Venerka sign.

The venerka (Arabic: فينيركا, fīnīrkā; Russian: венерка, venerka; Sign: ฿) is the official currency and legal tender of Cukursia, Hilal, New Kamchatka, and across Soviet Venus. The venerka came into circulation in 2004 as a unified currency for the Soviet territories of Venus; replacing the Soviet ruble, bartering, and the rarely used "Venusian ruble" (which was a semi-official currency which was no more than IOUs). The currency is pegged to the ruble, and is one of the strongest currencies on Venus. Announced in 2012, Hilal began measures to adopt the venerka as their single currency, thereby replacing the Iraqi dinar and the other Arab currencies used in the nation. The decision was made due to the growing ties between Hilal and the Soviet settlers, which came about following their independence from Iraq (who refuses to recognize them as such) and tensions which came about because of that.

The word "venerka" is a diminutive form of the Russian name for Venus (Venera). The currency is subdivided into 100 kopeks. A currency sign which resembles a "B" with either one or two vertical stripes (similar to the baht sign) was adopted and combines the Cyrillic letters "В" and "Н" (the first two consonants).



The coins of the venerka depict the value on the front and a noted unmanned space probe of the Soviet Space Program on the back. The coins vary from copper, silver, and gold coloring, as well as varying in diameter.


The banknotes of the venerka depict noted Soviet cosmonauts and space-related imagery on the front, while depicting scenic views of the Venusian wildlife and nature on the back (all species and scenes located in Atla Regio). All banknotes have an orange base color, but with each denomination having a distinctive color hue (similar to the recent changes to the United States dollar).


The venerkazone refers to the areas which use the venerka as legal tender.