Venusian Forum
Венерианский форум

Timeline: Venusian Haven
Flag of the United Nations of Venus by Hellerick
Flag of the Venusian Forum
Headquarters Flag of New Kamchatka (Venusian Haven) Gagaringrad
English and Russian
  others Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish
Established 1993
Currency Various

The Venusian Forum (VF) is a planetary organization which unites the many nation states and various dependent settlements across planet Venus. The organization was established in 1993 between the American and Soviet settlers on Venus as an intergovernmental organization which cooperated in areas which their respective nations on Earth could not provide (primarily on protection from unforeseen disasters which could emerge on Venus). Following the signing of the Venus Treaty and the establishment of the Venus Council of the UN, the Venusian Forum has evolved into a planet-wide organization which expresses cooperation between the Venusian settlers and promotes Venusian independence from Earth domination. Many have described the VF as something akin to the Organization of African Unity, the Arab League, and the Pacific Islands Forum in many aspects of its organization.


  • Arabic: المنتدى الزهرية (Al-muntádā al-zúhriyya)
  • Chinese: 金星论坛 (Jīnxīng lùntán)
  • English: Venusian Forum
  • French: Forum vénusien
  • German: Venusische Forum
  • Japanese: 金星のフォーラム (Kinsei no fōramu)
  • Russian: Венерианский форум (Venerianskiy forum)

Member states



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