Venusian Socialism, also referred to as Venusian Communism, is a political ideology which developed on planet Venus which combines elements of communism, democratic socialism, socialism of the 21st century, and left-wing populism. Venusian socialists advocate for the nationalization of key sectors of a free market economy and for the establishment of a welfare state. The movement promotes social equality and the protection of human rights.

The origins of Venusian socialism began within Soviet Venus as an offshoot of Mikhail Gorbachev's political and social reforms (which in turn were inspired by the Nordic model). By the time of their independence in 2001, these tenets were incorporated into the Communist Party of New Kamchatka (deviating from Marxism-Leninism). The overall success of New Kamchatka throughout the 2000s allowed for the quick spread of the ideology beyond the Soviet Union's settlements. As of 2015, Venusian socialists currently participate in the governments of Cassini, Hilal, Saigyo, and many dependencies across the planet.
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