Commonwealth of Virginia
Flag of Virginia Seal of Virginia
Flag of Virginia Seal of Virginia
Nickname(s): Old Dominion; Mother of Presidents
Motto(s): Sic Semper Tyrannis
Official language(s) English
Capital Norfolk
Largest City Virginia Beach
Largest Metro Area Richmond Metro Area
Area  Ranked 7th in the C.S.
 - Total 67,004.2 sq mi
(173,540.67 km²)
 - Width 200 miles (320 km)
 - Length 430 miles (690 km)
 - % water 6.8
 - Latitude 37° 32′ N to 40° 39′ N
 - Longitude 77° 43′ W to 83° 41′ W
Population  5th in the C.S.
 - Total (2000) 9,702,367
 - White (Citizens)
 - Slaves
 - Non-White
 - Density 193/sq mi 
75/km² (3rd in the C.S.)
 - Highest point Mount Rogers
5,729 ft  (1,747 m)
 - Mean 950 ft  (290 m)
 - Lowest point Atlantic Ocean
0 ft  (0 m)
Confederate Admission  April 17th, 1861 (8th)
Old Union Admission  June 25, 1788 (10th)
Governor Bob McDonnell (D)
C.S. Senators Jim Webb (W)
Mark Warner (W)
C.S. Representatives 8 Democrats, 5 Whigs
Time Zone UTC-5/-4
Abbreviations VA CS-VA

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