Vistula—Oder Offensive
Part of Eastern Front of World War I
Russian Troops NGM-v31-p372
Russian troops marching through Prussia
Date September 1914—February 1915
Location Germany
Result Strategic Russian victory
Flag of Russia Russia Flag of the German Empire Germany
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Russia Nikolai Dukhonin

Flag of Russia Mikhail Alekseyev
Flag of Russia Alexander Samsonov
Flag of Russia Nikolai Ruzsky
Flag of Russia Yakov Zhilinsky

Flag of the German Empire Paul von Hindenburg

Flag of the German Empire Maximilian von Prittwitz
Flag of the German Empire August von Mackensen

Units involved
First Army

Second Army
Sixth Army
Tenth Army

Eighth Army

Ninth Army

820,000 260,000
Casualties and losses
61,532 killed or wounded 78,863 killed, wounded, or captured

The Vistula—Oder Offensive was a military campaign on the Eastern Front of World War I lasting from September 1914 to February 1915. With the Russian victory at the Battle of Tannenberg, the invasion of East Prussia was successful, and the General Staff planned an offensive that would take Russian forces from the Vistula River to the Oder River, taking the territory in between. The Russian First and Second Armies, victors of Tannenberg, were bolstered by the arrival of the Sixth and the Tenth Armies. The offensive was under overall command of General Nikolai Dukhonin. The Germans, meanwhile, planned to stall the Russian advance as long as possible while attempting to mobilize units from the Western Front to the East.


Progress of the offensiveEdit

Advance on PoznanEdit

Into GermanyEdit

Battle of DresdenEdit