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Virgin Islands of the United States of America
United States of the Virgin Islands
Timeline: Great Nuclear War
OTL equivalent: U.S. Virgin Islands
Flag of the United States of the Virgin Isles.png Seal of the United States Virgin Islands.svg
"United In Pride and Hope"
"Virgin Islands March"
Virgin Islands-CIA WFB Map.png
CapitalCharlotte Amalie
Other cities Christiansted, Cruz Bay and Limetree Bay
Official languages English
Regional Languages English creole, Spanish, French, Danish
Demonym Virgin Islander
Government Federal presidential republic
 -  President Juan Francisco Luis
 -  Vice-President Derek M. Hodge
Legislature Congress of the United States of Virgin Isles
 -  Upper house Senate
 -  Lower house House of Representatives
 -  Treaty of the Danish West Indies March 31, 1917 
 -  Revised Organic Act of the USVI July 22, 1954 
 -  Total 346.36 km2 
134 sq mi 
 -  1982 census 230,000 
Currency US Dollar ($)

The United States of the Virgin Islands, commonly known as the US Virgin Islands are a group of islands located in the Virgin Island archipelago. It shares maritime borders with the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the rest of Antilles region. Just like the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the USVI lost contact with the mainland U.S. after the Great Nuclear War of 1962. While Puerto Rico declared independence, the USVI held a strong position that they were the successor of the federal government - or at least for the time being. For most of the Caribbean nations, it is considered as the successor of the United States. 

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