In OTL Napoleon was forced to leave his men during the Battle of Leipzig due to a situation developing in France; but what if he instead refused to return until he had defeated the Coalition. This to some Historians would do little to turn the tide of the battle, but it in this scenario Napoleon prevents the breakthrough by the Coalition and manages to push them all the way to Prussia and Austria. Welcome to the World of Vive La Victoire at Leipzig.


  • Napoleon defeats the Coalition at Leipzig and manages the war until negotiations open up in late 1813 leading to the Treaty of Vienna, which granted Napoleon land in OTL Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Islands in the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.


The Battle of Leipzig has came to a close, German and Austrian troops alike retreat to Prussia and Austria while the British begin to head for the coast of Pomerania hoping for reinforcements to be delivered before the French begin to go on the offensive. The French are victorious. They have achieved another continental victory that would go on toward winning the war, but the amount of damage delivered is just as devastating as the Coalition defeat; thousands of French soldiers lie across the ground with their enemy and much of the needed equipment has been lost. (TBC. I'm sorry but I'm very busy at the moment to continue working on this.)

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