New Orangite Revolution

Vermont War
The Victory of Montcalms Troops at Carillon by Henry Alexander Ogden





North America


Dutch victory
• France cedes Ohio, New Canada, and all land south of the St. Lawrence River to New Netherland.

Major battles:

Battle of Montpelier, Siege of Port-Royal, Battle of Fort Sandoske, Battle of Fort Niagara, Fall of Fort Detroit, Siege of Montreal


Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands
Prinsenvlag New Netherland

Royal Standard of the King of France France
Royal Standard of King Louis XIV New France


Philip Schuyler
Pierre Van Cortlandt

Marquis de Vaudreuil
Joseph de Jumonville
Marquis Duquesne


35,000 regulars and militia

12,000 regulars

Casualties and Losses

11,100 killed, wounded, or captured

11,000 killed, wounded, or captured

The Vermont War was an armed conflict between the colonies of New Netherland and New France. The war started due to a dispute over the de facto French territory of Vermont, which was annexed by the Dutch in 1750. The French declared war later that year. However, the Dutch made swift progress to capture French land. By mid-1751, they had captured Acadia, which came to a shock to many French. Present-day Ohio was captured early on with the fall of Sandoske, and Detroit fell soon after as the Dutch conquered New Canada. The French and Dutch finally made peace with the Treaty of Rotterdam in 1753, following the surrender of Montreal. This treaty gave New Netherland Ohio, New Canada, and all land south of the St. Lawrence River, including Acadia.


There were a few causes leading to the Vermont War. The first, and most prominent one, was the overlapping claims of Dutch and French colonists. The two most coveted areas were the fertile Champlain (in present-day Vermont) and the Ohio River (mainly in present-day Ohio, Appalachia, and Allegheny) valleys. The other cause was competition between the Dutch and French in the fur trading industry, which was one of the main economic sectors in New Netherland and Canada at the time.

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