Vitellius II
9th Roman Emperor

Pseudo-Vitellius Louvre MR684.jpg
Bust of Vitellius II
Reign 19 May, 818 - 11 February, 820
Predecessor Vitellius I
Successor Fulvian
Spouse Domitius Cassia
Issue Aulus Vitellius Petronianus
Julius Marcus
Full name
Aulus Vitellius
(to ascension)

Aulus Vitellius Antonia Augustus
(as co-emperor)
Aulus Vitellius Lucius Caesar Augustus
(as emperor)

Posthumous name
Imperator Aulus Vitellius Caesar Augustus
Father Lucius Vitellius
Mother Sextilia
Born 24 September, 768
Died 11 February, 820 (aged 49)
Vitellius II (Latin: Aulus Vitellius Lucius Caesar Augustus; 24 September, 768 - 6 June, 820) was Roman Emperor from 818 to 820, serving as co-Emperor for one month prior to his brother's death.

Born into a wealthy senatorial family in September, 768, Vitellius was a major military force in the family, proving himself during his father's campaigns in north Africa during the late 8th century. However, after returning to Rome, he decided against further military action, and instead focused on a senatorial occupation, this being around the time of The Anarchy, and alongside his brother during the rule of Tacitus, the Vitellius family became a major political force in the nation.

However, toward the end of the rule of Corbulo, Lucius Vitellius (the younger of the two) was sent overseas to administer the province of Africa, whilst Vitellius was sent to Germania to lead the Legio XIV Gemina, all in an attempt to quell the growing power of the brothers. 

This, however, changed with the ascension of Florian, and his declaration of Lucius Vitellius as his heir presumutive in 817, later making way for his succession to the principate in 818 as Vitellius I. In May of the same year, Vitellius was called to the capital by his brother, who, whilst on his death bed, gave Vitellius the choice to rule alongside him as his co-Emperor. This was accepted, and after Vitellius I death a month later, Aulus Vitellius took the imperial name Aulus Vitellius Lucius Caesar Augustus. He continued to administer the empire until his death in 820, in which he was succeeded by his second son, Fulvian

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