Empire of Vietnam
Flag of the Empire of Vietnam (1945) Coat of Arms of South Vietnam (1954 - 1955)
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Hanoi
Largest city Saigon
Other cities Cần Thơ, Angkor, Vientiane, Rochefort
Language Vietnamese
Demonym Vietnamese
Government Monarchy
Empress Thai Phương
Currency Vietnamese đồng





  • Viet Province (OTL North Vietnam) - Hanoi
  • Cham Province (OTL South Vietnam) - Saigon
  • Lao Province (OTL Laos)- Viangchan


  • Đông Phi (parts of OTL Tanzania and Kenya)
  • Nam Mỹ (parts of OTL French Guiana)

Foreign Relations

The Vietnamese have good relations with Anglo-Germany, and Hanthawaddy. They have signed alliances with Anglo-Germany. They have recently repaired relations with the Russians after a working trading realationship was restarted with that nation. They have established an alliance with the newborn Republic of Finland, as they believe that it could prevent future conflicts between Russia and Sweden. They have also formed friendly relations with the independant nations formed out of their vassal states of Nippon and New Lithuania. They have founded a new vassal state formed from Joseon's former Formosan territory, known as Taiwan to distinguish itself from the days of Korean occupation.

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