Vietnam with firearms.
    • Vietnamese Diplomacy: Vietnam accepts Japanese aid.
    • It's just a trading post for me and you to trade, not an invasion. And I have already come.
    • Well. Let me shut up then.
  • Japan: With the troops still active in the Philippines the Japanese Diet is unsure what to due they contact the new government in Madrid saying they will return the Philippines to the Spanish state, but in exchange no war indemnities are to be forced onto Japan, Japan is not to be considered a co-belligerent of the republican forces, and all equipment that the Japanese brought with them goes back to Japan. The government backs Vietnam in any stances against western imperialism in an attempt to gain an ally in the east since Japan has none at the moment. industrialization is continuing to expand north into the northern Prefectures, and the settlement of of the northern island continues and a military base will be constructed on Karafatu to protect the Japanese portion of the island. The government allows the continued practise of kenjutsu but with restrictions to insure that the government retains it place. A few hot springs are opened in the nation by locals making a good income because of the Japanese upper class enjoying visiting them.
  • Russia decides to ask Spain for an alliance and trade agreements. They also ask the United States if they can help in their war, but SECRETLY asks them some land in return. They continue to spread anti-Bukhara and anti-Ottoman propaganda across the country in order to persuade people who is the enemy here. In order to regain some prestige, they declare war on Poland.
  • Qing Dynasty: Hearing of the Russian invasion, the Qing stays neutral, due to the European Conflicts not having any connections with China. The Dynasty slowly steps away from the West, concentrating on trading in the Pacific Ocean, and slowly modernizes its army. Liberal ideas begin to form in the Dynasty.
  • Spain: The monarchists all across the nation christened the return of their queen who promises to bring stability and rebuild the Spanish reputation which has faded. The republican government members are execute for treason against the monarchy and many supporter are put in jail. The reconstruction of the ravaged nation continue and support to do so is ask to the Great Britain and to the duchy Meckenburg, an alliance is also offered to both nations. To rebuild its economy, the selling of Micronesia is considered and Japan is say that it is forgive to have support the traitor as they did not had much influence in the conflict.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese Military begins withdrawing from the Philippines and requests a price be set by Spain for the purchase of Micronesia, and thanks their consideration of the sale.
    • Spain would like 15 billions for the island (not good with the money stuff so not sure about this)
    • That's a lot for that time of history and I mean a lot. I don't think any nation had that much cash on them.
  • Greece: After the riots in Greece, the country starts itself back up, with a new President taking over, Constantine Kanaris takes over as President. Apologies are sent to the Ottoman Empire for recent violence. Apologies are also sent to other nations. Plans to continue the Olympic Stadium and modernization of the size continues, with hopes that Athens has another chance at holding the Olympics.
  • Britain: Accepts the offer from Spain(since we will soon by the same country anyway). Remains neutral in any conflict involving Russia/Poland and whatnot. Queen Charlotte visits Spain along with her son and her daughter in law, the Queen of Spain. Colonies expand and an alliance is offered to Denmark.
    • "the same country"? I thought it would just be a personal union? Like Britain and Canada and Australia today? Callumthered (talk) 06:04, August 15, 2012 (UTC)
    • Those are Commonwealth Realms. A personal union is more like Sweden-Norway or Poland-Lithuania. Even more relevant it is like the formation of the Kingdom of Great Britain from England and Scotland and later the formation of the UK from GB and Ireland.
    • Well actually; no. Sweden-Norway and Poland-Lithuania were actually single countries. When England and Scotland combined into GB, they ceased to exist, and were replaced by a new country, with a new monarchy (By which I mean, the monarch was styled "King of the United Kingdom of great Britain, as opposed to King of England and Scotland and Ireland). Personal union is like the case of the UK and Hanover: completely separate countries, simply sharing the same monarch. Callumthered (talk) 10:05, August 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • Sweden-Norway: Unsure of whether to help the Russians in an invasion of Poland or not, fearing a Second Central Asian War just 2 years after the end of the previous war, which, just like the previous war, has/had potential to escalate into a war that could engulf all of Europe. Introduces 3 more ironclads into service, the SKS Gustav(ocean-going) SKS Magnus (ocean-going) and the SKS Svalbard (ocean-river hybrid) Continues to support C4K, and asks Russia if it can buy Finland from it.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The Grand Duke rejoices at the Monarchist victory in Spain: Eventually Britain, Germany and Spain will all be reigned over by one person! The monarchs of the German Confederation (naturally supportive to the Monarchist cause) start a chortiy to assist the rebuilding of Spain. The Great Railway is completed in German Indochina, and a branch line is begun into Danish New Jutland. Two more ironclads are commissioned: One for the Eastern colony, and one for the Atlantic ones. The Army begins replacing its old smooth-bore artillery with brand-spanking-new Rifle Bore pieces.
  • Refer to the post above Sweden's, please.
  • United States: The Northern United States declares war on the separatist states, and threatens any nation that recognizes them. The Army under Robert E. Lee invades the south through Virginia, and another army invades South California. The Polynesian Protectorates also declare war on the confederacy, although they only offer token support. The U.S. government requests that it purchases the Micronesian Islands from Spain, but that it will have to wait a while.
  • I think you mean Carolina. And, care to vote for the 1868 Games?
  • No, I mean California. And sure.


