The American Civil War was a war occurring between Virginia, and the rebelling Confederate States of Virginia. One of the main causes for the war was slavery.


In the 1850s Virgina was split because of slavery. The northern states of Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Indiana abolished slavery, while the southern states of Maryland Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Georgia allowed it. The line the two sides were split on was known as the Douglas Line, created in the Compromise of 1820.

However their were 6 free states and 7 slave states. This angered abolitionists, who wanted at least an equal number of free states and slave states. Virginia could not advance west of the Philipia River due to Spanish colonies, it could not advance north because of Scandinavian colonies, and it could not advance north-east because of Celtic colonies in the area.

So soon the idea appeared that a new state named West Virginia be created out of parts of Virginia and West Virginia would be a free state. This plan was supported by the people in the area the state would be in, as they did not want slavery. This angered the state of Virginia, who did not want to lose some of its size. This lead to threats of seceding from Virginia.

Thus in 1860 a presidential candidate by the name of Stephen A. Douglas said that he would support the creation of West Virginia. Thus Virginia said if Douglas was elected to office it would secede from Virginia. This inspired other slave states and they threatened to secede if Douglas was elected as well. Douglas did win election, and by early 1860 the slaves states had seceded and formed the nation of the Confederate States of Virginia.

Douglas did not want to see the Union torn apart and ordered the military to invaded the Confederate States of Virginia. The first battle was at the town of Williamstown. This early battle resulted in a defeat for the Confederates. However, this battle marked the beginning of one of the most bloody wars in North Brendania, the Virginian Civil War.



September 12: Battle of Williamstown, the first battle of the civil war. Confederate forces are defeated.

September 21: Battle of Benwood. Benwood is taken.

October 6: The Battle of Buffalo. Union soldiers advancing by the Kanawha River are attacked by Confederates in Buffalo. Reinforcements under Colonel Thomas J. Jackson help the Confederates to victory. The violence and casualties of the battle led many to believe that the war would be much longer and bloodier than they fought.

October 20: Battle of Washington. After defeating the Union in western West Virginia, Confederate soldiers attack Washington. Washington is overrun but the government officials had fled in the beginning of the war.

November 5: Battle of McArthur. Union forces try to stop the Confederates that are advancing in Ohio. Confederate forces under Thomas J. Jackson defeat the Union and continue their advance into Ohio.

November 12: Battle of Logan. Confederate forces are defeated at Logan and are forced to retreat to McArthur.

November 19: Second Battle of McArthur. Union forces defeat the Confederates and force them to leave Ohio.







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