Capital Richmond
Largest Cities Richmond
Population 1,579,000
Our Timeline Equivalent Virginia (U.S state)

Virginia is a province of northern New England. It borders the other New England provinces of Pennsylvania and Assateague to the north and Varieta to the south. To the north, also, is the Federal District. Also bordering Virginia are the Ohio and Kentucky preservation areas, the nation of Jalagi, and the Atlantic Ocean. Virginia has a relatively low population density, with its most populated area being in and around Richmond. Despite its small population, it has affected the whole nation of New England to a great degree throughout history.

About Virginia

Virginia, like Varieta, has a coastal plain in the east, a piedmont (foot hill) region in the central area, and a mountainous west. However, even farther to the west are smaller mountains, plateaus, and hills. Most of the mountain area, along with this large hilly area collectively make up the "West Virginia Nature Preserve", the largest nature preserve in New England. This nature preserve borders the Kentucky and Ohio preserves, together making up a huge swath of nearly uninterrupted temperate wilderness area. In addition, large preserves in the east and central areas give Virginia the distinction of having the largest total area of protected land and water of any province. In fact, West Virginia ceceded from Virginia because of runaway western migration - the early westerners, showing a great deal of love for the land, wanted to preserve much of the beautiful terrain, eventually leading to Virginia protecting much of its land and reintegration with West Virginia. Also, Virginia is the only province to rival Varieta in having such a variety of Aboriginal ethnicities, including Algonquian, Iroquois, and Siouan peoples. Unfortunately, the early settlement of Virginia saw major conflicts with and between the Aboriginals. Interestingly, these conflicts are seen by some historians as partly responsible for establishing other settlements like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Charleston as major cities in lieu of the Virginian settlements.


Virginia has numerous divisions, including counties, Semi-Autonomous Regions/Areas (SARs/SAAs), and Nature Preservation Areas (NPAs).



60% Vegetarian
40% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

67% Europeans
20% Pemhakamik Aboriginal
07% Tutelo, Monacan, etc
06% Powhatan and southern Algonquian
03% Cherokee (Virginia Jalagi), etc
02% Nottoway, etc
02% other Pemhakamik Aboriginal (Muskogee, etc)
07% mixed race
06% others (Orientals, etc)


80% English
05% Siouan languages (Tutelo, etc)
03% Algonquian languages (Powhatan, etc)
03% German languages
03% Iroquoian languages (Cherokee, Nottoway, etc)
02% Camric
01% Irish Gaelic
03% others


40% Nonreligious
22% atheist
18% agnostic
32% Christian
12% Catholic
05% Quaker
15% other Christian
19% Cathar
04% various Aboriginal beliefs
05% other (Buddhist, etc)

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