  1. Tsar Alexander II of Russia is assassinated in Kiev.
  2. Argentina is plagued by federalist revolts.
  3. Austria-Hungary joins forces with Romania to put down the revolts, which they basically quell by the end of the year. In exchange, Romania is given Transylvania.
  4. The Austrian Revolutions are compared to the Revolutions of 1848, total and utter failures.
  5. A decisive defeat at Prague forced A-H to give Czechland its independence.
  6. Inspired by the minorities' defeat of the Austrians, nationalism surges in the Ottoman Balkan areas.
  7. Nestle and General Mills are founded (Oh yeah!)
  • Japan: Imperial forces continue withdrawing from the Philippines with most heading back to Japan but some remain in micronesia. Japan offers a reasonable price of 200,000 pounds for Micronesia (about 20,000,000 now days but still a ton in those days. Check a converter to see) the industrialization reaches a pinnacle in Osaka and Edo, and other cities in the north and south gain more industry. More importation of natural resources continues to meet the growing industry. The navy continues expanding with the intention of securing a strong military and presenting a powerful state to the rest of the world.
  • Spain: The reconstruction of the nation continue but it will take many years to complete. Spain accept Japan offer and the military forces and their equipment are send in the Philippines colony to re-enforce the colony defense. Morocco and the Philippines are ask for more resource the time of the reconstruction but more social reforms are given to the locals, bringing them closer from the Spanish life standard by beginning a small modernisation campaign.
  • Russia agrees to Slovakia's request. They are forced to recognize Mongolian independence applet swears to take it back soon. They mourn the death of the tsar and the new Tsar, Alexander III will hopefully help reform the nation. He SECRETLY funds the separatist movements in Austria as an excuse to gain satellite states in the region.
  • No one gave a cent about the desert wasteland of Mongolia.
  • Denmark: we accept the alliance with the British and plead them to join forces against the Russian attempt to take over Poland as a purely expansionist movement that we should not allowed to occur, and the nation recognizes the CSA as a nation, the Colony at New Jutland uses as base for a road through the entire colony the great railway from the German Indochina, while this the assembly gives all colonists and inhabitants from the colonies the Danish Citizenship if they agree to be loyal to the assembly and the nations, and as said before Denmark declares war against Russia and ask for help from the British and the Ottomans to protect Poland
  • Sweden-Norway: Again asks Russia if we can buy Finland from them, and commissions 3 more ironclads, the SKS Norway(ocean-going) SKS Sweden (ocean-going) and the SKS Baltic Express (ocean-going). The army replaces the M1855 revolving rifle with the M1860 Spencer rifle, a lever action rifle with a removable magazine, and it also uses metallic cartridges. Continues to support C4K.
    • Denmark: We ask that Sweden-Norway to help us to keep Poland independent of Russia.
    • Erm, Russia stole Finland form you in war.
  • S-N: We have a narrow chance at defeating Russia if we fight together (it would pretty much all come down to the random), but I am unsure this is a war I want to fight. I'm sure we would demand something from Russia if we won, and this would be just as expansionist as they are.
    • Denmark: Maybe for you will be expansionist. The only things I ask if I win are some ports in eastern Russia to trade with the Japanese and that they leave alone Poland, you want Finland.
    • Poland is already conquered damn it! Scraw already mentioned that last turn.
    • When did he mentioned? I didn't saw any post, that's the why of the I'm not going to through 80 years of games away for a silly fight from AP? Oh, sorry but please don't erase them or at least post like say Poland is already conquered.
    • I erased it, but you did win.
  • Greece: President Kanaris restates the Hellenic Neutrality Policy, however, it is clear that he is supportive of the break-up of Austria-Hungary, which will make Eastern Europe a much safer place. Diplomatic Missions are sent to Czechland, Ruthenia, Slovakia and Croatia, for form diplomatic relations. This move is very popular with the Greek people, and has highest approval rate since the Republic's first President.
    • Russian Diplomacy: It SECRETLY notes Greece that they will make satellite states out of the newly independent states from Austria and the Ottomans, but assures them their security.
  • Vietnam: The Vietnamese military is expanded to 75,000 rifle-armed troops, and the navy receives its first modern warships from Japan (Correct me if I'm wrong). Vietnamese troops invade Laos to reclaim ancient lands, stating that the Laotian people were once subjects of the Vietnamese crown, and that they are rightful subjects of the Emperor in Hue. Requests for aid in building a railroad starting in Hanoi and going to Saigon are sent to Europe, and plans to develop a local arms manufacturing industry in the north are underway.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: Is a bit unsure of how the demise of Austria-Hungary will effect the balance of power, and the Grand Duke asks German Austria to join the Confederation, as the Archduchy of Austria. The Diet, on the urging of the Grand Duke, declares that all subjects in the colonies have the same rights as subjects of the Confederation, and the colonies can have small legislative assemblies. The completed ironclads steam off to their respective colonial posts.
  • They didn't collapse.
  • Yeah, I realised too late :) Callumthered (talk) 03:28, August 16, 2012 (UTC)
  • The Ottoman Empire reforms into the Muslim Union, giving Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Persia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Maghreb, Transcaucasia, Tripolitania, Central Africa, and several other regions a large degree of autonomy. Vietnam offered a trade alliance and aid in conquering Laos. Greece offered an alliance, as is Britain.


  1. The first ship passes through the Suez Canal, an international waterway.
  2. Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom signs the British North American Act, creating the Dominion of Canada.
  3. Das Kapital is published by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, writers of the Communist Manifesto.
  4. The former Aztlanian states annexed by the US revolt and declare independence in order to return to Aztlan (only Baja, Sonora, Chihuahua, Rio Grande states, basically OTL Mexican borders
  5. The Revolting Mexican states ally with the Confederacy and invade California.
  6. Nationalism rises in prominence slowly in the Balkans and Ottoman North Africa, inspired by the events in Austria.
  7. The Grand Duke of Mecklenburg dies of pneumonia in January. William, Prince of Wales/Berlin succeeds him as Grand Duke. This is not personal union yet. However, they are getting there.
  8. 'Denmark and Sweden, the war with Poland is over. It was a Russian victory.'
  9. 'Romania, Czechland and Canada are now playable nations.'
  10. A revolution starts in Aztlan, the people tired of neutrality. The rebels mostly wish for foreign aid, particularly from Austria. (As you can see, I am trying to create a French Intervention parallel. By 1868 the Iturbidian government will have been overthrown with a military government temporarily in place until they can secure ties with Austria. You'll all see how this works out.)
  11. Yellow fever breaks out in the CSA, originating in Louisiana and Texas.


  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The entire German Confederation goes into mourning at the loss of their great sovereign. The Diet of the Confederation gives him the posthumous title of "Prince-Primate of the German Confederation", which passes to his son, along with the Grand Ducal throne. Merchants begin using the Suez Canal as a convenient shortcut to German Indochina. Diplomats are sent to the Dominion of Canada, Romania and Czechland. The Mecklenburger Diet creates a "Committee for the Co-ordination of the Personal Union" (CCPU), whose aims is to prepare the country's institutions for the eventual union of the German, British and Spanish thrones. Gold is discovered by a surveyor in the small German South-East Africa Colony, and, once the secret is divulged to the Governor, he claims the entire coast between the Portuguese part and the British part for Germany. Actual settlement will take time though. The navy experiments with using Turrets on warships instead of cannons, but work is ongoing.
  • Greece: Diplomatic Missions are sent to Romania and Canada, to establish relations. Looking to send trade offers, the first Greek merchant ships to leave the Mediterranean occur, crossing through the newly formed Suez Canal. Trading forts are to be set up in East Africa, giving Greeks more economic power for the rebuilding of the country.
  • Japan: All forces are withdrawn from the Philippines and most are finally home. With the purchase of Micronesia the empire of Japan expands its naval activities to the Pacific to protect its maritime borders. a nationwide crackdown on drug sellers in an attempt to curve the usage of opium in Japan. a new Hatsu arms factory is opened in Osaka to help with arms production.
  • Spain: The reconstruction of the mainland continue and the Spanish navy begun to build six ironclads. The monarchy saw that by using the Suez Canal, the travel between the Philippines and the mainland be faster and cheaper and begun to use it. A diplomatic mission is also send to the dominion of Canada to established a diplomatic relation. The communist manifesto is not allow to enter in Spain as the unending economic problem could give some idea to the former republican or to the middle class, our condolence are send to the duchy of Mecklenburg.
  • France: France continues to expand its colonies. Meanwhile, the military is expanded, and support is sent to the United States against the CSA and revolting Mexicans. Seven new ironclads are constructed and diplomats are sent to the Dominion of Canada.
  • Sweden-Norway: Shuts off all trade with the CSA fearing the outbreak could spread to Europe. Sends diplomats to Canada, Romania, and Czechland. Continues to support C4K. Replaces smooth-bore cannons with rifled cannons. Purchases some Gatling guns, and decides to use them to supplement cannons on ships. Introduces universal male conscription for ages 18-20. Conscripts are required to serve for 1 1/2 years, they can start at age 18, 19 or 20, it is up to them when to serve. AGAIN asks Russia if it can buy Finland from it. Builds two new ironclads, the SKS Arctic Express (ocean-going) and the SKS Atlantic Express (ocean going).
  • Stop asking that, damn it. Russia is your enemy and stole Finland from you in a War.
  • United States: The Army continues its campaign against the rebellious south, and warfare along the Mexican/Aztlan border begins. The French are thanked for their aid. The Confederate and Aztlan navies are completely destroyed in a large naval battle of the coast of Florida. Lincoln thinks the war will be over soon, largely in part because of French aid, the large number of troops stationed in the south, and the technological and numerical superiority against the Mexican forces.
  • No one got involved OTL, no one will ATL. It is purely an American affair. (That was to everyone). Also you won't 'completely destroy' their navies in less than a year, in fact you probably won't at all. By the way, you're not fighting Aztlan you are fighting the states you annexed in the war with them; they seceded from you and are fighting alongside the CSA.
  • OTL that was Napoleon III, and he was trying not to get involved because of the Intervention. Napoleon I, and thusly the Eaglet as well, would have supported the United States. And the CSA Navy is like a fleet of toy boats. The Austrians could have blown them out in seven months.
    • Following the lead of the French, the Muslim Union begins sending supplies, although not troops yet, to the United States.
  • Qing Dynasty: The Dynasty recognizes the little nation of Mongolia to its north. The Emperor now aging urges more economic breakthrough in the Pacific, especially in Hawaii, parts of the south are built due to mass manual labor and a sudden burst of jobs, which brings up happiness in the south though unrest will remain still. The army slowly modernizes along with the navy.


