The current map of Europe in the history: 1 - Italian Kingdom and Papacy, 2 - French Empire, 3 - Spanish Kingdom, 4 - Portugal Kingdom, 5 - Ottoman Sultanate, 6 - Austro-Germanic Confederation, 7 - United Kingdom of England and Holland, 8 - German Empire, 9 - Kingdom of Poland, 10 - Russian Empire, 11 - Syrian Caliphate

The Start

Venetian-Italian Supremacy is about an alternative history that close to the 1500's, the Venice Republic became a monarchy under the rule of the Doge, and unified Italy. Instead of giving the Pope a nation inside Rome,


The flag of the actual Italian Kingdom

The Doge forces the Cardinals to choose him as the new Pope, making Venice the house of the Catholic Church. The Pope was allowed to marry and became the only power in the church.

The Discoveries

Since the Spanish-Portuguese discovery of new lands, the Doge tried to send fleets to conquer lands, but the war with the Ottomans had destroyed the most of the fleet. As Pope then, the Doge forced Spain to give part of their fleet to the Italian expeditions.

The American Lands

Since most of current Mexico and Central America was already occupied by Spanish forces, the Italians conquer first the Brazilian coast and North of the Thirteen Colonies. The American lands prosper together with the Italian glory.


Doge Marco II or Pope Gregory XX, the reason of the Italian democracy

Venice Democratic Process

Several rebellions occurred to bring independence or democracy to the Italian lands. Close to the 1680's, the Doge accepted to create a bicameral parliament in Venice, while the Doge, as Pope had Rome as capital, and Venice as a vacation land. Making a surprise, the Doge Marco II allowed the inclusion of colonies politics into the Italian Parliament.

Napoleon as Emperor

With the start of the Napoleonic wars, Italy was at the start neutral, but at a time, Napoleon asked the Pope help, as the only rule of a totally Catholic land. Venice had lost it fame, but not the military force. The Papal navy forced the British to made peace with Napoleon, but they won Holland and Belgium as payment. The

Napoleon were accepted as Emperor by the Doge Vittorio II

Italian-French forces conquer the Austrian Empire and create the Austro-Germanic Confederation, by the rule of the Doge's brother, since Austria was the best Catholic nation. The Russian Empire was invaded first by French forces, but they lost the major battle. The Papal-Austrian forces made a new strike in the spring, winning the war and putting Napoleon's brother as the new emperor.

Colonies War

The Independence Wars had begun at Mexico and Central America, but the Italian land Brazil (the whole of South America) and the North America Union (the current US land) were under control, besides winning several rewards by remaining under Italian rule.

The Mexico Empire that soon arrived tried to invade the North America Union to expand its territories, but as soon Mexican soldiers arrived inside the Union, the Italian governor send more and more expeditions to invade and conquer Mexico. The major American fleet fast blocked the major Mexican ports and the expeditions were reading to Mexico city and Panama city. The resistance were little since the most of the Mexican army were damaged of the independence war.


In blue Italian colonies, in yellow Spanish colonies and in red British colonies.

The Great World War

After the Prussian-French War, Italy was in a terrible hole, the secular alliance with France and Austria had come to an terrible time. The Austro-Germanic Confederation, ruled by the Doge family since the start was supporting the new German Empire, but the Doge owned to much to the French Empire founded by Napoleon, and the new Russian Empire that he build for his family to. So at the start, Italy was neutral, but both sides were requesting Italy help since both had really good diplomacy with Italy through time. The Parliament couldn't decide since the Austrians were relatives of the Doge, but the French were good old allies. The decision were under the Doge, that assumed through this time an absolute monarchy do to the lack of courage of the parliament. Fearing an attempt of Germany try to unify Austria after the war, Italy joined the French-British alliance.


Before The Great World War, 1 - Italy Kingdom and Papacy, 2 - Austro-Germanic Confederation, 3 - Ottoman Sultanate, 4 - Romania Orthodox Patriarchy, 5 - French Empire, 6 - German Empire, 7 - Portuguese Kingdom, 8 - United Kingdom of England and Holland, 9 - Russian Empire, 10 - Swedish Kingdom

The Doge forced the Ottomans to advance, together with the Russians, making the Austrians to change side. The Germans invaded Sweden, Holland and France. Romania allied to the Germans and were conquer by the Russians. The Germans fearing an defeat, made the Versailles Treaty, that declares:

  • Germany would return Holland, but remained with the Sweden
  • France would liberate Spain, in return they would receive the British India.
  • The Ottomans would remain with the Europeans conquer but they made the Syrian Caliphate an state.
  • Italy would receive Argelia, as a punishment to the French lack of courage to send troops to Germany.
  • Canada would be free, but as a Protectorate of the Italy.
  • The Italian League for Peace were created for world peace.

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