Viking sea battlej

The Vinnish civil war, based on the Island of Vinlandia, was a brutal conflict between the cult of Odinaism, and the Odinist Religion. It started on March 20, 1048, when Odinaist supporters murdered Karl I of Vinland, and came to a close when the Odinist army captured the last base of the Odinaists, Eyjavik, in October 4 1055. It is estimated that 20,000 people lost their lives during the war, decimating nearly half of the population.


April 1048

March 1048-Odinaist supporters kidnap and murder Karl I of Vinland, triggering the start of the civil war. On March 29, the first battle ensued at the battle of Brodgar, a small fishing village, resulting in a landslide Odinaist Victory.

April 1048-The Odinaist army reaches and conquers the town of Leifbard. Odinist forces retreat to the northern peninsula as Odinaist forces chase then across the mainland. In the south, on the Avalon peninsula, Odinist supporters and native Inuit rebel against the Odinaists, creating an Odinist platform to the south, which causes problems later on. Odinaist forces now control nearly half of Vinland by now (See right (everything inside the orange line is Odinaist controlled))

August 1048-Naval battle of Vinholm bay. Odinist forces repel the naval forces of the Odinaists, but Odinaist land troops are advancing up the northern peninsula ready to siege Vinholm.

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