  1. The Games of the II Olympiad 1872 are awarded to Mecklenburg, Germany. Begin preparations! Voting for the 1876 Games are underway on the talk page.

You may now post.

Discussion above moved to talk page.

Undid all previous edits. Undermine me again Scraw and you will be gone as a mod. Lee will be Union, but the war will be extremely difficult given the circumstances ATL. Compromise. I hate making threats like that man so just don't do stuff like that alrigh?AP (talk) 00:44, August 18, 2012 (UTC)

Oh, so now other mod can't use their powers and Imperial Russia can give all ethnicities equal rights? You're lucky I give up. But next time you wanna pull some implausible stuff, let's discuss it, okay?

  • Russia SECRETLY aids to nationalist movements in the Ottoman Empire as an excuse to establish puppet states. Meanwhile, in order to discourage the very same thing in the country, they allow all nationalities to have equal rights and representation in the government. They continue to build up forces in the Ottoman and Bukharan borders and also spread anti-Bukharan and Ottoman propaganda. They begin establishing a colony at South Vietnam.
  • Britain: Prince William travels to Germany where he will be the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg. The world's most powerful navy continues naval expansion in response to the naval expansions by other countries in accordance with the new 2 navy rule adopted by Parliament after pressuring by Queen Charlotte. Great Britain reminds the world that the American Civil War is an American affair and that no country, ally or enemy, should get involved. Colonies expand. The first Prime Minister and Governor-general of Canada meet with the Queen in London. The Crown makes an official offer to Russia to purchase Alaska for a reasonable price and aid in establishing a VERY small colony in Africa.
  • Japan: The Japanese empire slowly starts building up a few more factories of different products to diversify the economy as much as possible. plans are made by members of the university of Kyoto to attempt an experiment using electricity to see if anything comes from it. The first Ironclad is made. 6 others are commissioned to be made within 5 years time. The Japanese government starts sending a few thousand rifles to Vietnam to help them.
  • Spain: The nation is mostly rebuild along with two ironclads who leave the shipyards. The military begun to be modernise with new equipment as there was clearly a lack in the wars make by the Spanish, the Spanish industry also begun to be upgraded with more factory build on the mainland but also in its colony. Vietnam and Japan are approached with a trade offer while the trade with the USA is limited due to the disease there and the Philippines continue its modernisation.
  • Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese empire accepts the trade offer. a request is made to set up a few Japanese companies in the future within the Philippines.
  • Sweden-Norway: Continues to support C4K, and commissions 3 new ocean-going ironclads, along with establishing a large naval base at Svalbard. Some wooden ships are based at this harbor, along with the ironclads SKS Arctic Express, SKS Svalbard, and the SKS Magnus. Begins to train its troops in advanced fighting procedures and amphibious landings, fearing a second Bukharan war will soon occur. Steps up weapon production for the coming year.
  • The Muslim Union awards Serbia, Egypt, and Bulgaria the status of Dominion. Meanwhile the government decides that it must bring down its enemy of Russia and begins funding Cossack and Samoyedic independence. The government also considers aiding the United States, but rejects the idea. Meanwhile the Empire refuses to accept the annexation of Poland and holds a position in its foreign offices for the Ambassador of Lehistan (Poland). (This also happened in OTL, so don't get any ideas.) Meanwhile the Union politely asks the Russians to get the damn hell away from the border. (Which is an obvious signal of war.) It offers Denmark and Japan alliances, and Vietnam a full alliance and mutual defense pact. Britain is offered an alliance for the last time, as is Spain for the first time.
  • How do you know the Russians are funding movements in your country? I mean secretly was in all caps.
  • So? I would support them, anyway. I hate Russia. And I never said I knew that.
  • United States: The war against the south proceeds smoothly, with the breakaway states of North Carolina, Arkansas, and Tennessee firmly under Union control. The Western front is almost over, with the few troops sent from Polynesia proving to be very useful. Aztlan is implicated in aiding the other states rebel, and Lincoln promptly declares war on them as well. And to any who object, this makes sense. If the people of Aztlan now reject neutrality, it is only natural that they would hate the U.S., likely aiding the breakaway states. Furthermore, Lincoln declared that any nation aiding the rebels will face war. So it works.
  • Qing Dynasty: The modernized part of the Qing Navy heads out to the Pacific Spreading out, it combats Piracy on the Pacific from Indonesia to Polynesian Waters. The Empire briefly enters a state of surplus gains, but it returns to its normal self a month afterwards. Tax breaks to companies selling and buying in Polynesia or Hawaii are given. The army, slowly is moving towards to the rank up to European Technology, looks up north to an ever-growing hostile Russia, it also looks south to the various European Colonies, almost surrounded it ask Japan to sign a defensive alliance and trade agreements which would make it easier for Chinese and Japanese Merchants to make business in both countries, while the defensive alliance would be to discourage hostile nations.
  • British D: We've stated before that we don't want hostile relations with China, an important trading partner. The UK and the British Raj in India offer China an alliance and if not, then just a non-aggression pact.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The German Diet creates an Olympic Planning Committee, who begin preparing Mecklenburg city for the '72 Olympics. Houses are built for the Village, and work is underway on a stadium and in improving the Mecklenburg Baths for the swimming event/events (I'm not very sure how popular swimming was in the 1860s). The navy continues researching into rotating turrets for its ironclad warships, and fits out a river-monitor with a prototype. Three mid-sized ironclad frigates are ordered. Diplomats in China assure the Chinese emperor that Germany does not want conflict with China, and the only reason the Indochinese colony exists at all is so we can enjoy the benefits of your trade.


  1. Nationalist movements grow in the Balkans.
    • OK, I think this has gone quite a bit far. I made them dominions. That's as far as they can get in terms of independence. So unless the Balkan people are going to revolt against their Balkan government, I doubt this will continue plausibly.
  2. The American Civil War rages on.
  3. The CSA seizes Tennessee from the Union.

You may now post.

