Federal Republic of Venezuela
Federal Republica de Venezuela
Timeline: Rebuild (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Venezuela
Flag of Venezuela 1930-2006 Coat of arms of Venezuela (1954-2006)
Flag Coat of Arms

Dios y Federacion (Spanish, Indian languages)

Anthem "Gloria al Bravo Pueblo"
Capital Caracas
Largest city Caracas
Language Spanish, Indian languages
Religion None Officially
Legislature South American Federation President
Population 9,354,400 Million
The Nation of Venezuela is a moderately sized Latin American nation that currently holds the world's largest Oil reserves and has a population of 9.3 million


Not even months following the Nuclear Holoaust in the northern hemisphere Venezuela became increasingly nationalistic to the point of extreme Fascism. The Nation barely a month following the apocalypse and in the midst of Brazilian governmental reorganization invaded the Country hoping to create a large unified South American state lead by Venezuela. Less than 6 months later the Brazilian armed forces captured the capital of Caracas and forced the unconditional surrender of the Venezuelan Armed forces which were believed to be not be very fond of the war. Brazil Subsequently reformed the country into the Federal Republic of Venezeula and as of 1963 Is a State of the South American Federation (SAF)


The Economy of Venezuela is a highly oil based economy and before the Great War was a prime member of the oil consortium called OPEC which is now Defunt. With the Failure of the economy postwar and most trade falling out the government used War as a way to work the economy back up again. However after being taken over by Brazil and with the formation of the SAF, and SATEC the Economy has picked up significantly with Venezuela fueling the entire modernization and industrialization of itself, Guyana, and the rest of the SATEC affiliated nations.

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