Venus, in our timeline, is a vast desert with a very massive atmosphere. However, with a greater bombardment of comets, and being further from the sun, in this timeline, Venus is much cooler, having oceans, and life. Venus has several continents, making up eighty-five percent of its land surface, at and around the equator. The other fifteen percent are made up by a massive chain of islands to the Northeast and Southeast. Venus has no moons at the present, though in the past, two moons were present at different times. The first moon orbited clockwise, moving away slowly, until it drifted into space. The latest moon, however, orbited counterclockwise, and eventually collided with the planet. The Ruluks, as they call themselves, inhabit this planet.


The Ruluks are the most humanoid non-humans,standing roughly two meters tall, with very brightly colored skin and brightly colored stripes on here foreheads, and weighing a rough average of ninety kilograms. They are supported by bones made of thirty percent Calcium, and seventy percent Sulfur. They are said to have originated from the swamps and marshes of the eastern islands, and from there split into two subgroups: Alpha and Delta, for lack of better terms. The Alphas learned how to and embraced sailing, eventually coming across the main continent, which was filled with large lakes and river systems. The Deltas, however, remained on the islands, either not learning, or not caring how to sail. While the Alphas created culture and trade on the main continent, the Deltas were embracing their warrior sides, focusing on fighting and warfare, and eventually creating a kingdom and a warrior's code.

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