  • Qing Dynasty: The aging Qing Empire, fearing with the inability of his sons and grandsons, taking up the ideas of the west, he reforms in six months the Qing Empire to a Constitutional Monarchy, to the surprise of many people. The Empire is divided in twelve distinct areas, each area having two representatives. The ideas are foreign yet exciting the Chinese CommonFolk as they finally have a chance to get a say in the government. The Emperor still holds a considerable force of power, in equal footing with the Prime Ministers, yet both of them need Senate approval for things such as declaration of wars. Various political groups forms, one of them being "The Children of the Hans" a major group wanting to bring back more traditional Chinese Culture, and anti-European, though this group only holds two seat. The "Liberty" is a group wanting to establish a democratic-government based off the U.S. The "Conservatives" a group founded by an American-Chinese in China, a Constitutional Monarchy with Conservative ideals, then there are, simply, "the Dynasty" which is a group with a neutral stance in the world and would only take stance on what the Qing needs, supports a constitutional monarchy, and holds the majority of the seats in the senate.
  • Tell me if you think this is implausible, I think it's legit though, since the Qing Dynasty has had more connections with European ideals due to more trade with them than OTL which China restricted European trade. Ianian58 (talk) 03:07, August 18, 2012 (UTC)
  • I think it seems legit enough. Although you don't specify how the members of the Senate are elected. I personally think the "Children of the Han" would have more seats in the Senate; because of the conservative nature of China in the 19th century. Callumthered (talk) 04:31, August 18, 2012 (UTC)
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: Mecklenburg continues preparations, with the olympics only two years away! The Baths have been renovated, but the stadium still has far to go. The Army's shooting range will be used for the shooting competition, and the Penny-farthing bicycle race will take place through Mecklenburg's winding cobblestone streets. The other indoor sports (gymnastics, fencing, wrestling, weightlifting) will be held in the Gymnasium of the Mecklenburg university, which has world-class equipment. All this renovation and building is creating many jobs and much work for the nation's steel and building materials factories. In non-Olympic matters, the new ironclad frigates have been completed, bolstering the forces of the Baltic Fleet. Quite a few settlers, lured by tales of gold, have flocked to South-West Africa in order to make their fortunes. The Governor will issue mining licenses, which will be a great source of revenue for the still-new colony. The Grand Duke praises the Chinese Emperor for introducing democratic institutions into his country.
  • Greece: The Hellanic Olympic Committee plans to register Athens once more, as a candidate for the 1876 Olympics, since time has passed, and much of the mess caused by the violent riots years ago has been cleaned up. The first Association Football teams are created between Universities and Colleges in Athens, Thessaloniki and Napflion. The idea of an international teams being formed is suggested, as an idea to incorporate the sport into the Olympics comes up, and is suggested to Mecklenburg. The President also confirms that while the country will remain neutral, and not support rebellions, that any new country that may be formed, may have a diplomatic mission come from Greece, regardless of government or affiliation.
  • Britain: Great Britain's private companies sponsor Mecklenburg in the coming Olympics. Meanwhile Queen Charlotte invites France, Denmark, Germany, Portugal and Spain to the London Conference (ATL equivalent of the Berlin Conference) in order to formally divide Africa so as to prevent colonial wars. Also British, Spanish and German committees deliberated for days in a conference in Barcelona, Spain to draft a flag. After two weeks, they reached a concensus for what the flag of the upcoming union would look like and it is released to the world. (Isn't it grand?)
  • Removed picture due to hugeness.
  • Spain: China is told that we have no bad intention toward Japan and them and to confirm it, we propose China a trade pact. The last two ironclads leave the shipyards and the military is built up. After that, the economy continues to recover. The future personal union with Germany and the UK make some Spanish citizens uncertain but they are told that it will be good for everyone. The Philippines modernisation continue and a diplomatic mission is sent to the London conference.
  • Japan: Military is nearly completely modernized at this point with a standing army of nearly 100,000 actives and a drafting clause in the constitution in case of national emergency. The train lines are being expanded and general well being is seen throughout much of central and southern Japan. a national tournament for kenjutsu is planned for the next year and westerners are invited to watch.
  • Russia continues to SECRETLY fund the separatist movements in the Balkans. They ask Romania for an alliance and trade agreements. Due to the increasing anti-Western sentiment in China, they use this as an excuse to persuade some European nations to distant themselves from China.
  • Erm...are you planning a Balkan revolt against the Serbian, Bosnian, and Bulgarian governments? Cause they're no longer controlled by Ottomans, they're like Britain and Canada or something. And what is this stuff 'bout China?
  • The Muslim Union continues to fund any sort of rebellious movements in Russia, particularly Transcaucasian, Cossack, Samoyedic, Turk (as in Kazah and the such), and Finnish ones. Meanwhile Britain is offered an alliance. (Will you respond to this or not?) and asks that its dominions can keep their parts of Africa when the Europeans decide to colonize it. (These dominions include Egypt, Tunis, Fezzan, Maghreb, Sudan, and two more which I have not named.) Meanwhile all regions in the Balkans (save the Golden Horn) are given Dominion status. Persia and Transcaucasia are granted the same status, as is Afghanistan. Meanwhile Greece and Romania are given offers to join the Balkan Trade Union with Serbia, Bosnia, and Bulgaria.


  1. Jackson and his Confederate Army liberates Arkansas and North Carolina. They invade Missouri and Kentucky in the summer. Kentucky falls but the Union crushes the Confederate assault in Missouri before winter.
  2. Nationalist Balkan movements stand still, yet the 'dominions' are angry at the fact that they are living under the suzerainty of a country called "the Muslim Union"
  3. The beginnings of nationalist movements in French Italy are showing, small yet growing with time.
  4. Small nationalist movements in Ireland commence as well, inspired by other ones.
  • Why would these be small, yet the Balkan ones were immediately large, as was the initial formation of the CSA?

You may now post.

A: What's "suzerainty?" And B: The Muslim Union is only Arabia and Turkey. Everything else is separate. Is Canada part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland or a separate nation? Eh?

Suzerainty is when a region or people are part of a dominant power (the 'suzerain') and are given limited autonomy. This was originally used to describe the relationship between the Otts and the Balkans/the areas they controlled. When it was a dominion, Canada was a part of the British Empire. So yeah.

It's sovereignty and sovereign. And I asked you or better name ideas. I have nothing except Union of XYZ ABCs. Anyone got ideas?

Actually suzerainty is similar but different from sovereignty. Sovereignty is when the dominant power dominates the region completely. Suzerainty is when you still rule them but they are given autonomy.

Sovereignty means that you are totally independent actually. Ah, so suzerainty is a word. Meh. Learn something new everyday. Regardless, name ideas?

