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Vice-President of the United Republic (Celestial Ascendance)

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Vice-President of the United Republic of Tiangong
천국의 연합 공화국의 부사장

Timeline: Celestial Ascendance



Caspian Virtanis

Since: 2012

Style Her/His Excellency
Madam/Mr. Vice-President (spoken)
Residence Palace of the Republic, Republic City
Appointer People of the United Republic, by election
Term length 4 years, renewable indefinitely
Salary €500,000 (year)
First holder Shang Shijiazhuang
Formation 1802
 The Vice-President of the United Republic of Tiangong is the second-highest position in the executive branch of the United Republic of Tiangong. The current Vice-President is Caspian Virtanis.

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