Vesperian Republic
Timeline: Sea of Stars
OTL equivalent: Continental United States w/o southwest and Texas
Flag of the United States (Rule, Britannia!).png Great Seal of the United States (obverse).svg
Flag of Vesperia Coat of arms
E pluribus unum
Largest city New Rome
Official languages None
Regional Languages Latin, Anglican, Germanic, Frankish, Gaelic, Norse, other native languages
Demonym Vesperian
Government Binary democracy
 -  Consul John F. Kennedy, Jr.
 -  President of the Senate John F. Kennedy, Jr.
 -  President of the Executive Council Stephen Colbert
Legislature Senate
 -   estimate 300 million 
Currency Solidum ($) (USD)
Time zone Roman Standard -5 to -10
Date formats Ab urbe condita
Drives on the Right

The Vesperian Republic, commonly referred to as Vesperia, is a nation located on the continent of Vesperia. It was founded in the aftermath of the Vesperian Revolution, a violent revolution that took place in the late 18th century against the ruling dynasty of the Vesperian Kingdom. Vesperia is bordered by Vinland to the north and Aztlan to the south, and shares maritime borders with Atlantis. It is one of the three most powerful nations in the world, with the other two being Rome and Mongolia







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