Venusian (English)/Ma'Shant (Ma'Shanti)/Veneris Stella Populus (Latin/Scientific Name)


Venus, Sol System

Homeworld of the Ma'Shant, Venus.

Capital City:

High Venus, Venusian Orbit, Sol System


Mammalian (sentient)


Greys are typically depicted as gray-skinned diminutive humanoid beings that possess reduced forms of, or completely lack, external human orga
Grey Alien


ns such as noses, ears or sex organs. Their bodies are usually depicted as being elongated, having a small chest, and lacking in muscular definition and visible skeletal structure. Their legs are shorter and jointed differently than one would expect in a human. Their limbs are often depicted as proportionally different than a human's; their humerus and thighs are the same lengths as their forearms and shins, respectively.

Grays have unusually large heads in proportion to their bodies. They are depicted as having no hair anywhere on the body, including the face, and no noticeable outer ears or noses, but only small openings or orifices for nostrils.


  • Venusians breathe an air that is very similar to the atmosphere of Earth.
  • The Venusians have excellent senses, except for hearing which is much worse than humans, although their sense of touch and sight often compensates for this lacking sense.
  • Venusians can see into the upper areas of the infrared and lower areas of the ultraviolet.
  • Venusian's sense of smell is highly hampered by the fact that they have extremely small nostrils.
  • Venusian's hearing is also hampered by their lack of external ears, although they do have internal ears.


The Venusian history is extremely long,but here is a digest version:

650 million years ago the planet Venus was still habitable. The species evolved on its surface from primate like species into a species very much like humans.

Their civilization began and began to explore the cosmos 640 million years ago, when they were around the same point as the present day Humans. During this time the Venusians quickly advanced as they established colonies on Mercury, the asteroid belt, the Jovian Moons, the Saturnian Moons, and the Kuiper Belt.

Around 620 million years ago the Venusian atmosphere began to get hotter and thicker due to volcanic eruptions and pollution. The Venusians realised they couldn't save their planet and began a 13,000 year long project that transported the entire population of Venus, roughly 20 billion into Venusian Orbit and to the other colonies. The space station of High Venus was established above Venusian Orbit and held one billion people.

The Venusians soon began to establish their reputation as expert sailors as they began to explore the cosmos. They established trade routes to distant stars roughly 500 million years ago after 100 million years of space exploration. The Venusian Space Ships began to become the most prized in the galaxy for their maneuverability and speed. The Venusians also continued to evolve during this time. Some of the changes to their biology included the gradual disappearance of hair from their entire bodies, but probably the most startling was their eyes turning fully black to absorb more light because of their staying in low-light areas.

The Venusians fought a civil war between her and her colonies roughly 478 million years ago and the Venusians utterly destroyed the rebels, but in the process of the war the planet Uranus was tilted on its axis by the massive explosion that also created its ring system, the Venusians also moved the moon Umbriel from Saturnian Orbit to Uranian Orbit for being the capital of the rebellion, in the process it was bombarded with thousands of asteroids and two comets as it was being moved, nearly sterilizing the moon.

Over the next 477 million years the Venusians continued to create amazing ships and continued to expand their trade to other systems, along with their military might and naval prowess. Hail Venus!


The Venusian society is one that reveres their long history and their naval traditions. Many Venusians become married to a partner of the opposite sex by the time they are an average of 15 years of age, and shortly after a period of roughly 6 months the couple moves into their own residence and the male usually begins work to provide for his family.


The Venusians believe that the world is governed by two dieties: the Mother Goddess and the Father God. They believe that they created the universe and all life in it and that the two currently govern all that occurs in the universe.


The Venusian Republic is governed by the Council of the Aristocracy which elects the Prince of Venus for life.

The Prince of Venus has de jure absolute power but in de facto is severely limited in his powers by the Council of the Aristocracy.

The Council in de jure is only an advisory body to the Prince but in de facto must approve any of his acts, unless it is a Royal Mandate, which in tradition is never "advised upon" by the Council.

The smaller units are called either Duchies, States, or Provinces and are governed by either a Duke, a Governor, or a Governor-General.


  • Prince of Venus
  • Aristocracy
  • Dukes
  • Governors
  • Governor-Generals
  • High Ranking Military Officers
  • Wealthy
  • Low Ranking Military Officers
  • Bourgeoisie
  • Enlisted Sailors
  • Enlisted Soldiers
  • Farmers
  • Miners
  • Poor
  • Serfs
  • Slaves


The Venusian's main goal is to protect the Sol System, their home system, from threats while maintaining a high military presence galaxy-wide.

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