Vice Chancellor of the
United Cygnian States
Seal of the Vice Chancellor of Cygnia
Vice Cancellarial Seal
Eureka Flag
Tanya Plibersek

since 6 February 2017
Style The Honourable (official)
Vice Chancellor (informal)
His/Her Excellency (diplomatic)
Appointer The Queen
Term length Four years
Inaugural holder Robert Hyatt
Formation 6 June 1792
226 years ago
Salary £250,000 annually
Website Vice Chancellor Tanya Plibersek

The Vice Chancellor of the United Cygnian States is the third-highest position in the executive branch of Cygnia, after the Queen and Chancellor. The executive power is granted under Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution. The Vice Chancellor is conventionally the Deputy Leader of the governing party, and serves a four-year term of office. The Vice Chancellor would normally ascend to the Chancellorship in the event of the death, resignation or removal of the Chancellor. The Office of the Vice Chancellor of Cygnia assists and organises the Vice Chancellor's official functions.


The office of Vice Chancellor was created by King George I, on the advice of the Federation Congress, along with the Chancellorship in 1792 as the deputy to the Chancellor. The Vice Chancellor was charged with assisting the Chancellor to fulfil his duties and responsibilities, and as such could be delegated powers from the Chancellor. However, the Imperial Constitution ratified in 1793 does not explicitly state what these powers are.

Roles of the Vice Chancellor

The Constitution limits the formal powers and role of the Vice Chancellor to becoming Chancellor, should the Chancellor become unable to serve. Other statutorily granted roles include membership of the National Security Council.