A venusarium (Russian: венерарий, vyenyerariy) is a type of zoo which houses Venusian animals and plants in an enclosed environment. The first of these parts were opened in the Soviet Union and the United States in the early 2000s as many Venusian species were able to be transported to Earth. Unlike traditional zoos, venusariums are required to be completely enclosed as to avoid both interplanetary contamination and to create an environment necessary to support Venusian life on Earth.

Because of strict regulations enacted in the Venus Treaty, there currently exist only a few venusariums globally. The only parks are located in Beijing, London, Moscow, New York City, Paris, and Tokyo. Because of Venus' vast ecosystem, virtually all venusariums are regionally specific based on which nation they reside in. Case in point, the venusariums in the Soviet Union features life mostly from Alta Regio, while those of the United States features more life from Ishtar Terra.
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