Vietnam crisis (A World of Difference)
Date November 12, 1950 - December 15, 1950
Location Vietnam
Result Indochinese victory
Flag of Indochina (A World of Difference) Nguyen Indochina Early Nguyen Dynasty FlagRepublic of Vietnam

A World of Difference Flag of Japan Empire of Japan

Commanders and leaders
Flag of Indochina (A World of Difference) Quy Thuan Chan Early Nguyen Dynasty Flag Ho Chi Minh

A World of Difference Flag of Japan Akihito

The 1950 Vietnam crisis was a military standoff that lasted during November and December of 1950. During World War V, Japan had invaded Chinese Indochina and created the puppet state of Vietnam from stolen lands. The newly independent Indochinese, under the Nguyens and General Quy Thuan Chan, sought to regain their homeland. Vietnam was never recognized by either side of the war, but Japan was adamant to retain it after the war. However, pressure from Russia convinced Japan to surrender all claims over the land and would base Indochina as a power of reckoning in the region.

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