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In a stunning move, the Vichy Government under French war hero Phillipe Petain declares war on Germany. The French Resistance, having just been formed, rises up and attacks the occupying Germans.

Petain's French forces manage to capture Bordeaux, and have made significant advances toward Paris against the disordered Germans. As no one has been able to successfully take command of the Reich (and the SS, leaderless since the incapacitation of Himmler), the Army, the Luftwaffe and the SS all start fighting.

The British, realizing the state the Nazi Empire is in, mounts a small operation to secure Brest which is met with open arms by the Wehrmacht troops occupying the place. Field Marshall von Kluge, the de facto leader of the Army, had named his intentions of withdrawing the German army from France and, for the exception of Alsace-Lorraine and the former German Imperial territories that made up Poland, is prepared to end the war. However, the SS, lead by Himmler's protege Reinhard Hedryich, is furious at the betrayal, and cries out that he will continue Hitler's quest for German Lebensraum. Göring, along with those Nazi's that are afraid of the SS's power, fight both the SS and the Army for supremacy.

The French manage to liberate most of their nation (with help from the British), and both are stunned at the civil war rocking the Third Reich, so decide to not go any farther than the old borders of the occupied nations. But who will win the civil war?

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