This is the Viva Le Eire universe. This is a alternate timeline mainly focused around Ireland and the UK and the development of the two countries. Mainly it consists of alternative history from 1900-present day. CnocBride (me) is Founder and Chief Editor of this Universe as I am from Ireland myself.

If you require any assistance feel free to contact me. If you are a veteran althist please contact me if you see problems with story. Please do not change any content only spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.


There isn't much 19th century information in this Universe as I have kept that as normal irish history. Mainly the rebellions of Ireland and other stuff have been changed.

Pre 1900 - Pre 1900 History

1900-1916 - The Easter Rising

1916-1919 - The Anglo-Irish Discussions

1919 - The Anglo Irish Treaty

1919-1931 The War of the Isles

1931 - Statute of Establishment

1932 - 1932 Houses of Government Elections

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