  • Dominion of Canada: A small, yet growing number of Canadians believe that independence by peaceful means is the only way for Canada to reach its full potential. A new political party is formed, lead by James Scott, the Canadian Nationalist party is formed. Canada looks to the south for good lands, and the Nationalists secretly want US land. The Nationalist demagogues secretly want to convince Britain to assist the CSA, and when they win, the rabid abolitionist states of New England may be convinced to join free Canada. Canada expresses interest in hosting the Olympics in the future, but is impossible now, due to the fact that Montreal, the city they plan on using, has no real major sports complexes (in the eyes of people from the 1870's).
  • Lol XD That would never happen.
  • United States: In a major battle, the forces of the Union under Lee and Grant defeat Jackson at the capital of Kentucky (forget what it is), sending the rebels back into the south. Arkansas falls back under Union control, as does North Carolina. General Sherman leads the advance into South Carolina, while Winfield Scott Hancock beats the Aztlan states at Phoenix. Lincoln is succeeded by Hamlin, who vows to defeat the confederacy utterly.
    • Too fast of a comeback.
    • The Confederates won't win. Scraw I need to go, keep things civil. Don't allow MP's complaint and the argument he spawned to ruin the game. I'm counting on you. We'll discuss the power issue on my page.
    • I certainly will not. Especially due to your insults. It is neither a "complaint" or an "argument," and he did not spawn it, you did by retaliating with ridiculous crud.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The Olympic stadium is beginning to take shape, and the Engineers are confident it will be finished in time for the '72 games. Settlers flock in even greater numbers to South-West Africa, hoping to strike it lucky. The income from all the mining licenses is giving the Colonial Administration a very good income, helping them to build public buildings, and establish a police force, to maintain order in the goldfields. The navy unveils its latest development; the SMS Unterwasserboot; a fully-functioning submarine, equipped with two torpedoes. It can only stay under water for about three hours before resurfacing though, and is still only a prototype. And some aid is sent to help the USA defeat the Confederates, the cotton milling industry in the German Confed. has taken a bit of a downturn because of the war.
    • With regards to the Talk page conversation, we still have heaps of time until we have to find a solution. If Charlotte is to be a Victoria parallel, we still have like, thirty days/turns.
  • Greece: The President, along with the Mayor of Athens, confirm that they are sending their bid for the 1884 Olympics. Greece accepts the agreement to trade with the Muslim Union, on the condition that it will not effect any other trade agreement with other countries.
  • Spain: the native in the Philippines and in Morocco are give full citizenship and greater influence in their respective colony, the modernisation continue. China is given the guarantee that we have no hostile objective against them. More money begun to be put in the military budget with the hope of rebuilding the military forces at its former glory, the military modernisation also go well and four other ironclad begun to be build. Canada and China are offer a trade offer.
  • Japan: the first kenjutsu tournament is held and is won by a veteran from the imperial restoration from the satsuma clan. economic growth continues. a mission is sent to the USA to decide whether to recognise the confederate states or not. An imperial monument will be built in Edo and in Kyoto to commemorate the retention of Japanese culture while embracing progress.
  • Britain: (Solution time) The projected union with Germany will happen due to both of us being Protestant and other reasons presented at the conference. However, Spain will not join the union due to them being Catholic as a majority. Spain is given an apology and is offered an alliance.(Spain has not abolished male primogeniture anyway, Mary couldn't have become Queen because she has a brother - who will be raised a Catholic -, Philip). Prince William annuls his marriage to Isabella to prevent a religious backlash. However, Isabella was already pregnant with Philip (Felipe) before. And thus the two siblings separate. Mary, destined to be Queen of the UK and Germany will live with her father in London and is being raised Protestant. Little newborn Philip, who after being born displaced his sister as heir apparent anyway, is destined to become King of Spain and is raised a Catholic by his mother in Madrid. ---Apologies to Scraw and MP, we shouldn't throw a prosperous and great game away over an in-game thing----
    • Spain accept the alliance offer.
  • *claps hands* Wonderful solution! Apology accepted! Erm, but I think Isabella wouldn't have been Queen because of Spanish royal sexism, so I think the crown might go to some fourth cousin or something.
  • Her whole family is dead. Depressing, but true. The Republicans killed them when they were fleeing to their former dominion in SA (New Granada). So she has to repopulate the Royal family by herself, her heir apparent is a newborn.
  • Highly unlikely. The Royal Family goes as far as twelfth cousins. The people living the palace were killed, but they definitely have relatives far across the globe. For all we know, her first cousin Joe could have been a peasant begging for more in Ethiopia! XD But still, royal families have relatives across the globe in the line of succession.
  • She was Queen OTL so we should keep it that way, we don't need to scour the world for a successor XD
  • Oh nvm then. lol
  • no major step has been made fo the union, so I think that we were spared from the worse.
  • Vietnam: The north-south railroad is completed, linking both sides of the empire together. The military is expanded to 135,000 men, and requests for modern warships are sent Europe and Japan. Three arms factories are opened in Hanoi, Saigon, and the imperial capital of Hue. A modern shipyard is under construction in Hai Phong, and a second railway is under development to link the rich southern farmlands together. Vietnamese forces capture the Laotian city of Louangphabang, and proceed onwards to Vientiane. Plans to invade Cambodia are drawn up, and the Vietnamese emperor sends out requests for foreign investment into his developing nation.
    • ​Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese empire will help Vietnam modernize and well help it make modern vessels but due to its still growing navy and the project to make purely modern vessels we cannot sell any vessels to Vietnam. The Japanese empire offers an industrialization package and a good 4000 Japanese firearms of the recent breech loading design. a trade agreement is requested with Vietnam.
    • Vietnamese Diplomacy: Vietnam agrees to the Japanese offer. In light of the recent agreement, Vietnam would like to establish a "special relationship" with Japan, in which both of our nations may grow together.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese accept the agreement and an ambassador along with several advisors are sent to Vietnam to help the nation modernize and avoid colonization.
  • Russia SECRETLY meets with the Muslim Union's Dominion's foreign diplomats (Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, and others in the Balkans), persuading them that because Islam is superior to Christianity in their region, they should break free so that they would be freed from the chains fo religious discrimination. It sees the possible union between Germany and Britain with major concern of how this could effect the balance of power. They SECRETLY begin to fund pro-western groups in China, hopefully to get rid of it of anti-western influence.
  • Deleted. RWG you're welcome to come back just stay plausible dang it. Everybody else can do it, why not you.
  • The Muslim Union officially changes its name of the Union of Eurasian and African Nations, or simply the United Nations (sound familiar? XD), which I shall call it. The (executive, legislative, judicial) government is declared secular although the Caliph (or Sultan, whatever) is Muslim. The new republics within the Union are Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Anatolia, Arabia, Persia, Crimea, Transcaucasia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Maghreb, Fezzan, Tripolitania, and two more which I have not named yet. In other news the Sinai Canal is reopened as an international waterway as there were some complications with it following the inital opening. Russia is offered a new non-aggression pact to renew good feelings instated in the 1790s and even a trade alliance if it is interested. BRITAIN IS OFFERED A FRAKKING ALLIANCE FOR THE SIXTH TIME. In other news (redundancy is redundant, lol), Vietnam is offered an alliance.
  • Denmark: The assembly sees the struggle from the Aztlan states and recognizes them as an independent nation, the assembly decides to give danish citizenship to the colonies settlers, and decides to send 5000 settlers to each African and the Cambodia colony/protectorate, the army is sent into these as well to protect the territories and to initiate the expansion of the Danish Africa Northern.
    • GDoM D: The Grand Duchy is interested in purchasing the island of Heligoland. There are two main reasons for the purchase: Firstly, the inhabitants are more German than Danish, and the German Confederation is for ALL Germans, and Secondly, we want it as a naval base in the North Sea. And it is pretty much unused by you, let's say...10,000 Thalers? AND a [prototype] submarine?
    • Denmark: Despite the interesting offer we will pass this time.
    • GDoM D: How about if we increased the offer to 20,000 thalers and a submarine?
    • Denmark D:Give me 15.000 thalers and two submarines.
  • May I also ask who deleted my post? and why?
  • Bukhara's Emir Botir has become greatly interested in the outside world. He builds new Mosques to celebrate Islam, but he allows other Muslims than just the Sunni Hanafi groups of Bukhara to come to his court, even Shi'a! He even invites Chinese from his ally to come to Bukhara to teach him of the Chinese culture, of which they know sadly less than they should. He contacts the Russians, and beseeches the former enemy of Bukhara to cease their hatred, so peace may exist in central Asia forever.
  • Qing Dynasty: The now aging, and paranoid Emperor announces his second youngest (of his five) as the heir, twenty four and married and has a military carrier who rose up the ranks, the Emperor believes it is the wise choice, though it raised the eyebrows of many, considering his oldest son was the most popular and was an expert at economics. The repairs in the south from the Taiping Rebellion is finished, the modernized navy continues to flex its muscles taking out Pacific Pirates, gaining influence in the Pacific Islands as Chinese Traders now have clearer and safer pathways for commerce, especially in the Hawaii Kingdom. The empire continues its modernization of the navy as it now begins to encourage a stronger industry in the country.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: Japan will allow Chinese traders into the Micronesian islands but refuses to allow any Chinese navy vessels into their land and requests that Japanese territory be respected.
    • Spanish D: we are ready to trade with you via the Philippines but your military ship will not be welcome in a perimeter around the colony. we propose a anti-pirate organisation for the Pacific Ocean for any nations owning territories there to protected the trans-Pacifc trade from piracy.


