Vicente Fox

429px-Vicente Fox WEF 2003 cropped
Portrait of Vicente Fox

21st Prime Minister of Mexico
April 18, 1999-September 19, 2008

Predecessor: Francisco Labastida
Successor: Felipe Calderón

Leader of the Conservative Party
May 9, 1994 - September 19, 2008

Predecessor: Diego Fernández de Cevallos
Successor: Felipe Calderón

Leader of the Opposition
May 9, 1994 - April 18, 1999

Successor: Francisco Labastida

Member of Congress (MC) for 3rd District, Guanajuato
February 19, 1985 - present

Predecessor: Alberto Reyes
Successor: incumbent
Born: July 2, 1942
125px-Bandera de Iturbide San Francisco del Rincon, Guanajuato, Mexico
Spouse: Marta Sahagún
Profession: politician

Vicente Fox Quesada (born July 2, 1942) is a retired Mexican Conservative politician who served as Prime Minister from 1999 to 2008, coming to power in the landslide 1999 elections that ended the 41-year control of the Party of the Revolution and being forced out of power in the 2008 leadership contest that pitted him against his former Minister of Defense, Felipe Calderón. At over 14 years, his leadership of the Conservative Party is the longest period of party leadership of any politician in Mexican history since the establishment of democracy in 1919.

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