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United States of the Virgin Islands
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: U.S. Virgin Islands and Navassa Island
Flag of the United States of the Virgin Isles Greater coat of arms of the United States
Flag Coat of Arms
Virgin Islands-CIA WFB Map
Location of the U.S.V.I. (Navassa island isn't showed)

"In God We Trust" (English)

Anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner"
(and largest city)
Charlotte Amalie
Other cities Christiansted, Cruz Bay, Lulu Town and Limetree Bay
  others English creole, Spanish, French, Danish
  others Roman Catholic and others
Ethnic Groups
White american; Mixed and Black
  others Asian and others
Demonym Virgin Islander; Caribbeaner American
Government Federal presidential republic
  legislature Congress
President Stacey Plaskett
Vice-President Osbert Potter
Area 351.76 km²
Population 357,879 
Established 4th July 1963
Independence from USA
Currency US Dollar
Organizations IL, CREC, CROM and others

The United States of the Virgin Islands, commonly known as the US Virgin Islands are a nation located in the Virgin Island archipelago. It shares maritime borders with the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the rest of Antilles region. Just like the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the U.S.V.I. lost contact with the mainland U.S. after the Great Nuclear War of 1962. While Puerto Rico declared independence, the U.S.V.I. held a strong position and declare himself the successor state of the federal government. For most of the Caribbean, Western American, African and European nations, it is considered as the successor of the United States with the United States of Pacific and is home of what remain of about the American culture and home of many American refugees from south USA, Guantanamo Bay and Panama. 



During the Nuclear War in the Caribbean regions only Havana, Panama and Santiago de Cuba was hit, but even if radiations or fallout don't touched much of the regions the EMP stock the communication with the mainland and communication was possible ony with the near country and with Cuba, the eternal enemy. 

Then the General Governor Ralph Moses Paiewonsky try to contact the USA, but no responde arrive from Washington, only some radio ham from South Florida, after this the Governor called the Legislature of the US Virgin Islands for what doing now, the best decision was that of create a provisional government for guide the Virgin Islands, increase the National Guard for avoided riots or rebellions, accept any american refugees and of keep safe the population.

Peace with Cuba and arrive of the Atlantic Fleet 

In the spring of the 1963 the Virgin Islans become a safe harbor for the military troops from Guantanamo Bay and Panama and for the civilians from the south USA, with the arrive of the Atlantic Fleet in Charlotte Amalie it was knowing what happend at the Guantanamo Bay, the base was surrender by the Cuban Army and with the violation of the Treay of the 1903 the local units of the Cuban Army near the Bay declare war on US and decide to lunch an ultimatum on the Americans present; "Leave the bay in 72 hours with all the fleet, material and supply or you will be killed." At this words the Command in charge of the base decide to left Cuba and going in the Virgin Island, the nearest US territory, when the Atlantic Fleet arrive in the Virgin Islands they was receive by the Governor and all the military ships was incorporated in the National Guard, the only military force in the U.S. until it's foundation, the military didn't only bring their ships, but also equipment, materials and others, with this ships it was possible explore the east coast of the US and the South coast of the US, and with that equipment become a important state in the region.

The Government after the arrive of the Atlantic Fleet have decide of sign with the Cubans a peace treaty for ended the hostility. A armed ship of the National Guard with a diplomatic delegation who rapresented the United States Remants of the Virgin Islands woud be reach Cuba and try to talk about an agreement, the 15th May of the 1963 the delegation arrive in the Cuban capital for signed with Fidel Castro the "Treaty of Camagüey", after many discussion it was signed the treaty that officially ended the hostility between the United States and the Cuban Republic, and it cede at the Cuban Government the Guantanamo Base in exchange of 1 million of US dollars. 

The Treaty it have also recognize the United States Remants of the Virgin Islands as the official successor of the United States, and established relations started with the creation of a embassy in both capitals. 

Annession of the Navassa Island 

With the dissolution of the US many territory, like Guam or Panama Channel Zone was left alone with no power or authority, one of this territory in a similar way was Navassa Island, a small unhabitated island located between Jamaica and Haiti, claimed by both, but the good things was the impossibility for the large boat like military boat of docked in the Island, so the government have send 2 helicopters with 20 Marines for take the Island and annexed himself at the American Virgin Islands with the plainting of a old-US flag and of the Virgin Island on the lighthouse of the island, with the annession of Navassa the old villagge of Lulu Town was rebuild by the engineers using containers or prefabricated house, but that was only a provisional things for sistemate the refugees, in 50 years the population of the island rise at 150 habitants, mostly in Lulu Town, by now Lulu Town is a modern city with all the basic service, and with buldings in stone or in woods, also the south-west part of the coast was cleaned by the reefs and by the cliffs for create a port for the city, in 2 years the port was completed and with the opening of the port the economy of the island rise. 

Creation of the United States of the Virgin Islands 

After many discussions on the decision if remain a provisional government until a contact with a successor state of the US or if declare indipendence and become a soverign state, it was decide of declare indipendence from the United States or any other successor state, the main reasons for declare the indipendence was several; The impossibility of contact the United States, the faer of a racist or pro-white nation like was the old USA and the necessity of give hope and security at the population.

The 4th July of the 1963 it was declare by the Legislature and by the President via radio and TV the creation of the United States of the Virgin Islands as the successor state of the American Virgin Island, this act was see by many americans as a hope in the future and a good things, but a minority of US citizens, mainly that conservative or patriots take this as a bethreal to the United States of America.

It was also created a new flag for the new states, a union of the old flag of the US with the flag of the Virgin Islands, for the coat of arms it was choose that of the old USA.

For the form of government it was decide to become a federal presidential republic, in the first election the ex governor, Ralph Paiewonsky win with the 70% of the vote, again his opponent, the Liberal Jack Preskot, the first act as president was that of declare the equality between black and white citizens, that there isn't any difference and of give civil rights at the black citizens.

This act was was see by the afro-american as a big change in the US politics, but a not only by afro-americans, but also thus act was see as a good things by white or mixed people, 

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