  1. Yellow fever is contained in the CSA.
  2. Confederates retake Kentucky and North Carolina. Arkansas resists the Union.
  3. Nationalist movements in Italy and Ireland grow.
  4. The Royal Frederick Hall is opened by Queen Charlotte.
  5. British Columbia joins the Dominion of Canada.
  6. Major fires break out in Chicago, Peshtigo, Holland, and Manistee (of Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan respectively).
  7. Chancellor Bismark of Prussia enacts harsh laws regarding the separation of church and state to suppress the influence of Catholics.
  8. (Don't know if you know this) The Games of the III and IV Olympiad are awarded to Stockholm, Sweden-Norway and Istanbul, United Nations. (in 1876 and 1880).

Vietnam--Your army is too big, don't ever delete what I cross out.

First, I didn't delete anything you crossed out. Second, Vietnam had a large military at the time, its neighbors Siam and Burma fielding larger armies. Burma was able to field 70,000 troops at its height, and Siam was able to field 90-120,000 troops during the same period. Vietnam was able to field as many as both nations. And if I am incorrect, please tell me how large an army can be. And I take it I'm speaking to Scraw?

Clearly, you are not at your 'height.' Create a plausibly sized army, I won't designate a specific number but be plausible.

Nope. AP, the dictatorial dictator of the game. AP, you're overestimating Confederate power. Once they lose something, they can't take it back.

Doesn't matter, their decline is around the corner. I think they'll only hold out for another year or two.

And another thing...Royal ALBERT Hall? A hall named after the husband she never had? Royal Frederick Hall, I would think. Callumthered (talk)

My bad, I'll change it. But I know you're all excited to hear Adele Live at the Royal Frederick Hall in 141 years XD (bad joke, I know.)

You may now post.

  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: The final preparations are being made for Schwerin to host next years Olympics. The stadium will be finished well in time for the games, and all the other places are being given their last preparations. A few units of Macklenburg and of Bavarian troops are posted on the border with Prussia, and all Catholic refugees are welcomed with open arms. The Grand Duke accepts Denmark's offer, and 15,000 thalers (and two prototype submarines) are sent to Denmark in return for Heligoland. A small naval squadron lands on the Island, claiming it for Mecklenburg. The Navy builds three new prototype subs, two for Denmark, and one to keep. Settlers continue to migrate to South East Africa.
  • Southeast Africa? Where?
  • Sorry, got my East and West mixed up, lol. I mean German South-West Africa.Callumthered (talk)
  • Britain:Queen Charlotte opens the Royal Frederick Hall in memory of her late husband, HRH The Prince Consort and former Grand Duke of Germany/Mecklenburg Frederick. The ceremony was conducted by the Royal Family headed by the Queen and her son and heir apparent William, current Grand Duke of Mecklenburg/Germany. William searches for a new royal spouse after having his marriage to Isabella II of Spain annulled last year. The Crown returns sovereignty to Spain over the Philippines after having administered the islands for them for more than 40 years. Princess Royal, Anne is in search of a husband as well.
  • Russia warns Britain that if the union between Germany is made, they can ruin the balance of power in Europe. It SECRETLY meets with anti-Ottoman groups in the Balkans to eventually take over the Balkans in a future rebellion as long as they become satellite states for Russia. They SECRETLY ask Sweden and Mecklenburg for a non-aggression pact.
  • It already happened. And were you not told to remain plausible? New nations ain't gonna be frakking satellites. And you can openly ask them for any pacts.
  • I am aware of the marriage. And yes I am plausible, okay? Some nations did do this!
  • No you are not by a large margin. People did that, cough cough Napoleon, but after he freed them. Ahead of time he didn't say, "Hey, Genoa, Rhine, how's I free y'all and then I conquer you?" He said "Let's free you, okay?" Then he freed them and said "Sorry, I'm gonna invade you! :)"
    • I meant that Russia will help them be independent, as long as they are VERY loyal states to the country.
    • That is the most ridiculous thing me ever heard. No sane nation would agree to that. Look, just bring them to power and sign alliances with them, okay? Is that hard to do?
    • That is what I meant!
  • France: Not wanting bloodshed, Napoleon II gives Italy independence, and pulls troops out of the country. Meanwhile, the military is expanded and colonies in Africa are expanded.
  • British D: Queen Charlotte is honestly surprised at France's decision to liberate Italy. If you decide to change your mind, Great Britain pledges assistance in the reconquest.
  • Ahahahahaha no. After Napoleon wasted all that time and energy and power conquering Italy and ensuring that the Vatican is under complete French control, I doubt Nappy Jr. would say, "Sorry Dad, I let them go." when they meet up there in the heavens. Might be better to give them a degree of sovereignty, but not total independence. That would implausibility to a great level.
  • Greece: Sends a Diplomatic Mission to Italy, and start relations. Prepares to send athletes to the second Olympiad in Schwerin, Mecklenburg, Greek officials go to Schwerin, to meet with the mayor and nation's leader, along with President Kanaris hoping to attend the Opening Ceremony. The Eternal Flame is relit for the first time (it wasn't lit due to the problems of the first Olympics), where a trail is planned to go through Europe, from Olympia to Schwerin. Greek Cavalry guards are willing to defend the runner, where violence and anti-Mecklenburger sentiment may break out.
    • Anti-Mecklenburger sentiment? :( Callumthered (talk)
    • No, it's meant to protect the flame from maybe some angry Prussians (and possibly Austrians, I'm not sure) who may want to take the flame. Greece doesn't hold any grudge against Mecklenburg. :) Stewdio333 (talk) 13:13, August 21, 2012 (UTC)
  • United States: With the Confederate forces now concentrating fully on the northern front, Winfield Scott Hancock sweeps down into the Aztlan states, brushing aside their militias and advancing towards the border of Texas. Furthermore, the states of Florida, Georgia and southern Alabama taken by the Union garrisons there, with nothing to oppose them. With defeat seeming inevitable, Texas secedes from the Confederacy, hoping that other countries will recognize it as the Republic of Texas. The following seceding states are now under Union control: South California, Florida, Arkansas, Georgia.
  • What is South California? Don't you mean Baja California? If you do, cross it out. Aztlan isn't in the war.
  • South California is American Baja California, which is owned on the map. And Aztlan is in the war.
  • Spain: The Spanish economy is almost fully repaired and the Spanish who fled the nation during the civil war are called to return to help the motherland. The return of the Spanish control on the Philippines is used to show to the population that Spain has returned from many years of a small "dark period" and the monarchy is now fully accepted by the former republicans. The Spanish military is increased along with its budgets and many settlers are sent into northern Morocco at Tangiers and along the coast.
  • Vietnam: Vietnam annexes Laos following the defeat and capture of King Oun Kham. The victorious Vietnamese forces parade him and the Laotian through the streets of Hue. Plans to develop Laos are put on hold temporarily until th Emperor's economic plan is put into action, increasing the abilities of the peasants to own land and making business in the nation easier for foreigners as well. The shipyard at Hai Phong is nearing completion, and a third rail is under construction to link Vietnam to its recently conquered territory in Laos. The military draws up plans for a coastal battery system, which will involve tens of thousands of workers, millions in cash (name of the Vietnamese currency at the time, no joking [1]), and foreign military advise throughout construction. The project is slated for 1875, to give the empire time to collect the necessary resources for the plan.
    • Spain offers you a trade pact in order to sell you at a low price some need resources.
    • Vietnamese R: The empire agrees to the Spanish offered.
  • Japan: All previous projects are continued. A second tournament will be held next year this time for all fighting styles and Vietnamese are invited to take part as part of the bettering of relations.
    • Vietnamese R: Vietnam would be pleased to join.
  • Dominion of Canada: Canada, seeing that the USA is still fighting the American Civil War, offers their help in exchange for Vancouver Island, and/or the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington), with Britain's approval of course. Meanwhile, support for the Nationalist Party continues to grow, at 45% as of Jan. 1, 1871. Meanwhile, a small town in SW British Columbia recently named Fraser (OTL Vancouver BC) begins growing, slowly but surely due to the logging and gold industries. A trans-Canadian railroad is proposed, and expected to begin construction next year. A recent poll indicates that 38% of Canadians want independence from Britain, most of them Nationalists.
  • No. Canada is VERY loyal to Britain and would not revolt at all nor would there be a 'growing' number of Canadians who want independent. Look up the definition of dominion while you're at it. It'll help your perspective.
  • American Diplomacy: We appreciate Canada's offer, but we must deny Canada's offer.
    • DoC Diplomacy: If I help you in the ACW, we could start an alliance. Maybe?
    • American Diplomacy: Perhaps. Depends on the level of assistance.
    • DoC Diplomacy: I'd say 1/2-3/4 of my army.
    • American Diplomacy: Accepted, if Britain approves.
    • British D: Way too many.
  • Bukhara continues modernization, and continues to improve relations with their non-Russian neighbors. Large amounts of Jews begin immigrating to Bukhara from Russia because Bukhara's Emir is religiously tolerant.
    • BS! Russia tolerates religion and ethnicity. The Jewish thingy should not be there!
    • My ass. Russia does not tolerate religion and ethnicity. Get the damn hell with the frakking program. Everything you are doing is bigger bulls*** than anyone else in this game. Do one more implausible thing and I will see to it that you are banned. Sorry for cussing, but start learning about plausibility.
    • Earlier in the game, I made reforms establishing freedom for ethnicities and religious groups! I mean, this is alternate history, it's YOUR decision!


