Regnum Visigothorum Toletorum (Visigothic Kingdom of Toledo)
OTL equivalent: Spain and Portugal and Southern French territories
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Regnum Hispaniae Visigothorum
The Kingdom of the Visigoths by 675 AD
(and largest city)
Latin, Goth
  others Germanic Languages (Vandal, Suevic), Sermo Vulgaris
Religion Roman Catholic
Demonym Visigoth, Spanish
Government Absolute Monarchy
Rex Visigothorum, King of the Visigoths
Established 507
Currency Denarii

The Visigothic Kingdom of Spain was a Germanic kingdom that ruled over most of Spain and some of the southern territories of OTL France it was centered around Toletum the actual Toledo.

Arrival and Settling on Roman Hispania

The Visigoths arrive at Roman Hispania after sieging and successfully sacking the city of Rome, for the first time in seven centuries. However, Alaric, who pretty much impulsed this outstanding event, died before he could ever see his people entering and occupying Roman Hispania. By the 418 the Emperor Honorius of the Western Empire allowed the Visigoths land as foedus of Rome in what was called Aquitania Secunda (Aquitania II) being one of the first regnums or kingdoms to be born on Roman lands as foedus or federated peoples, to the empire, in which the Visigoths agreed to protect rome from other Germanic tribes and other conflicts as well as to manage the given province under their own nominal power but responding to the Prefect Praetor in Arles and Ulteriorly to the emperor in Rome, meaning that the tribute payed by the roman populations was taken by both the Visigoth nobles as well as the Roman nobility until the end itself of the Roman Empire in 476.

Kingdom of Toulouse

Centered in the said city it was the shortest time period for the Visigoth.

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