Victoria-Louise, Princess Royal
The Princess Royal
Victoria-Louise at her father's Coronation, 1910
House Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Born 29th January 1896

Dublin Castle, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Father Edward VIII
Mother Queen Mary of Teck

Victoria-Louise, Princess Royal (Victoria Anne Alexandra Mary Louise;  born 29th January 1896) is the eldest child and only daughter of King Edward VIII and his consort, Queen Mary of Teck. As the eldest daughter of the monarch Victoria-Louise was extended the title Princess Royal after the insistence of her great-aunt Victoria, German Empress to her brother, Edward VII that after her death the title remain vacant until Victoria-Louise's father came to the throne.

Edward VII who referred to Victoria-Louise as his, 'little Tori' accepted his sister's request after the letter that contained it arrived just before notice of the Empress-Dowager's death. The King's daughter and one of Victoria-Louise's namesakes, Princess Louise, Duchess of Fife caused a scandal following an outburst regarding her wish for the title. To her distain, her niece was officially granted the title just before Christmas in 1910 as an early gift from her then crowned father, Edward VIII.

Victoria-Louise or 'Vickylou' to her intimates is regarded as many in the artistocracy as well read, charming amongst company of all ages and humble in her conduct. These sources are contrasted to the more low-brow tabloids who dared to write of a rather tense and rebellious young girl. At fourteen when her father was coronated Victoria-Louise has been approached by nearly every crowned head of Europe in search of a consort for the next generation, Edward VIII however has found it increasingly difficult to justify dynastic matches in an increasingly modern world. This frustration also stems from the betrothal of Victoria-Louise's brother, Edward, Prince of Wales to the Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia to which the King was not consentual.

Victoria-Louise was the first member of the immediate British Royal Family in generations not to be born in England when Queen Mary (then Vicereine of Ireland) gave birth in Dublin Castle, Ireland. Edward VIII, then Duke of Clarence and Avondale was Viceroy of Ireland and the nation left its impression on the young Princess who left her first home when she was five years old when 'Granny Gruff' died on 22nd January 1901.

Victoria-Louise was baptised on the 5th June 1896 in the private chapel of Dublin Castle with an intimate collection of family members and close courtiers. With permission from Queen Victoria the ceremony went ahead without her present and many senior Royals went to Dublin for the occasion. Her godparents were Louise, Duchess of Fife (her paternal aunt), George, Duke of York (her paternal Uncle), Victoria, German Empress-Dowager (her paternal great-aunt), Christian IX of Denmark (her paternal great-grandfather), Queen Louise of Denmark (her paternal great grand-mother). Due to the illness of the Danish Queen and the implications of the King leaving Denmark they were both represented by their son Prince Valdemar of Denmark.


  • 29th January 1896 - 5th July 1901: Her Royal Highness Princess Victoria Anne Alexandra Mary Louise of Clarence and Avondale
  • 5th July 1901 - 22nd December 1910: Her Royal Highness Princess Victoria Anne Alexandra Mary Louise of Wales
  • 22nd December 1910 - present: Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal

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