  1. The 1872 Summer Olympics open in Mecklenburg, Germany
  2. Equine influenza or horse flu is first reported in Toronto, Canada. It spreads in a southward flow into some areas of N. America, including the US and substantially disrupts life in these regions by mid-December.
  3. Horse flu has affected military campaigns, Union and Confederate.
  4. The Great Boston fire occurs over two days and destroys 66 acres of the city especially the financial district and causes 60 million USD in damages
  5. Cossack rebellions spring up in Russia. The cause is unknown.

You may now post.

  • United States: The war against the Confederacy seems to be drawing to a close. The dwindling numbers of the Confederacy is unable to counteract their periodic wins. Winfield Scott Hancock puts down the Republic of Texas and the state of Rio Grande. By this point,part of the Confederacy west of the Mississippi is under Federal control. General Sherman leads off against Jackson in South Carolina, and General Grant is pushing towards the Confederate capital in Alabama. Admiral Farragut shells Confederate towns along the coast. Several new technologies have been used in the war, such as Submarines and Gatling Guns. Boston begins to be rebuilt.
  • It's fine. Make sure it doesn't happen again please.
  • Make sure what doesn't happen again?
  • Greece: Fears of catching the Equine Influenza, Greek economists suggest than any horse products from the United States should not be bought. Greek athletes do well, despite a much bigger competition at the Olympics in Schwein. Two silver and one bronze is won. Athens continues building up, in anticipation of getting to hold the 1884 Olympics. The Olympic Stadium continues receiving marble maintenance, and extends seating from the planned 45,000, to the expanded 60,000 (still short of the 80,000 available in ancient times.) Association football becomes popular, and the first national football tournament, the Hellenic Cup, is formed.
  • Russia, hearing about the recent plague, bans any horse or horse products from the USA. Also, it restricts US trade items in order to prevent the disease form spreading. They SECRETLY continue to support separatist movements in the dominions of the Muslim Union.
  • Jesus Frakking Christ the movements stopped and the Ottoman Empire doesn't exist anymore!
  • Just because you made them dominions, doesn't mean they'll stay with you very long or that there won't be people who want to organize rebellions. They can fund those people just as how you've been funding Cossacks, Russia can do what it wants.
  • I don't have Dominions, and I am not called the Muslim Union. I am the United Nations. I have a secular government. I have seventeen autonomous nations within my nation. They are separate in almost all terms, what hold them together is a single legislative body, executive leader, and a powerless monarchial figure. Get with the program RWG.
  • Don't be such a hypocrite. Any multi-ethnical nation may have these problems, even with the smallest groups, like mine.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: Grand Duke Wilhelm (William) opens the II Olympiad to enthusiastic audiences. The games are quite a success, and the stadiums and other sports places hold up well to the crowds and competitors. But American Equestrian competitors are banned, because of the equine influenza. The games prove to be a godsend to the economy, with local businesses in Schwerin making a mint out of food and paraphernalia sales. Settlers continue to settle in South-West Africa. A proper combat submarine is produced by the navy, and makes a tour to Heligoland.
  • Spain: Following the German success to make a submarine work, the Spanish engineers receive fund to develop a Spanish counterpart. Every commercial activity around the horse with the United States is suspended until the end of the disease. The modernisation of the colonies continue with a slightly bigger budget in the Philippines and most of the northern island of Luzon is now almost fully modernise.
  • Dominion of Canada: Construction of the Transcontinental Railroad of Canada begins in Toronto. Two companies, the Canadian Royal begins working east, and the Charlottean Railroad Company works west, to the boom town of Fraser. Fraser's population continues to grow, especially when word breaks out about the railroad. 10,000 troops are sent to assist the Union in the Southern Rebellion down in the US is this better? The Equine Flu is in full swing, and scientists begin working on a vaccine. People affected are quarantined. The Montreal Stadium begins construction, with plans to seat 70,000. Direct me to the Olympic info.
    • Olympic Info I believe is at the bottom of the Talk Page.
  • Victoire de Games 1884: ATHENS, GREECE! (clap clap clap clap clap clap) SPEECH! SPEECH!
    • Victory Speech for Athens: For the first time in millennia, the Olympics will return to Greece, home to where the Olympics began. The Olympics began to celebrate the culture of every state in Greece, where war was not fought for weeks, to celebrate each of our athletes. Even as Ancient Greece fell, the Romans still continued the tradition in former Olympia, as a sign that they respected the former empire. Now, in 1884, the Olympics will be returning home, and this is a great time for the Greek people. We hope the world will join in with the Greeks, in celebration of peace and love, and sending our skills to the stadium, not to the battlefield. We hope all conflict will end before the 1884 Olympics, where we will go in as brothers, and be rivals, rather than enemies and nemeses. (First speech I ever wrote, hope you didn't find it too fluffy.)
    • It's good.
  • The United Nations continues to work on the stadium for 1880.
  • France: France continues to expand its military and economy. France begins to train its athletes for the Olympics. Meanwhile, support continues to be sent to the US. AS far as horse products go, the government will monitor them, and offers to assist Canada into researching a vaccine for the horse flu. The colonies are expanded.


