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Venetian-Padua Conflict
Principia Moderni III
Date 1 November 1411 - 5 May 1412
Location Padua, North Italy
Result Imperial Tactical Victory
Flag of Most Serene Republic of Venice Venice

Flag of England England
Flag of Hamburg Hamburg
Papal States

Supported by:
Flag of Wallachia Wallachia

Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor with haloes (1400-1806) Holy Roman Empire
  • Flag of Austria Austria
  • Padua
  • Flag of the Duchy of Milan (1450) Milan
  • Flag of England Trier
  • Black St George's Cross Cologne
  • Banner of the Electorate of Mainz Mainz
  • Flag of Bohemia Bohemia
  • Flag of Moravia Moravia
  • Wappen Mark Brandenburg Brandenburg
  • Civil Ensign of Luxembourg Luxembourg
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Most Serene Republic of Venice Michiel Roscol
Flag of Austria Albert II, Holy Roman Emperor

Banner of the Electorate of Mainz Johann II von Nassau
Flag of England Werner von Falkenstein
Black St George's Cross Friedrich III von Saarwerden
Flag of Bohemia Sigismund<of Bohemia
Flag of Moravia Jobst of Moravia

Flag of Most Serene Republic of Venice Venice: 20,000 troops, 3000 ships Flag of Austria Austria: 7000 troops

Padua: 1000 troops

Casualties and losses
Flag of Most Serene Republic of Venice Venice: 1000 troops estimated Flag of Austria Austria: 500 troops estimated

Padua: 700 troops estimated

The Venetian-Padua Conflict was a minor conflict and political crisis between the Republic of Venice, supported by several states economically across Europe, and Padua, supported by the Holy Roman Empire and several German states. The conflict lasted only a few months and consisted mainly of the Venetian invasion of Padua and several exaggerated skirmishes near the Austrian border.



Venetian Invasion of Padua


Austrian Retalliation


Diplomatic Interregnum


Peace Agreement

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