Welcome to the official page of the timeline, Victoire Anglaise. It can be translated to "English Victory".

Point of Divergence

The Edwardian War ends in 1360, after twenty three years of war. Having lost significant military strength in the war, England focuses rebuilding the former strength of its army rather than sending a large number of troops to Britanny in the War of Breton Succession. A small number of troops are sent however, to tactically weaken the French. In the Castilian Civil War, the English stayed out of the war. The English had a significant military advantage over France now, and wanted to invade the remainder of France. England secretly contacted its ally in the Holy Roman Empire, and offerred a large reward in exchange for support in the planned war. England and the HRE declare war on France, supported by Castile. England and the HRE easily invade France, and the Treaty of Troyes (1376) is signed. England gains all French territory, and the HRE gains a currency reward.


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