Timeline: Unknown Landmass (Map Game)
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Vespora Actual
Language Proto-Vesporan
Religion Animism
Currency Barter System
Vespora is a tight-knit tribe on the western coast of the western continent. Remarkable for its efficiency and work ethic, Vespora's citizens are disciplined and loyal. The chieftain, usually a passed-down title, can be replaced if he is seen as ineffective. Art also plays an important role in the tribe.


Vespora is situated on the bottom-portion of a bay on the western coast of the western continent. It generally is a temperate area with a forest to north and plains to the east. The area is great for agriculture. The main Vesporan tribe is located right on the shore of the ocean, though there are settlements to the north and east.

Governing Body

The chieftain of Vespora has a final say in every matter. Wars, new settlements, and new laws all fall on his shoulders. The priest, however, has major say in such matters, due to him being seen as a wise religious leader. Rites of passages, unions, and funerals are done solely by the priest of the settlement. The Praela, the best warrior in the tribe, generally is in charge of training the other warriors. Tactical orders fall on his shoulders and can be a 'judge' if needed.

Every citizen, on his or her 2nd birthday, is given the rite of destiny. The child is placed before a series of objects. The first object the child approaches will represent his or her future job; if a child approaches sculture, for example, the child will be an artist. If the child approaches a spear, the child will be a warrior. There are generally a dozen objects in this arrangement. The rest of the child's development will focus on training. On the child's 14th birthday, he or she is given a rite of adulthood by the shaman. After this, they are recognized as an adult by Vespora.

When a citizen or warrior reaches his or her 40th year, they are seen as an 'Elder'. Elders are to be respected and can inherit the title of chieftain if need be.


Art plays an important role in Vespora. History and records are generally kept on vases and other artwork. The subject material on a pot can range heavily. Pots can depict history, instructions, anatomical notes, and much more. Sculptures are not just limited to vases; sculptures depicting anything can be created.

Due to the need for knowledge to create these works of art, artists are generally the most learned. Rising artists are trained and mentored by several artists.

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