Visigothic Kingdom
Timeline: Thriving West Rome
Preceded by 418-700 Succeeded by
West Roman Empire West Roman Empire
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Toledo
Largest city Toledo
Language Gothic
Religion Arianism
Ethnic Group Gothic
Government Monarchy
The Visigothic Kingdom had kings ruling from Alaric I, the man who sacked Rome in 410. Their dynasty was close to ending in the 520s but it didn't when Amalaric had his son Alaric III to succeed him. The kingdom fought off the Franks for most of it's life and their kings continued to rule from Spain. But in 700, the Western Romans avenged the 410 sack of Rome, when they sacked Toledo and executed all members of the Balti dynasty that remained in Spain. After the West Romans sacked Toledo they disestablished the Visigothic Kingdom.


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