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Vietnam War
Date December 1956-November 18, 1979
Location South Vietnam, North Vietnam
Result Anti-communist victory
Anti-Communist Forces Communist Forces
South Vietnam

Flag of the United States United States (1956-1969, 1973-1979)
South Korea
New Zealand (1968-1974)

North Vietnam

Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union (1971-1979)
China (1971-1976)
Cuba (1970-1979)

Supported By:

United Kingdom
Flag of West Germany (Wallace 1968) West Germany (1967-1975)

Supported By:

Flag of East Germany East Germany

 The Vietnam War was a Cold War-era war that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand from December 1956 to the surrender of North Vietnam on November 18, 1979. Many people think that this war was the closest war to a "World War III" due to the fact that the United States and the Soviet Union were engaged in fighting. The result of the war was that Vietnam was unified as a democratic nation, the Soviet Union loses the status "superpower", and the collapse of the Communist parties in Laos, and Cambodia.


In 1969, when U.S. President George Wallace made his inaugural speech, he has made a promise that the U.S. troops in Vietnam would be withdrawn within the first 90 days of his presidency. He followed up on his promise and by mid April-May 1969, all U.S. troops were sent home. The war between the Communist and Anti-Communist forces remained a stalemate with no clear victory until 1971, when the Soviet Union joined the war on the Communist forces. Protests in the United States occurred as a result of the the Soviet Union joining. For the next two years, the Communist forces seemed to be the dominating force until 1973 when the United States reentered the war by declaring war on both the Soviet Union and North Vietnam.