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In OTL, the Viking Age lasted from the 9th to 12th centuries AD, and saw raiders from pagan Scandinavia attacking and settling in neighbouring territories. This period of European domination was shattered, however, by the arrival of Christianity in their region of influence. Within years, the raids were over, and the Norse peoples had largely given up their native ways to pursue faith in the Cross.

But what if the Vikings had never given up their reign of terror? This timeline has two main Points of Divergence that lead to a modern world dominated by the Norse states:

  • 1000 AD: Leif Ericson remains in Vinland, establishing a monarchic state out of his colony. Through his descendancy, the Kingdom of Vinland expands into native territories, and by 1600 it encompasses most of eastern North America.
  • 11th-12th Centuries AD: Norse leaders are much less tolerant of Christianity, executing missionaires and violently oppressing participants. Christianity becomes a persecuted minority, and the Catholic Church is virtually destroyed by Viking raids on the Vatican.

This is an open TL. Anyone who wishes to expand on it should leave a message in the Discussion page.

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