  1. Horse flu expands within the American North and Canada, slowly making its way into the CSA.
  2. The Confederacy pushes the Union out of Alabama and Mississippi in a desperate attack.
  3. Health officials confirm that, to the best of their knowledge, that Horse flu is not known to infect humans.
  4. The rate of infected horses reaches 100% (OTL actually. Pretty surprising)
  5. In other news, the Mounties (or Royal Canadian Mounted Police) are created!
  6. The New York stock market crashes.

​I did not do these. You may now post.

  • Britain: Tired of what seems to be a war of attrition forming in the US, Great Britain offers military assistance the United States to save a large trading partner's economy. Queen Charlotte meets with Prime Minister Alexander Mackenzie of Canada to discuss the outbreak that is plaguing North America. Princess Anne remains in search of a husband. Once again the Crown invites France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Denmark to the London Conference in which to discuss colonial boundaries.
    • Greek Diplomacy: Greek representatives will come as Neutral Witnesses, not just since we're non-aligned, but also because we have no colonies. :(
    • Russia asks to participate.
    • Russia has no colonial capabilities. It only had Alaska because it was next door.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese government hearing of the London meeting requests that Vietnam and Japan be respected as sovereign states and be left out of any partioning.
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg: An ambassador is sent to London in order to discuss the Division of Africa. Some monetary and materiel is sent to the USA in order to finally destroy the Confederates. More settlers migrate to South-west Africa, as more gold is discovered. A Naval Office begins construction on Heligoland, with the Grand Admiral hoping it can be the HQ of the North Sea Fleet.
  • France: France will attend the meeting with Britain about Africa. Troops are sent to the United States to assist the Union against the Confederacy, seeing that the war will continue if not stopped. Meanwhile, the colonies are expanded. The Government of France holds an referendum in French Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, to see if they want independence. (Can mods do a RNG for the population results).
  • You sure? I think that conquered peoples would definitely favor independence? Why do it now? Your nation is strong enough to hold onto them for a long time.
  • Denmark: We'll attend the meeting as well, the nation initiate using the German prototypes and manage to use them and make them functional, the nation initiates attempts of forming a 50 ship fleet of ironclads by the end of the 1880 or near 1892
  • Greece: The ban on American imports continue, as the loss of horses would be a disaster to our economy, even if it can't transfer to humans. Economic deals with the Muslim Union and Germany are asked to replace the lack of horse products that are usually bought from the United States. Multiple venues are being planned out for the 1884 Olympics, including adding association football to the planned events. Pathininkos F.C. wins the 1873 Hellenic League Championship. The sport becomes so popular, that representatives are sent to Great Britain, Germany and Denmark are asked if international championships can become popular, first with national teams (like a proto-World Cup) then with local teams that become national champions. (like a proto-UEFA Champions League)
    • The United Nations agrees and asks Greece to join the Balkan International Trade Zone (BITZ) for greater economic partnership with Rumania and the UN.
    • Greek Diplomacy: We agree and accept the offer to join the BITZ.
  • Russia tries to prevent the rise of multi-ethnical nationalism in the country by trying to let other ethnicities to have their own rights that other Russians possess. Russia has become a country on a 1840s-level thanks to the rise of technology and industry. Modern cities are beginning to have more and more people. Steel is becoming more and more commonly used. Railroads, canals, and roads crisscross the country. They still look with the Muslim Union with absolute concern, and SECRETLY continue to support any multi-ethnical movements in the empire/
  • Spain: An ambassador is sent as well to London to participate to the division of Africa. The Spanish navy is also increased with more Ironclad and the research to build a submarine continue. Many colonial in certain area of the colonies subject begun to live more like in Europe and the modernisation of the rest continue. The trade with the USA begun to be limited in order to prevent the diseases to arrive in Europe. Portugal is approached with a alliance and a trade pact

(is there still a player with Portugal?)

  • Dominion of Canada: Construction of the Montreal Stadium continues, and the work on the vaccine (for horses!) continues too. A detachment of Mounties lead by Dudley Do Right (not!) is sent to Fraser, to "civilize" the rough frontier town. A ship called an "ironclad" is being worked on to assist the Americans, though everyone thinks it's a bad idea. The Prime Minister of Canada asks Britain to unite the Dominion of Newfoundland with the Dominion of Canada. The Canadian Transcontinental Railroad is almost halfway completed!
  • Makes sense. However, they can fund who they want (extremists, whatnot). It isn't even guaranteed that they would revolt. On another note, someone please update the map to reflect the new nations! I don't know them personally so I can't do it. (Lurkerlord maybe?) AP (talk) 01:02, August 25, 2012 (UTC)
  • How are we supposed to divide Africa? Sine dei gloriem (talk) 01:08, August 25, 2012 (UTC)
  • .'..Obvious'ly by taking land. That's a weird question.
  • Facepalm, I mean which nations receive which part etc etc etc, not the literal how
  • We'll talk on the talk page.
  • The United Nations sends diplomats from its African member states to ensure that the territorial rights of the African member states will not be infringed. In Istanbul, the city continues preparation for the Games. The Imperial Council votes 222 - 17 in favor of limited military aid to the United States, as the war is greatly damaging the global economy.
  • Qing Dynasty: It begins withdrawing its navy from the outer seas, bringing them closer to home yet small squads of ships still are in important trade routes that link Qing Traders to various islands in the Pacific. China enters an age of prosperity. For now.
  • Japan: The annual fighting tournament happens with a Vietnamese fighter beating the Japanese Kendo finalist in a landslide. Japanese naval capacities are expanded. The first experimental electric current is obtained (I started experimenting with electricity a few turns ago since no nation has been focusing on electricity, oil or any other major advancement of the time). Japan offers full support for the U.S.A.


  1. Referendums in French territories are defeated, with the exception of the Netherlands.
  2. The CSA reinvigorates its efforts against the overconfident Union and seizes Missouri, Kentucky and Virginia.
  3. Economic depression begins in the United States after the stock market crash, worsening their war situation.

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That should be the map with the American, Granada and Argentina's map according to history and common sense Sine dei gloriem (talk) 21:30, November 12, 2012 (UTC)

  • Denmark: The Nation, seeing the events in North America, begins aiding the CSA and the Mexican states to gain independence from the USA while the Kingdom begins small settlements near the southern territories of Portuguese Angola, and begins updating the military for an intervention in the United Centro-American States.
  • France: The French Colonies in Africa are expanded to the terms of the Berlin Conference (Did the Berlin Conference occur? If not, please cross out the last part). Meanwhile, research into electricity and oil exploration and exploitation, begins. Inventions, such as batteries, the term gyroscope, as well as the X-ray. (These inventions were either developed by this time in OTL or under research). The military is expanded - particularly the army and navy - and full support is offered to the US.
  • Aztlan: Aztlan declares war on the United States of America and recognizes the independence of the CSA, and Aztlan offers the CSA an alliance and vows that the USA will pay for its aggression agsainst Aztlan. The Confederacy is sent money and Aztlan launches an invasion of the ancestral Aztlan lands, funding rebels to revolt and rejoin their homeland. Central America is promised it will be not harmed and its independence is fully recognized and guaranteed by Aztlan. Aztlan proposes these post war borders with unshown concessions to Canada.
  • Vive Map30f
  • I love Dean's implausogasms because they're so fun to cross out.
  • Why does anyone still play this? If this is practically dead, we should be trying to play enclave's one, it's new, fresh and currently less dead Sine dei gloriem (talk) 22:43, December 3, 2012 (UTC)